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4-1 Beach and Company Hour 1

Apr 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How employer. I'm -- I don't I just sit around and stared. With nothing to do so I should be allowed to read some thing I want their activities. And amateur well. Maybe oh maybe a microwave a butter lamp I I I don't I guess they're here finally I got me absorbing knowledge. As I could be in Lancaster what it was well. Don't truthfully have you ever but have you ever microwaves about a lamb here's what you do you put the whole -- on top of whatever you're gonna eat. He set it right on the top like king of the mountain then you put the whole thing in your microwave make sure that your microwave rattled windows he can see it. 'cause it's fun to watch. And then you senator about -- I don't know three minutes. And then you see the lamb begin to melt. And all and AM. Guys you guys ever -- fun stuff like that non now by Democrats know we never really got the butter -- jobs aren't here because they're funded through there really are. Oh I used to -- -- do weird things like that like collect grasshoppers and put it in my sister's. Easy bake. All of them but not turn it on just put him and there's -- when she opened the door they would all the at its error. -- that's no I think Randy started that way. Where his first wash now -- -- -- an easy bake oven. And now he's a posh nod came he has we're trying to -- Randy bush over. Two. To make available to the public news is that fox not there are so. Good they're the best they've been the best -- not ever. And if he did. He could be the farce not king and that he could hire us we could do is advertising and promotion form. And them and that would be that we view we'd be eleven higher up a -- nuts I TDs for him do that yeah I -- beta -- yeah how well they're big they're always into little test you know everyone make sure that they're what they're supposed to be right. We could be the official fox not test the quality control absolutely. I I didn't Wear hair net -- I don't think it it it. A lot of things though a lot of things going on here including best. There's a lesson to be learned in tragedy there really is and the lesson here. I'm going to tell you after -- -- the story this is out of Houston. Opening statements began in a trial of a woman. Accused of fatally stabbing her boyfriend. With or should rule. She had on stiletto heels and the stiletto -- turned into a weapon. And she stabbed them and as she killed. And her attorney says it's a very valid self defense claim. Apparently there was some some problems she whips -- her show. A wax -- boyfriend whether it boyfriend's gone shoes probably not much used or anymore she'll probably be wearing a prison outfits but the lesson to be learned here. As we got to draw something positive from is the lesson to be learned here. Is only go out with women who Wear sneakers and I guess they can urgent nobody's ever been killed when a Michael Jordan. A far Michael Jordan is another story but that's not what one. And now I heard government the latter part of a -- Susan and I heard. Some words I didn't wanna see in the same senate's OK Donald Trump. And the Buffalo Bills of appointees must go through is again. I'll take a look at it it's like. It's like to and trump said I'll take a look at it and beating Buffalo Bills. It's like his secretary just put the luncheon menu from the Chinese restaurant on his desk. And said mr. trump you're you're -- lunch will be in an hour and then you have a meeting right after here is a young. Here's a manual on take a look at it it was the same thing you take -- -- -- up get me a break he used all alone for those view aren't that much in the sports. Used only team -- called in New Jersey generals and Doug Flutie was as quarterback and -- he married as a however that Herschel Walker was running back one now. But that's that's pretty good stuff. And Kelly played in the US a fell for the Houston gamblers don't think that's what we first heard about him. Was when it was -- what you call it certainly but the on the pros he played there. I'm not I didn't know about him and in college all I knew is that he wasn't -- would come to buffalo and he signed with the USFL. And they were always trying to get him because we have to draft rights to -- and there was always an effort I'm man I remember reading many columns while -- -- -- And the columnists at the time how this -- really good. And remember he's all kinds of records in college. -- one year was. The fabulous year and so we finally ended up with them what probably after the it was helpful right yeah we got him after the -- now so that was that's a Donald Trump I don't wanna be -- along anymore we don't know and and supposed to ask tomorrow you're -- considered a presidential bid and 66. On our cycle through this again going through -- trump withdrawal. To be honest with. I have tickets to giveaway -- once they are all about game while the ballgame. It is Thursday they Verizon's home opener I have a via a four pack of tickets. To receive the buffalo buys -- home opener Thursday April 3 205 of -- of Rochester red wings at Coca-Cola field. A value is 44 Dollar General congress rules apply the bubble by dozens opened the season this Thursday and you can be there for tickets visit buys the outcome. Here's -- where Rahm who was it Don Baylor it was them via. He was supposed to just catch a first pitch. And what happened was he broke his leg you do that. How do you do that because they don't get down -- punches when they're catching a first it's it is usually stand behind home plate. Somebody lobs a pitch in them the best first rich person George Bush remember 9/11. And it was so. I mean it we were sort -- throwing out the first ball whipped a strike right -- and don't forget he played down baseball one time he was effective I'm not mistaken. He's the first US president to have played Little League Baseball already added that and of course -- was a part owner of the Texas Rangers. So anyway -- some baseball luck training because. That's not easy I've done it once I threw out the first pitch. At a Milwaukee Brewers game when you're on the mound and you're not a pitcher. It looks like it's long distance from there you know the home -- doesn't look that far if you're in the stands. But when your on the mound and people looking mansion your your -- your your whole body is up on the scoreboard and back of you. And you gotta throw that ball and you don't wanna be a hot dog thrower over. The pitcher's head and you also don't wanna -- wanna pop in announced that it at least getting him there on the fly there's lot of pressure there. We should do a thing -- devices used to have a media pitch hit and run competition. And media throughout all over Western New York which shall often I was CD and he never written in his son's Rob Lucas. Rob lucas' dad never son I didn't know that yeah well I I wish I had no -- you know I sense a strong family resemblance to an area that but. It was a lot of fun we got to do the different things like hitting running the bases we had to pitch from the mound to get the ball into a -- And I peek at the time it was though. Pittsburgh Pirates solar they're pitching coach. Are hitting coach whatever with total loss it was really neat you'll get a hit I thought Il center field that right field yet a bonds. What you find out is even batting practice. Is is pretty fast days ago when your road when your pro yeah no matter what what level applying that that ball comes from intimate 100 greatest. Moments I would have enjoyed it so much and it didn't happen was barrel Ellis from general to weather. An idea he was raising a lot of money for kids is David drugs and we had a bet on some event. And the loser. Had to carry the winner around at that time it was Dunn tire park -- Dunn tire park on his back. Now Barry Lewis is about 54 school. And weighs about a 110 pounds at that time I was sixth floor probably 400 pounds I was I. I wanted to win that bet more than anything in my own life because I wanted to watch very trying carry me around the bases. -- -- I lost a bet as to carry him. Which. Is heavy but can somebody in your back around the bases and had to go first second third -- home I mean it was a shortcut on this. I was I was staggering home. But it was the correspondent that you raise a lot of money for kids giving drugs as a matter of fact. I think they've got some fundraising stuff going on right about now but that he put his heart and soul and that and a involved all of us all of his media friends and in and a and it's a certainly worthwhile but I would've loved to have watch him try to carry me to first base that would have been that would have been. I won't come back we've got a subject to talk about today. And I did that says I'm not going to be the most popular guy in -- today on news radio 930 we RW via. Congratulations. To one of our former staff members with his columns sensational Steve. In sensational -- is a real name is a Steve Jacobson. And he is he's getting married so congratulations and good job -- yeah thanks for telling -- -- -- was not aware that he works Dresser goalie is EG tax. So he'll be of filing a joint return party's oh that's right about that I wonder if you like surprised her maybe it was a filling out her. Upper tax return and at the bottom of the signature line. Will you marry me. We got a better tax deal we do you know what if they are your your return this year is going to be this rank exact I. That I like that that's very good I wonder if he was that a creative and fun because it was always funny guys though is on shore. A fun and funny guy whatever his -- ever it was kind of standard boilerplate. I'm gonna take a wild stab at this Thomas say he did it at dinner going out for dinner. In the middle of it I think -- what about that's when he popped the question. I guess it's there had a girlfriend. That had a whacked out boy for an okay issue is very attractive -- tell -- that. My sisters my sisters girlfriend burger truck. But she's she went out this -- dog guy. In a couple of times. He presented her way to the packaged open and there was a diamond ring and turned out it was a phony he just wanna get a few laughs okay. So -- -- the third time. A third time to a third. I made -- once you get your laughed get out okay your elected ago beat a third time. And they let the drive and Andy says he's as I get something special for you in the open the package and there was a diamond ring she was mad she was not happy. And so she takes the rank and and -- across the windshield. And scratched the entire -- because it wasn't. And and it was legitimate and I think he had to get the windshield repaired and. He's buying from a jeweler in where as the Williams bill. Who was selling fake guy asks yet and now if you jeweler. What kind of defenses that to say I got duped. If you're -- doesn't -- -- a real diamond from a glass door -- I'm I'm suggesting that maybe you should find a different jeweler. I mean is that is that the weakest offense you've ever heard your life yeah it was so I'd throw myself at the mercy of the court I'm a jeweler. I'm not necessarily a good -- and -- and why good good better and best go to Sears and get your rate it. And no I believe the people because we don't know how to tell apparently there's a machine willow lighters. That Intel and there's a way to tell. If you're -- know how to tell a real diamond because. Take time and you can't tell you give the things from the news of the vending machines in the amusement park the big clock comes -- to get the -- Argue we don't know that's why you have to trust your jeweler. But when your George says that he got duped. Get a different years just doesn't work out and I'm thinking dead so all of the people who have gotten. -- -- diamond rings from this guy I assume that there are not very happy and they're going out getting their stones those that -- that's not a road visited. And baby are my stones that's that where you're going tonight. But yet I was kind of embarrassing. Ireland it's about today we got a lot to talk about today because. As I said I'm not going to be the most popular person in dodge but what the hell. I am mom I'm watching television last night. And you talk about juxtaposition. Aren't. In the in the newscast. I see. Would be the poor people -- just having their guts torn down. Because their relatives the only people on the missing plane and they. They have no idea where they are whether there at the bottom of the ocean. Now whether there you know stranded on a mountaintop on who knows what but they are just staring at heart. They go from Matt. Two of the Jim Kelly's story which will also terrier art special -- a -- -- a a message and his daughter was hugging him it'll just. Terry to pieces so you go from those two stories. To a group of protesters saying we can't have our children setting while others are taking the test it's fair. And it seems soul. Wrong -- followed cheesy compared to what we had Jesse. Compared to what we had just seen. Human drama human pesos to your guts out and then you go to something that you -- -- -- protesting because your kid might have the set and and be quiet while somebody else is taking a test does that seem a little. -- killed thirty you'll -- it does the may rarely does. And I'm thinking here they are protest that education. And the way it's being presented. When they don't realize that there are part of the educational process through your kid is learning things not only from school. But he -- she is learning something from you. And is this the kind of lessons you wanna teach your kids. That you just don't wanna do it because you don't wanna do it -- you don't wanna be bored essentially. You don't wanna sit there without something to do and let's use all the buzz words let's use bully and all that other crap. Meanwhile probably the TV -- was kind of a tight shot and look like there were a ton of people -- but they live there and then this was there -- this was there argument. That out testing doesn't accomplish anything they're teaching to the test blob blob blob blob and last that we can't does. We have a lot of people with their -- and I'm not. A because that this is very serious stuff well education is serious stuff. Without an education. Urine let's you know god taps -- on the shoulder. You're not going to have a very productive -- fruitful life if you need education. But you -- education from their parents as much originated from the school. And I think the parents are teaching the wrong kids there. When you -- in doubt just a sit back and bitch about it instead of a try to get something accomplished so I want here's the basic attacks. Of today's lesson boys and girls to test or not to test that is the question. Which side you're on they -- -- -- -- it was Shakespearean thing there. They don't trailed 530106. On 69236 -- -- thirty you know why could do that because I took all the tests and I passed them. Will be and I drive a sports car will be back after. That's a big engine company. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach listened to me tonight ten to one WB. Eat and now they're back where the Beijing government sandy beach to test or not to tell us that is the question. Which side -- you on your testing you're not testing probably not you it's probably your kid but we -- like to know it all 309301806. Months or 96 and start 930. And of those or are against the task. Are getting we're getting the usual test on preventing -- -- of attack -- were missing Ottoman. Saw a more well rounded and diversity education Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob so I kid is not gonna take the test not only like you're not gonna take the -- didn't. And that you have something. As an alternative for my -- not taken the test how did you ask my son my daughter to sit quietly while the others are taking the test. And does -- -- sometimes. It's it's just amazing when you're not in the middle of a firestorm like that's a look at NC out one I would consider it trivial and silly. Now I know many of you getting your hackles up and sometimes you will you're at cross purposes. This is an editorial in today's buffalo and goes by Chris Rome. A spring bill he is co-founder of the any growth. -- that -- offense each man's name otherwise -- not to pay any attention to so the first thing you do you know it's like citizens for a better universe for tomorrow you know there's some. Some outlandish a full full name. So Chris surrounds of spring goes co-founder of the New York State. Allies for public education. Okay. And what are the things he says in here and keep in mind. The -- of the focal point is you don't want your kid to have to especially in Lancaster Williams though to have to set. And did not have anything to do while the others are taking the test because you choose to have them not like it's spoken. So -- big college students there it's it's a way for them to. To try to brand that. Here's what he says. The amount of time spent on test preparation and exam skill building. Is taking away from critical thinking and creativity. Now I want you to think about -- -- I really think Democrats here's what you just said. The amount of time spent on test preparation. And exams skill building is taking away from critical thinking. And creativity. Now I'm a creative person and I think I can have I'm capable of critical thinking. What do you need for critical thinking one a couple of things that I can think -- is very important. Solid food. And focus. So while the others are taking the test. Your child we'll have a perfect opportunity. For creative. Thinking and and a critical thinking and creativity. Because they'll be nothing bothering them there won't be an noise level everybody will be quiet. And you can sit and ponder do you ever see the other a Rodin the thinker what is a thinker bill. Banker has is that I hand under his chin. And there's no clowns there to amuse him. There's no. He's just sitting there and he's thinking. And he's thinking creative thoughts and that's what you should have your child doing if he's not taking the test. Say well -- who I don't believe in this test I don't want to take it but during that time of that test. You're going to have a perfect opportunity. To engage critical thinking. And creative arts so that's perfect. So what he's complaining about is what is available to him if he'd does not that choose to have his detector test as sort of amounts. 803 aren't real wanted to and its excellent 69630. Let's go to Jack on a cell phone Jack you're on W via. They're -- -- -- page Jack thanks Colin what do you cook there aren't that aren't you have this topic genetic -- my wife called me up. Fifteen minutes before your show and out on the water off to school and on top of the past -- now on Alabama where what I'm aware of any letter. But again it's cool phone number and I'll get -- mountain. While I gave my car immediately but listen my arm Arctic in the past I don't care yet that there whatever amount -- -- that. The premise that there are quite important aspects that could. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm my biggest I'm an old army -- casting news. Like Archie might struggle in school like try and like learn all the stuff -- just honestly feel that our government is. Trying to make markets actually less intelligent and making -- deal though. What do you think that what do you think -- what do you think the goal is. For our common core in the kind of testing are talking about what what do you think the government goal is. They're trying to make -- all drawn that they're trying to make our children's generation. About to draw on that just spoke not been back of the -- on the government. And just make them -- a lot more control and that's a good way to do it. What do you think do you think that because they feel they get lower grades in these tests which are not going to be part of air. Record by the way -- as best we know that was going to be considered in the budget bill. And -- all of the things in the budget bills that pass through the time this was going to be debated which was in the middle of the night so. It's not going to be part of their permanent record so. Do you feel that getting lower grades may June last independent and and more depend on the government as that of the position. That's the -- Quayle look got a collecting my arm of the doing what any of my daughter was in kindergarten. Fund incorporated. Like I feel now after they are burning almost out. They're coming up to -- with their simple homework that Barry should know right away any corruption paper expressed the thought Martinez. A little bit up and it's a bit too -- on my brain. Well it's your ER depends on the idea scuba as you as you mentioned. Odyssey I -- education comes a lot of different forms you could be educated let's look at one test OK let's go to singles best. A you can be educated by doing well on that test which you can also be educated by not doing while on the test. By not doing well I think -- losers learn more -- winners though you learn what you did wrong how to -- may -- study habits and patterns how to prepare for different things in your life. And I think that oftentimes people who fail at something become larger successes because of that failure. -- graphic -- OK so will take the test together Jack. Okay. -- executive had a very much I I really believe that I truly do. If all if you're life is yeah just -- every test blow -- -- went -- well and and money's part manage your block it and I'll let other stuff. They'll be a time when that won't happen. They'll be a time in your life when something big is going to happen to you that you're not going to be able to just casually deal way. At that time. It's very important to reach back into your history and see where you failed at some point in your life and how you dealt with that failure because you're gonna need those devices to deal with -- -- whatever is happening in your life at that moment. So I think that I know in sports now Tony is a coach sport I think has many lessons learned from a defeat as it is from oh victory. I agree with that you know you learn several things and how to deal with the defeat no weaknesses and -- how to get matter what you need to do to put things like that. Yeah there is a lot of sportsmanship. Yes it takes and it takes a lot like OK after the Super Bowl. Peyton Manning's status stuck around after getting his clock -- And shook hands with -- everybody it was a gentleman about it and in the these are tough things to do. But oftentimes. Defeat brings out the better in new. Victory is nice and we all cherish it we all polish up the trophies and whatever. But every once in awhile. You know a kick in the pants actually helps because it shows that. I can't take things too lightly I've got to prepare for everything all the time whenever I used to speak the disc jockeys or at colleges or whatever. I would always say one thing. That was in every speech ever gave. Was simply this don't ever substitute. Talent for preparation. There are a lot of talented people who don't prepare and they're not hugely successful. But it's hard to find people who do prepare -- successful. A you can have -- on the talent. And more of a -- and you're gonna do quite well. If you rely strictly -- -- talent and Oprah you're not so on tests like these the comic Cortez who they're giving for the next three days. OK maybe they didn't do well on certain tests while it gives you an opportunity to look into it reopened new avenue as. How how well how open we have helped the stock instead of looking at what your hands on your -- waiting for TV cameras saying it your daughter's gonna scrape the nail polish up over and als which is what one woman's had. During the interview. I mean that's early to think that everything should be made easy and it should be made to your specifications. It isn't like that in the real world. Because once you get out you -- -- -- mom and dad of course the way the world's going value -- -- mom and dad and -- mom and dad are nine the and die. A -- your you have to you have to guide your own life. And mommy and daddy aren't gonna always be there to bitch and everything that goes wrong with -- All right you've got to be prepared as an adult that's what education about to prepare children to become grownups education's very important but it would help with our -- -- was understandable. By the students well yeah. It's very well that's the teacher's job is not so I think when you lift all the rocks view what you find out is it gets back to teacher valuation. That's that's when it gets they've back to. The bottom line is you're going to ask you get out of school you're going to be working for a Bosch you don't like. You're going to be in the army would have a superior officer or you don't like. You're going to be dealing with -- sometimes what neighbors you don't like. Life is not going to be easy and part of education is dealing with -- -- sort of stop if your idea of every obstacle you hit he gonna have a press conference. It doesn't show me much to be honest with it doesn't show me that you really want what's better you just want what's easier. And easier very seldom is better or take a break we'll be back what more -- beach company is region -- today -- they first of three days of. Vote of blood tests at some people are -- opting their kids out of keep in mind according to it is a news article I have here. That of legislation being considered on Monday which was yesterday will keep common court test scores off the transcripts of students. In third through eighth grades through 2018. Now as we did a check we found out that all of the legislation up to that point. Had been approved and it was like too late to publish so we don't have an update as to whether of this though was carried out a one would assume. But it was part of it that it that it was a will will stand corrected if that's not true. So third through eighth grades the -- transcripts will not. Be recorded. Through a 28 team will keep common court test scores. Off the transcripts until when he eighteenth rages. Not ages but students. Third through the eighth grade. So the bottom line is education is more than what happens in the classroom. Education what happens in your house. And in your car and your way you are two of vacationers are something like that and I think figure doing a disservice. If you opt your kid out of this simply because you don't like the curriculum. Or you don't think the prep has been right because. -- this in mind the preparers right the preparers the same for everybody it's not like they taught every other kid in the class one way and your kid a different. A different way. So you'll see a general trend or pattern. Over the course of the entire class if the teacher or teachers. A -- are good at presenting the material of the material. Was a was not suitable for the age group or what ever. You'll see it's spread out averaged out over the whole class it won't be just your kid. But the the real thing that you have to be concerned about is yeah you're opting your kid out now what what -- I'd like to know what you're gaining. I'm waiting for that are you gaining the fact that you took the high road and didn't believe -- -- so you pulled your kids from the test -- really. What happens later on what kind of -- your -- gonna learn the next thing that happens in his or her life. -- they're uncomfortable with a that they don't wanna go they just opt out. At the way it's going to be for the rest of their life. What is ongoing and there the best you can you're taught the same material as everybody else so will get an idea. Of whether it was the the preparation. The presentation of the teacher but -- shouldn't be anything -- us we get all the time and it's not a news as not a new problem. How many times sincere one. As your -- a moment that the teacher doesn't like me I think the -- teacher really doesn't like the student. Probably not that's probably knowledge and that's -- what kids do your job as an adult. To say look Johnny you've got the same material is everybody else take the test give it your best shot and as long as you did your preparation and gave it your best shot. Then you're going to get NA from me no matter what our grade appears on the paper that's a lesson in life. That sometimes you don't just take the easy things because the harder things are in your life the more fruitful will be when you solve them. Climbing that mountain again not just taken the easy path sometimes the tough path is that is is the correct one because that's going to provide different. For you now terrorists if -- apparently doesn't care about actually. The gist of learning and all you want as a grade. Are you following. I've -- go to school hallway and just get holidays holidays -- there's this great you know -- Their diploma seven to UB you don't need to attend classes just marked era. Mark their grades LA and then let him go out and trying get a job or conduct their lives will work out to lower. But that's exactly what's happening. And where we're getting a a culture now where when in doubt we wanna put Johnny a little bubble in this case is an educational ball when Johnny would learn more. By going after the task. I like your opinion it's probably not going to be in my opinion but I like yours to test or not to test. That is the question which side you're on we'll talk to after the break on news writer and I'm thirty W via.

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