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3-31 Beach and Company Hour 3

Mar 31, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But I imagine Google play I'm an -- both Americans I have that would that damned square that shows up when a right Google's settlement. Little round circle in the middle and a rotating colorful global ball. I'm I'm changing and use Google as it drives me nuts. Anyway. We now have on our FaceBook page is sandy beach FaceBook page because I spent all night working on this tonight. -- dead. You and Chris are probably saying can I help you about a scenario on the panel while -- -- let -- handle it. A first college yesterday posted the pictures of the two -- it is the world at Poland Lucy I'm I'm -- of course. There were sunning themselves by curling up and taking a nap on a hard Sunday afternoon for them. On the couch and soul on that -- those pictures there up on the FaceBook page also they just posted. There was an article in the -- Springfield Massachusetts a newspaper about a hole I got hooked up with The Beatles when I was working in Springfield. And how I talked to George Harrison. My first interview while the other Beatles were in Central Park as Harrison was second you can go with them so I start having him at his hotel and and it's all about. The hook up with The Beatles and I think you'll find it interesting and that's posted now to it's under George Harrison as the gallery if you would find that. If you go on the sandy beach page you'll see. There's no picture tasked with that producer George Harrison PD after he just click on that look at the -- look at -- -- I think its interest thing I well Wendy asks me about this while back it brought back a lot of good memories are thought I share those with -- you check that out. A meanwhile we we have said goodbye. Certainly to Kobe Bryant and -- said good -- to piers Morgan. And and Adenauer moving on to something that could change. Sports. It's college sports as we know just totally totally change it. In initial ruling will not do that an initial ruling from an NLRB. National Labor Relations Board. Said that the northwestern. Football players because -- definition of employee. Is. Is fulfill they can form a union. A union of college players now so far it only affects northwestern. But it's very easy to see that this could indeed be a very slippery slope and college athletics as we know it could change dramatically. In fact the bottom line could be. If suddenly. The dominoes fall one after another -- -- take years why even take decades but. What are would be as a giant alternative. Football league think about like this you'd have the National Football League who have been challenged by many leagues before I mean date. Now they are combined with the AFL because it was in their own best interest and that's of the story of Ralph Wilson in the foolish club. But there are other colleagues that tried Donald Trump was -- tried there were several leagues have tried and failed. But this indeed would be a legitimate and separates and the -- because there would be college kids playing under the auspices and collars of their. Awe of their colleges. However they will be paid and it would be unionized. Think about that -- pretty dramatic let me go over this. And see where we go from here. Michael harm. From Associated Press I like that name TA RM and I'm thinking of Sandra -- married. Michael Thai armed should be Sandra tanned arm. -- hibernate. I could -- call. Could you say hello I'm Sandra tanned arm thank you very much you need help America and and is married some Barley. Well it's going to that. -- a he beat Tom -- charm or whatever. In right wingers is an Avery story that occurred revolutionized. College sports industry worth billions of dollars. And have dramatic repercussions at schools coast to coast. A federal agency and -- are very National Labor Relations Board. Said Northwestern University can create the nation's first union of college athletes. The decision by the regional director of the National Labor Relations Board answer the question at the heart of the debate over unionization. Our football players who receive full scholarships. To the Big Ten school considered employees under federal law therefore allowing them to unionized. See there's a certain standard. There are questions that say do you do this do you do this you do this humble mom and a defense and you're an employee and your subject to the labor laws. Pretty pro union activists cheered as they learned of the ruling well -- yeah -- Do you thank you talk about it you a resurgence in unionism. Unionism is dying around the country. But if this thing. Has a domino effect. Think of how many college athletes there are. And think of how many -- new union members there would be I don't know the total number of people because we think about obviously. -- football is what this is about but you also have baseball you have hockey yet. You you have basketball I mean you have a lot of people in college who were there on athletic scholarships it would suddenly be unionized employees. What I'd like to know is it is it gonna cover a -- classifications cows know the words with a. Right now it's just Northwestern's football team that's where it is now but you can expect. Lawyers and and pro union activists salivating. World trying get a wider ruling on this and they'll probably have to prepare different cases. It's like preparing so long for a big game in the and you win it's pure joy said UCLA linebacker. In employee is regarded by outlaws someone -- Among other things let's -- where employees. Okay Chris Tony and me we're here I'm gonna go over what an employee has to be through in Serbia employee. Someone among other things who receives compensation. How much a and is under the strict direct control of managers. Well yeah. Well we are -- I have to him -- the difference between me and you know our dividend could. Are what else in the case of the northwestern players coaches or the managers and scholarships of a form of compensation. The school announced plans to appeal obviously to Washington they're gonna do about. The record makes it clear that the employer scholarship players are identified and recruited in the first instance because of a football prowess and not because of their academic achievement and school. You say if they were admitted to -- college. Four of Iraq as their academic achievement like. Like most college students are and then they said us and for the football game and they raise their hand and they have trials and some people -- and be -- belt that would be different. The people who'll -- filed this note. And this suit is filed on behalf of those who are recruited to play football. And the academics is almost an afterthought. Here here's what you have to do little. And here's what will do will give you a full ride. For a scholarship but you have to play in order to get the full ride the academics are almost an afterthought factory after keep after him to go to class. But that's a difference if they if it were purely the way it did it should've been where. You just get the best students to play football instead of the best football players to pretend their students. But the problem with that then is the union would be an effective because. And not everybody and their football team receives is. Ship well first of all it's some of the things I can see as problematic right away. In order for you in to work there has to be a certain equality about it. You know on target about that the you have to treat union members evenly that's one of the unions. Achilles heels is that they have to. A stand up and they have the support the screw up as much as they do the star so -- wonder what if if I if you're U and member okay. Ed are and your alignment say -- be treated the same as the quarterback now you may have the same scholarship. As as the quarterback. But if it's a you're in situation to the work rules change. In other words. The bowl linemen don't get the same kind of attention or they have different rules than late in the wide receivers. And words this isn't an equal working situation because they have different roles to fulfill. That's the first thing I'm thinking about the heart of unionism is yeah Joseph over there is a schmo and he's a screw up. But he's a member of argument so we have to stand up form that would work and a and a football situation couldn't do that. No cause you have to deal you'd have to have the ability to caught. That that person if he wasn't -- -- -- -- must if you're working at the plant and they can figure it out a qualitatively. OK you're supposed to be doing fifteen modules and our. You're going ten modules an -- you're out but how are they gonna decide that India. In in a foot during a football team another words or yeah I got I got sacked several times what is because my my left tackle couldn't do his job. I mean think about it. There's a lot of things that when you transfer our team into a union situation. They're going to have work girls and they're not going to be the same as the work rules of the -- plan they're going to be different. Think about that okay if the quarterback doesn't achieve his goals because it doesn't have good protection from the line is that the quarterbacks well. Can the quarterback -- cut because he didn't complete the right -- a number of passes or get. A certain number of wins how much responsibility is that to this player as -- that where. What do the players gonna grab a hold up because they don't like the choice -- coach that the university hired I mean you think about it if you transfer. A a college football team with civilian work rules that aren't just football rules but they're union rules how is that going to work. I'd be thinking about the elephant -- will be back -- more and I've got some information regarding the money side of football. A new Israeli and I'm thirty we are W via. Well for the -- took these simplistic snapshot view of hey that's great those Northwestern's football team. Has gotten an OK from the national -- labor relations board to your eyes they will be a union force is going to be obviously. Our question at the the upper levels of the yeah. Of the justice system. But the question about it is this. It would change the whole environment of college sports let's just look at it as football now. But there's no reason to believe that in the future can be baseball and basketball hockey tennis whatever sport you have. If indeed you're at that school on an athletic scholarship. Now the simple thumbnail view is these kids are provide the product. In exchange for. These scholarships so they're getting an education and exchange for their work. However. These suddenly whatever sport there and say it's football -- field. The and the -- holds a football scene will become their work place. And there will be workplace rules. And the rules will be different that they have to be different than they would be in a conventional union shop at say a manufacturing plant. Because each of those players serves a different world. But oftentimes. They depend on each other in order to achieve their goals the example I use -- the quarterback. If the quarterback a dozen to a trauma he touched on this sacked all the time. Is that going to be the quarterback's fault because he wasn't Michael Vick. Or is going to be the left tackles fall because the left tackle can't keep the guy off of his quarterback whose fault is -- -- -- If suddenly. They're gonna cut the quarterback because of a lack of performance is it really all his fault. I mean there's a lot of questions there are questions about a practice how long can they be. There -- questions about injuries what if you're injured would be like it would be in a workplace situation. Same with disabilities things like that there's so many questions regarding this ruling. That I think it'll be awhile before this actually takes place but I can I can absolutely see it being slippery slope. And changing the whole face of college athletics. So just be paid -- colleges make a lot of money on these guys they get Obama in exchange for their services they give them scholarships. But they make a lot of money and so the kitchens -- Sharon some of that. And there should be of revenue sharing. Well I think you better think long and hard about that here's some information I have from Andrew Klein. This is an editorial. From the -- New Hampshire union leader looking at some of the things for instance. The average. Athletic scholarship at a public school is 151000 dollars a year. That's for an instate student what do. I can hardly wait to see what the illegal. Immigrant football players are gonna get on this one in New York they're probably be at a premium in -- But you must Wear helmets. OK so the average athletic scholarship at a public school is 151000 a year. For -- instate student 25000. For an out of state student according to the NCAA. So that is their salaries that's what they were beginning. 25000. For not a state 151000 for -- that -- in exchange for doing all the things necessary to make the team. Practice with the team play with -- -- and follow team rules and regulations the coaches would be your bosses so you got that so far. Current and former college athletes. Have lawyer up and gone after the NCAA. Will have an exploitative contract requires athletes assign an exchange for a competing in the college uniform of their choice. As a result the financial empire is beginning to fracture. The results could and should change college athletics for ever. So for those of you like it the way it is now it's not going to be that way now for a long period remain on it may take awhile for to change. But it will change. NLRB ruling as what it is Northwestern University football players are paid to perform a service. Playing football and therefore they are employees. Employees can unionize and that was the ruling pretty simple thought process. But as employees. There are certain -- rules that they would have to follow. And there are certain rules that the employer which would be the college and the coaches would have to fall of 20. In November a federal judge granted class action status to current and future athletes in the lawsuit brought about by former basketball star Ed O'Bannon. Working at a used car dealership. The Florida UCLA's 1995 national championship team suing to let athletes protector in the revenue. That is generated. From their playing. Let's say. And they also get besides. The things that you would expect -- though a lot that is that the players are forbidden to it involve themselves in for instance. Say a player wants to make some some money -- some spending money or whatever. And goes to work and radio sporting goods store -- on Saturday and Sunday. He can work at the sporting goods store on Saturday and Sunday and make the money that's okay by NC two roles but. They can't announce that he's going to be there another towards the end C a double when you get this. When you get -- scholarship they all your rights they -- your name -- on your presence that you can you be paid for it but as somebody without a name you'll be the man with no name working -- the sporting -- -- so if I -- I get a job at -- Is that we should have a name. Maybe enough for you may be for the coach but that's that that's to be settled later will be -- more and this to be a very slippery slope. Whether it's good idea of the unionized. College football players will be back after this. Your hearing the voice of Barcelona WBM. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start nine -- and -- toll free line is 1806169236. -- -- -- -- -- I mean this -- is simplistic look at this is wow the colleges make a lot of money with those football teams. Yeah they give scholarships but they've made billions of dollars so. Day athletes should be unionized. And they should have benefits and things like our regular workplace. Well. Maybe it and it's a good idea maybe not I'm just thinking because I haven't devious mind. The football field in the practice facility or whatever will be the work place. The same morals and applied to any workplace will after applied votes there are certain rules through employee employer relationships in the workplace and -- New York. Crazy. Now I'm I've got this would be delicious this would be so delicious because it would show the absurdity of some of the laws we have a New York State. Negative example right now. This only applies. To the construction industry. But I think tank if you get a hot shot guy who want to set up a union with a football team. Can you imagine if he tries to get integrated the football team. The scaffold law. Which means that day at a workplace now with a -- law in construction. Guy can come work and he's drunk. And he goes up that a second -- and he missed a stubborn follows the building -- the complete wire. Is responsible. A guy following -- building I mean he isn't in the employ of nightclub in the themselves it's automatic the employers guilty guilty guilty you imagine that comes up on the bus the name. Whose fault is that it's the fault of the employer who's the employer to school and what is the -- public school like that you bay. Their own by what the taxpayers. So can you imagine a scaffold like walk with football player. Where -- where the injuries are automatically blame of the employers. I'm aimed at all I can think of being bizarre my thoughts is Rick -- win the game is tied at the end of three periods. Our diamond. Over time and time and a half in the workplace. And about a like that. Teams would probably be playing for all. Time. OK now -- they aren't there. It -- our attention -- let's not let's kick a field goal instead -- -- -- the game will go to overtime as time and a half. Now I'm obviously having a little fun with this but it will be -- -- a workplace. And as a workplace there are certain rules and regulations. In a workplace and a union. Labor. Labor agreement with the union and the employer. Those those -- bonds would still hold that it doesn't matter the workplaces afford plant or the stadium it's the same thing so I find that amusing. Getting back to Andrew Klein's article in the USA today. The NC -- forbids its athletes from trading on their likenesses are names. They can teach at a sports camp but they can't use their likeness to advertise or promote the camp. They can work at a sporting goods store but cannot let the story advertise that they work there. They can start their own business but cannot sell their own image autograph photos for instance now I was. I accepted that the Johnny man's I was selling pictures is that illegal. I believe that it is Johnny for Bob yeah I think he's accused of selling pictures. And autographs. The Boston Marathon is coming up in April a runner could pay for all or most of a college degree with the 150000. Dollar. First trial first place prize. But the NCAA forbids track athletes from profiting from participating in road races. They can answer but not accepted dime if they win. So let's say you're a -- track program of some major college and you go to Boston Marathon congratulations. -- beat the guy from -- this year. He got a 150000 dollar prize what are you get as a little ribbon some. See there's a lot of -- a lot of things that aren't right now. These -- do not protect students from being exploited big guarantee that students are exploited by the NCAA. So I was aware that they. They can't accept things like cars and every once in awhile you guys are much more up on college sports and I am. But I know a bit anxious alumni. And well heeled alumni often bring. Student athletes through their alma mater is. Together and play for their school and oftentimes have been caught in the past by giving favors to the players which is absolutely riverboat. So much see -- send you back in the day when not Craig James and Eric Dickerson where the running backs the boosters. Were giving players -- brand new with the cars yeah cars 280 Z axes are our knees and yes yes -- -- headed dealership in these kids were all getting these. And not nice cars are made via 24. -- it crests. Does this thing. Al vote remnants of a comedy act waiting too low ratings show he -- I think I just don't know what they can really do our. Do the union idea all the stuff you brought up is extremely valid and you know one of players on strike for any particular reason and then the whole thing has messed up there's nobody can do and it affects the fans affects the university and as things stand right now. It is kind of ridiculous that they can you know even accept little money from a booster but everybody does because. You'll see big time universities. Every single year get brought up on sanctions for stuff like this -- it happens everybody knows that happens -- you don't always -- the people for doing it. But the union. Could be a bit slippery slope itself or kind of an weird cross. Out rally will be -- and see what his goals like for instance around here especially. You know when there's a strike around here what happens they get out the inflatable -- Now what happens -- doesn't strike out. At the football game what they have a big inflatable football. I'm really -- -- the team has gotten so there are the war rolls. -- -- of them that they use now. To have players prepare for the games to have them execute at the games. And the requirements that they show up in spring practice and times Lynn and not even in season. Everything would have to be negotiated and keep in mind would not be a master contract. Because. Notre Dame's football program is is different venue please. I mean that's just the way it is. Miami University is different than UCLA. They have different different areas they are bringing in different amounts of money to the program. And -- but the in thing is that is this is yeah the point is if you do the same job. In a union situation the only thing that changes the compensation. Is. Longevity. Okay the longer you -- a job the more money you make so you have a guy who is like a third year. Defensive tackle. And suddenly got a hot shot new defensive tackle was gonna rewrite everything but the third year guys and make more money evenly and the entry level. Mean that's -- that -- a workplace rules and football even though it is a team sport you're judged individually. As to how much you contribute to that team so are all the receivers gonna make the same money or all the quarterback's -- make the same money. Well you also have -- broken down to a kid can come in that's it -- go to the University of Michigan he's a five star recruit. Vs a one star recruit or five star recruit the end he is one of the top players in the nation but is he can get different treatment than the ones are the. And look at the problems we have now we're salary caps in the NFL. It could be the same thing in college if you really think about it because. The players who play the same position there's no way in hell we're gonna make the same model money that -- that's not the mindset. So maybe. You don't go to this school but your goal of that school because of the opening that they have for that position you're gonna make more money there than you would make via the school. Even though the tuition may be the same very athletic program may be different. But you still get you might make that this that he come to that conclusion regardless of the money in other words if I'm running back in the University of Pittsburgh. Has a shortage of running backs come back well I'm gonna pick. If you're prepared for school I got your professional tool that has the least senior plan is on. And so if you wanna make more money or get I get top dollar you've got to get into a program. That indeed they don't already have players that your position whoever experience or maybe seniors or something like that. Then throw in the fact at some schools have TV deals. And I. And conferences that have the wrong network all of this is going to be sweet. This is going to be -- the guys -- -- are gonna have stuff to talk about for the rest of their lives and their children's lives with this I can tell you. We'll be back with more -- -- teaching company. While Chris and -- should be cyber detectives. I told you earlier -- we have posted I had a print out -- which we've posted on via sandy beach you know the FaceBook page. Of how I got hooked up with The Beatles and it was written by a writer for his Springfield Massachusetts newspaper. While Chris and Tony decided to track it down and they went to the newspaper. And got that version of it which also has SoundBite. Keep in mind boys and girls that before there was sandy beach. Jack time. And Jack -- had a relationship with George Harrison. And so -- of The Beatles were red hot at the time and at the beginning of every hour you were here this. They took out of the people I know. And protect still the leader in the Springfield. How about that boys and girls. That's why. Sandy can drive sports cars -- every once why -- make the right call. And it is so cool tobacco -- the label had given me the number to get ahold of them they were in New York. Or rugby -- Sullivan show. And three of somewhere had gone to Central Park and George was left behind because George was not feeling well. And so when I called he actually picked up the phone and I'd talk to him directly later on when they were -- in Florida. I'm making help. -- also your forgot the number for that and that time who was I think yeah Rangel picked up the phone. Ford George and then when I was here at KB I talked to Johnson the only one I have an interview. Is is Paul that's yet. So this -- the kind of go through this and if you want that it's on not on our FaceBook page sandy beach I had. WB and object. Okay now we're talking about. Unionism for college athletes think about it like that's. And we're playing a game on Christmas Day. Christmas is a holiday. O'clock o'clock. Its all time and more when I don't play at all where. Where Christians that they are religious holiday and were off -- Let the mind wander. But take any kind of other workplace the Ford plant. Maybe your office whatever there -- office and in the factory rules. Labor. Rules some are our ability company initiated. As summer state initiated in summer federal initiated but there are rules in the workplace in this case the workplace would be the field. And V bosses would be the coaches. And the employees would be the players now obviously we've got a little that a -- about the some of the things but the very definition of unionism. Is the same pay for the same job. So if you got one super performer at quarterback. And won -- you know third stringer quarterback they gonna make the same money. And how much of the performance is relies on other people on the team. So that will there be any bonus structure in the air force superlative work. Because the work of somebody catching a pass is the same work as somebody else in and other work workplace environment. So -- when you think about that it's sounds pretty easy to say. The colleges should share the money they make with student athletes with the athletes. But wire and and there should be a stipend for sure but once you get into a full blown union situation. Man there's a lot of things that would have to be worked out let's go to work chuck and -- chuck you're on WB yeah. You know I let it not been at that jokes that -- joke that I've ever occur in my entire life. You know what it's terrible that this guy you never are promoting it. He should -- addict yeah. What do you know happening there let it happen I'm a product that person. And that logic OK. There and -- got there right now you're gonna -- tuition costs stop. The handler etiquette consultant in the college is okay. -- The baseball team slot union. Packard is why aren't yet crossed in the union you know you're gonna pull or that it won't bowl parade. Want to have a union you know it for a while there are certain like Iraq -- it. -- -- snowball and domino so bad debt is that it why certain people not to go to college. Okay and then on the other hand it's good I. Think they're gonna do it in wild. Thing is that -- I don't know laden declared today National Labor Relations Board is gonna have to look at other issues like this because right now it's only one school and once in northwestern football. But it is a very slippery slope I agree chuck thank you very much. Totally agree. Now keep in mind it depends on what kind of cut -- gonna have to sit and negotiate a contract and think about it like this. Saying you -- league it has 010 teams in there. All right there's ten teams they're gonna meg -- gonna have to negotiate -- contracts one for each school. Now who's to say they're going to be totally coordinated synchronized. One team might be done with their contract in June the other team might not be done -- till September I mean -- do you balance that out the they have to be timetables -- everything has to be agreed upon by a certain time because they they won't be able to do one master contract because of the disparity in the programs some -- more advanced some have better coaches blah blah blah blah -- Some bring in a lot more money than others some as Tony pointed out that some have TV contracts some don't. And so how do you coordinate the contracts. For each school in that one league if there's ten there's gonna have to be ten that are all done by a certain time so that the season can progress. I mean there's a lot of things transportation. All of that stuff will become negotiable. You've got to sit down at a table and work it out and I think about it like this if indeed they can't come to an agreement are strikes permissible. We don't know is -- a Taylor -- kind of bank. We don't know so what I'm saying is the idea. May have been a may have been a decent idea to share something with the people who make the product besides. This scholarship but one on nightmare this economy. Like I said then that headache is going to be passed out of high schools because now are you gonna have a high schools was you -- his coach because he'd engage beyond. An offer to off to a scholarship to LSU. What about this missiles when do you become a member of a union. Is it after. Listening after tryouts so in in -- -- -- named as a member of the squad and then what happens what if you got cut because they find out you're not as good as it is there a severance package or you get arrested on their stick up for you that the there's a lot lots of things to talk about. But believe me. Believe me you've just heard the beginning. And if you listen to us over the course of time. You'll hear the rest of us -- MR nine under threat if I'm thirty I'm George Harrison's friend and. The local. We never has to music these.

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