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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>3-31 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

3-31 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Mar 31, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Alan I know what your FaceBook commoners calls this a Hummer. I'd like to think I know the difference between a Hummer and something else you're getting. But that looks to me like a -- rubicon. Yeah I've got just their Wrangler which you know. I always make my kids get the backseat to one little ones back to back up what their friends in the cargo area little time on top. I believe in safety safety first. -- for today. Well the rest -- -- clear to partly cloudy the overnight low 33. Tomorrow allegedly it's gonna be close to sixty. Color me skeptical and then Wednesday partly sunny and cooler 48 right now we're holding -- 46 degrees at news radio 930 WBE and the and again any additional traffic information. WB and traffic command Alan Harris the hardest working man in buffalo radio. He's always had taken calls from folks off the year on major major stuff. 80303218030321. And we always appreciate your help. And I hope everybody in what appears to be AG rubicon. Is okay actually I get another Jeep that'll be probably the one end up getting like jeeps. I do. I. Now -- can dissect. I like them are right it is a twelve minutes after five with John in Warsaw. Who is that going to be heading to Albany for another rally against and why say it all the politicians. Will be there because remember what I said earlier are right. -- -- up every single. Fecal material produced in New York State -- politicians they all end up going to Albany from the north country. From Yonkers from the other boroughs of New York southern tier two. Lake Ontario country Western New York are. All of this so which. Goes to Albany and they call themselves the state assembly the states senate and the governor's office. And tomorrow citizens against Andrew Cuomo's. Our alleged dog fired decree otherwise known as New York safe will be rally now John you said you've got two buses going you got about a hundred people going. And I have. We got at least -- hundred yeah. We -- reputation bosses so we got -- OK but. Answer me this John and and believe I was at the first rally I think you know where I stand on analyze say totally completely 100%. Against that. What what what are you hoping to accomplish. While the recognition the -- media recognition. We were. You know in some outlets really nationally recognized the last time not much but a little bit that's a good start. People are listening to pay attention or if you don't wallet -- -- new York public rational people like literally standing up for profit. -- all of and just go back to one thing you just had previously. Are more skeptical about sixty degrees tomorrow but I hope so. Courage the movement for the bad this -- was that the grass. Yeah because the last time the last time Cuomo and his minions claimed that we did 60000 dollars worth of grass and there's not 60000 dollars worth the damage to be done the graphs. I don't know -- you -- union labor in retirement although I'm sure you could have enough. -- I I don't know if there's one thing I know it's grass and I that was that 60000 dollars worth aggressive in my humble opinion so. The I question for you about Donald Trump because. -- a little we know them. Well I was there I paid my -- much I went there and I'd listen to him speak. OK but if I can just ask the question. I'm a little offended that he's being allowed to speak because he is the only guy in my opinion. Who could have defeated Andrew Cuomo. In my opinion he strung us along he strung us along. And he refused to take up the mantle. Of leadership he could have been a driving force for positive economic Renaissance for the death of NY safe and he said no. -- for anything he has to say tomorrow at the rally why would I give a flying -- Well I can always just the name recognition that. Do you know if you've got to run for governor. You know that word ball every are there issues. This whole story this -- thinking right now he can't falters. Armed repeal it and why should there I think getting. Well if nothing else why not sure I'll take from yeah this if you -- film opened in the last let me -- -- but never had that. I have to be honest with you if I was gonna be at the rally tomorrow I would have to boo him on principle because he had it basically in my opinion he'll let us now. Because he was a guy who could have beaten Andrew Cuomo all. I don't care what anybody says the name recognition is huge and this whole NY -- conversation all these rallies would not. Be as necessary as they are if Donald Trump had chosen to actually lead New York straight instead -- jerking us around. Then he could beat him there's no question about it brought. Look at the lifestyle he's -- so we wanted to back out. Teddy Roosevelt -- Franklin Roosevelt -- a lot of rich a lot of wealthy people have chosen public service even for a term. I I agree with -- but. -- get a -- stable and suddenly a one issue up like yeah slightly we'll take it. I cannot take him seriously I just I can't I for I'm just gonna have to differ with you on that because when you say Donald Trump to me now. If the name just pisses me off and I would've supported him 100%. Heady run for governor but I think he is he let down the entire state. Well anyway -- walls and we're not gonna agree on that one just so we talk -- it's and I. Liberal blog at least got so many new registered voters just -- just -- issues so I'm really happy with. You know we really emphasized that would dollar -- we have a bread and -- chapter in Wyoming county. It's not even a year old yet for those who don't know dining room we had our meetings. For those who don't know scope is an acronym shooters committee on political education. It is a pro Second Amendment group are pro freedom group a pro constitution group. I'm a lifetime paid in full dues paid member for life and I'm glad to see you guys have started one you know that's a different spirit John where you live. Then -- I live right you'll have been worse on New York I -- the Warsaw I've been Attica I've seen the signs I know how you guys feel out there in Erie county. There's almost like -- it's like a disconnect. It seems war will -- -- while going down toward nurse should be champagne shall we just don't spread the word we're not can we don't. Which is your daughter I bet you're not going to be here tomorrow is open this year. It would be great because the rally would be over with by the time I come on the year so it just it would not have been worthwhile although I certainly will invite people to call in tomorrow and if there's enough interest I don't mind running with that -- -- take on the ball and running with -- for your drive home because. You'll start picking us up on the regular radio right around Syracuse you can make sure you download the WB EN app at WB and dot com -- plugged it into your car and listen the entire way that's what I did there on the way back from the first rally. Now I I just. I need to ask you left the -- February 28 by 2013 rally. We had approximately 101000 people -- despite the efforts to downplay the attendance I was there it was about 101000 people. What is Albert del mobile the entire pleasure Jacqueline Jones hadn't. Minimum at minimum. What what -- what what do you think a reasonable number this time out is going to be. Well I'm just looking at what we don't we doubled our number. Just got to Wyoming county Iowa had one vote last time I got to. -- It wasn't like that throughout the whole state. Holy Christ look now I read here we come so I just don't know what's gonna happen with directors stated I don't won't. Well okay what are the advantages is having the positive IC and typically just -- a negative negative negative the positive I see is hey it keeps the issue forefront beat it allows activists. To. Mingle with other activists and trade FaceBook sites trade domains you know basically to form that interconnectivity. Which is so important in grass roots organization. You know that's a very good point you just made I've made people up front of people I never knew before look at irrationally. And I broke all of have been assured -- I've been the governor. I've been Elmira. A big effect for the very first foreign. -- that land and -- I've met a lot of people I would have never met. And we we keep in touch that I like. What John please please note that while I doubt I mean I've. I doubt anything is gonna change based on the rally in terms of a concrete change. That I will be there with you in spirit because I believe that NYC is unconstitutional. I believe it is onerous and I believe it is just another step. This state in this country have taken down the road to government control and the erosion of our guaranteed constitutional rights for which generations of Americans have given their blood or treasure and their lives. We've got a broad. I can cost you big convert it to you had to work. Now Steve asked how she grows up -- You talked to a lot more and I do. Let him face to face quite often. John if you have any idea how much Steve also that not and I breakage of his balls on the -- are -- -- right here yeah all right thank you thank you very much -- -- -- -- in a safe travels to Albany. All right let's find out about traffic because the -- has been a giant question mark for awhile here's Alan Harris. All right AccuWeather for today clear to partly cloudy and we're going to be going for overnight low this evening -- 33 degrees tomorrow mostly cloudy warmer a shower in spots in the afternoon. They claim it will be almost sixty degrees. That's what the allegation it's Wednesday partly sunny and cooler the high 48 right now 46 at the news radio 930 WB and I'll try to hook up with the Albany area weather forecast that wanna get a moment. I'm the WB EN. What do you think. Is gonna be accomplished by tomorrow's rally IC two things a can be accomplished number one you will be keeping the issue in the public mind that's one. Number two you get a chance to meet other like minded people at the rally. It's not gonna change the law a -- person after person after person tell me the only way we're gonna get rid of -- safe. Is a court decision which calls it. Unconstitutional. And the problem and it's. Okay that there is severed ability. With NY sake meaning almost every single sentence is gonna have to be found unconstitutional. Cuomo's not a -- He may be a dish -- but he's not a done. There's my one for the day here's frank on WB EMI frank. On the -- his drive me -- and seeks. To food let's divide them. They don't know what they're two and one thing accomplished really substantial -- with all those people together. Remind them of the constitutional rights to trust our government. When the referendum for grievance. Really don't know that I -- the last line of one of those amendments I remember remember well. -- -- what you're talking about is the right of the people to peaceably assemble. That what is going to be happening. Well that's not -- -- -- have them but isn't there the last sentence of one of those first you know those amendments. That they got the people we the people have the right. To petition our government. Two referendum further rate agreement. OK don't confuse petition with referendum that's -- and that's -- confused yes the text of the First Amendment does say. The right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress. Of grievances. If we have almost people in one spot and we have all the -- signatures. To go on that petition for redress of grievance. And it goes into a New York State for a referendum. On the ballot. Don't you think that we can reverse this thing and they know start from. Well just because you know but keep it till after the news because just remember just because you have a petition and you have the right to petition all that means is the government cracked can't crack down on you for partitioning. There is no guarantee they're gonna read the petition but you have the right to petition well hold on I'll be happy to talk to after the news break the smartest audience to the holy crap. You guys are just keep me at the top my game gonna ever gonna bail out. -- -- -- Of fact I'm pretty sure that everybody is scattered song starts in the same court position the Bard and I'm real sure about that it is taught myself. I won over the weekend yet. Give them regressing to my teenagers. Is that what you do before us -- 535 and is ready at 930 WB EN it it is hourly with you on the radio. And that tomorrow and shoot -- Tuesday. Another major rally in Albany against and why it safe which I happen to be one 1000000%. Against. And my question to you is what is going to be accomplished by this rally. I can think of two positives today it keeps the issue in the discussion. Be it allows people to go order. To interface. With other people of like minds to form networks. That's a good bit threatened. Now in terms is it going to change the law absolutely. Not. I think we've been over this ground before as much as I hate to admit it we can ever rally today with a million people in Albany. And it's harder to change Albany that was pretty egyptians to get Hosni Mubarak got office okay. And what we need is an Albany spring in many Richard that would work given this state. So court ultimately is where this thing is going to be decided. In the sad news for real news. OK I did it again. I live in Florida a year and I say you all like I'm still there -- that's just not right that's not normal. But the sad thing is because of the sever ability. Our clauses of -- I say virtually every sentence where every component of the law is gonna have to be individually litigated and struck out. But again it was a message of necessity. Our message out Saturday. And out by the way. Stupid thing that happens to be true. People with pistol permit people with firearms licenses. Lawful citizens. Very very very very rarely. Kill or one illegally. It happens but it is soul in frequent. Oddly enough all the laws in the world. -- stop a criminal from being a criminal. Let's go to frank. On cell -- on that WB -- Africa believe we left off talking about your right to. Petition the government for redress of grievances which is guaranteed to all of us by the First Amendment. Now frank all that means is you can petition the government and the government can't go after you for petitioning but there's no guarantees the government is going to put is gonna read to protect a petition. And may I also point out. That in the Obama years what we found is that political ideology trumps everything. And if you try to start a Tea Party like organization. And you want tax free status granted by the IRS you will be singled out by people loyal to the dictator in chief. Well that sure Tom but a logic to back to the core of it we have people. Make this government. You know every time we talked about the government to government is who we elected to represent just and it will be petition and it wouldn't people -- We want our church so that grievance it's just flashes back to the memory of when Britain. Taxation without representation. We the people back then. Should we want. Our grievances addressed and corrected and when they ignored it people. That very people the masses. When they ignored them what happened Tom. You know what if if they if we play by the rules. And we used you know particularly useful are so I think there's still one that hasn't been you know running on isn't there. -- -- -- -- several in the pipeline actually may be able to talk we Jim trust and a in just a little bit for an update on that. They can't welders and there's still lawsuits out there and we put that somehow so petition to a -- -- store referendum. -- Why has our government. Our government that we elect and a -- continue to let run our government ignoring. The masses of people and if that's happened. You know whether it's a problem that your neighbor's backyard and issue in your neighbor's backyard. What are the people and start waking up that by the time he gets in their backyard. If they don't address inside with their neighbors and get together all these different groups get together on one mission. Appeared so the constitution. And listened to the people that run the government. I can't believe that people can't get something done all of one mission with that -- and mom their moral. Out well here is again here's the problem. We the people are not uniform. In our opposition to NY safe in fact. And yet here's where I'm gonna catch hell from people again. I'm sick arguing about polls and methodology and methods we the people in New York State support analyze it. I know that's a bitter pill -- I want you hold on because they need to check traffic right now with Thad Allen Harris. And clear to partly cloudy tonight 33 tomorrow allegedly 59 degrees. And then Wednesday allegedly 48. And I used the word allegedly because I -- I'm not real proud of the language I used on Saturday when I walked out of the house that I saw what was coming down. Especially when it looked up at the sky and I was cursing the clouds. It wasn't a pretty picture but one that I'm sure some local walkers who would love to death at the -- maybe the next time I talk to the clouds of video that incentive for the local liberal blogs they have some good material on me. -- come on if you get a sense of humor about yourself what can you have a sent to -- -- about come on. Let's not get back to a prank on a cell phone frank here's the problem. And again you can choose to do -- believe the polls I don't year. I think that if you did a poll. About NY state if you personally hired a pollster. To ask about and why say it. And they had a random sample of registered likely voters in New York State. That the majority. Of citizens in that poll. Would say they support it why because we are the home of the dumbest voters. In the entire country. You know time there's not a lot I argue which you about. But when it comes to church just six and and and polls and all that statistics or one problem being. That for every statistic you come up with. Somebody come up more than equal and opposite it's solid value afraid of yeah -- -- Where you ask him who we ask -- when you -- you know I know that. And I I know I I -- statistics I -- social research methods I -- I gotta tell it's up and hole after pole -- just look at -- look at the other polls meet the common variable in all of those polls is. When asked about NY safe most New Yorkers support it. The problem is there are more people downstate that there are upstate what I find especially disturbing is the fact that even upstate the best we could do was what if the 352%. Against and why say -- and one of the problems were up against frank is that of nomenclature. People here safe. They don't hear New York unconstitutional. They don't hear big government screws this doesn't they hear that word safe. And again -- a propagandist. Well when it comes to relating to the majority of New York City. When you talk about the constitutional rights and he erosion of our rights and liberties and things. Again if it goes into their backyard. Finger at night and we don't have the right to free speech to get suspended for that. You know what what was your grandfather. With his rifle on its future. I think people have to start realize and what in the -- no matter of the specifics. And the details the constitution covers. Well and we use the constitution. Against the people that are that are thwarting it better -- better. I'm sorry. Completely anti constitutional. It will use the during the airplane and maybe it's the only way we can I love to hear some other people didn't. The -- here here's what -- just offered you two are two problems number one. In Washington we have -- chief executive. Who publicly told congress in the state of the union that whenever and wherever possible he was going to basically make our system of checks and balances and three co equal branches of government. Null and void and nobody except the very few talk show host and yours truly said well let. He can't do that. -- Build -- constitution. He's got no right to do that nobody paid attention. They're more interested in the voiced their -- interest -- an American Idol than they are in the fact that the president of the United States basically said constitution. What's -- constitution and the law is whatever Obama decides the law gets. We live on constitutional. Dictatorship at this point. Well Hitler would be proud. Bob you need to fight back. As much as that analogy is overused. Both that statement made by Obama. And NY safe reek of the reichstag fire to -- mentality which propelled a so called civilized country. Although I've seen their videos and I really wonder -- Germany. Into the dark ages look I'm glad you called. I've sir frank go ahead I lost either. Worked so well I I try I I do what I can and I'm glad you called for it. 803 don't like thirty is the opponent by the way right about now. I suggest that we've got people who were already. At the high school parking lot of Grand Island. Getting ready for the protest about which we talked with -- Thompson at the beginning of the show. And again I just want to out. Of one offered kudos and -- -- Rus Thompson and the fact of the matter is we have a network of about six of us. And we exchanged text messages more frequently than you have any idea. OK we keep each other up to date and stuff that is happen. Rus Thompson again folks. I talked about this before. We need to. Be aware. Of what is going up not only in New York State but in our backyard. And I have to tell the if I didn't have Rus Thompson given me the information on Shane can. The grand island school kid that story never would have gone anywhere it would have died. But -- brought it to my attention while I was on the year. Ross did the leg work on the story I was simply the mouth of the story. Which eventually went national actually eventually went national in very short order. And if you already in the parking lot at Grand Island high school. The meeting starts at 7 o'clock -- know people were supposed to start showing up by 615 to 630 but that -- China. And there are a lot of people who. Had a decision about it which was it to like the Grand Island combined tolerance school board meeting on Monday night to bitch about the fact that they got down. I'm Jane Kenny over his NRT shirt. Like go to Albany on Tuesday may be some of -- or doing both. I don't know that's up to you. I will not be going to the rally tomorrow because I will tell you exactly why. The rally will be over by the time I am on the year my first responsibility. Is to my employer -- take a lot of time off. And I don't wanna take any more time off unless it's vacation time all right I don't believe I mean. They wouldn't give me a problem but it's my own work ethic okay. They wouldn't give me a problem because I would have been working I'm sure I would have been calling -- reports for sandy and calling -- reports during rush but you know what. I need to be here and need to be and I need to be in studio talking about it tomorrow with people coming home Turkish. Just think that's the way to operate. You know three don't like thirty is the phone number start at thirty on the cellphone and 180616. WBE. And AccuWeather clear to partly cloudy tonight the overnight low 33 tomorrow it'll be cloudy and up to sixty. Ride. And Wednesday partly sunny and cooler the -- closed at fifty. We still -- 46 degrees at news radio 930 WB and actually my gosh we actually went up. Now it's 48 are at 48 degrees. Where were you on Saturday you weren't anywhere on Saturday you know were you were on Saturday you -- somewhere else because Saturday about 4:5 o'clock we started getting that. We started getting bombarded with those little -- pallets. And then we woke up Sunday morning and there were like three to five inches of wet heavy she. -- The one good thing about it. The neighborhood Cubans made their final snowman I think and I hope of the winter of 2013 2014. And I took a picture of it. And I put it up on my FaceBook page. That is a sad looking snowman because I caught it in the late afternoon. And I did get clearance by the way from. I got clearance from. The people. Whose snow and it is to put the pictures as. Well -- would interfere with their privacy 8553. At news radio 930 WBE and it is hourly with you. And if you are just joining us. It can take this or I'm willing to us which topics after six is really up to you but what I wanna -- is. The NY safe -- Is taking place tomorrow and it's going to be. The third big NY state rally in Albany. We have one to 2813. Which was attended by no fewer than 101000 people and by the way it. I don't have said this before but it bears repeating the original report and this -- show is the un ethical. And propagandist the nature of the local daily newspaper. Because originally. Its reporters said. A round at 101000 people. Right around 101000 people by the very next day they had have -- that number to about 5000 people. I was that are it was more like 101000 people. 101000 people may be more I don't know I know about 2000 people were stuck in the state capital building. Trying to get through security. To talk with their representatives. Aunt and by the way and you start talking about the constitution and again. The local daily is also unethical because it picks and chooses those constitutional freedoms it endorses. It totally supports Cuomo's Second Amendment bashing and why -- It's supported Obama out -- while -- on all the newspaper realized. That the Obama administration. Was actually monitoring newspaper reporters and then suddenly. Because it was. There ox being gored the unethical Bailey said well Eric Holder should resign. So when I say unethical I mean. I think it's a fraudulent daily newspaper. It's a propaganda arm of the democratic party. For the most part unless of course there ox is being court. And I give it zero credibility. In most cases the why do appreciate some of the opinion columns marked as such it is up by 55 news radio 930 WB.

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