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3-31 Beach and Company Hour 2

Mar 31, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That's well I think don't belong on a military battlefield. The kinds of highly trained men and women fighting for democracy and freedom not in the hands of civilians. Well. If you appears we appreciate turn your comment although nobody ask your. The guy he's wrapped up here is those CNN's Joseph after three years of dismal failure. And being how how was your career and a downturn when you get bitch slapped by -- sleek. Am in Adler I Mena. How does that work our -- our guys don't get that at all and she did she said your lousy interviewer. And he said you can keep my interest and she's that you're supposed to as good questions blah blah blah blah blah. But he's done he's over I don't know if they'll ask Larry King back Larry king's doing a blog that's all he's doing he's not on the on the air anymore but. Will save but he he said. Politicians. Have been bullied -- cowardly silence by the gun lobby led by the National Rifle Association. So that's the deal he comes here to work in that decides he's gonna criticize us for wanting our -- constitutional. Rights especially Second Amendment. Very very nice of him to weigh in but I don't care what he thinks and -- -- most of you do either maybe have a message for piers Morgan. Like thank you for dropping by goodbye and we don't need anymore. Also ought to talk about a second or commentator. Who worked -- took some that's gonna do this I'll tell you that ESPN commentator Stephen Smith now Steven basement. I don't watch a lot of ESP and maybe you guys -- can tell me are you familiar with Stephen A Smith via tell me a -- he's a commentator. -- he's very good on ESP and very opinionated very outspoken. And -- that done. Our panel calculate that out -- thanks right president like -- Tuesday he's one of -- big NBA guys all right so. This a story. From the is -- website. Is that Stephen A Smith on Friday defended Kobe Bryant's recent remarks. On the tray of on Martin case and openly admitted his stance would upset a lot of black people. Bryant recently told a new Yorker I -- he has been out most of his seasons all he's only played a few games this year. -- Kobe Bryant told The New Yorker recently he wasn't entirely comfortable. -- the way several Miami Heat players -- what he's in support of tray of on Martin following the shooting. He said he doesn't react emotionally. Just because a certain case involves an African American instead he explained people should relax and wait for all the facts come out. Before rushing to judgment. Arsenio Hall. Pointed out during his interview -- of Stephen A Smith. A very comments and black Twitter quote unquote into a frenzy Bryant later said he felt marking was wrong and justice wasn't served. You can't turn around and assume. To think that people from other races are going to ever be fair to you if you are willing to exercise fairness yourself. Laid back listened to the effects and then accord justice words should be served. Smith said explaining Bryant's comments me personally I definitely think a Bryant was right on with a point like that. A lot of black people are going to be upset about that he said like I told you when I give a damn -- -- I'm like that and that's that's my kind of commentator. Referencing the infamous Tawana Brawley case. Arsenio Hall admitted he went hook line and sinker with -- opinion before all the facts came out noted that as you recall. The Reverend Al Sharpton jumped on Matt. Machine accused the -- assistant DA. I'll vote sexually molesting -- -- And it turned out it was totally fabricated totally made up. But Reverend Al Sharpton that's how he became a national name. And and never really as far as I'm concerned that a -- -- He did -- he did and he should go out there are chasing lights and cameras and microphones. You have to understand when you make a mistake of jumping on emotional conclusions and being factually incorrect you cash -- your cash a diminishes. Smith agreed to with -- -- -- as a result. Once you make that mistake once you've gone there. -- you don't get to come back from Matt and so I think the point is this. -- lots of people seem to find it a necessity. Too old support people that look like them. All right let's let's -- this out Joey I'm a white guy I'm Italian. But I -- -- -- No need to defend all like guys and I feel no need to defend all Italians I'd make a point by point person by person judgment. If you're dirt bag I'll say your dirt bag -- -- -- LC are saying these are all my impressions. But I don't feel any pressure that oh if I don't support cell insult. The rest of the white community is going to be down on -- and I am not going to be very popular. Or if I don't defense and so that was to be Italian. Then the other Italians are gonna get mad at me now off. Ridiculous you know make an individual. Decision based on individuals that's effects there's no need for me to defend people that I don't believe should have my defense. And that's the way it should be -- blacks too but here's the problem and and as Stephen Smith said it's a credibility problem. If you're gonna do it just because the the person looks like you. And then it turns out it's -- Tawana Brawley kind of deal -- gonna look really foolish. And the next time you you complain nobody's gonna listen to you now occasionally. Some prominent black people will criticize. Somebody it was in the new those who happens to be black. And you gotta get credit for that or some lifestyle thing a bill Cosby's a good example. It caused -- a very accomplished person -- beloved by everybody. Ultimately yeah ultra successful. A speaks his mind frequently and gets severely criticized. For it by some members of the black community. But what you don't understand is if you just play -- yes he's going to be okay because it looks like mini game number analysts and nobody there are columnists like rod Watson who occasionally. Will put a column out criticizing. Someone in the black community or some thing was going on black community but also -- time it won't work that way. Most of the time he will be there are running to the rescue of anybody he sees. And if it's that is legitimate opinion that's fine and nobody sees. As a deserving it and he shouldn't do that. But it can't be everybody. Occasionally acts somebody that you don't agree -- and went when you don't see that -- hear that then you know it's just another shuttle system of choice. And so yeah everybody gets their turn in the barrel. But the point is is not a blanket. Acceptance because you looked like me. For instance growing up my grandfather came here from Sicily. He would not even let family members watched the untouchables. Why that's sort of Eliot -- why because. All of the criminals and Eliot mess was going afterward Italian and he thought that was unfair and we would explain. Got a lot of the ones that Eliot Ness when after word Italian they weren't all. Mobster Meyer Lansky wasn't tired and don't think that when I last checked. A but the point is that's. You take your turn in the barrel sometimes your. Your criticized. Rightfully and sometimes wrongfully where you stand up and it's wrong. But don't assume that every time somebody has something to say that their rights simply because they look like you. So I think -- Kobe Bryant is right. -- in him as a support of making individual decisions and and not -- not automatically defending somebody because there blackened in his eyes. 83093018061692. -- -- thirty your message to piers Morgan. About gun control your message to Kobe Bryant or Stephen A Smith from ESPN or arson L hall actually because he Caribbean metsu. Regarding individual judgments made an individual people. And you know it's funny. It's not funny but it's it's it's ironic. That everyone has told. Do not judge anybody. As part of a group because they're not a -- another words not all black people -- -- no Italians -- this and whatever and we agree with that that's fine. But yet the defense will come as if it's a monolith. It's impossible to believe. That no black person or no Italian person or no white person never never did anything wrong ethnic. If you believe that delivered another flat. I'm -- sand that's that's ridiculous. -- so I'd like to know if you support the thoughts of Kobe Bryant if you support the ESPN commentator Stephen -- Smith who says. When I give a demo Janelle which I love on beach and company. -- -- up to seventy people were shot in the movie fits. And then just a few months later 21 -- it's the motive and assault rifle in elementary school. They've said goggles in this country would change but nothing. This happened the gun lobby in America led by the NRA has -- this nation's politicians in the county seat on silence. Well some of famous names certainly Kobe Bryant for a while no one of the best ever to play the game. For the NBA. ESPN commentator Stephen A Smith. Arsenio Hall TV host -- aback -- his own show now black Twitter was in a Twitter was in a frenzy over some of the things that were said. By at least two of these guys. I'm calling Bryant said he wasn't entirely comfortable the way several Miami Heat players warm bodies in support go vote for -- on -- following the shooting. He said he doesn't react emotionally just because a certain case involves an African American. Instead he explained people should relax wait for all the facts come up before rushing to judgment. And that's right rush the judgment. -- is a two way street. You can rush to judgment and a negative by thinking that everybody who's accused of something is guilty of it without knowing the facts war. You can also rush to judgment by thinking that everybody. -- who's accused of something is innocent. Because they look like -- either way it's a rush to judgment and not very good and I'm glad. Colby -- pointed that out meanwhile ESPN commentator Stephen Smith kind of back that up. And he said that. Basically. You can't turnaround -- some of think of from people other races are going to be ever fair to you if you are willing to exercise finish yourself. Playback and listen to Leo was into the facts and that's the right way to do it. And as the example I use is I never feel any need. To defend somebody because Italian because they're white or anything like that. And if you listen to show me give you three names mask what they have in common. Georgia number Tony about the yellow and he Andrew Cuomo and his father. -- -- -- That's right girl blind to see you for paying attention. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- says that ten he was down at Disney you know Mel. They're all -- and that's the point I was trying to make and I've been critical of them I've also praised. Well I embrace call for march. Actually. And praise him for much because I didn't think it was though that I you know I liked. Georgia number I like him personally when he would come in here league draw swords and Tony -- as the -- got a lot of tournaments you know -- like his politics about Andrew Cuomo's a dog. As trucks armed intruders concerning slime dog -- -- waste my time with him. But the bottom line is. You never can go wrong judging people individually. Never ever will you do wrong is judging them collectively. Like everybody that looks like them has the same traits. There are all either great or they're not great budget cap it's not a word we're not dealing -- -- here and so I'd like to hear from me it was a was Kobe right. I think it was right but -- sent it's sent black Twitter a Twitter according to this story and you know why because they don't expect any criticism of anybody -- black from somebody else of black. Let's get over it. Get over it. A because that is that the way human beings are. There are good they are dirt bags and there are those in between. And the fact that they argues shouldn't colors if you partners for ourselves -- be funny you're thinking it should be on the facts without a rush to judgment Johnnie Cochran. Made that made that statement famous let's not rush to judgment you can rush to judgment by thinking everybody's rock or thinking everybody's right and you'd be wrong both times. It's going to be an individual and so we've got that. And also of the piers Morgan thing appears decided to lecture us. On his last CNN's show on Friday night for telling us that. The American politicians have been bullied there's the word boys and girls let's use that saga on them. Some shows on a local moves over the weekend. Some parents -- Williams though we're saying their children were being small lead. Because they had to sit quietly while others took a test at that point I want it to myself. If that's if that is the worst bullying your kid is ever gonna get your kid is leading a charmed life. If the word is blowing that little Johnny is going to get is to sit quietly. The EUU cutie thank god get on your knees and thank god. That that's going to be a wonderful life for your kid if that's the worst blowing you ever sit quietly. But anyway that piers Morgan will sidebar there says that them. The politicians -- bullied by cowardly -- -- such cowardly silenced by a gun lobby led by the National Rifle Association. So I wanna ask you know lots of people lots of people feel very strongly about this because -- away and -- well meaning gun owners. McDonnell karma permit ever carry permit and I've been shooting. For many many years OK I've been shooting most of my adult life. I enjoy it I don't make any. And the apologies for it. And I think most people like I -- they use -- for target shooting or hunting. Or row -- whatever they'd like but overall the overall lawful endeavors. And very enjoyable. In a lot of fun and we don't go and grab our guns that we've been target shooting women going hold up seven elevenths that doesn't work that way. The ones that hold of several levels would go on dirt bags who do not belong to the NRA nor do they have a permit my idea remind you -- that. So I'd like to know if you have radio and a comment for piers Morgan like -- your own business. A two week and ask for your opinion and if you have a comment about them. Kobe Bryant certainly. Stephen -- Smith who says that this will also a lot of black people but when I give a demo what you know I love that Stephen A Smith is black. I can tell VO resign now -- I can see your picture government hero in the story. In all sorts and they all said that he thought for the Tawana Brawley's story when that happened and learned his lesson of that. We'll be back with more would be agent company under -- -- thirty we are WB -- Your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now 8030930. Cell calls are free -- -- 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. This is -- stable situation in front it made me very angry so angry in fact that some people have criticized for moving too loud opinion -- Even rude to a debate the issue of guns. But I make no apologies about. I think with the judge who said to get an important point to make try to be supple leather is a pile driver. The point once they come back and hit it again. Then hit a third side tremendous -- Well below wasn't Churchill so much I suggest you go all the Barack Obama and asked why he sent back the bust of Winston Churchill used to be in the Oval Office. And adjustment conversation. Where group piers Morgan has done. At CNN after three years total failure and you heard part of what he said in the last five minutes of his show. He says that politicians have been bullied in the cowardly silence by eight. A gun -- led by the National Rifle Association. And apparently these same number of people who watched him on CNN. Are listening to radio station now 'cause nobody cares about piers Morgan. They don't care about his opinion they don't care about that a what he thinks about what we should or shouldn't do it's by the way appears. It's called the constitution and called second memoranda we hold dear and so if you do have an opinion about that appears in his opinion we'd like to hear it. And their regarding -- Kobe Bryant situation Kobe said he wasn't entirely comfortable by the way several Miami Heat players. World what he's in support of tray of on -- Following the shooting he said he does not react emotionally just because a certain case involves an African American and -- explain people should relax. Wait for all the facts come up before rushing to judgment and he's exactly right but for some reason in the minority community specifically the black community. It seems to be a necessity. To never ever condemn any act by anybody who is the same caller and and that's wrong. When it deserves -- it should be done when it doesn't deserve it shouldn't be done it's an individual person by person deal by deal case by case situation. And -- -- -- that was going to be okay. And ESPN commentator Stephen Smith who is black. Says that his stance will upset a lot of black people and is quote his quotas when I give a damn election now and I love that attitude. Meanwhile Arsenio Hall. Pointed out during his interview with Smith. That their comments and black Twitter into a frenzy. Bryant later said he -- Martin was wrong the justice wasn't served. A but the point is that you you can't just as we're told not to judge any group as a monolith because they're not all the same which they aren't. Why would day -- get a get out of jail free card because of the same color you are wrong. -- truckers and you have no you have no credibility if you defend every person who looks like you'll. And that never it never condemn them for anything even a deserved something deserved you lose all kinds of vote and credibility you just. Chris we have some of a FaceBook postings please. Yes we -- this one is from Brandon he says the NRA isn't some alien entity is made of Americans who wanna ensure that it's because one voice. Letting politicians know they can't snatch away our Second Amendment Rights without consequences. There's not a bad thing. That's true think about it we had a presidential -- through the NRA. We had ministers of laundry NRA I'm sure there are preached that belonged NRA men and women. A life and your neighbors you'll me. Where you know we don't have points going out of our heads and we are the ones that are reforms that are for responsible gun ownership. A we on the while robbing of seven elevens -- our guns we go to target shooting. We go hunting we have a guns for self to fancies of the kind of protect our home. And that's the kind of vote of people belong to the NRA and think about how many national groups. Get label like the NRA I'm not many of their lobbying group certainly NRA has a lobbying group has to be to protect -- what we already haven't and no editor wrote anymore but there's all kind of lobbying groups. Com idea how many have you here -- teachers pain it -- back kind of brush you might on this show. You might even on the station majority are generally. The teachers unions are very powerful and we -- lot of stuff we don't like. You see in the new York state budget and other big chunk of money for New York City for pre K guess what that's about. You know what that's about it's about that the teachers union. And so that kind of stuff goes on all the time so because -- lobbying group and your lobbing over firearms in the Second Amendment does not make you. Of that person nor a bad group and other. Please this one comes from -- releases piers Morgan doesn't seem to realize that the United States broke away from Britain and here in America we love our rights. You know what he doesn't realize is one reason we needed guns. Well this is contrary because then they seem like they showed up and didn't weren't happy what we said hey we want our own country. And what do you think would happen ahead revolutionary of people who are here at the time of the revolutionary war. What what do you think would happen if they didn't have guns. What do you think that -- have been singing -- -- While eating spotted Dick around a campfire. I'm I'm just asking. I had never caught on America spotted it. -- -- -- and leisure and these are looked editor expired cabbies have the -- expired on dispelling. Alright so everybody is different our countries are different we have different governing rules and regulations. Another -- This one comes from -- she says the next time Morgan travel these are measures bodyguards don't carry weapons how far were his words golf became -- a bunch of thugs that's exactly right how many celebrities that we hear. That have decried no guns guns guns yet they have a body doesn't carry guns and their kids go to exclusive schools. And get driven school by people carrying guns I -- please hypocrites hypocrites. What bothers me about piers Morgan and anybody who thinks like came. You know no guns are bad we can't heavy shirt gun laws. -- what gone long would've protected those kids is sandy all. That's exactly right the laws don't do it their vote all the laws can do is. Hopefully. Make sure -- -- the real dirt bags that don't don't have them as best we can but the dirt bags don't follow the law anyway that's the bottom line. If they don't follow the law anyway as I said the challenge I would give. Is to halt how many people commit a crime with a gun that's registered like in New York's. Not all the State's average church but a New York State we do. All of my guns from my permit the serial numbers are on there and if I -- -- -- is not my term -- I'm in trouble okay. So I have vote my mind pistols. Around my apartment. And that's that how many people like me. Are arrested for committing a crime with a gun. I would say it's so infinitesimal all this and they don't they don't -- record of it it would be because if they did believe me they could be a trumpeting it. When little Andrew nasty or exceed act do you think the gang -- the -- in the crypts for going. -- -- do you expect me to commit my crime does best. David -- that the gang bangers have as the day he signed the safe back because it assured that there were a lesser people out there able to defend themselves. As far as the crime is concerned they love it. Of the crooks the bad guys that their president opposite effect you can because and I don't know -- anyway nothing to do with a safe fact. If anybody's going around checking the gang bangers in compliance with the safe facts not likely so he did them a big big favor. So I'd like to hear from DO. Assured of for instance. Notion piers Morgan. Again -- -- some wisdom from you who he seems to be departing wisdom to usually gets them from your. And what about Kobe Bryant was -- right to say sit back relax get all the facts don't rush to judgment. Regarding any crime that happens to have a black person involved. And I think that Steven Smith from ESPN is absolutely right defending that point of view and even -- they all said he felt for. Tawana Brawley story lock stock and barrel and was though obviously caught up -- -- and it was wrong. So while we'd like your opinion -- -- -- and I'm thirty WB is region company and we're asking a couple of questions your comments appears Morgan. And piers Morgan wrapped up his three year stint at CNN. Or down in flames was not a success. And said that the basically. He thinks that American politicians have been bullied -- cowardly silence. By gun lobby led by the National Rifle Association. So your opinion to him he seems to be willing you view is let's go to -- Rambo gem and it's not want a job here on WB again. It out completely -- it and gotten rid. But here's the guy well ever vote talking shall. And don't hold ignorant of American history. Again that our country but not think about the revolutionary war. Now let me give it up with that make History Channel all the people literally -- don't think -- Making it up. That was -- that -- fire called the shocker rubble world was fired at Lexington Institute. -- the British what. They lack -- And mark. It marks the current court because there despite the -- the -- where the gunpowder in the rightful. And -- -- and in gunpowder all magazine you know yeah what kind of court. Our -- Robert I'd bet that happening. They worked quite predict -- From the -- giving that talk. -- -- From American -- that are not big bad stupid that stupid. Productive at all. If that's American -- -- we want war because American our -- otherwise noted that Pataki -- -- what. The logical superior to the bad that the British -- here when we -- -- -- because we had the right. The beer and by the way it would really help the troops in New York State Police would bet. Yeah I I. Yeah I agree were bad as he -- he either doesn't know or doesn't care about our constitution because we're not just all right wing nut jobs we do we do enjoy. Of hunting some. We enjoy you know certainly target shooting that's fun -- and and being able to defend our home if need be defend ourselves if need be and we don't need any information from -- a -- log on stay away from -- we don't care but don't don't lecture us. Exactly like it signals but think about. About our history our call to order their. More than anything yet more respect for that Yahoo! apparently off the air he brought that back Euro country. And I don't like this if he has such a superior attitude he probably has that attitude about himself and he can't come to grips with the fact that he came here -- bombed. Okay thanks promote them. -- -- against the big guns but apparently not bombs because CNN put him on it was a bomb. Think about like that I'm pretty clever time and like that like yeah that's. Q where the monkeys -- let's go to blow William on a cell phone where they -- on WB again. I want to talk about you know lead people all of -- yeah why don't they go out pretty criminals. Who used drugs. -- away Larry -- in depth. Absolutely right big. Criminals don't care how many laws you have been -- trying to care how many regulations. If there in the midst of holding up somebody or killing somebody released though there war raises are made available legal gun so yeah they'll come after them go after us. Yeah I don't have what it -- -- how -- eight. What you're always gonna rot in the church state again that grill grill that are you know you Byron. The robbery. You could be seeing the allied side -- Well I think first of all you know we gotta get serious in and throw the book and anybody committing a crime with a firearm that should be. Absolutely mandatory and you know if they want a true. They could get a lot of guns off the street in a hurry. Blog that there's so many out there. That though they'll take on a case by case basis but the bottom line is when you're not doing the crimes where the gang bangers that I would be people who steal firearms they're the ones doing. The crimes not us with the legal guns thank you and your remarks is it's the same mold baloney. So let's say. Guys are doing bad things with guns. So let's take guns away from the good people who need them occasionally to defend themselves. Any time you think that doesn't happen. Just look at the American rifleman magazine where they always have. The front part of the magazine has think all the armed citizen. And stories all the time legitimate stories right out and newspapers -- They always quote the sources of people who were victimized. And thank heavens they happen have a gun with AMD either had a gun. In their -- Or they had a -- make it legal to carry and they had it with them when they needed it. Or they heard the glass breaking your example I was Jews at 3 AM. So be but the bottom line is when your -- that you'll want it it better be there and the last thing you can do is have a bad guy you know what. I don't I don't have a -- I I would assume you don't either because you don't have a permit for baloney baloney. And we'll see you will see where this goes. I think there have been saved about New York State backed. Is reviled around here in upstate new York and yet people in New York City don't seem that problem. That's the same -- many many issues in the state we're deeply divided. On and on a lot of issues but certainly guns will be one of them. Because remember as much as we hate that they don't seem to have any problem -- in New York City and I don't understand at all 8393018061692. -- six -- 930. Also the the Kobe -- comment that he was not entirely comfortable with the way several Miami Heat players were qualities in support of tray of on -- following the shooting. He said he does not react emotionally just because a certain case involves an African American but for him because a lot of people do. A lot of people -- -- and if it's it's not Smart to because all of the things you preach all the time apparently don't replied you know. If you say don't judge in this case we're we're talking about blacks because of what -- -- about Garrett. Dog don't tell me that nobody's it's black ever did and never did anything wrong because that's not right. Course some -- it. Some did some don't we can't assume they all did or they all didn't it has to be an individual decision so don't tell me don't judge I had like a monolith when that's what you are doing. That's what you're doing. And that you have more credibility if occasionally you come out and I give a common sense opinion. That is contrary. To what you usually Saturday. Rod Watson is a good example that there are times when rod Watson. We'll -- uses column in the buffalo on those and be critical of members of the black communities a certain members okay. But he doesn't do that very often but when he does. OK we get you get the credibility but when you go out of your way to either -- -- soft pedal it. White wash -- department ourselves be funny do anything like that just because they look like you say you're wrong. Iraq -- that's not a question of interpretation you're wrong. In as I said I feel no need to defend people who look like me first of all fuel currently are pathetic. So I wouldn't wish -- -- -- that's enough punishment. In the in the world when you look like me you don't need anything extra. But what I'm saying is don't assume that everybody looks like you is an Angel. And everybody it doesn't look like it was a double cause that is not the way it works are we come back. We're gonna talk about you and as some. Okay and are very unusual place and how it could change the landscape of sports. You know it but it might be the right thing to do. Woe is -- it will be back Lamar on -- -- I'm thirty WB yeah.

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