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Albany View of Gun Rally; Trump Participation

Apr 1, 2014|

Ken Lovett

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Joining us on the WB -- live line this morning is Ken -- Kansas City Albany bureau chief with the New York Daily News 10 good morning. Good morning how are great we're we're talking about the stand up for your rights rally today demanding a repeal of the same effect this big rally and the capital. How big is this on your radar. Well I mean. I know recognize that there draw a lot of people trying Donald Trump -- -- -- GOP gubernatorial wanna be -- that's story you know course Carl Paladino. Salute and go out there let's see how many people there and then my accent. And we're running a listener were running a listener poll on WBN dot com asking. Folks who they think and other Albany rally against New York State is gonna accomplish anything. Most folks don't thank you will do you think. No one of those people I don't know if you told Bloomberg. I was column yesterday. In the paper. -- -- according. Tom -- who's an NRA national board member of one of three from New York. And he's head of the state rifle and pistol association. And he basically agrees he says the time for rallies over into the other lawmakers know where we and the not a repeal it. Now it's time to educate the voters get them out to vote and to fight -- in court. It's -- good rallies and fortunately in his view I've become more volatile and it's actually hurting the cause of go to gun owners are not helping. I was gonna ask you about Tom king and and this position is taking. He's probably upsetting a lot of people do you agree. Yeah I think -- but basically what he was saying -- it's a terrible you know I don't like this week that you know by. -- it doesn't help. Win over people when you're comparing people to Hitler and and and -- he's just the rhetoric is getting a little over the top. His argument is. You know that you have these rallies he -- to preaching to the choir you know you're preaching to the gun owners. Those were rapidly his -- ignorant anti -- I never going to be converted. And if you want to get the people in the middle we're open to the idea of gun ownership and we you can't go over the top -- -- probably with the mouse. -- and pointed it does it mean that these rallies are political. -- -- girl is political it's designed to show support. Are -- certain positions so this rally. Is designed to show the legislature and the governor we don't like to -- back and we're still upset about it we don't wanna have to register. And you know -- the rest of the rifles and shotguns and and and that you're supposed to be a message do we want it repealed. The problem of the legislature is -- after the repeal it. Can Susan. And I talked with Luke Donald Trump about fifteen minutes ago four at life. And he told us the right after the rally today he's gonna sit down and have a talk with Carl Paladino. And will tell Carl for all intents and purposes but he Donald Trump is not gonna run for governor. Yeah the only one who stopped accepting -- remote would have popped until the end apparently Carl Paladino I'm not so what is engagement there. The only thing he's doing is hurting the Republican Party. Because they've got a candidate. Who The Who seemingly has the support across the board not just of Republicans. But -- conservatives. But Paladino doesn't quite go around that story you know because. He won't take and and say that he believes that the legislative leadership. The Republican legislative leadership needs to go in the legislature meaning deeds goes -- senate GOP leader. And Bryant called. You know actually you know in the state party leadership don't jump onboard Paladino -- upset about that so he's not backing -- actually you know as of now. Ten -- ready to join us this morning thanks. Any parent due out. That's the Albany bureau chief of the New York Daily News --