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3-31 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Mar 31, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 -- the dvd -- Doubles down on the view with great benefit -- If you got the whole movie. Moderately anxious and my brother. Think he's doing a good week. And that we had the decency to Cleveland and the same thing. We've reached an anonymous managed. Tom -- and well. News radio 9:30 am completely cool -- who -- cool whip Cooper Gary. WB EF. Don't get along when you -- -- style nobody notices. It. Is our area at news radio 930 WB and made my. Afternoon plenty of things to -- -- and do -- up arm of the ball up ladies and gentlemen. This guy you're saying right now that we'll. Okay that's most of the world gets to see on a regular basis okay look at those guys that color okay that's what they call Scott it. Blue. Are right. Now just I want -- a look at that I want you to memorize collar because that is what the rest of the world sees a lot more than we see it. So that is sky blue. And this guy I blew out is brought to you by the -- -- early show on WB Ian had the -- serious strings to whip that out for your. This afternoon but one not you you guys are worth it. Now we have a lot of things that we're gonna get into today on WB yen and none of them more important than getting into -- Thompson. Who has a big gap protest that he is leading tonight in and on Grand Island and Ross I wanted to get you off because then you're going to be busy later on I wanted to get off the show I wanted to get you on as opposed to getting you'll there's quite a difference there. Our Ross thanks very much for being with this and that tell us exactly what you're doing tonight we're doing it why you're doing it and who calls invited. Well it all started because a machine unique getting suspended from Grand Island high school. Four -- wearing a Second Amendment surety and how -- NRA logo on it. And have instantly people got frustrated and aggravated one of the protests. And of course that went national and I mean we get national what national lose now as we're gonna protest. He caught up combined the town board school board meeting to -- I it is going to be at the Grand Island high school -- at 11100 ransom road it's only about I nodded and apple now back on the right inside he can't admit that. Starting -- people ride between 615 at 630. Will light up in front of the front entrance. And at 7 o'clock the meeting sparks. They started. We haven't they were gonna have this meeting and a walk on in a walk -- in throw in the cafeteria. And then a meeting room and then the alcohol. If you concede they're expecting a bigger and bigger and bigger crowd and now they plan on being in the auditorium. Which will hold about five or 600 people. Stop aren't they spoke only about a hundred people has said coming but I got messages from from people as far away as a lot Chester. That are driving down Iran they wait out another employee other people that. So each we just really publisher can't bring you flags don't tread on me Second Amendment -- well. And yes Stan grant -- cowboy cowboy in scoreboard a message. Let you know where -- -- -- that and that's Second Amendment right if we do not appreciate. That this kid getting suspended wearing it and -- future. Now -- sometimes these meetings as you well know can be protracted and you can wait and wait and wait for your particular item agenda to come up and it just seems like they're trying to wait -- -- until you get exhausted. Any idea when this size -- Kenny. Subject is gonna come up and what exactly is supposed to happen with a -- I have no idea no idea that being very close ball very close lipped about that. But at the same time I'm getting some stopped behind the scenes. Prompt some good sources. That basically the. From what I understand the high school principal. It for a Second Amendment and it boils down to this whole thing went against one person one person. Basically. The unilaterally to suspend. I don't how one person and but it all boils down to and I believe that crucial was the vice principal -- wrong maybe they'll tell me tonight. But from what I understand. They're they're. They're -- this and a behind us got our eye but at the same time we want an apology. We I would want to have some kind of. Action done toward you know machines. You need to have a little pocket pulled back again the next day. He was singled out insurgents take a local pocket all the big and out of his pocket we could only a screwdriver and they edit their wires. Little teeny thing which I carrier on -- make each game. Don't need more than eight implement stick killer bear already comedy -- -- It would bottle well -- So I go to my Andrew Cuomo every time I hear something stupid. I've just an automatic Arab lobby in response aren't so you want shape to get an apology from the Grand Island high school you wanted to get this tool Barack. And what else. -- You know I'd like if he does go to court. I would like to see it go to court. To me you don't just by listening to basically tribesmen. It would he will -- -- that was what you correct. 5 AM I believe. I had Paul Camry on. Although the campers. But -- you have so many of these guys on that it just unbelievable that it's not limit -- it was an import -- I think -- you Obama Grand Island thing. It's just that it's in law that they could he could win that and now. -- you know what I. You you might be right frankly appalled Jim and Max I mean girl like in my cellphone and let's face it -- I need hot and cold running lawyers on any given day I never know what's gonna happen. Oh my god and everything that's going aren't. You've got some of the a three sources that there are a lot listening to Jim backs. Yet all when they call and I mean bared their knowledge on this issue with the First Amendment -- Second Amendment is just incredible really is felt. I would like -- he would go to court whether it's going to or not I don't know yet. But something some kind of action need to be done by -- -- -- -- school board tonight and I think that the board is going to be with us. OK so you're encouraging people Wear their Second Amendment and -- -- gear are you expecting in anyway shape or form the turnout for you. To be mitigated somewhat by the fact that tomorrow there's going to be another rally in Albany against analyze it. Yeah because some people have let it go to Albany already. I'm I know that. Still likes the ball they added it probably already in -- they got a lot of sped up the bill is a lot of people let it driving down the -- Ford spent the night which in what I usually do when I go what are now. And so you got that a lot of people what they have figured out -- 4 o'clock in the morning. To -- a -- that I have an -- half hour drive Albany and then turn around drive back and expect sort of that they have a lot of people he would make it in this. But I didn't pick the meeting -- I didn't pick the date of the protests. It's something that was the very next one happened so that's why did he came in in that court apparently had Ottawa's Mike. I'm no I'm not gonna be able to go to Albany. Because of this and what are you have to you know with more right now our backyard is more important. Even ban even all but he is very important to back yard is more important to get those of you believe -- hit it right here. Are talking -- breast Thompson from -- New York news radio 930 WBM speaking. The rally in Albany -- I have to ask your question that there is going to be one of the questions I asked my audience later on and that is there's what are you expecting as a result from this rally. Ago problem because I have to tell you I'm not expecting anything the only way to New York safe is gonna be shot down upon not intended use in the courts and at this point given the judicial system a -- it's gonna happen that way -- a little bit offended frankly that the organizers are allowing Donald Trump to speak. Because there's a guy who had an opportunity to lead to New York State to greatness include their murder and frankly I don't give a rat's -- what Donald Trump has to say at this point I think you ought to be dis invited he's of no use he's no good to me he's no good to New York State he doesn't want to lead he doesn't wanna get Cuomo -- office screwed up my hope they -- the -- autumn tomorrow. Well I'd you know -- get done -- just say 1 thing and I am very. Depressed about what happened with 12 I really am and even like I told -- like -- Karl right after. I think -- it right at that we went out and I and I told us what the heck is going on us senate elect somebody just punch me in the stop. He would get on the ball. Well that's why I -- if I would dis invite Donald Trump and I hope everybody boos the hell out of him because he let us down he was the only chance the -- like normal people had in this state. And he decided not to do it. And and I all I know people came to him came to him came to him. But let's face it trump did nothing but string us along string us along string us along so anything he has to say about politics at this point I really don't give -- -- I'm not gonna disagree -- but as far as the results of an event but tomorrow. It's basically all the going to be able would do which is continued to spread the message where against that but of course. They're gonna be -- it going to be if they do they have a vote on the budget that's wonderful but -- 140 billion dollar budget. So they went through big games and now I gotta get a mirrored what end and played against -- and. Finality against you wanna. And then now they admitted noticed that were outside god only knows they should you know sometimes the only the only date we can have protests in Albany. Is doing that we -- that the only candidate Barry nobody pays attention but. Is it it's almost didn't appoint an -- paid attention to us now. You know and that would the without all the came out. And it just basically emboldened everybody now that voted for the state backed up that okay good the people where this thing. As frustrating as it's ever building isn't it I think the only thing that we can do is is. You don't go to this you know everybody that's gonna go please call it an abortion despite the boy it sure they need a good knock on your -- that is -- well. You know any that's how we keep the toll could do that we that we support. But of course my god it's taken so long and that sort spent. I think scope would they ever got a great -- continue to pay for the. That lawsuit they got called on -- court we haven't heard about the eight but I think everything is being held in court where -- ball like they try to by the judge. That -- look at the politicians so they could you know make a decision based on patents that are based on the constitution right there will make -- wonder. Well as one of the things that we're gonna try to updated this week and next week ago hopefully will be able to get them next century has been a -- president and investigate all stock in studio the set to shake out where we are with NY said. Now another issue -- at -- -- Rus Thompson from -- new York and frankly. Russ is a guy who feeds me a lot of information sometimes I'm able to look at myself other times -- actually does the leg work and then that I get all the FaceBook -- go figure. -- -- last Thompson is with that the New York we share stuff back and forth are quite often -- I I don't remember if it was you or for which Steve. Over the weekend -- sent me a note saying that Gary bridges the latest guy in the town of Hamburg to receive a notice of violation. About a sign being attached to his fence has ten days to take that sign down. Now I want it and out. Bet I did have the opportunity. To speak with Mark Kirk Allen who is. He he's the man -- on top of the well what we call the zoning department in the town of him town of -- And today he says that if Jerry bridges does not take down the sign within ten days. That he is going to have to again like the other guy is a worker where it's not end up going to court. And the case will probably be assigned to another jurisdiction. Right right I think you may have -- -- Big I Gary. Go to my FaceBook page -- -- Wasilla economic FaceBook page with a lot of comments on it. I saw the lighter -- that's what looks quite a bit more demanding than the first one ballots out what what he's gonna do I don't know. I'm not gonna let that some of the suggestions advent is -- they could stick it back on the ground again but then continued suspect. You know from what I understood yeah I want all this week they're just like Scott won the all its role. I've buried period of any more these things got out because. Maybe they say well maybe they want it all depends on how much how much noise we're going to be able making it -- of -- and -- politicians really appreciate what we do. And when I say we have thought maybe you. And everybody else especially the people at Hamburg that either way it touched off a -- what school at all. What what are the questions I asked one of the questions -- asked Kurt was was how many other violations have been issued for this same offense and he said -- handful. And I asked the likes of -- what's a handful 125. And he said probably around three including the previous guy. As a roker Scots are roker. So two out of three violations that we know of that have been issued have been issued against people with these signs. To a two out of 38 you know and and what do they say we received a phone call well. Did you really receive all Pollard you do drive science -- feel like writing a letter. He was it was adamant. I will play was adamant that this is not a politically driven witch hunt against repeal and why -- signs in Hamburg was adamant about that. I can be adamant that all is adamant that day that you want to be. But you know when you when you look at a point blank what's going on what trying to -- focused on. I would I would love to see all the people drive around Hamburg and post pictures of all the signs that are actually. Well it's interesting you mention that because he did find an interest thing what I brought up the idea that the town dog park has signs attached to its -- it was kind of out. And that was if I had to summarize the answer stuff to write that on the FaceBook page it was -- -- interest. Yeah well I'd let this piece of -- that you -- you don't use it well -- put a device that it oriented nation at large or would -- I was supposed to be a -- a -- and all bad come down and start with the leadership you -- set the example. It give -- somebody that saw that you better not be doing the exact same thing. So I think that's one thing that we could use you know -- avid. In no pun intended here in mediation and in our pockets. You know you go against towns like yes. -- -- You get to the point we have like. Okay do I have your permission to get out of bed and I walk outside my house and get in my car now that we drive down the street go to work. -- you know the dished out as an -- -- you would ask if we get it first. -- how far there's been a -- and it's really ridiculous. Well I just I wanted to let you know and also gave Kirk Allen who is the the the top guy with town of Hamburg ordinance. Back code enforcement I gave in my personal cell phone number so. If anything is said it is egregiously mistaken or wrong I want him to at least now that I will listen because I know what it's like -- said about you that are not true and to feel actually powerless to do anything about it so. I believe in giving people a square deal on that front except all for liberals screw them. I -- and this is part of my personality flaw. Are -- -- people will start showing up by a Grand Island high school about 615 tonight. For the protest and I know that we're gonna have a reporter there and I know that -- will be talking to you were at least WB and we'll be talking to you at some point tomorrow about the outcome whatever happens which in Kenny in this latest case. -- -- I gonna go crawl back into what he committee Max mixers. Don actually doing the finishing touches I gotta hope all of unsure of what guy in Lancaster tomorrow. Oh yeah I tried that once they get arrested. In our head of -- I've been editors wouldn't be Google all right thank you very much -- us I'm glad you joined us. All right Rus Thompson from -- New York on WB -- coming up all right if you notice from a town saying he had ten days the takedown -- What would you do. I know that's confusing question and I'll explain more after the break when I have time. On WB yen. This is an early demo tape by the way that I used to -- Stephen Stills with a California blues man. Two years before CSN recorded it for daylight again those anywhere music fiction aficionados. All right anyway 8334 news ready at 930 WB yet so I question for him cash they've got quite a few questions now. When I talked to lead the guy from the town of Hamburg I made reference to the fact that had spoken with attorneys. Who have told me that the town of Hamburg is going to lose. That it does not have a legal leg to stand on when going after people like does -- Roca. I'm sorry if I'm -- in the guy's name wrong I I need to see the guy's name fanatically. I understood assays are -- until I hear otherwise and then the latest guy whose name I -- lot mangle Gary bridges. But back in 1994. Ladies and gentlemen and put a lake up to that somewhat based. A page this basically folks were reinventing the wheels if this thing goes to court and I'll tell -- -- I'm not an attorney but the United States Supreme Court in 1994 in a case would do the Julie -- -- LB -- do. Found that these kinds of ordinances. Well let's let's just read from the be unanimous decision. Would do that's the city of -- do Missouri. I used to live not far from there. Led to has almost completely foreclosed. A venerable means of communication. That is both unique. And important. It is totally for clothes that medium to political religious or personal messages science -- react to a local happening. -- express a view on a controversial issue. Both reflect and that -- change in the life of a community. Often placed on logs were in windows residential signs play an important part in political campaigns. During which they are displayed to signal the residents support for particular. Candidates parties or causes. And I don't have time to go through the entire United States Supreme Court decision. But it seems to me that the way I read it and again I'm a layman I agree and I can comprehend. It seems to me that if this goes to court the town of Hamburg is is is gonna lose. And I don't think it's gonna go over well for the town of Hamburg if if only a handful of citations if let's say three that was a number it was an approximate number I was given. Haven't issued force signs have been attached to offenses and two of the three have been repeal NY safe. Well one might make the argument that the enforcement of a particular statute work code. Is well arbitrary especially given the fact that the town's own ballpark there are signs attached to expenses. Seems to me the Supreme Court has already ruled lenders and that we -- we're at a unanimous decision and by the way. Just say you know the woman who put up the sign Julio. Who is going against the do Missouri her side was against the Persian gulf war. So she won't. In 1994. She won her case. It was unanimous. By the Supreme Court now unless I'm missing something here. That would be the decision to which any attorney is gonna turn when presenting their cases of a masters rupiah. And mr. bridges. So it's almost like we're going over old ground here. Now. Does this side represented a safety issue now. And represent a safety issue. Does it represent. Some kind of blight I guess lights in the eye of the beholder. I got a tire. Well let me ask you I have to ask you are you're somebody who put political signs. Are you offended. By political science. Are -- somebody who thinks the signs only ought to be on lawns during political citizens. And by the way I don't exactly know what a political season starts anymore because. Given the 24/7 world in which we live 365. And delete your 366 days in a year. It's always politics it's all politics everything is politics or. Click here at the big news story tonight it's politics Ukraine Obama. And -- it's politics. New York safe it's politics. Your child. Texas politics everything in the final analysis boils down to politics it's a 24/7. Political cycle whether or not you want to admit there is no political season anymore what's the first thing you do when your elected to congress the senate where African town board. You start your real action. Campaign to start putting people in place the fund raise and get your next mailings ready and a make sure you take full advantage of all the congressional franking privileges you can -- -- jumped bail out. By the -- to people who just put it in the recycle -- to garbage anyway without reading it but at least they saw your name in print in their mailbox so by golly you must be somebody important. So anyway it's got a curious where you are on that if you were given a a note. If you were sent a letter by the town of Hamburg or wherever -- capital of saying hey you gotta get your sign down off the threats. Within ten days or you're gonna have to come to court. What would you do. I am curious. I don't know why I am speaking in a clipped voice but I'm I'm curious would you take it down. Because. The way now even if let's say -- bridges as his -- easier to pronounce let's think Jerry bridges takes his sign off the fence posts Europe and puts it somewhere else. Then does it cease to become an issue. And it depends ceases to become an issue his message still gets out it's just any changes the venue. And presumably it would make it in compliance with the the town -- Leaving it up. Well he couldn't leave it up but like anything else you gotta pay the piper. He's gonna have to explain in court while. Now if you want to take this all the way and I suppose that if courts uphold the decision of would do be Julio. You'll probably get his mortars t.'s back maybe punitive damages who else. But I guess it all depends on how far you want to take something and how far you want to what you wanna push something. And that what it is worth to you no matter what the issue whether you the issue is the Second Amendment your local school board. Or whether it is you know don't build via a big hotel in my backyard and Williams -- whatever that's. 8030930. Is the opponent 8030930. Start I'm thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB -- and and I do remember talking with the pocket -- about the -- do -- Leo case. Back when the original. Guy as -- roker got his letter from the town. And it seems to me that our interview it was pretty clear that can't -- it felt that the -- all order the property owner was well within his rights and had a almost an ironclad case against the town of Hamburg. If he decided to push the issue. So I'm curious were you are on that. Now. I am told it again I'd. Spoke with that the big man in Hamburg in charge of our code enforcement -- And he tells me that this is not political. On the other hand if in fact three violations have been written. And 66%. Of those violations have been for people with the anti NYC -- signs. That's kind of a tough argument to make I'm not sure what the other violation. It was written for but I have to also say that the town of Hamburg on its own property has signs attached to -- according to the dog park people I know in the town of -- by the way I don't have a dog I don't live in Hamburg. But if you are a somebody who hangs out at the dog park in Hamburg you wanna tell me what signs are there. Because I don't know and I appreciate some input on bet it all three all -- thirty is the phone number 8030930. Star and I'm thirty on the cellphone. 180616. WB EN now do political science offend you. I have to tell. That I don't put any political signs in my -- not repeal and why safe. Not vote -- Reno not vote trump nothing I don't put signs on my law. I just I just don't. The artist inmate. The artist and by -- -- in me. And it's clashes. The colors clash with my natural Stoudemire -- at work. It's that simple I don't like the way they look for me. If you wanna put a sign up about a third of their neighbors who put political signs up we're gonna wanna puts a Brazilian political signs every season. A -- them why would I agree to he's exercising his First Amendment right. Plus because we're politically different -- for -- not to vote so we help me out that way with some of the races because we are like night and he politically is like bigger well if you voting for acts I got to vote for why then. As Mike -- and it's -- fail safe way to calculate for whom to vote. -- three on 930 now there's something else for. This this question. -- -- -- but doesn't I'll ask you. Because I ask you one way it's gonna make you mad. If I ask you in another way it might not make you mad enough seat you sit there and listen without calling and calling me all sorts of expletives. I. Wanna do flip record -- OK here's the question. Do you think. Tomorrow's rally in Albany is a waste of time. Do you believe tomorrow's rally in Albany. Is a waste of time. -- the rally tomorrow and Albany for those who don't know thousands of sportsmen. Gun owners Second Amendment advocates liberty lovers are gonna converge on that show. That place were all of the excrement from all of New York State political machines ends up. It's like a giant one -- -- pipe -- it all goes Albany. That's were all the politicians in New York State are going to be tomorrow. That's were all of the people going to the anti NYC rally are going to be tomorrow which of course Tuesday Tuesday. Is it a waste of time what do you think it is going to accomplish. Now what are the issues well I -- issues what are the concerns I have is the February 28 rally. Last year. Was. So well attend. They were talking really folks and I was there I know at least 101000 people probably more like twelve when you consider all the people that were waiting in the state capital building. But it was a huge success in terms of numbers. It was the first major statewide rally. And it was incredibly. Well received by the public. Now. I don't know hole -- a rally where a series of rallies. Is going to get us the ultimate goal what is our ultimate goal. Right on the use of medical analogy here. It is a medical analogy using my favorite test subject me as an example. I I told you this I was diagnosed with a brain issue a couple weeks ago. Cerebral vascular light is for those who don't know. And they wanna be -- -- and your program. And I said him. Whether or not I put my body through an angiogram. At the end of the day the only available treatment is present as -- -- four. Since we're going to the same place anyway destination predator -- why pick a side -- why take a detour with the program. So. You see where this is -- Our goal here is. To repeal or have overthrown and why -- What will a rally or series of rallies do. If we don't have politicians with the will to do business. What is it going to do. Aunt and strictly target -- a little bit put out that the organizers are allowing Donald Trump to speak. Because as far as I'm concerned Donald Trump is a quitter. Donald Trump is a guy who had a chance to make a difference for all of us. Donald Trump was a guy who had a chance and opportunity to run for governor and despite what many of you say win the governorship. Now why are rob asked to read those poll numbers so -- what was the first thing that was mentioned name recognition what does Donald Trump pat. The name recognition he's already twenty points ahead -- three -- just would name recognition effect he's he's probably. Well with name recognition. And he'll let us now. I've believed. And will ever know will -- I've only Donald Trump would have been your next governor had he run as far as I'm concerned Donald Trump let me down. Donald Trump let you down and Donald Trump let the staked out. And I don't see what is accomplished by letting the guy talk. About. New York safe and its need to be overthrown when more than any single individual he could have been what did it. If only he would put some skin in the game. Frankly it pisses me off the Donald Trump -- beacon of Israel. I won't if I -- I would -- I would boo him because in my opinion he was the only person who could be Andrew Cuomo. -- said no he demur. And that makes me -- 348. I would dis invite Donald -- In case that that would be the message I've been trying to make it till three all 930 is the opponent. Start I'm thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB yet. They don't three on thirty start at 3180616. WB yen. And it's the considered opinion of a number of people I know that the only way NYC is ever going to be overturned is going to be in the courts. Because it sure is only going to be in that giant collect door of feces. And the appeal and feeble minded from across New York State noticed the state assembly in the states senate and the governor's office Albany, New York. Yeah tell if one of the rally and the Israelis in general as a waste of time actors I'd like to know what -- think what exactly is gonna be accomplished tomorrow. 8030930. It is up hourly for John -- You know year old furnace has taken a a real beating this winter. Is still. Probably knowing the way things go some frigid weather left but it's not too early to start thinking about John -- air conditioning and heating. Now here's what you can do right now called John -- Have them install a -- -- LP 98 foreigners right now it's 98% efficient. And will make your -- more comparable the furnace will even out the temperature in your home especially if you're one of those homes where it's really warm on the first floor than upstairs you get that TA -- yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it's not too soon to start thinking about air conditioning in fact we have our son in the building right now as we get hot equipment that makes things pretty toasty in -- sometimes. Let's find out about traffic and speaking out about. Speaking of that piece of toast that is just perfectly done and perfectly buttered and that perfect queue of rye toast here's Alan Harris. And AccuWeather for a today the the arrested today anyway clear to partly cloudy overnight low 33 degrees tomorrow it'll be cloudy and warmer a shower in spots late in the afternoon tomorrow's high close to 68. Wednesday 48. But I think it's a lot. It's a bloody lie told us that last week they screwed us. Acting like walking out on Saturday night AO which turned to five edge of snow. 48 degrees. Right now at WB yen. IA had some very unflattering things to say about AccuWeather on Saturday believe me. Let's get to have some calls here what -- rallied to explain to me what good the rally's gonna do. Because. I hate to break the news to well you know what I'm totally you guys talk. Here is I've gone on in port field on that WB EM Don not I don't even know -- port field is or do we import bill. It's like or court -- Are equals view is out now. All right it's the third rarely him going pills in mix. Very I want to abruptly on its -- girlfriend what was still. Don't opt in Albany is it gonna take -- utility XK. -- go forward together and what we're trying to do to try to get pure nickel. So I'd get a couple guys they get a couple of guys a couple of guys that -- hole in the pulpit monkey rattle off on an Albany actual deal that was. County got a list of people that put in the office. Food intake and outlaw it is what we are going to feel and -- art and are set off. What's been down here -- awful. Idea I hope what you gonna like hit bottom -- or not. About Kennedy to it is ego. I can't think I'm gonna go so maybe maybe he got me Kennedy will -- I don't know I I think it will all -- in order against him. Michael on how to make all the state for the change you know I didn't -- of course they get -- he hit yep here -- -- or support if they effect unaware of what. No I'm not gun owners. Registered voters likely to vote. The thought he said that Donald are not quite so upstate New York is 5050 but I again I don't believe that poll repeat such. -- I don't do you know what I am so sick of arguing polls with you people. Yeah I mean you can believe what you wanna believe I think -- is more accurate -- inaccurate but I'm so sick of arguing methodology. Cross tabs sampling of questions. I'm so sick of arguing. I'm just gonna wait until November and then I'll say see our soldiers. But at this point it's all about the bulk we got to keep them. The -- you've got to get everybody together it's all fall he got to bring them all kind of freaky all -- police station. Info -- out that we have to -- eat out a lot of lives of people in New York. All now you now feel our -- our sport in hoping we can throw it -- -- -- -- he and his buddies out there. This is all it did get a joke that basically it ain't it took himself did not speech. That you know healing healing miracle -- not -- -- -- -- -- owner bought or are buried here you're a millionaire or billionaire -- picture on the birdie and we're worth everything. -- -- Well it. Now at New York what. Are our secure at all it is not explain to me just so I don't lose. What is gonna be accomplished tomorrow tell. Again we're gonna go social it this is not go away okay we're not Peter out it's not. Political late -- we're not correct they're -- -- had thrown in jail to look like they're. And we're gonna show what official we're not acting out where that flight in flight in light index went along because I don't go. And we -- it ever confident that it might flop okay political articulate screening -- -- won't get a -- down there. And we do whatever we can -- vote -- -- caught it and it paid my it would. You know dedicated the -- article. -- -- good luck with that. I got a break for the news I'm glad you call appreciate your passion right out of the box 8030 and I thirty it's WB --

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