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4-1 Beach and Company Hour 3

Apr 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That's good Beijing governor -- -- off the show by a as telling you what happened the radio last night as I'm watching local television one of -- newscast. I see some stories and they fall they fall one after another after another. Story of the mainly Chinese people who had relatives aboard the missing plane. And they are an absolute agony. And they are soul. So what was the word I'm looking for distressed it's beyond my comprehension. -- so sad very sad situations you have that. The next story was about Jim Kelly going through perhaps the greatest challenge of his life and it showed Joseph. -- and showed his daughter. Very tender very poignant moment and and also. High stress in this series he goes through and the following story. Is a group of people parading or -- they're cardboard protest signs. Saying you know that we don't want our children have to sit quietly while others are taking a test and I am thinking ought to get some real problems in their life have they I don't want them to but if they think this is problematic. They apparently have -- very charmed lives. And I see a mother and her daughter. The daughter's in sixth grade which would probably -- twelve maybe thirteen of the most okay. Depending on what she started school and end -- the mothers say how awful these tests are whatever and and a little girl. Is regurgitate what mom said you tell me that you know I I need the wisdom of a sixth grader to tell me. -- Howell are inefficient the curriculum is. I'll ineffective it is like she's just regurgitate what moms. And it just really annoys me to be honest with -- I'm thinking this is what we've turned into we've turned into a nation of whiners. We used to be problem solvers we used to take on challenges now we take our challenges where in the court on a cardboard sign is this what we do. That's how we deal with things no wonder we're getting softer in the world this is this is the view that people are getting for overseas can you imagine. Any overseas country that takes education seriously. Looking at what's going on here right now all they want the children to. Sit quietly while others are taking a test all they're allowed to opt out if they don't like it. I mean come out of -- laughingstock of the world. So obviously I don't a lot of sympathy for that and I believe strongly the same material is being taught to the whole class. It's not a separate one for each student. So when the grades command. Just like any other material what the like the material or not. You'll see a difference and in absorption rates for lack of a better term. -- -- who absorbed watts. And that's going to be the same a whole lot of different avenues so. To suddenly say you know this is ridiculous were opting out since when did you get a chance to opt out. When of people -- media and they do every day what are you -- -- subject today and I bring it up that was the main response was. When we get a chance to opt out of tests. 'cause there -- a lot of tests were -- of up to now put the test is there. You take it and they give your grade you don't take it either gathering complete or half that's just the way it works. In the real world Jeremy and Wyoming county Jeremy on WB yen. I'm -- Germany give me your thoughts on this. Well it out or spot but or you're. They. Both are actually. But will it double -- -- that. I spoke but like the art bark at. -- -- -- -- Should all the bit about our order. Children all future. Known today. Yeah if you think about it. A long time before this became an issue. There was a big battle going on with -- Albany regarding teacher evaluations. The teachers apparently don't wanna be judged like everybody else is judged in their job because of expanding and Eric extraneous circumstances that they can't control. But the bottom line as we all get judged vial a lot of things including things we can't control and that's the real world and I think it's it's sprung from that -- this. Okay thank you -- -- much. From Europe but more than that we did the show tell me a job. That you have it's available in the United States word you don't get supervise. Or you don't get criticized. Or you don't get evaluated. Is are there any job for you don't get evaluated they'd really like to know. -- nights ago the evaluations may be different they may be face to face that may be written they may be electronic. But there's a way to now. What is succeeding or not. And we have benchmarks have you reached that benchmark are you are you doing better are you doing -- are you providing as much as a secular provide are you doing more than you said you're gonna do. These are all things that we go through our whole lives why is -- suddenly the teachers don't feel that they have to be evaluated. Because remember the playing field was even again. Like while we talk winner of the beat failure of the buffalo schools says the more of less than a 50% graduation rate. You say well there's a lot you know there's some pockets of of excellence there but there's a lot of -- a lot of problems and so we don't know well OK but when you compare us to other cities. At approximately. Of the same percentage. Of people at the city school low level then you see where the fourth worst in that country. Compared -- not Apple's -- oranges but Apple's Apple's fourth worst in the country so that says that on that same playing field we can't do it. As well as most of the most of the other cities so you have to look inwardly. What are we doing wrong. Because the other for instance the others cities also have parents that don't send their kids to school. Parents send their kids to school without breakfast -- -- to send their kids to school without a coat. So it's the same story. It just in a different location why did they do better than we do. About like this I mean there's always points of reference. How would you like to be the fourth worst of anything in my country. -- Any kind of job how would you like to be the fourth worst of anything in the country. And that's what the graduation rate is in buffalo black male students fourth worst in the country. So it's not all we aperture comparing them to harbored no I don't know fourth words compared to other cities with similar populations fourth worse. So you're you have to learn that you've got to you're going to be evaluated one way shape or form we get it all the time in this business obviously. I'm and in most businesses your boss lets you know where -- -- and maybe a regular review. That's sort of thing but you are going to be evaluated nobody says you're hired a -- don't do anything to oversee or value doesn't work. It -- -- -- 10616926. 930 to test -- not to test that is the question. Which side you on some have -- with -- children. From the test starting today because they don't like the tests they don't feel there. There right for their children and I got to ask your questions at the end of the day if you part of players that expression about. At the end of the day. What have you what -- child game. Later on in life. View a watcher Giles said it was a yes mommy said it was OK if I didn't take the test in sixth grade. Boy that's really catapulted me to a fabulous place in my life now. -- worries you're doing it for yourself not just your kids and are -- -- your kids but it's a way to get your -- cardboard sign up there and get on TV. Will be back after this is sometimes though Borough of people amaze me when they write things that rarely. Is a conflicting opinions of the opinions that they've given previously aren't. India Buffalo News today there is an op Ed piece by Chris -- Rome. A spring bill. He's co-founder of the New York State allies for public education. Always gonna have a nice benevolent sounding name to your growth. Now one of the main problems according to the people who don't want their kids have their kids take this test is if they don't take. -- and though Lancaster Williams though. They're asked to sit quietly at the desk while others are taking it not an unreasonable request it's fine. But keep in mind that but when I read this to you in this amends editorial. The amount of time spent on test preparation and exam. -- -- the amount of time spent on test preparation and exam skill building is taking away from critical thinking. And creativity. Now I want you to think about best. If you are asked to sit quietly. -- while others are taking -- The atmosphere it's green it's quiet non combative. It's it's a very very nice added a nice atmosphere. Of solitude and focus so -- you and critical thinking and creativity. I don't bog BO. But I find it -- a more difficult apartment a crowd though bush -- loud shouting people. To do critical thinking and creativity as opposed to enjoy a couple property sitting there and in engrossed in in my own thoughts. And may be reading a book whatever that's the time that the thoughts. Both Irish. And the creative thinking issues so he's arguing against himself -- one. I think that critical thinking course is very important individual thinking so important and the ability to. To decide to do it. Is ultra important to a unique focus needs solitude and it's both go to Doug Doug thinks on Hamburg -- on WB again. I -- has two kids in third grade and they're both taking the past. And what I wanna talk about is the third grade math curriculum ought to focus on something very specific. And that is that really broken in the two areas first is what. They're being passed that. Which I think it's fantastic they're being tested. Look at their tests there multi step -- problems interpretation of perhaps things like that. Great for third graders and now the problem with the common -- is -- they also present to the teachers here's how you teach the material. And that is absolutely. It's absolutely horrid the way that they're teaching it to them. Yeah I think the teachers should have the flexibility of presenting the material in a unique way that format teacher that's what makes it's exciting and different. Well common core -- the teachers this is how you teach at the big part of it alight by kids Erick at two different teachers want them doing it by the pork. -- welcome back to major in college I'm having trouble with this really understand how they're teaching it and things like that it looked on the Internet. -- horse stories. You know brought up about. Southern tip but teaching them properly I haven't. My daughter's teacher on the other hand. Doing the common sense method of you know here's how you do these sorts of problems your party get the answers but she's catching onto a whole lot better. I think when you look at the comment -- you really have to look at the two different parts. While I'm surprised it would be so inflexible as to tell you how to do it. Another words -- shouldn't be how to -- the information should be there for the teacher to disseminate in their own unique way some people have. Better communication skills and others but they should have that freedom. All know they -- and if you look at the common core as they do not they're expected to teach in a very very specific way to teachers are given material and said. You know the educational purist of the world say this is the best way to teach -- so this -- how you're gonna do. And in ought to think they have. That to me is the real big issue with a common core it's not what they need to learn but it's really how they're how they're expected to teach at. I can -- it if I can understand what you're saying -- -- tend to agree with that. And all I can. Kinda see both sides and see -- the unions don't like it because teachers are being forced into these training programs and courses that. That a lot of that just are just don't follow common sense. I hear you loud and clear good call Doug thank you for your patient appreciate it very much. When I first started doing numbers see everybody learns differently I did my numbers intends. Suppose I was having a column. I would look and see how many tens were in each one and I'd see how many are left over. I'd add the tens and had the left over once I put those incensed and come up with a number so it's it's. Different for everybody. But the bottom line is how do you get to where you have to be. Oh like 01 of the that professor that you've been applying cuts from Tony. He kind of vocal -- The idea of how they're -- house some are teaching the math subjects by saying it's conversational. Map but one he was -- polling was. The answer of how to find the answer. As opposed to just memorizing answers memorizing answers and failure eventually but knowing how oh. To get to that answer will stay with the for a lifetime so. The the college professor here who should know something about teaching a single little short on that one. They don't stray go to Montreal 18060692. Through six are 930 we have one more aware of -- Chris Chris a deep voice Chris is showing up -- as a little throat problem today when he got. This is from Judy she says I do not support these test -- having my kids refuse to take them it's not the answer our kids are gonna have to deal with a lot of stressful things. Throughout their entire lives so we decided to have them take the test today. I've got for you Julius C that's a common sense approach I think. I think you can work to getting them changed. You can do what you have to do go to try and get it get him into a real world situation. But meanwhile take the test see how you did prepare as best you can and you're going to be judged like every other person in that classroom. You know I don't like comic core mainly because of some of the political stuff that's attached to it like which. You know of the bill writes would you like to get rid of things like that stuff that I don't believe belong with the kids there was stuff that you know and every -- line every -- People's posts in the they saying about this question just doesn't it doesn't that the kids so that's my problem with the as far as when my kid asked to take it you know he's gonna take it. I think he'll do well he's a bright kid and I hope in this meant to follow suit but I'm not gonna dodge anything just because I don't like. Let's go out and there's some of the ways that these math there's different ways like for instance. I mean if you're teaching -- like this maybe maybe you get throw. During a presidential election to black Panthers stood in the doorway of a polling place meanwhile at a rate of four per hour. I'll white potential voters were turned away at the end of an eight hour day how many white potential voters were turned away so that's good math and his practical. We knew if if if you're you know if you look into. As a professor -- conversation with Matt. While what's the likelihood that any pulled -- district to get 100% got four old actually zero for. -- statistically. How give up or replace with X amount of registered voters. I have no votes -- one candidate I mean it's almost unheard of when. We give them that. Campbell and that and their college conversational. History yeah will be back in law -- -- beat governor. The reason around -- dollars Tim Tim capitalism do structure. Is that the same thing as dominant and they tell you how to teach them -- at least get him there and punch up line one and ask them what they want and then answer them. So I think it's been very helpful the -- you will be back after. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Tobacco Beijing governor keep in mind. The budget being debated by the legislature Monday which was yesterday. Who will keep coming court test scores off the transcripts of students in third through the eighth grades. Through 28 team that was to be voted on now. It was a part of the budget process and of the previous votes had passed every every. Every vote. And right up to that one and then it was too late to get the information on that boat while what -- settlement because we didn't hear differently at that passed through. So that's something to be considered in your. Thoughts on all of us. Let's go to low Linda at least oral and that you're on WB yen. Morning -- time. I I -- do ask you whether you that there's an Obama excerpt from. When it hit speeches in the fourth grade -- practice -- know -- -- on the yeah out so -- you -- you left your -- to turn it off when he comes on we can't turn out what our kids are being taught in school. Lot person I don't know what the quotas mean their quotes I'm sure from George Washington their true. That's OK but if it's. Pretty rare thing to see a quote from a standing president in. In and at practice -- for these people were kind of accord is what is it was a speech that was given that two children. About school I don't remember exactly what the. -- you know there are certain things even though politically I'm not a big fan has but there are certain things that larger American and are are worthy of inclusion I don't know if that's it or not but go ahead. You I don't know I wanted to they talk about the computer requirement that all becoming the new park -- RTC. And the requirements for computer based testing. For part big band is that. They need one computer in for every student in the largest grade in school. So get an elementary school -- -- -- is 700 students he needs 700. Computers or a minimum of one computer -- every two students to 350. And those computers. How -- computer class not very long. No dogs and they get outdated and day of Friday very quickly going. Right and school districts have already been. Taken to the limit. By the gap elimination adjustments they don't have millions of dollars to spend on these new computers replacing them every 234 year. So does any funding come -- these requirements are these on unfunded mandates. These unfunded mandates as far as I can tell the bit -- to the top money. Which. With -- -- states into accepting the common course standards. Has I believe right now. And some school districts don't get very much I've heard people from our school districts say that. They only got 8000 dollars. Well I don't have the budget numbers in front amoeba as I recall it was going to be about a billion dollar increase in New York State. A budget for schools I don't know who's getting what because they just finished the budgets. Last night but of of three years and years and years of course we would hear about the unfunded mandates coming from Albany. To a local districts so we'll see where that goes by. If indeed they're required. We have to find a way to meet requirements as long as are reasonable and who knows of are going to be state or federal depends on the program one would guess but. That's that kind of ongoing technology. Can't leave it behind you have to embrace its -- there's some guys have the budget to pay the extra money. Boy -- say that but what -- -- do but he under a there are some districts that. As I recall -- issue ipads that -- kids. And there are some who have more than others but by and large. When you hear when you hear people complaining about not enough funding for school they're blowing smoke I mean really truly there is enough funding it has to be used while wisely but the. Questionnaires and this I would I would I would give anything to see this. I wanna see a dollar at the top of a tree. And I wanna see students. Sitting around the tree cross -- like Santa's coming. And as that dollar drops down that tree I wanna see how much actually lands on the students. Not these you know not the benefit programs. I'm not the not the other costs of education and not the retirement plan is not none of that stuff. I wanna see with a dollar how many pennies out of that dollar actually lands in the students. What I love to -- -- I I think what have we ever saw that. We'd be in the streets. -- I have a feeling not much does. And so every once in awhile you hear them complain like every. For five days that we need more funding that's all you ever hear what hear from buffalo school loser in despite the fact of the enrollment goes -- while Mormon real time. All the time as this goes with the territory -- James Williams told us. When I said is in a billion dollars a year enough to run -- school district the size -- was of course it is. He's that we can we can run it we money Iran and that he talked about where the month ago so. -- about it well what we talk about stuff with the buffalo school district. It's a tip of the iceberg this is what we know about. I would love to know what we don't know. Now of that would be -- that would be a mind Bender of a show -- I have a feeling you know of that. Pamela brown and this is gonna just bash buffalo school program but Pamela brown had the gall to say. That that you know she hired those two people that did not have certification. She had the gall to say well you know we have X amount of people she gave the number which call that are certified. Yacht so why. I can get on the airplane. And some clown is driving it yeah Andy Andy error airlines as well we got a lot of other people that are pilots I mean come out. She did the hiring she should be responsible but that's not the way it works so what will happen now they've been approved as interns. So will be paying them as interns. Are paying for their money. And a continuation of the money. To get them to -- the issues should have been when they locked in the OR. That's where about money ego is. He and education. Goes into stories like that. Multiply that times a gazillion and and in the habit. I would love to see an audit top to bottom every single penny every single dollar and find out. A where that money actually goes but it won't happen -- too many special interest. You have to all many people that have too many political contributions. Are ready ready at the era. Debbie has to give to their favorite candidate so there will never get an -- like that we'll take it will be back with a final segment. Because we decided not to opt out of today's show where here we are here -- taken on the tough issues. Under Israeli and I'm thirty we RW via. The question today is two tasks are not to test. That is the question. Which side you're on a U Bombay I'm going to test even though I don't like the test because. There -- going to be a lot of things in life that my child isn't going to light but he asked the DO GS to deal with it. And so we're going to try Jon and do the test the other is. We gain in those stink and that's because we don't agree -- We're going to have our child -- hold it and we intend to stay with our child throw his -- her entire life and anything they don't like -- -- opt out. And we will stand up for them and yes they can live in our basement until they're under and then -- -- and he rarely. When you have a challenge. You have to face and you have to confront it. It's a run away from it it's gonna still be there. And trying to get around it is often they study in futility. So even though they've made out like the -- of the common court testing which starts today in New York State. The bottom line is. Everybody is going to get the same material or -- has already gotten the same material sitting in the same classroom. So it depends on what you make of it oftentimes we have to take a job where everything is imperfect. Where everything's sometimes can be conflicting. Where it can drive you crazy but if you want the job you wanna collect -- the money that -- got to do it can't run away and opt out of his opt out deal. When people ask me the raiders usually going for subject today and I telemedicine. Is that what we just opt out of everything. I don't the most you could opt out of what is jam if you got a note from your doctor. Remember Tony there are always kids in the gym class that didn't want to rule. Do gym and so they've got a note from a doctor now I don't know what ailments they had never saw the notes that there are usually kids -- just that wanna shower with -- everybody else. Now we picked those kids we did. -- lots item idea. -- actually sold in the notes and signed him as a -- -- Hope you made money did this that it. Let's go do I cash and in -- candor on WB yeah. Picked anything could take my processor. I -- my daughter out my wife is a teacher in your accounting and it's not a matter of you know the kids not lying to take the test that they were rocking her out as a protest to this horrible curriculum that they're they're being forced to teach the kids. It's it's it's -- if you would understand what was really going on is. You know these teachers aren't allowed to teach. It is the way that they think they need to. There they're being told what to do at these kids are being on used as tools just inaccurately. Evaluate that teacher performances. These kids are learning anything from these that testing the teachers are learning. And the means to help teach the children from that casting. And basically you know where it's -- in need to change and that is the reason that that this school has so many problems. Because this is what they're forcing teachers to do that with other forcing them to teach the -- Well first draw I believe it earlier caller brought a part of what you just said. I firmly believe that the teacher should have the flexibility to use his or her skills to present the material in the most effective way I totally grew about. What would you think it is then do you think it's a national conspiracy to watch. But to basically turn our children into Communist robots. Okay. Here on it's it it really as it. And they're not learning anything from the testing the teachers spend months preparing. For that. And you know Abby on the on the information -- the chimera and information that they get from. It's from the taxes and it's inaccurate and end evaluations are getting toward the teachers and accurate because. What particular really want to do it and I'm like a great teacher she really wants to use her ability to teach these kids. At the -- that you catch in the back which you can in the schools will not let her do that. Well you know I find a disconnect here because though one of the greatest allies of the Democratic Party. Would be the teachers and so why would they want to harm their own benefactors. I really think they're dumbing down on the kids they want they want to -- society of mindless. Voters to vote for Democrats that's really what it comes down -- They're they know it's they've really like these in these kids to perform well. And to learn they would give the teachers to go to to use their skills and their and their knowledge to do what they they know how to do. But they're not they're turned they're they're not doing that it's -- its -- is the way to evaluate the teachers and it's totally inaccurate and using our kids. As a tool. What have you ever giving consideration and I'm not try to -- -- wise guy but when your kid gets out of high school and goes to college the influence the college professors would have a -- I think to be far greater than this is specially if you look at your left wing leaning. Political -- But they added that it's true but it but by the time they get to college it's a little bit different date they are pretty grown up there at -- age now first second third fourth grade. Their minds are being program. Programmed in and in such a way that they're not thinking for themselves and their they're being taught to not think for themselves. They're being taught to think that you know the government says it's okay so it's okay don't question. Now there was like I don't know if you're familiar with -- America's real player wants vote -- earlier from a college professor who heads up on the committees that. Agrees with viewing in your perspective there and he -- differences with the math courses it's conversational. Math. And to me when I heard the way he was describing it to me it was a way to find out the correct number. I as opposed to just memorizing the correct number so I don't understand what that. Line of thinking what's wrong they espousing Communist view -- or they just want a single thing no no room floor. Opinions -- vary from what they would want as the norm. That's correct what what it is they're they're they're giving you an answer and -- tell you this is how you get to it etiquette doesn't seem right Q. It doesn't matter it's okay you got the answer right go to an excellent. I'm -- well. I don't feel -- your kids and I'm sure most of the parents listening love their kids and we'll see where this goes but the only the only solace that I think unions five is that. The class all learn the same material the same time so we'll see how the test scores and well thank you very much. I do firmly believe bill. That. Oh what an earlier caller had said. That it's wrong for the people who -- come up with -- steps to instruct the teachers on how to teach them. If you want helpful hints here and there a little nugget here a little nugget that's fine. And then you can do it or not it's the same way and radio. We have program directors who give us ideas but it's up to us to formulate the ideas and present the product. If if we're just going a -- everything that the program -- controllers. It would. It would work you have to have an individual. Interpretation of presentation of the material so I do think the teachers should absolutely be allowed to do that. But you know this may crumble under the under its own way. If for instance we find that. The both the curriculum and the process in which to deliberate. He is faulty. And it admitted admitted to -- goes on the drying it -- go down Andre you know -- so we'll see what happens but at least it's they're kind of thing where you know you're dead. Sitting next to the other kid in class. Heard the same information. And process that differently but coming up -- of the results and you'll CO -- -- turned out it should be fairly uniform. Or is Lisa as much as any presentation as evenly at all like the content. Okay that about wraps -- up Chris was not up a big vocal part today because he was resting his manly deep voice. For his next job and he is and he. He's an operator last you're actuary so if somebody were a really deep voice calls instant. Hello you worry it's pro Democrats are right Tony and I say good -- crystal sea of tomorrow morning early we'll see you tomorrow morning -- on news radio I'm thirty and Bolivia. The full moon which they never dreamed could be used.

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