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Mar 31, 2014|

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It's time for buffalo means business with -- -- on news radio 930 WB EN. The only radio show devoted to local business and the people who make it happen. Brought you by the Amherst chamber of commerce to health insurance resource for small business and vice -- Volvo Ford and Steve Volvo shedding Buick Cadillac. Try to assure them -- -- -- -- umbrella handle law office of around zero rebuild the team that's on your side in. -- in your court now your host. Buffalo radio veteran AM local business advocate -- Shula. Welcome back it's available means. Business news radio 930 WVU and my name is -- -- nice that it be yours we spotlights some great. Local Western New York businesses and look at three great ones today for a year WB yen we're gonna start off with Katherine Kristofferson. Katherine is with the McCollum Kristofferson group. And enforceable ness shows here and a BB Ian Catherine I don't I'm good thank you but it's great to be here now. The first star opposite McCollum Kristofferson group LC's leading independently -- investment in financial advisory practice which is headquartered. Right here actually in Amber's New York corporate park -- associated with the Wells Fargo advisors financial network there you go disclaimers -- We're here to talk about money with that Katherine today for -- -- -- a little bit about caller Christopher -- group. Well we spotted our company a little over two years ago after we split off from Harold C -- company. Harold brown and company had been in buffalo since 1932. And we got to a point where we felt we needed to. Go our separate ways so. Are firm. Formed then I eight left Harold C brown with my associates chuck McCollum. And -- deacon. And our staff and we've been in our space for two years and already we're growing so we're actually gonna move up the floor to. This week in the same Flores has the radio station here and now we're real excited about that. Well congratulations on that and obviously in the financial everybody wants to talk money and financial and you know the services you provide. -- are gonna bring in Brenda a legacy. Brenda what a show here nobody and -- nice to see you again in print as a friend of the show assortment kind of make this a group discussion first of all what services. This McCollum Kristofferson provide. Well we provide investment -- services to our clients but I think more importantly. Is that we provide financial planning services it's. It's very difficult to reach a goal if you haven't planned to reach that goal and we find that sometimes people. Spend more time planning their vacations than they do their financial future. So the two parts of our services go kind of hand in hand them both the investment advice and specific. To these types of investments at their comfortable with and how're they going to reach their goals. To a lot of people come do you just not knowing what to do or do they already maybe have a have a plan but they want to refine it. Well I think a little of everything. We do have clients who come to us that really. Have pretty much all of their investments in a 401K your company retirement plan and the only advice that they've been given is may be what they've received from there. Human resources person. That they haven't really coordinated. Anything with their family or their spouse or whatever. But we also do have very sophisticated advisors are -- it clients who. -- advisor to kind of coordinate all of the aspects of their financial well being. I know you have any app program -- and it feel free to jump in on this as well because I -- sure you're familiar with that. The program specifically designed for women who are recently divorced or widowed tell me about. The program you offer. Well but I observed personally and this is kind of a passion that I have in our industry is that. Many times when women. Are divorced or. Suffered the death of their spouse. They're kind of at a loss as to what to do next and very often. Very well meaning friends and relishes fools try to tell them what they should do next and we find that sometimes what you need to do is just pots and absorb the loss that you had hand. Start thinking about your future without making major decisions such as. Moving to a different home I mean that's a typical one and say. An elderly woman. Her husband passes away and the kids are saying you know mom year. House is too big you need to move into something smaller you need to get rid of this need to get rid of that. When very often the woman's not ready to make those kinds of decisions and and needs that time to think about. Where she wants to go with the rest of her life. -- and I've heard your commercials under Levy and where we talk about car Katherine which is that good a liberation but good advice to because. You've been in the business to -- and thirty years tracked right answer so you've probably seen a lot of changes and see these unexpected events happen whether it's a divorce or the death of a spouse. But it must be much different for -- a younger woman or man for that matter to lose a spouse vs somebody who's in their senior years. So is every case. That you looking at different in customized enhancements. Absolutely and that's a good point Brenda com -- younger person who maybe has children that are still in school. There needs there are. What we do for them is quite a bit different from someone who is perhaps in retirement and is already drying from a retirement plans so. Yes I would say that definitely is something that we strive to do is to. Personalize each and every plan around a specific person and there situation. You also stressed that no life changing decisions should be made Intel plans to balance and that's part of your -- your rights to serve walking a person room. Sometimes devastating circumstances and figure out what their plan of attack is which probably helps him cope with everything else. That's that's a good way of putting it what we say is we'd like she you have. People go into what we call and no decisions down that they don't make those decisions as they managed -- mentioned earlier until they're ready and each person handles loss differently sometimes people get over it relatively quickly sometimes it takes years. But that the role that we played at the very beginning is just to listen. Two to let our clients. Verbalize what they're going through. It's not just sitting down and saying OK you buy this stock for that stock -- despondent that on. It's tell us about your life what. Are their grandchildren that. You intended to. Educate. What I what's the situation with your children. All of those things have to come out and not necessarily in one meeting it takes time to. Talk with people and really given the opportunity to think about where they wanna go. I can kind of see what you're saying here here is so so -- couples married for forty years. Somebody passes away now all of a sudden they have life insurance a lot of life insurance these bills that mortgage. And now you say that that may be one of them controlled the money all their life the other and maybe didn't and now. And the date they don't know what to do with all listen. Ones you know that's exactly it and it's it's sort of a generational thing. I find that. People my parents -- my grandparents age. Very often the the husband took care of all of the finances. The woman stayed home and raise the family and kept kept the Hollis and if the husband if the husband pre deceased is her. Very often she doesn't even know where the checkbook is so it's we we don't just talk about investments we talk about okay. I'm should we walk through your budget should we talk about what bills you're gonna have to pay how you're gonna -- them and it's a very long process. For for most everyone but. Not everyone is the same I'd certainly have worked with women who are very very cognizant of their financial affairs and they just need an opportunity to kind of like you said if you get a large life insurance policy. The proceeds from that what do I do that you know what. What should I be thinking about and how to lie and it continued to. Achieve the goals that we had as a married couple now that we're no longer together. -- do you feel -- thank you and yours there for almost armchair psychologists and situation. Yeah it really is I mean we keep a box of Kleenex very close up. And yes it's it's it's a very traumatic time in when you start talking about. A person's family you're you're you're getting very near and dear to their hearts so yes it is it is very much that way and when. Somebody call scampering across column Christiane person they can actually speak TU cents if you sort of firm -- not to use -- -- your staff know that is correct IA I always do the initial interviews and down. I do have a staff of very capable staff. But yes they if you call Catherine you get -- it -- -- an -- and you. A lot of years of experience combined. Chuck McCollum don't deacon who you referenced earlier with body I'm more than 100 years command experience along with your own career. Yes that's correct and I think that's something that does set our firm apart there are a lot of people on our business who have not been and doing what we've been doing for as long as we've been doing it so. Although the markets. Rise and fall. If you look historically over the performance of the markets. It it's pretty much eat dinner at the same plan is to find a good plan. And stick with that. Patience and discipline are more important things to focus on than trying to time markets things. We -- here with that Katherine Kristofferson McCollum Kristofferson group and the -- phone number's 8545400. -- investing. Make your I guess two questions can investing -- you rich for one and an amendment shall we know the answer to that but but but moreover. Do you have to be rich to invest. He certainly don't need to be rich to invest you just need to start -- and regardless of what you're starting with the most important thing is the discipline of sticking to it. It's very difficult when the market is really volatile. I know I I see it all the time that the market starts going down and starts going down and people say why don't wanna put any money into the market I'm afraid I'm gonna lose. The fact is no one can time the market Nolan knows when it's gonna. Hit the bottom and no one knows what it's gonna Pico -- If you maintain discipline of contributing. On a periodic basis no matter what that a Montana's. That's the road to becoming wealthy. You deal with a lot of people on fixed incomes like with Social Security may be that's only coming in nor are people. I mean how do you what is the way that they should be doing things may well get things. Primarily that their clients who come to us have assets. In addition to Social Security but absolutely. Social Security is a piece of what we look at. As a matter of fact we have me. Specific program that we use that helps people evaluate. When to take their Social Security. You can take it -- very early at age 62 or you can wait until you're 65 or 66 or. Ultimately wait until you're seventy and which each. Birth dates on the longer you wait the more you're gonna get NC benefit. However you can coordinate your Social Security benefits with your spouse and sometimes maximize the benefit. Much more soul than if you were to just take it as soon as you can. What are your thoughts on the stock market -- it has highs and lows that we've never experienced. You know up until maybe six years ago or seven years ago. It's normal now for the stock market to go up 200 points in a day nobody. -- -- for you know if it goes down 200 points nobody says anything its its like normal well. That is that the Dow Jones Industrial Average now is over 151000. Points keeps poking around 161000 points and so 200. Point swing is not percentage wise as dramatic as it was say 510 years ago. But and the other thing that we have in today's environment is we have 24/7. Financial news and really. The media is not necessarily out there to make us better investors. They're out there to sell media and sell a lot of times they'd. Try to explain the swings in the market is having something to do with the political event or in environmental event or tragedy. And there is that emotion that causes those things that if you look at the long term record of the market. The market has never gone down and stayed down it has always turns. Out it is always returned. To hit new guys. And so if you can get yourself through the tough times and not panic and not react. That's the key to being successful. You can reduce friend that you -- -- -- and they'll have to turn people off the -- from time army -- -- -- sometimes almost quite literally -- There may be some panic setting and then you it to sort of I'm him battlegrounds and making calmed down and patience is yeah the first part of all of this is make sure you have a strong vote to BN in the first place. So if you run across rough waters you know that your and a solid. Environments. The other thing is I think that really is what distinguishes a good advisor. Anybody can. Be successful and and their their clients love them in good times and last year 2013 was a very good market. Four for just about every one. It's when the market goes down as it did in 2008 and 2009 and there are times before that. That really sets apart the good advisors because -- your counseling your people in your clients to do is to stay the course. And if you've done your homework with that client and you move. Designed to portfolio that is going to meet their expectations. And you tell them we cannot promise it's always going to speak we -- -- ups and we're gonna have downs which you're. We're what we're gonna we're gonna be with you through both the ups and downs and we're gonna make sure that you've got a solid plan to them. Right through when we when we get to the tough time. It's you're listening to buffalo means business on news radio 930 WB EN here with Katherine Kristofferson. From a car Kristofferson group we have about thirty more seconds literally thank you Brenda for being here today I pleasure. Anything else so listeners need to know first of all if you need advice strategies in this in this realm. Financial planning. You know -- you're great person you have a great group I I trust you you know I've known now for a little bit. And down you make total sense of what you're saying how does somebody get ahold of you. While they can either call us at 8545400. Or visit us on our website. McCollum hyphen Kristofferson. Dot com Katherine thanks again McCollum Kristofferson group. Here in Amherst you're listening to buffalo means business and once again their phone number 854. 5400. Bynum -- body -- will be right back. You're listening to buffalo means is this -- -- -- powered by a blue rock energy stop. Think switch in saves with blue rock energy go to blue rock energy dot com if there's a -- he would like featured call -- at 8430167. Or email being Shuler @entercom.com. Buffalo means business only on news radio 930 WBE and cigar Dave on WB and it's presented by consumers averages. Buffalo's beer store. 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Know what follows a tough buffalo winner that's right -- wet spring thaw and the inevitable water in your basement. But doesn't have to be that way. -- when you can call walked on water proving just think of all he could do with a dry basement rec room for the kids home office he's been home Jim. But even if you don't have specific plans for your -- keep in mind of the water down their effects of structural integrity of your home not to mention the health -- -- -- that mold and bacteria from cracks in your foundation to drainage issues -- full waterproofing systems call my friends have blocked on today for free consultation and ask about their transferable warranty Kate plus rating with the Better Business Bureau and members of home improvement council call 6332100. And who. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- this -- -- -- here in the market to buy a vehicle you must get to Nortel world auto senator tomorrow they're open special hours Sundays from 10 AM to three the end of the month the best time divide and Nortel make it worth your time they need to move inventory now this benefits you brand new key is -- is over fifty pre owned vehicles under ten grand. He has -- our auto center is open tomorrow tender train right on Sheridan their parliament Amherst don't miss the deals. Swim -- Shula on news radio 930 WBA. Powered by blue rock Energy Star thinks switch and say -- blue rock energy on FaceBook or go to blue rock energy dot com. You are listening to buffalo means business here in news radio 930 WB and my name is -- -- Shula and boy if you listen to the radio. There's there's one commercial that certainly stands out. It's the ad for riverfront auto sales and we happening have riverfront auto sales at a right now body -- Ferraro. And Marty junior on the show welcome guys. I'm voting how you doing today good good good you're right and -- street grip by the peacekeepers in Sana Syria's. Our riverfront auto sales dot com for -- while we love your commercials and makes that these these standout. You know what -- a packer RON and everything else. I understand your father started this that's right bush my grandfather back in the day it was a mechanic for that he didn't mechanical and that's when it released. Would be my grandfather. And so so how did that how did it become to what it is now tell me the different layers of different generations and -- grandfather was a go to guy anybody anything mechanically Don they always -- the golf market for growth for mechanical work and that my father -- officer stationed on Niagara street. And I who works there as a young boy. And took threes -- want to gas station and and then introduced the car sales. And it was back in the early. The -- And then when my father passed away right move just down the street. To Israel's cities -- sticks users who we are now and now my -- join. On with us and we have our own Carol button service department there so consulate worker with that and that too bad actually I don't mind waking up and going to work. You know I get a lot of responsibilities and like meet new people every day so deafening jointly to do everyday and you -- you know like her business that is a tough business you guys have been through so many generations. Here you probably have a ton of loyal customers people that will not buy anywhere else -- riverfront oh right. -- per share for sure a lot of all the you know there was some tough times as the economy was down their but he knows that. We were fortunate enough that all of our repeat and referral customers helped us through the tough times and you know -- of the go to Witten and continue going where a lot of places lot of big places not a big names new car dealerships were closed down. -- we're fortunate enough to have to right through that tough time. With our old customers and repeat customers referrals. When we when we speak about the -- -- our family had to speak about Obama who who radio listeners know mama baccarat RO. -- Obama do what she's doing -- -- about the weather today is what she could make and we would love -- ever comment but. She's doing well she's doing well she's very well -- everybody knows violent. Mamas don't cut me a line and that's why. You know I I give her all the credit so to what's her what's your favorite dish to cook -- I think she really enjoys making slots you know every gets together on Sundays as Stanley over it you guys do that you -- like he -- get together and Sundays and it's -- I mean that. Happens you know a little bit more you settled the more up -- -- -- younger but pistol try to do as much as possible. That's awesome that you guys are strictly a used car dealership. But there's a lot of things that separate riverfront then. Opposed to other use care places and I think it's the kinda cars that you guys get and on a daily or weekly basis right -- like to think soybean. I have thirty some almost 35 years of buying cars on the weekend it really does a -- -- site. You know I know which cars it's got bad reputations. So I stay away way from certain carriers and embed motors and transmissions. Plus most of -- and Torii comes from Florida. So that makes a difference when you look at and fiber sexual car. To have carrots and floral its life in other circumstances. Right there so -- haven't cars at their permanent or absolutely way -- miles original this year -- -- -- rough year on. The street so. You imagine the stop and goal and pot holes of the terrorist go through. Where in Florida everything's wide open it's pretty flat land smoke pot holes will solve the rust. How you know I I I hear a lot of people especially like Catherine was land before me you know people in the financial world. Say -- used cars are by far. The best. Deal you can get. It does the public know that if you think. And giving know that it's that or do they still think new pairs or -- ago I think they're being educated I think the leases are what they used to be years ago. The you know -- leases were a great thing but now people realizing I can own -- car. And after three or four years carriers pay for -- still have some equity. And have something that's worth something. Cars in the car market is I was talking earlier they're going up a new campaign war some some scars are a 1015 dollars more. A year a year and a half two years later. So pot it's great guy combined carrier for ten -- 121000 now isn't. And wanna sell order trade it in -- still worth ten or 111000 dollars. Two years from that you know doesn't happen on -- do you have a formula that riverfront that you use when you're looking at a used car to put on your line. These are you know it could you like a low miles ones or. The ones you don't want older stuff like that -- -- come alert mall my houses and always mean a good power and -- miles doesn't always mean a bad right it's a lot to do with. What kind of miles how the driven and how the maintained. And I think that's my expertise I can get a feel for car just by looking you can tell by looking in feeling and it drive it and knowing that the -- was taking care. And to me I'd rather have -- it's got sixty or 70000 it's been taken care of its debt tender verse one it has ten or 151000 guys change oil and you know stop -- miles of -- what occurs to people. I would comes to use do they look for the more conservative pandered to they look for Hillary just 41 -- convertibles are. Well what you will which you say that people come in. When -- wanna -- used what went and looking for generally everybody has different needs and wants me to really depends on what there you know. What they're looking for is looking for something going gas -- of a larger friendly one -- something third row. So it's all really what everybody's is looking for companies different. To what -- view that there looking for you of something that theory -- of the riverfront auto sales. Guarantee which -- 100%. Credit approval for each and every customer coming more about that yes we pride ourselves and you know everybody's gone through things -- and maybe the creditors and so good and rough spot in their life but. We have vote multiple banks have guarantee credit approval make it very simple. You come -- we can guarantee -- yes you know legal a lot of places you -- turned down discouraged becomes CIS group you know very -- driven. They -- pretty easy car buying experience and then we get here you know good rates in good terms and you can actually afford it and have and his vehicle in two pints of from the drive -- for. A year or six months just to get around is you know something you're actually keeping enjoy it for yourself and that's junior specialty it's that he does he does all the -- -- When not only does he get that approved but it also holds. The people get back on track to reestablish their credit rights anyway there's a lot of people that you know would like to re establish in this is. You know I've come to find out. Car notes and mortgages are. Two of the best things to help build your credit -- so if you get your get a cardinal and get approved for one which Murray junior does. That's a great thing that's a related point to a mean so not only can people who've had hard times in the past -- Kennedy. Get the car victory means great use our riverfront. But they again they can also start rebuilding that credit with a chance. You know pitcher giving them with something like that yeah actually come -- you get the car alone. Yeah you have for a year year and a half then you know you get your credit reestablish go to buy a home you can get approved for that. It looks like change everything now is really based on credit leaders hold your car loan. Also your you know your insurance policies and it's all based on wrestle. Very good way to reestablish yourself -- some problems in the past 100% credit approval for each and every customer. We're here with Marty and Marty from riverfront auto sales. And you know if you look for a used car I got a tea this is pleased to go go to riverfront see what they have. I'll tell you a little bit about pre owned verses knew -- we touched on this but. You know why would somebody I mean it's it's a better investment in I mean that's what it -- -- process it -- one or two years or three years old with 101520000. Miles on. You can enjoy the carve instead of driving in losing thirty or 40% on your money those tires hold of some of the imports that we have. The ex -- opened today so I mean it's. To me it's a no brainer no no I would never mind no verses used. And again and it. To drive a car and enjoy it and we cautious little -- money why you why would you how many how many parents usually have a lot right now. Right now we have a little bit over a hundred vehicles and stock everything different makes models vans pickups for hours. You acquire these vehicles that are not on what would you tell a customer about you know. What the differences between riverfront and maybe some of the other used car dealerships. What what is your definable. Difference would you say is -- that quality abuse -- getting on the La. Yeah I mean. -- me and I think we you know we pride ourselves on me and my father goes all the -- so he's handpicked every vehicle that we have on the last night you know. But strangers just stop -- in the vehicles so he takes pride taken out each individual car alarm -- from the south so. We liked being able to pass under the customer's well can people bring in there if they have a car now that they want accurate it maybe get into another car. You know that are used car for new. Can they do that do do you look at ratings that we take trade ins and I'll give you a little bit. A little Buddha I had who's next month we're gonna offer a thousand dollars over Kelley blue book for people treated so don't -- market -- this. -- that's going to be our offer us started in April that communal people who have trees and they want to move up. So we're gonna offer thousand dollars above what Kelley blue book value was on account actually we do take straightens. And it's great -- we've had people bring trades trades into us that they bought from -- years years ago in. And worth almost what they've paid for the current two years ago so it's it's great that -- so we're here and now buffalo means business first. Give us the offer again Marty riverfront auto sales go to Kelly blue book tactile punch in your carrier make and model whatever it tells you the trade in value is. We're gonna give you a thousand dollars -- -- vessel -- says it's were 4000. You come -- -- we're gonna give you 5000 -- about test drives people come and they like to get the feel of this of the term for handwriting and slowly you wanna make sure you're gonna enjoy some that was special and it's an investment so we encourage people to come down Castro a couple of vehicles and -- for the comfortable. How is it being a business owner is it is it you know I I think there's a perception that it's very easy to be business owner. You know out in the community but it's really tough work there is a lot of others I mean when have you know. When I first started when I was working my father right now and I branched off mine -- and it's a lot of hours I was doing seventy hours a week. I -- now my son works has the tough -- and I'm a little less hours. And now my sons and reduce your grandson slam fifth generation may be pretty soon. So we'll we'll teach him the ropes and it's marked -- four years old and actually is 55 -- -- a so -- -- you know hopefully be in your business as well -- Louisiana they're washing cars worries are that Washington has -- And qualities and some of our on TV commercials and some of the commercials on the re also we've we've got a pretty much about if you last of pursuant. We'd love them so what's next for front auto sales. I just keep two more -- I mean we started out that we almost have ten or twelve cars and stock an -- up to over a hundred and we just keep -- we just acquired the property across street from us we've got the other property and -- sent -- an industry now. We're gonna put an indoor show romance all. We expanded service department so we're just keep corn grown is April 1 of the busier months in the car business. Yes yeah in and it varies from month month but he it was nice weather cervical Morales springtime breeze coming out of hibernation so. You know looking for something fun to drive and we actually Ellis from time vehicles ready party in the dealership is open seven days a week. -- Monday through Sunday. That's awesome so you're always you always have somebody if you wanna stop a lot there's always somebody there to greet -- show -- To give you that test drive right -- here in -- -- -- say to a lot of people go to that well before they -- yeah I think so we've get quite a bit of people at the website we have thirty some pictures of each car. So we have ball hundred cars on the website each -- as easy freak car -- report everything in their shows the history of the car. We have not seen as a lose nothing to you. -- imagination -- -- owners the television the the main and so everything's right they're just click on the traffic report entry. Riverfront auto sales back is the website again you can browse the great selection. They have tons of used cars ran a lot. What has to perform. Like when I was here are hobby while I I enjoy when I'm in Florida especially these last couple months. Bank towers you know ideal tea and I expect it to idle hands fading fast what you have back down next -- -- We've got to -- towers and gore bay county gets more but -- when -- on down there it's usually. A play golf in between gold and some -- for -- -- and a lot of already junior who would you like to do in your spare time and trying to do what I wanna visit him when he's -- you don't get away from the cold weather but it just varies so he's dead and everywhere word when -- aggregation and boy it's all its own family element. Is there anything else listeners should should know about -- for an auto sales on the and go to the website you can actually fill out the accreditation renowned there's river for an auto sales dot com and you know we're pretty good about and respect you as soon as possible as you know stuff. Sealed -- paperwork predicament is cius is a pretty much instant approval now orders -- take a couple days to get approved steps and was looking for a car that all you use -- as application if it's during business hours somewhere like contact you within that ten or fifteen minutes if you come into the dealership. The approvals within minutes it should we take the information for -- You've got to tell mama. That says well I definitely expect here in the show we'll see your Sunday you know is usually a little better he she he she can cover up and down. And say hello as well -- give mom are best. And again one I think you both for being an -- before means business today it's an honor to have you guys here pleasure pleasure riverfront auto sales again right -- street. -- by the peace parades in Santa serious. Our riverfront auto sales stack comes on the phone number to your phone numbers 8861626. So Marty and Marty junior. -- -- our riverfront auto sales. They seriousness show will be right back with buffalo means business and is ready at 930 WB Ian. You're listening to buffalo means business with -- buddy -- powered by blue rock energy stop. Think switch in saves with blue rock energy go to blue rock energy dot com if there's a business you would like featured call -- at 8430167. Or email be -- -- -- dot com buffalo means business only on news radio 930 WBE. And tell your friends it is going down into the Subaru love spring event with zero down at west -- Subaru zero down on the super foods you love. Like a new 2014 Subaru Impreza 2.0 hi all wheel drive -- at least for just 189 a month with a zero down. What put zero down on -- 2014 Subaru Legacy 2.5 I premium all wheel drive to advance and it's only 249 a month and with westerners think they express delivery fall in love with -- -- today. And take her home tonight. 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Thirty WBE. And my name is forty Shula hear what our third segment in today's show. And that segment is with cordially yours wine and spirits were here with that -- and Maryland. Hello ladies. -- an -- did you bring any samples any good liquor actually weekend you didn't. So now we know that I can't forget an air because you know it goes and older for round. But samples are great we like samples. On the buffalo means business show. So are they to bring in -- I -- to everyone aren't. On the screen thank you for him and house thank you. It's my pleasure to have you because I've been in your store right in French wrote in Cheektowaga and -- know we have a lot of people in Cheektowaga listening and it's a great start it's right in a catalyst plaza are really -- used to -- And what's even more interest in battle with a web says -- -- wine and spirits back -- even more interesting about the store is the way it came a bow. We have a mother and a daughter here again just like we had before with the father -- son. Mother and daughter here with the business so. Where you are cordially yours wine and spirits Maryland. In should mean. How did you guys come to do this together as a mother and daughter. What what was the first part. Well it started out in 2003. When my husband and I -- Purchase the story it was an existing story and we publisher wizard as a celebrity starlets. And repurchased at M and for for health reasons my host and he had to leave the story. So -- had just come back home from top Ohio. And she planet. To be a part of that so how -- things going at that time for you you know you had just acquired the business right. Well she came -- in 2000 sex. Marriage authority here at the store for three that are running -- aren't. So you come in from Ohio and agreed on an Ohio just. Well I was actually managing. One on my parents -- businesses that we had had. On man sent motel and Ohio for seventeen years. Subsequently sold it and I found myself back in buffalo very happy to be back. And it had been a dream of ours. My mother myself to eventually be in business together as a modern technology. And. Bolstered prove that I would do with like -- other I don't want my daughter involved with. This that you guys they're actually embrace working together we did we did which is winning Arab personalities mesh very well. On my mother and I have distinct roles of the storm and I think we complement each other also at the same time -- what is your role at the at the store. My role of the story doesn't do anything my mother tells me. Okay and know what's ahead. What -- that the stock. Well I do the purchase things mainly and she basically manages a store. And so so it's basic so it really is a true. You know. Team team era modern day and again I've gone in the store and its sister really really. Nice place you have everything I'm looking for all the time. What makes you what makes -- different. Which is saying. Well thought -- we think we're unique because of the the way the story is laid out the size of the story if I would -- medium size slickers star. And we have displays. And it's unique and that kind of that we can have our we'd love shopping hair and I think it is because of you can move around the story and we do hand unique displays so I think people -- cherish and there. Every chemical there it there's always people walking out -- stuff you don't mean. There's always use is very busy it's very busy sore but a ton of customer service I went in there now learn New Year's Eve. And one of your your team members help being you know I don't know kind of champagne I'm buying or anything but they were very very good in helping me so -- -- kind of you're the neighborhood liquor store right for wines and liquors -- on the Cheektowaga area. We Aaron we pride ourselves from our customers are passed yet it is like to do it is really really good. What are some of the new I wanna talk about wines and a couple minutes what of what are some of the new. Spirits when -- you can special specialize in in some of the spirits but -- a good. We do. I think everyone can attest to the fact that flavored vodka as Aaron. The new norm now on the Q there's got to see 500 of them where we could have a story just a flavor back goes and maybe that's a lot of the most -- -- flavor into. I think right now home. As far as by kid goes you're still senior cherries in your grapes is -- and is here popular flavors now though are seeing nine new. Flavors that are actually mixtures that just come out like strawberry lemonade is a new. Brian elements come out. You also seem like a mango pineapple. So we're seen as a crossover from flavored but has not transitioning into flavored roms and flavored with skis as well. And where president. I don't think blacks and I don't think it will end. I think as long as people are willing to try things. And that's another. Facet that we have that we specialize and and her desk in front -- when you check out there's a lot of options that you -- for 99 cents and how can you go wrong with. Testing you what I'm a little samples call it what others they're always behind the counter other Collins Manny or 50 -- mouse cells that are referred to. So people and is that really how people try things. It is we iams we also haven't start tastings. As a matter of fact this Friday we do have one of the New York Weiner is never landing on they'll be in the store from four to 7 PM. And will be tasting some of their wines so not only do we have in store tastings but we also offer. The new products they always come out with specials and we know from at the desk and check out firms. -- less than -- -- I I feel like I'm a law shall I say good -- hit it -- day everybody likes and it -- it and everybody likes a little cocktail now and then right. That you guys celebrated like ten years yes and and you did something that I thought was kind of thought unique for your ten years. And it had to do with barrel tasting and explain that he. Did he. Pot -- bureau and I believe it was 26 case. It yielded 26 cases cases -- -- then and it was that ten year. It was -- results of this -- started in 2003. And I believe we can hold it in June. 2013. And we were fortunate enough to sample. With eight different to eight different barrels of whiskey. -- whiskey and we -- included a customer -- salon. Does urban common -- -- said in -- long -- sales. Gal southern. And we we did this tasting and we all. Agreed upon this one barrel. And not our taste buds proved us correct because we sold the 27 cases of urban well before. November and we had anticipated that that would be one of the items that would take us to the holiday season. So with that success. Now. We recently just ordered some more samples so that we can do another barrel tasting. And also bring that to to our customers so this is a unique barrel. On no one have that barrel we've labeled it for our commemorative anniversary. The barrel -- Started in 2003 as our business. It was bottled and 2013. Commemorating a ten year anniversary so very special. Dividend -- left. We actually on the we have on it really we have won there. A -- that found that Annika. Donate got to start off another barrel for another ten years or and that's what we're we're hoping -- deal but we do need to. To get something to our customers. Every other day we have someone looking for -- From another one of those barrel bottles so we'll definitely get one and -- you know this is what the show's all about is is a local business and you know just the regular people of the world. Like it needs in the news you just go out there and do it and you know and work hard at doing it. Company employees to half. Well basically it's some it's seasonal we. A busier time on our audience -- things thing but. Anywhere from winds anywhere from three to eight people on. Working with -- us on part time. And my mother. The most fireworks and the day and I'm in nighttime. Gal who's ready to serve. By the weight you carry my wife's favorite vodka and then it is afternoon basketball after. Its its yeah. Would at least I was in the story and I saw that article in time and it was called captain vodka. And I'm like. You know EFF I -- right and I'm like -- I gotta get this from my wife and now we get it all the time you know and it that you're -- -- -- Let me ask you this. We're gonna talk a little bit about winds now I notice you have the there's a New York -- section. You have to sort tell us about that room. Yes that's fairly you know I believe it's about two years old now we hand. Portion of -- they -- While that was used to howls are boxed wines. And gene and I were talking Monday and we thought she wouldn't. They governments in wasted what they -- let's try to promote the New York State winds. So she Payne had a and we introduced. Ourselves too many of the local wineries. And purchase stent and belted out. They talk about local. I mean that's great that you're supporting New York State lines like that because there's so many great wineries in this area you know Finger Lakes you know a lot of them. You know should talk -- region. He probably is a pretty good relationships with them right. Oh yes there's actually over 360. Wineries and the State of New York. And that's not including some of the new distillery reason the cider mills that are our pop and -- also so. On our room. Right now probably consists of about 45. Representatives of the and the New York State wineries. Hopefully that we can expand a comment further. And our relationship is wonderful desire with their local wineries I was on the -- so. It and you had the -- called America cupcake whine when it was a cupcake fine. With cupcake lines are on up and coming brand. Much like your barefoot brain and ordinary yellow tail brand. That's flat on cupcake wines are definitely Palestinians has expanded in their their rattles are out there and they also have a percent now. On wonderful brand and it's doing very well on national. What are your biggest sellers of wine. I would say me. White sentient Allison is one of them was a -- -- it's yet medium sweet. But. -- one of the newest ones out. Is the -- now and -- is sweet heard of that you know him as scandalous is that almost like a dessert wine. I wouldn't call to dessert wine I think I would refer to it as just one of the sweetest lines out there there is such a thing has -- Ryan they Iceland's very -- -- correct. Well -- fifteen minutes I mean of fame is -- is gone by quick a lot of the -- guys. Now it was like talked about alcohol and the I don't think that their holiday -- -- a sewer you would -- in Maryland and you know I gotta tie yeah I go to this place on time. Cordially viewers wine and spirits right and now French road team -- -- in -- its European Lancaster and -- West Seneca Belmont west Seneca you're just really minutes away from from cordially yours. Inept play has his or anything else you wanted to listeners and over a quick. Well. And like I said we do have our website www. cordially -- wine and spirits that come. And I guess we'll just leave you -- one last comment one of our customers. Came just the other day instant you know why we like coming to your store and I hesitated for a minute and he says well I'm an Italian. You are relational. We have a customer. Policy that we welcome everybody to -- to our star when they walk and killer. When you come to the store we would like to welcome you -- say hello we don't just. Take it upon ourselves that your coming into the -- to make a transaction. So where relational. So that their customers told us selling out to greet the customers and we like to give them service. I'd love that that's a great way to and they show. I'm Maryland thank you think -- -- Sitting thank you very very much funny cordially or is wine and spirits. In Cheektowaga. Another edition of buffalo means business my name is -- he surely you're listening to news radio 930 WBN. 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