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Grand Island T-Shirt Antagonist

Apr 1, 2014|

Shayne Kinney

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next guests on the WB and -- liner when and Kim ten. Of Grand Island for the parents of ocean and -- who recently was suspended from Grand Island high school because he was wearing a teacher. And a -- that have a National Rifle Association. Logo a couple of guns where it depicted -- he was wearing. Wayne and Kim good morning from Susan -- me thank you for joining us. And all of this is -- Okay I'm sorry -- I thought we were gonna do it. I'm sorry that's all we're going to be talking to your mom again shame. Did you attend the last nice meaning of the Grand Island town hall the combined meeting with the town board and the school board. -- you know I don't serve but I heard. There's people that -- how are also. We heard about about eighty people were there last night Shane. You know I think they were expecting this to come up to the meeting and it didn't come up. Are you disappointed that it hasn't -- on that product yet. Are yellow. Eight. I want all biking and continue to work aren't -- -- -- There. I think it's something important that -- have been brought up. How long was your suspension from school -- and you are back to school not -- Here and it. Talk about the support that you received since this happened since this kind of became public. -- -- that was. How much talk about the support that you received. Are -- people around me letters calling me dead -- they're very grateful for what I did. I think people come up through and I mean him harm people already got involved where I'm here. Thank me I look at the job artillery. -- People that are relevant matters you know he kind of are very nervous every night and -- appreciate your support -- -- me yeah. -- and tell our listeners why you are so passionate. About this issue why you insist on wearing these. Pieces of clothing to school and you also mentioned that you volunteer at a local gun club tell us what you do there. He golf possible. He's trapped over there are on the week Aaron and I ordered though orderly and our -- And are very passionate about this fact commandment ignited. Or not -- aren't there and alcohol as the level. Outlook aren't. Always that are and aren't eaten animal yeah that. And I'm -- I heard counselors. Do you think this was political. The suspension. But yeah yeah. Has anything been said do you sense. That by any administrators at the school. These are. Well actually I don't really are. -- About the other students in your class -- a lot of support from them. Are you ex that are put these are electric jobs -- and our time and they're -- on me. Oh -- and -- what this little bit. And then there's a couple it is and -- -- experience but I don't know what the blood the majority of the school likes what president. We're told this morning that this will come up before the grand island school board on April 20 seconds and they will be reviewing this student. Code of conduct and am looking at closing in and things like that will you be Darren can't it can't session. An arm. And I have no idea sure. Well good well. -- longer marketed go. She is holing your grades. -- it's just an arm. They're pretty species are not one passed by student over are very biased but above it. See behind. Just. -- and good luck to you thank you for joining us this morning and we will continue to follow your story. -- Thank you for joining us this morning that solution and Kenny is the youngest student a Grand Island a high school who was recently suspended. He served a one day suspension for wearing a sweatshirt and a T shirt to school emblazoned. With the NRA long.