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Another Albany Gun Rally Today

Apr 1, 2014|

Rus Thompson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our next guest on the WB and live line -- Ross Thompson local Tea Party activist gun rights activist. Albany gun rights rally today it's a big protest against the New York say that good morning rush you're -- your -- -- Albany right now -- -- correct. -- no actually I didn't get -- -- because my vote yes yet left right. And okay we're looking. Literally -- I would call everybody and Ed got what a bunch of my friends are under way down yeah. You've been so passionate about this issue for such a long time. I guess we just assumed that regardless. Of -- tired you -- you might be going anywhere how many people do you expect. This rallies I would track today. I don't think it's going to be as big as the last one was like that we can only hope that work. Actually hurts evil that phobia the other day that they had about fifty to sixty boxes -- and the -- -- 100. Plus you know -- Due to the rallies work. I mean aren't they just speaking to the choir. No I think that at this point yes yes -- -- -- -- -- that question at that -- -- -- reelection year. And with -- many people go quality that we hope actually show up. It's gonna basically going to be sending about all the people -- is saying you know what about the re election I voted against this pay back. But yet there emboldened now because that that whole -- -- opposite of retarded people in New York -- for the straight back. So I'm not sure exactly how it's good you -- -- today apology and it -- may have. But it does -- does it -- I don't like yes and no experience. Let me listed as they had a head of the state rifle and pistol association. -- king. He its first said he wasn't going to be there and he said he's definitely not speaking now he says he'll be there but he's not gonna speak today. In fact he goes on to say he fears that the ugliness that has popped up at rallies is actually hurting the pro gun costs he says it's time to stop the rallies. Arguing that they won't result in repeal of the same effect. He instead wants to focus on trying to get the -- struck down in court. Well the event and that's really the way we have abided we have a fight in court and I am I -- I go I brought Spartan always. -- it's that this and -- guy and very good right on top of that. But it seemed like this year you know you kind of -- down to big Ed. Because these. I believe a little bit too cozy with some politicians aren't healed and others feel the same way -- running hot and cold with him it is. I don't know what it was partly due. Do you Ed Y 28. Mutated. I didn't ruled that the coalition. It is part of what we debated that out. I doubt she would have been that -- -- evolution globe. We're very vocal growth there across the state that some will have been spending -- week that you -- -- harmful. Well I've been given that they didn't all our fault that we skeptical about the legislated that we can't let up like that went in court. But a court battle so long nobody knows what's -- one on. Indy you know Bob Hope that we actually really quickly actually get -- -- don't want somebody law. You know -- and get a decision out port so. OK let's move on to another issue of this Grand Island high school student. Who was suspended from school a couple of weeks ago because you wore an NR AT shirt to school. This was supposed to be addressed last night of the combined meeting of the grand island school board in the Grand Island the town board what happened. All week about eighty never showed up and ended up being hit -- I would high school -- look back and forth a widow actually go and every every yet -- act. They ended up moving into the all cafeteria -- Eighty haven't showed up up front starting at about -- they had yet to act and the that the data by the department all the walk inside. In the very first thing that they did it is just adding it was up. Two world authority it it is good is -- -- that's all they did -- say that we had not going to address this to -- It will be no public comment on this issue tonight but we welcome you all back April 22. So it's or what exactly they're opening up the floor but people who speak a lot. That dress code and the suspension. Well the students it's a we're all gonna blow back and we -- we have about eighty people are right because we got rally today I got to feel -- next time it's gonna be a couple hundred people wouldn't show. And that'll be both -- town board and school board. -- well that was it'll be strictly just they got. Yes the school board meeting the next meeting they do if you combine cowboys school board meeting a couple of sides the year. This one just happens to be the very first one app that was pitching well ashamed. So we went to England it was a combined these. So the next one will be strictly -- board meeting usually hit that high school and about you by -- -- to the -- find out -- inaudible to a different venue. But that's what it's going to be April 22 thought about three weeks we'll all go back. Russ thank you for your time this morning. -- You're welcome that's local Tea Party activists and gun rights activist Rus Thompson next Donald Trump.