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Weighing In On Astorino, Guns & Bills' Ownership

Apr 1, 2014|

Donald Trump

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And now on the WBBM. Live line and let's welcome New York City real estate giant Donald Trump mr. trump good morning and thank you for your time this morning. Good morning. We're doing fine sir are you still planning go on appearing today is gun rights rally in the state capital and would you speak of the rally. What it actually do would appear that desperate to come up and just I mean I'm a big Second Amendment person. And I that I would do it and don't say a few words and that you know they're just a lot of great people involved. Today and then not having a voice that bush is not being hurt. With what they're doing with guns and with you know the unsafe fact cycle it's just. But I will be -- yes. Mr. trump Sarah Lotta people that are a little upset with you upset that she bowed out of the race for New York governor. And then there frankly wondering is why you're appearing today. Well Carl Paladino and many many people -- -- -- -- here and -- I didn't bow out I said that if there was unity in the Republican Party I would do it. But there is not unity and as you know you have other people running. And I do you know what you're afraid of one state -- year. Read the Democrats every Republican. You'd need unity if you're going to win and otherwise it's going to be in a mass. Disaster. And so I didn't -- I said that I would do if they ask me I didn't ask them I was sitting in my office received the call a number of months ago from. A large group of Republican chairman and leaders. And they want to see me and I saw them. And that's a look if you love unity I would do what I put a lot of money in an account to. And I'd like it would fight the way it should be fought and I think it could be one I absolutely think it could be one. But you have brought that street are running -- you may have somebody else running and as long as they're gonna do that and I said right up front and I think you'll understand that and I think you'll agree with that it's a what if this unity. And -- we all got together I would do it but that's not the case unfortunate. Mr. trump these gun rallies in the state capital and and other cities across the state. -- seemingly have been attracting fewer and fewer and fewer gun rights activists let me ask you. How can a gunman rally. Improve the quality of life here in New York State. Well I think yes I think it's not a question of quality of life it's a question that eventually they'll be taking guns away from people that. Really are the ones that can't have that and. But very capable of having them. You know we know one thing when that you have to start registering and when you have to start -- all sorts of things that's the beginning to the end but. Very importantly. The bad guys aren't giving up they've got about sitting up and -- in buffalo or vomit out someplace and I had no. What's been done. And somebody walks in with a -- wanted to do some. -- Well I'll tell -- Iraq I do I want to act on. So. You know they're make it it's very very difficult and New York State and you know the -- factors. Is a catastrophe for people that believe in the Second Amendment. We know you've become quite close now to Carl Paladino in the last several months and no doubt you're aware of his draft trump movement. And heading back into the political arena again mr. trump what do you think of this moment. Would you reconsider. While I'm -- died in that sense but you know -- -- -- -- I don't think it's going to happen because again -- -- -- great from the beginning that should be unity in the Republican Party and you have brought pestering you know. Who is not going to do well she doesn't have money. He has raised virtually nothing and frankly the Republicans -- world Villanova Cuomo site. So I don't think it's going to have much appetite I said to myself you know while it's a great honor. And I have lots of things to do on building all over the world was doing great as a company and come out but frankly am deploying lots of people in this country at. Actually unfortunately. In a certain sense but. Employed a lot of people all over the world collective focus on this country you know other places are forming. As a pure business person and if you do well in business you've got to be at other locations in addition but I'd rather be just in the United States. Which is not doing particularly well to put it mildly if you look at upstate New York that not only not doing well that's doing -- people are fleeing. So you know there are a lot of a lot of problems with it but it's long is Esther -- I was running and it looks like he's running. I sit right from the beat the -- I I hardly know Lester is a nice guy. I've helped him he uses my club when he has fundraisers. Have a great club in Westchester which frankly you know Cuomo users and also everybody uses it's a great place. But it's going to be a very very tough race for him I don't see how we can possibly do he's got -- -- and he's got no gravitas. Okay if mister. Astoria -- ultimately as a guy who gets the Republican Party nomination to run for governor. We'll do you support and would you give them any money. Well I'd look at that at the time. It's very possible but I'd look at data to damage just too early to today I mean we're still early in the process but I would certainly look at that that the -- What about 2016. You giving that some thought that the White House. Am I am I mean the country is going really bad you look at what's happened -- that even the prestige of our country in -- you know I was. Talking to somebody the other day initiative much interest -- our weakness as. Forty steered well then Russia back at the top of the leak in in terms of all of the things necessary for a country to be at the top. You look at what's going on with with book and he's playing Obama like to draw on the situation at the whole situations -- yet so I will be looking at a I won't be looking -- added until after the November elections I think look it's November elections could be very critical. For the country and very critical for Republicans or Republicans because of obamacare. And -- that catastrophe if the Republicans actually have a very good chance of taking over the seventh I think they probably will be able to take over the senate so that would be a big cut. Mr. trump on number one priority issue here in the city of buffalo right now. Is keeping the Buffalo Bills from eventually moving to another city. It might not happen right away but it could happen down the line. What should any candidate who's thinking about running for governor do about this and also. Have you ever thought about building an NFL French. Well people and actually talk to me about the bills and you know Jim Kelly is a very good friend of mine and I spoke to him. Two days ago he called me and actually is currently staying at one of my apartment in the -- disease like to a very tough time basically guys. And he -- actually really good two days ago he called me from the hospital. I know so much I got so many people in buffalo and the they have asked me about looking at that and I I certainly would look at it but I would. Technical thing I'd keep the team in buffalo but slowly get out historic franchise etiquette tips. You look at Jim I mean because what forcible balls I -- be it something -- go here and there it would report a couple of simple ultimately extra itself. But it is it's something that. I think is really vital to the area -- -- state loses the ball flow team of Buffalo's visit you know little of the trouble buffaloes got to a don't forget every election for governor buffalo becomes a big topic and they also -- to do everything and then as soon as the election's over. You don't hear from the governor again for another three and a half years. It would be catastrophic in my opinion if they lost to buffalo lost the Buffalo Bills. Mr. trump how serious is your interest. And possibly owning the bills. Well I've heard I heard about it like last week -- the group of people called me what I Beatrice wood and investing. And I'll take a look at it and now look at a lot of things I take a look at it it's certainly a wonderful franchise and that people are amazing the the fans are amazing. In buffalo and you know my relationship to Jim Kelly and then the Kelly family and we hope he's going to be OK he's got to have very very tough period of time -- About as -- gets so we'll see what happens but. You know I would certainly take a look at it. When you see Carl Paladino today -- those gun rally in Albany most of computer to sit down have a little chat with them. May be about the prospect that Donald Trump for governor is just not going to work this time. Well I you know I told them and he you know -- Early strong guy and he's actually a very good mandate you know lot of people don't understand that we call. -- many want what's good for the state and they cradle for the eastern district. Persona or having to do with that's really not. The guy that I know he's he's a good person who really want what's good for the state. You know he he wants community wants to do this I tell them. It's probably. It's highly unlikely and yet people little running for the office I said again this is not that would be easy primer but you can't. You can't look at -- you have a very tough situation if you are Republican in this stage so many Republicans have left and by the way elementary involved in Florida builder big -- all of Doral country about what that. Three years ago it's tremendous success and a lot of people say hey I came from upstate New Yorkers simply living now that living in Florida. And you know lot of Republicans have left -- -- state and especially out and it's. It's a problem for. Anybody running for office if you happen to be Republican. But. It's a race that could be one. We could be one of the energy capitals of the world that we're not we could reduce taxes and we have the highest taxes anywhere in probably in the world but. In the country we are actually number one minus taxes. A lot of great sound budget gap between running for governor. But I think that's gonna be a faster -- as a -- -- gonna have to do the best he -- -- you know no money and and and a lot of people around the world so it's going to be a -- I think it's going to be very very tough -- Mr. trump we are very grateful for your time this morning should thank you. Well thank you really appreciated our guests New York City real estate giant Donald Trump.