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4-1 Beach and Company Hour 2

Apr 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And the common course standards were founded. By a group of very liberal Washington DC lobbyists. Funded -- to a large degree by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation very liberal progressive organization. Who has gotten behind closed doors with a small group of activists lobbyists and it put together these federalized standards. Was he -- on helium balloon just before I -- -- is the matter is running for us now that is they are professor Tony aware of those samba group with a fancy name what was it. Yet doctor passed these academic director. Freedom project education freedom. Project education area okay and know what we're saying is to test -- not to test that's the question which side -- you one. A might in my position is very simple. The very is more education to be learned at at and your family's side. And out in the real world than there is in the halls of academia I can tell you that I learn more from my parents that I ever learn in school. And I learn more in this business that I ever learned and radio school as a way it is and now kids at the age were talking about now. They're gonna learn more from you as their parents and -- ever gonna learn in school. And if they learn from you the fact at any time an obstacle is in no way you can just opt out. The -- good lesson. Because is not lessons on a Serb memorial because they are going to find out in life there's a lot of obstacles. And would you rather not -- not have Obama take the test. And even if they don't do well on the test learn from that keep in mind as far as I know every kid in the class got the same preparation. Four these tests. Whether whether they absorb it or not who knows but the bottom line is big grades will be relative -- comparative. A two other kids in the class ever if everybody. Falls down in the same areas you know may be the presentation wasn't right maybe of the keys to a the educational process weren't followed who knows what. But it show over more than one person it'll be spread out over a class and you'll see. Aren't so to me. You can learn as much from failure probably more than you can from success -- and that's the way it works because oftentimes failure leads the giants' success. There are very few people go through life undefeated. Very few. There's going to be obstacles in the way of happiness and success all through your life and in my -- we'll start dealing with a now and -- mommy and daddy. -- shield you from that because guess what. Mommy and daddy aren't going to be there for your whole life. I hope they're there for a long long time but there will be a time when you will be on your own and the lessons learned from mommy and -- mobile important. Let's go to Kevin Kevin -- on WB yeah. Hello Kevin. -- hello Kevin. I thought I heard Kevin in the background but apparently not let's go to -- eight in Amherst -- on WB yen. I eighty I -- I am I have a different opinion and you're -- like you actually have a child in the classroom right now it's completely keeping her. All right. Knack for any of the other reasons that you fat but for that reason that this that the path. That known. As a teacher or as a parent I get -- feedback from ninety -- teacher it's no feedback from. He -- out and not getting back to come November. That this helping my child. Do whatever it is that the need to be -- It's not happening. Another reason why is that -- -- -- and they can't take in the past today were different than when you and I were taking pac. And I do believe and asked. There you can pack when they're actually testing and information that there learn meantime is great but nothing that -- totally. The -- now. Part of the -- is. Tech questions are the future. Bought it today and I'm sorry I'm a little nervous the problem. Is I was on every idea and talking about future -- -- go against the time allotted them taking that path I -- if they're indeed -- question and get more than 50% of the kids. -- actually get it right. -- in another and the powers that be throw those questions out can they wanna treat about her. So that happened totally different. He can't that we have in the classroom we I'd like to hope that they know what their Guinea and they know my -- needs the extra -- Well they're -- I was always been about urban and sometimes it's used sometimes it's not. My question is this is not the same material presented of the same class. And you one would help somebody that I believe I have friends who are in Albania and black teachers and what they're learning in their classes are different than what we're learning and -- Why is on as long as as long as the test a represents what they've been taught what they've -- disseminated for education and in other words. It is always going to be a group project. Some do better than others because their attention span is better some are just more intelligent than others some apply themselves better. But it's spread out over the entire class and one would see if there's a fault in the presentation or the material itself it should show up -- a pretty widespread. Well unfortunately that's not a place that has been done on four point eight is one Q3 and far. My child more than you know more than two or three or four that they are act and unfortunately -- then. -- I'm -- I'm. And that's what they carry for the rest of their school here and it having a third grade and -- fourth graders that I don't want that finally them for the upcoming years and things that they shouldn't be capped. Well first of all him and the material I have here is as common court test scores -- off these transcripts of students in third through eighth grades. Through 28 -- Will will not be part of their transcript so up. If that was the last thing they were debating before of the information spigot got shut off but so that -- will not follow them that of that information now but will not be a permanent. Well for me at the information with so. Wonderful that he needed that information for our teachers and I'm all I'm not a 100% according to our teachers and that information. They people giving that -- but actually he -- questions. They wouldn't be -- big secret topic I'm a -- and keep it wouldn't have to buy. And hearing what questions were about to let the kids were. I'll ask you the same question I asked the first caller what do you think the motivation. Is and four of these types of tests that are they looking for students to fail or. Is it just incomplete information and they want them very to fill it out where their imagination I mean what is the purpose of this kind of -- test. If it's if it's not for useful information. What I what I personal believe is that it's more. -- trying to find the right where it's. It's more along the lines. Cure then but who is protecting people. It is. Trying food justify the millions of dollars being spent. In the -- I mean our kids are being passed that bar and they are being tested to take armed. To become a lawyer is set for your -- But if you corporate if you are present I don't I'm not familiar with this -- issues -- -- what I would consider common sense thing. If you are presenting these tests nationally and you got your reputation and your -- are all tied up for what's what's in your best interest that they're not governor get a Wright gave you would you would -- success would be a bush in your best interest and not failure as the present -- of these tests. Well one would think that but then why didn't make it that have outlasted that they have such horrible response rates and how the kids get. Horrible -- Well it depends on the it depends on the source of the material and the presentation of the material and the follow up to that presentation. And that a lot has to do a a with teachers it would be like us giving information here on WB and it's up to me in the news people and whoever else we put on the air to give you the information all right and that -- you get the same information as everybody else. But you know process that differently than your neighbor doesn't and the person in the next town does. That's that's why we have individual thought processes. We get the material and we absorb it and use it to the best our ability. On. Understanding that that's not the way that the kids they're being hot. And -- -- for -- without there being touted that the -- it started and then and you need to only start asking these type questions and that would mean. While there it. -- -- The issue you know I'm afraid that free thinking is great but there are certain -- -- if you're teaching math I'll be ridiculously simple here but if you're teaching math. There's no other way except the two into was four there's no alternative events. If you understand. It's your upcoming court clapped for -- Today and the information and sitting and there is many other different ways that they're teaching how to -- to put cute I agree McKeon percent to -- was for. But when my kids becoming -- I'm sitting down and making sure that they're doing their congress and they are going about adding numbers. Is amazing act like well I don't have to justify their job somewhere I let crying get this done. But I think it's more accurate -- that its estimate for. But that's not what they're being hot it's hard. Being as I get to that as OK Tara thank you -- averted a good conversation appreciate it thank you. To post that was foreign except when your when you negotiate contract will agree. Then two plus two is three point 75 I just mentioned that is little rake off the top will take a break it will be back with our would be and company. And -- among the terrorist our country is facing with these standards. He has absolute lack of local state individual schools and school boards will have no input in this. These federalized standards are copyright that they can't be changed. They will be imposed regardless of what kids need based on their location and area. I'll school districts in different parts of the country have different needs different student bases this will be ignored for this cookie cutter one size that -- It's sort of obamacare for education. Look I don't I don't love your children. That's that's usually the case and you want what's best for your children. But don't always make it what's easiest for your children sometimes. The difficult things are the things that are really beneficial later Iran if -- over it's just like diseases. When you get them as a child. Later when you get them as an adult they usually less severe or sometimes when he got his job you don't get them all as an adult. As a kind of thing of the lessons learned early on the lessons you can you can build on. And so I'm thinking to just opt out of something because of the you know enjoyed the oh or or appreciate the general. -- substance of what's being Todd is the wrong way to go about it. He knows what's being -- to your kid is being talked everybody else in the in the classroom tools so you'll see the results across spread out across the class and to be honest with -- -- -- -- -- -- Smart -- about this. I would be less worried about bats then I would be worried about what happens here Kim on the go to college. Okay when they're standing in front of that professor who they think is god. And he's an associate justice. Spills all of this stuff. That has nothing to do with the class that they are actually taken. That's what I would would worry about. A not a test that is standardized. Being taken across. Across all different kinds -- lines at least this test is being taught and not the college professes personal view is on the on the world. Unless whoever it also anytime the president addresses the nation shut off the TV and go for a walk. Let's go to your room who JoAnne and Clarence join her on WBM. And in -- hello and he'll want to only the FAA my daughter came home in Scranton on. A bunch can't turn on take the -- tomorrow and I are cheap why. -- wow you know grenade attack harder. And I think it will -- what you Lauderdale she's got taken. I'd rather be. Firm but for how did she know they made it harder. Well last year when they first world without and they she took the -- passed last year. Her teacher explained. That each child will probably experience the verdict -- drop in their school work. That the curriculum had changed. And because it didn't -- -- days. Back in the area well out with a deal properly -- And ultimately. -- higher standard that's so important. -- -- -- But my daughter took its and she within the 99 could compile all in New York State. So not every kid did beat them at -- prior college. Although it did terrible -- my daughter did very well she is very high. Well that's you know that's what the world is. OK to take common material. Some kids will pay more attention some will some won't -- work harder. Some will daydream some won't be in the classroom at all it's it's no matter what you get from that but the commonality is. The test itself. That doesn't change from kid to kid and so you can get an honest appraisal of not only what's going on with a kid but what's going on with the test if it was individual reached it would be harder to track. Absolutely and I look they've. Everything I've -- If I had with the teacher complaining. Because it harder and harder materialize. They're being back now again how they each. You know I. Hearing how hard they're -- look at why. -- -- Absolutely. Don't -- absolutely. Well obviously your daughter's is a learning. And the apple isn't falling far from the tree because anybody who's willing to take on a tougher task is somebody. Who is going to be challenging themselves and that's the best kind of thought process I wanna do better. And I -- he hit with a one spot and I'm actually here agreement basically is in my earlier. Where -- at -- very good career I am at in regularly I'm like now holds. Is -- I don't Wear nice your partner. I want my -- while Coke and their counter where nightmare from my certification. Order the other -- Some -- the question what are questions war act on your back -- to say about it but can't in my career. So. Who is an important part of the point -- a career and why you people think it'll. I want you -- call Pamela brown on the school superintendent and tell her -- and you just told me because you are absolutely right thank you so much. I mean he urged his his Georgia for cutting corners you end up with Pamela brown of buffalo school a school district. Hiring two people that simply are not qualified they are not certified. It's not a matter of opinion. It's a matter of fact they do not have the certification so you like them so that however certifications -- will cut that corner. I think opting out of this test is cutting a corner. Now we ball cut corners here and there from time to time but it's a bad habit to get into. And asking Enron accountants on the bottom line is. You're going to be tested for ever for the rest of your life you're going to be tested and you're going to be -- a lot of different ways some of them are going to be easy for you some of them are going to be hard some -- we're going to be impossible. But you got to show up and do -- you don't sit home with your tail between your legs and -- always made life is unfair because what's the next thing you're -- -- out. Your boss is unfair the copper is unfair of the military's unfair. Everybody's unfair and it could be that -- not applying yourself. And you do the best job you can. And because the same materials thought that was all the kids it will be a relative marquis will be able to compare. And and see other the class that is a hall should be pretty easy to track. We'll be back Lamar was featured company under is rated at thirty we RWB. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 938 or toll free line is 1806169. 9236. Take math standards. Well our kids for years has been unable to work higher math problem successfully so the federal government's response of us is to do math by estimation. The purpose of math is no longer to get right answer all the time the purpose of -- Is now to be able to dialogue and discourse about mathematics the word they use this mass flu NC -- wonderful to become fluent in math. Not necessarily good -- not necessarily. Successful in working man but to become fluent. Let's say are right now this guy's a professor -- -- though I'm one of these fancy Schmidt he named committees right what's his name again. It is doctor past are right and what's the name of his committee. He is academic director of the freedom project education and contribute to the new America OK now -- what he just said. -- because I'll challenge what he just said I think and from what I gathered listening to that some by which was probably thirty seconds and so. I think it's just as important to learn. How to get the right answer as it is to have the right answer. -- think what he just said the way you wanna be fluent and -- OK if you wanna just memorize everything. That then be my guest. But that's not as efficient as knowing how to get there in on talk about I once had -- a teacher at my school. Who said I don't know all of the answers. But I know how to get them. And that is very very important so to be floated map which he just he threw away as a as being worthless is -- is it is a way to go well. If I know how to get the correct answer I don't have to have the correct answer and it's up in my head right away I can figure it out. If I can only rely on memorization. Two into was four I remembered that tool into his four. So if it ever comes up I'll have that answer and that's a weaker way to go the better way to go is to figure out how to win to become sport so I don't buy what that professor this guy's a professor. I don't -- what he's what he's selling at all anybody will tell you look at a car mechanic. They will figure things out progressively. They'll start with the problem they'll start with a possible solutions they'll start with things that are perhaps and not usually found and and in the end they'll get it right simply because they will follow a path of figuring out how to do it to figure out how to do something is better than just automatically you remembered the right answer you -- that. I think you make a lot of sense I mean that's the way to go and he's he's putting it down because. They're converse or map he hasn't said that they're teaching that to into his six he hasn't said that. And and so he's not making that claim he's making knowing how to get there is not the -- ago. While man he must be in in favor of just memorizing everything and hope that you remembered the answer not not -- get theirs. That's that's a silly position for a a professor today let's go to -- Dominic and Clarence Dominic you're on WBN. Morning -- you know I agree with everything they say like -- on the couch and now and I take that at. Alter -- high school in middle school now country's school. And down. You know it pilot -- -- -- -- that. Debt can I she probably Bartlett. -- And that's why my generation is absolutely in -- generation packer. Entered the -- because -- a college and you don't want to take. The it's called getting it Euro. Oh -- top -- failed a class. So it -- parents teaching their kids. About. Sitting now out of touch and complain at that sit there where in in college -- that -- that the that there -- any girl with. Bologna and that's why -- so it. You grab a good point because -- classroom as your workplace and later on if you don't go to your workplace and do the work you get fired and that's the same thing aren't I glad I hear from -- thank you very much and thanks for your patience. He was holding for awhile there and he's absolutely right he's a college student. Who's saying that you don't wanna get lazy you -- doing the work you wanna be prepared it's better to be over prepared then I'm not prepared at all or under prepared. That is the beer the classroom is his workplace. Tried that in your workplace are you now I don't think about Google work today well you don't get the paid today. And maybe you don't get to come back tomorrow. -- -- -- -- that way Tim and I just gone State's MIA yeah. I don't feel like doing the work today. And he's a well OK and then a -- -- -- Marseille you're going to work -- papers -- Wednesday. No need to bother you anymore I mean that's just the way it works you gotta be there and do the work and and taken on an and the challenge of something. Like you I've always liked the challenge. I'd never want it to be too easy. Because what happens as you get complacent when it's too easy work hard be prepared. What's wrong -- that message and and the first parent that can tell me. That they're teaching these tests. -- different material to different kids in the same class then I'll listen to you but it's the same material. And what what is the difference whether you agree -- -- curriculum or not. You're going to get an honest and fair grade simply because everybody got the same material the same time. Like in any preparation for for a test. Some people have a better handle on and some would take better notes this is an all applicable courses these stats but some have better notes some will do better -- search. They will apply themselves and -- do better some will take the easy way. And a bill through all right if they have a natural talent but it can't sustain that. And and some just won't put in the work they won't get the result but it just not at all. To say I'm not going. Because I don't like the curriculum -- -- how silly dances. As I told you. Bad I was watching television. And I saw via a young girl in sixth grade with her mother she's in sixth grade. And of course the television reporters love to talk to blow blow what was -- 1213. Some -- that they love the doctor -- So when she was critical of the curriculum. Not -- now I thought oh maybe she's the smartest kid ever in the history of Smart kids. But you tell me -- we're supposed to take advice on curriculum. From twelve girls. I mean seriously all she was doing was regurgitate hitting. What mom Dina told there. A she's the baby bird mom as the mom -- mom dropped the worm into our being and she's showing an up and repeating. That's exactly what it is so before we get a little too cute by half. Let's use some logic in this show only and our kids -- -- -- say the darnedest things don't buy it but I'm not I'm not willing to take a grown up critique promote a twelve year old. We'll be back with more with beach in this region governor. To test or not to test that is the question it's the first day of three days of these tests. Which side you're on are you -- tests that are you not testing are you taking the tests or are you opting out of the obscenity. Of this happening in any other country. A people around the world if they know what's going on they have to be looking online column. That hell is happening in America. Since when are we afraid to take on a tough challenge since when are we afraid to stand up and get it done. Is that we do now we put our tail between our legs and opt out and ended say how unfair the system is -- gonna spend your life like that. Or go and take on a challenge and and a -- necessary preparation and get it done. We used to be at hand -- nation now -- can bitch nation. I mean every night just turn on the local television. And watches a protest to your approach is -- nothing wrong with protests. At all in fact they're part of our heritage however. There has to be out a way that you take on a challenge and defeat it without just going around whining about it. Pilots Chris give BA a couple of vote faced. Look postings please. -- this one is from Debbie she says not the whole whole -- forgot chris' voices. Really man and when he lowers scores like -- with his voice he was going all morning and serious the lower register. I thought he was testosterone Lleyton before this is over the top okay -- -- Euronext parent of you know he's got a little lower -- -- They're useless and appropriate flawed my children never take one of these tests. -- inappropriate and flawed okay. You'll notice they're not specific apartment useless inappropriate and fraud usually is your ex husband. But I'm getting better I wonder where the expertise is for the people that make these kind of charges. But do they have a background in education and they just have a good feel Florida or what or is it just my is just the Reid urged -- of the groups that don't like. And I think when you -- looking at the groups have no idea I think you can look at the teachers that I think that's worth. All starts. And it bubbles up to the surface. Another one Grey's -- -- fund oh this is from Michael he says I think pulling kids out of these test is pointless to gain nothing from mad. I think there's too much testing but teaching kids to be non -- operative just seems stupid to me. That's that's a good quote I mean that's that's really oppose the thank -- it's and I totally agree with that you take on the challenge you don't run away from. As just the way it is my my motto. -- have a motto probably not but I have one and I swear this is my motto they can kill you but they can each. When I'm faced with a challenge I go after I don't run away from it. I go head to head to head sometimes you win sometimes but you gotta be ready you've got to be ready and -- just walk away from him -- -- -- -- -- saw. Don't weenie weenie approach are you going to be around making excuses for your kids the rest of their lives. -- -- going to be in going to be explaining later what the cops are so unfair to your kid or the college professors so unfair to your kid. Or -- who knows what the drill instructors so unfair to your kid and doesn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But at least she gave it your best try to sit home and not do it. Because of some lofty reason that you as a sixth grader have no comprehension over is ridiculous. Go to might give Lancaster -- you're on WB -- Yes Indiana couple points that put out here hey created. That just this is this schools and in the whole country entry button. And New York State. They're failing in -- Australian we've been failing for years and years and years so in order change. We have they have some kind of a -- practice that way. Now they're testing will get less about practice start to point that. The power that the kids are getting in this time there during that week that fitness system we have now in court. That's a that's a good point of view that's a good way to look at it. -- know. People -- fires are so ripped up in this teacher's evaluation. Hand you can't blame -- teacher. He is it. 21 senator valuations will go towards anything and they'll be after this thing is -- -- don't want anybody worried about if the east. If the take courses similar pattern outage -- correctly. Well well well. I like your attitude because of that is that's my attitude is well and Cuban mine according to this report. The legislature was so was debating budgets only last night they'll keep common -- scores off the transcripts of students in third through the eighth grades through and I threw 2018. So it's gonna have planning a chance to have. I get it out evaluate it whatever as is like a basic restaurant. And they're going it's going to be judged in groups and other words your kid is not the only ones are here information in the whole class heard it. How they process it is up to them and it's the same as any information some kid's gonna do better than others thank you would be a good call. Some kids and a better if you're teaching. For instance idea I loved math. And school Loveman east's most among amassed the -- Science forget it. Forget it but I did my mother and dad let me opt out of -- sciences. Hard -- Barbie right. Is right. Remember when I put the Barbie opposite methods -- -- Ridiculously. Bad in half over that. But the bottom line is this. Okay do why only take tests regarding math. Or -- I take a science test of which I have no interest and I don't care at all about and I know on record well -- I take it. I have to take it and I wanna take it because it's the only way again I can judge or maybe a light a fire and myself to have more -- an interest -- so as we said earlier in the show and I think it's so important oftentimes you can learn more by losing. Then you can buy one thing. Because by losing you said I didn't put the -- or. I didn't do the research. I did not apply myself. I misunderstood but didn't ask the right questions. There's a lot of reasons why it happened and not because your dumb. There's a lot of human reasons as opposed to yeah I did very well organized everywhere from an excellent. You -- you do well on that subject but you didn't learn how to deal with adversity and that's what it's all about. I -- would've been arises we grew up as people we never had any adversity in our lives have been fabulous but that is in the way it works. And knowing how to deal with it and how to take -- on and how to process that. And you know you wake up in the morning you feel like it -- low pad I mean it's eating Richard -- you've got to be able to deal with that. In in running and hiding is not the way to do it. And I think it really sends a bad example and the kids like that -- sixth grade girl. As her mother championing the fact that she's not gonna participate while Lottie Dodd. I hope she plans to move in with mom and stay there was -- proposal now -- stay -- the rest of her alive so mom and protector. Please please. We'll be back remarks. We've beach -- knows right and -- thirty way RWB and a good test or not to test that is that. Question which side are you on.

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