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3-31 Beach and Company Hour 1

Mar 31, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well what is -- got -- sandy B Chad it's going to be a good day. It is going to be a good day and I'll tell you why. Even though it's Monday fresh bosh not they're here. -- bush over bride and a new batch of fresh -- not. And you haven't had a heart much you enjoyed one of -- so. I've already enjoy to organisms and to a Bible little bit more later on and there are feeling good news. All right let's say well what's going on thanks reveal who love Lucy and Ethel over the weekend. Idea I said some information to Tony about Lucy and Ethel and Tony thought hey here's a cute picture of that -- A lying in the sun on the couch together. And so you posted it yesterday we have like a 116. Summer hits on the first hour of it and people what was event on banks were thinking about now. They are so adorable I just wanted to -- next in the it just doesn't know the first so soft looking what -- your -- in the. And they are so adorable and they -- they decided to take an afternoon nap in the sun was coming up through the skylight. And the picture looks so good did that we thought and it's so let's say in this at -- it would thanks and a Tony made the executive decision to put it on the FaceBook page. Also sometime perhaps later today I have in the newspaper article. About how I got hooked up with The Beatles original. And it's interesting is in the Springfield. Massachusetts newspaper in some loopholes that it's it's kind of interest they don't get thrown off. Using a different name at that time yeah this was. At a but it's a very interesting article and its bottom brought back a lot of memories so that that was great also I come in court today and there's a letter here. From our actual letter and I'll tell you -- from lit up on Heather wrote in Cheektowaga thank you Linda. I am what it says it's a program. For a bachelor's. Evening and this is some time back OK it's a February 5 1987. It's not -- okay. But that the person said here right -- Beatrice -- in this so you remember they used to do those bachelor auctions where they get that I stud muffins up there in the women would. I'll would -- on him for charity and then they go out and date. Or have been a -- package now hopefully you know assaulted the guy you bet on but anyway I was so. I wanna see if either of you guys either Tony or Chris. And don't just shouted out let me do the whole thing here. I I will leave out just a couple of pertinent bits of information because you know instantly what -- aren't. Here's a description of one of the a bachelors on -- Aboard fifth 1987. For charity and he -- money six these 510. He has dark brown hair and his allies. His hobbies include all films long walks volunteering as a Big Brother. What makes me special that's a category here my sense of humor my creative -- in my personality. What women what kind of women would find me interest thing. A woman who enjoys good conversations likes kids and and George films as well here's the big package this is what you get if you're -- -- better. Experience a thrill packed day in the life of our country cartoonist. -- date package will begin with a bouquet of flowers spend a fun filled day and seeking followed by a whirlwind tour of an actual cartoon studio. November escorted to a beautiful and historic -- -- ransom house good food. A dinner will be followed by a motion picture of your choice. The evening -- wind down as you enjoy an ice cream cones sprinkles are optional you get the feed the ducks a picturesque Glen falls park. Now Barrett as obviously. This person's a nice person is no mention of sex. Editor at all. And so that's that's not -- all right. -- raise your hand if you think you know it is you think you know -- Chris raises and first so -- the effect is that's as cinema Bob that's exactly yeah. The cartoons gave it away yeah -- and I was not gonna put -- there but it's so important to have it in there because so. So that's at. A day it would Bob I I would love to find out who who was the high bit. -- whoever was paid 225 dollars. So that's a substantial bad. I'd love to find out who was and fine you know as we get into those buildings or what tonight was like but I thought we would do some of these things like. Hobbies what makes me special what kind of woman would find the interest. All right we'll start with Tony hobbies. In cooking cocaine hot days -- sports sports my hobbies would be I don't know guns. -- -- -- Thing -- cargo -- oh that's right there at my job your cards. That's it scratch everything else including eating -- breathing it's all cars okay as much. What makes me special now now he got to walk a fine line between you got to make an entire saying. But you're also don't wanna sound egotistical so it's one of those middle of the road kind of deals. I don't know a false modesty is needed here but what go to Iowa or if some warm married what would make use special. Humor -- humor okay all right -- impressed. Mile long hair. That's right because we that women and intercom trying cut its era to see if we still have the power -- out by dead so far and elect. What makes -- special. I'm not that much jive you know I guess Schumer would be bad that would probably via my best to. What kind of -- and would finding interest earning described the woman that would find you interest. Wow. Somebody who is -- fun loving conservative and love sports. -- have our eucharist maybe someone with an intense dislike for humanity. -- follow up -- what kind of woman would find -- interest thing. You know I really don't know all I I I can tell you what kind of woman I would find interesting and that would be somebody who's Smart. Gotta have intelligence. I had to rest that if you have intelligence the rest of it doesn't matter really doesn't really yeah -- doesn't mean sex. After 220 years you're -- I'm just saying yeah I know I seriously somebody -- Smart because you know why. There was a survey done. And it's -- it was on that Sunday morning show on notre Congo for you know CBS. A Sunday morning knows which. And it's really -- -- -- and Pittsburgh left win but it's still a good show. And they -- thing on humor. And they found out based they searched the brain and they found out in order to get humor you have to be intelligent you really do and get back to the people that I know that are humorous. Every one of them is Smart I don't know one dumb person. Let's it was humorous I really don't. I think you have to have something between your readers if you're going to be funny because there's nothing worse I can tell you. And somebody who isn't funny trying to be funny that's the end of the world forget it jump off a cliff before trying to. But so I as far as I'm concerned brings first the rest -- -- that's fine but brings first up that's insisting that he's anymore. The a bachelor's that it was quiet for a while it was it was hot topic you know lot now they don't put. So that fund raising very good fundraising thing. So so now we know -- cinema Bob has his allies. You know I've been working -- for fifteen years and I've never notice the color. The -- so where -- this guy's -- like that -- guys are gonna win and could tell you when he was first wearing the first time I saw him right. I mean -- a big on details like that. If I'm not. If if I witnessed the robbery. And -- and the area of the robber came out in the amazing technicolor dreamcoat -- Gordon describe it. There's just no way I don't pay attention that's the only retain stuff I think I'm gonna need and that's nodded but anyway it would have to ask Bob. In fact we'll ask him Friday and the movie show how -- on the date as he does not -- -- have this they also sent. AFL a one shape publicity picture of when I was on was Rob Lucas. Bush and -- that problem goes with me let's get the show always. On magic one -- there's a picture of rob and myself worrying Mickey Mouse ears -- or not. And a Sallyann -- -- -- woman right there salary and mostly tough to see from the out but you remember selling. And recognize that no matter. That was the only thing. That I've ever ask for in a contract that I haven't gotten. Was -- girls. Uh oh I was at one wrote once -- the proposals here at B and on by the same guys are eleven okay. And we -- -- -- -- on one -- to -- we went from eleventh to a third -- bowl I mean you really. And I could had anything. Thing and I sent out once as a howler from -- knows -- she's great I I'd love worker -- Could never went -- the only thing so all these years. Now I get to at least they see your sign off but that's all that's a that's a big plus. I would come back we got some things going on in Florida -- talked about. And other good stuff on news radio 930 RWB yeah in his region company. Have any have you seen those shows I think there on the Discovery Channel. While a great revelation is that an enormously. Popular show. On non cable is -- dynasty. Now I've never seen I tried to watch it for about five minutes my brain fried so I I I went to something else okay. Which is more intellectually stimulating like counting the -- But -- watch him -- -- they got these guys look like easy easy top. Who I guess -- made a lot of money would -- calls and that's what it's about it's about rural southern white funnel like crap okay. So you start a series -- she knows. And they got one buying Hawaii. Initial people looking at houses in Hawaii and that was interest that. Bill which island you on other volcanoes how expensive -- article. They have one buying Alaska which is also interesting. Because you find out how expensive houses are Alaska and in the rural Alaska hardly any of them have things like oh I don't know. Running water electricity and toilets. You have to walk through -- darkened woods to an -- house where there are bears in the vicinity does not sound to me like something ago. I wanna visit Alaska I'm not necessarily buy a house in the rural sections of Alaska. So I got one. Which is there a direct rip off I can tell you right now of -- dynasty. And it's called buying -- by you and the body in order down there and -- low wheezing animals it was Louisiana Alabama. Are part of Texas but not much it's mainly Louisiana. And they got these people looking for houses that are out of our -- -- first of all. Finishing. -- like to fish right. Smug and fisherman's boat -- from majority in you know under a tree can finish. These people are by and addicts and they don't care where they live as long as they can have fishing and hunting. So they shot these houses a result of people are like. Come on these are real people are they yeah they all look like -- dynasty with the -- even -- women. I MMA all right around a four wheelers that most totally caked with mud. In a look at houses that have no roads you can't get there. From a road you have to go. I want aircraft are right and the only thing important of them are their hobbies they -- and houses that I'm telling you. If they are New York State that they would have to be by law that point and I don't and there are 400000. Dollars and they don't care because you know what. There's that stand in the backyard that's. That house last night because that stand now I'm thinking. When it be easier to get a good house and buy your own to -- -- just put up -- that's what was already there. And they got one with two guys that work together they're both married with children they make sure they stood they specified that. So they're not gay guys but their friends and what they like to do is hunt on the weekend so they needed. I'll -- weekend. Hunting lodge not a lodge -- -- about a cabin on hunting cabin. They asked him there there were a budget at the beginning of each segment here their budget was. 400000. Dollars 400 these two hillbillies. Have 400000. Dollars to invest in our cabin for the weekend and the thing was that dump. It was really a -- it was embarrassing. -- now how how. How over the top art today. I'm gonna give an example at your side you know I'm not lying OK these two guys were a bit avid hunters as well as fisherman. And they saw some. Excrement on the ground are not making this up. And he goes. Now I think that that could be Iraq Cologne. This is I'll tell you in a minute and he goes down like a kid what would his finger in the apply you know and -- that. I swear to you that's the truth I'm not met -- I couldn't make that up at that point I -- what that how it's. Urgent. This is this is energy and now this is entertainment watching a guy eat raccoon excrement. That's bad that's considered entertainment because remember Longo said. You know eventually. -- can evolve satellites -- always -- step is going to be 500 channels. Well the first thing I thought of it where we gonna get aren't material for 500 channels no way well this is the kind of stuff but it. You've got to watch it at least once. Because if this isn't a cartoon I've never seen. And I immediately said. Forget I -- so I don't mean like oral and that's that that's the best place in the Louisiana. I'm thinking and I don't wanna drive through what we've. Anymore have you ever seen -- I've seen. You know previews you know the title now never seen any clips of it is pathetic because they're trying to outdo duck NC. Their did they get. It is originality and and on TV some against the glimmer of an idea and -- catches on and is thirty shows like that -- -- I'm that's the way it has -- -- -- I've seen in the Hawaii one but I have not seen the other out of Hawaii want it's good I think a whole -- wants the best of the ones they go and I'm thinking. Bob Vila he's got to be looking at this going one how is the best. Because -- is that you know come into a house August needs a new Lawler let's change this Iran and build at the accurate but this isn't bad at all. It's these hillbillies going from place -- place. Just embarrassing themselves what actually said I gotta tell you this do not be affected. He actually said took a realtor try if you get a house today. Don't try saying this to ignore real clear this is on the television show the guy said the real clear. I like privacy because I like to peel off my back deck. I'm not making this up you can't make it out it's pathetic is what are. He should know better than Matt that's what. The stadiums. Are right or come back -- -- and are subject matter today. I like watching the show for one reason makes me seem like a rocket scientist when I watch that's -- It's smarter rocket scientists -- brain surgeon -- -- two of those two positions. -- -- -- -- while I do some things off the deck here on his radio -- of Arabia. You can pay for yesterday's news in -- -- -- today's news free just used WB and dot com. -- backward region governor said -- sample. Our dump the state legislature is considering a bill that would raise the speed limit on highways who's 75. Now we're talking. I've always thought that the they've been through it should be 75 because it's limited access. And it's usually pretty good shape weather conditions. -- approval would have to -- about of course who wouldn't do that the winner with snow or ice on there but. I've always thought that I always thought if you want to get a super pass. And of any state legislators -- listen to show now maybe Bergen up as a billed as a vehicle a super pass. A would allow you to use the -- like inaudible -- not about that I'm willing to pay extra I'll tell you. I -- going to pay double hook. If veterans I would do all weekend I would just cruise back and forth between here and Albany. I think yeah yeah whatever it at all -- if it's if it's seventeen dollars I'd pay 34 there's no question I would do it. Just to be able to use it like a bond which is. There's no official on speed but I mean it's it's obviously speed has to be consistent with weather conditions or whatever but I'd love to do that. And I've had some neat cars and -- to a pig that's -- com or by. The leaderboard is raise money in New York maybe that would be -- window when I agree I wish they would you have put them over the map all right Chris. Yeah I mean -- when you're driving it oftentimes if I'm especially going to work in the morning when there's nobody on the -- I have to putting crew was otherwise I will speed measured. You can ask throwing 657 in -- dot. You don't feel like you're going that fast there was an article years ago in cart driver. It wasn't Brock gates -- column but it was in the same magazine Brock wrote for. Saying that people drive at the speed of which normally I mean there's some people who pro who tried to speed you know as to a -- into whatever. But most people when they're speeding are just comfortable with the speed they're driving. -- -- you on my favorite new road from a camera stuff to be your county line. Forty miles an hour seems like you can get out of the car and walk along side of but -- of people normally drive a 55. Maybe even sixty and that's why they patrol boats on its people have a lead foot it's just that the four miles an hour seems -- I'm reasonably. It's well but there are very deep ditches -- your -- -- all those pitches and rescue helicopter gets -- out. They don't patrol because it's easy revenue -- -- old north state no opening statements you know they -- it's all about safety. And they feel a lot safer -- -- -- money speaking of safety wasn't there -- a law passed a few years ago that it on the mark Karr cannot pull you over for -- I'm familiar with that but I'll take your word for because they have a lot of -- -- yeah I. I could've sworn that there was over. And who's this articles about you know women saying you know how to -- know that that's really -- -- -- I sought Friday on my way home -- on on mark. -- UV and had no idea what agency the there was a -- of nothing just dislike. It's what annoys me is not the cops pull you over because they do and sometimes you get oil and sometimes you don't sometimes it on purpose sometimes it didn't. But what they have no concern and just stop you in the middle of a travel lane or near corner where anybody -- -- clip you -- them. They if I if if I saw the red lights in my idea in my mirror and I didn't think a good stuff safely there. I would open my window and I follow me get to a safe place but they don't do it I've seen I've seen him in the middle of practically intersections stopping people. That's not good police work as far as -- So I'm pro police but I think when they do that in the state. And it causes resentment but I wish they would raise the speed element to unleaded and on the New York her way now value trust them. And the legislators who probably like it. From Western New York simply because. Could get there faster the ones that drive not a boring ride -- been taken -- right since. First summit came up there was a 1965. And I know it inside now and it's boring it is absolutely boring so they ought to do something to liven it up a bit. Now I have some tickets giveaway I know your very excited we have a giveaway right now for packer tickets to see the buffalo buys his home opener. That's going to be Thursday April 3 at 205. I don't like ferret or -- sixers who missed the first minute. Vs Rochester red wings at Coca-Cola field value with 44 dollars general content rules applied. Pablo -- has opened the season this Thursday at 205 for tickets visit by dozens dot com call us now will take -- winner random. OK did you see the how many bad words did you guys -- On Sunday morning annual conference on this note it was a it was still spitting snow is somewhat -- -- about. I'm guessing four or five inches of snow. Yeah easily I -- words that could possibly VP on the -- it's a lot of it's over it's I mean is over nobody wants it to Chris that you -- bad words your wife had to get translated it was horrible I was I want out of the movies and Saturday and we actually got there late because -- -- -- -- -- -- -- else that's not not good and I know that it would -- you could tell. What is this late in the year -- right away and most of it is gone from the driveway -- authorities of that that's good no need to. Yeah although I've given up getting out -- -- anyway I was getting I was I don't know -- No I'm like a mule once again I'm not doing any -- boy this year that's Scott. In fact next Germany Selma snowblower and higher law. Iowa we come back we have an actual subject for you boys and girls and it's a subject I don't know. If you're -- morning now because. Be great experiment on CNN. You know what CNN is right I mean hardly anybody watches it anymore. The piers Morgan experiment is over but before you left he thought it would be good to lecture us Americans because he's a British. Be nice of him to it's a lecture us on our thoughts about guns. Well we really doesn't -- really don't need any help from Theres more but he thought he would they give us and it will get. In impression on that and also a statement made by Kobe Bryant which who I think will find interest. On news radio 930 we are WB. IA I think I'm dumping Google. I I Google everything Google's getting too damn annoying what's happening now on my computer. It's actually a market. That if I'm -- doing something all of a sudden this square shows up and takes over the screen. In the center of the square is a circle. And in there is a rotating. A ball of many colors. You cannot get that off of the screen without shutting down and restarting that's the only way Garrett. And I was in the middle of a look at some car stuff yesterday and I thought a couple of sites that were really cool. And then suddenly the balls of the ballrooms where shall up. And got to take the whole thing down and hoping and find it again so -- a what do you usually don't use Firefox Firefox yet trying to fire -- news or use Firefox myself I like him out you know use -- forecast with judge and count the in our our department recommended. So that's okay that's what values because I'm dom -- with a dongle will Google's getting too annoying. See what happens is that they start a good idea and then they get. Little too full of themselves who have line extensions and brand extensions all discretionary in infamy I share all kinds of stuff like that on done. I am done remarkably more. Right I know that many of you probably have a going away party for CNN host piers Morgan. Piers Morgan has been on the air for three years and is has been a disaster. First of all he got called up by one of his guests the other and he who was -- Chelsea handler was a Chelsea handler. Who said you know I've got a lot of interviews in my life a lot of interviews I've never had this after a in the middle bidders that really allows the interviewer Bob why make it. These are you are keeping my attack guess it was not paying attention. You aren't keeping my answer is is what your job as a as a interviewers ask good questions and blah blah and they got into it. But he's at the end of his rope and so -- of yours. But he thought he would impart some wisdom something that he -- but it looked over three years he wants to do it the last five may. -- of Charlotte and so here's what he did notice is an AP story that I'm working from. Piers Morgan issued one last plea for US gun control. As he wrapped up it shows three Iran. In the final five minutes Friday he said he has been consistent and often very controversial. And he's talking about gun control. He's he's British and -- and gas he cited gun violence statistics. And expressed dismay. I hear you do -- every dismay that. Shootings of a better problem you know publicly up front page headlines haven't led to a stricter laws. He blamed politicians. He said have been ball -- okay here again now that's the key word here let's make sure we use all the buzz words. I saw some good news reports. Over the weekend on local television using the word ball -- frequently okay. Please can we get a maverick a synonym for bullied so we don't -- the same word all the time. Because you get a word it means something. And you apply -- -- things that it's not applicable through and suddenly people. Give vote more gravitas of that issue than perhaps -- He said that politicians have been bullied and -- cowardly silence. By gun lobby led by the National Rifle Association. You know other big bad National Rifle Association the NRA. That's me. Probably you who is a lot of your friends and relatives. Though -- members of the NRA law abiding citizens. Be very interesting to see how many crimes. Have been committed we have by NRA members I'm guessing not many. It would especially be interesting to see how many crimes are committed with a -- That's legally. A license to somebody like in New York's that we have to have. We don't after what we do. You'd find it's very very small so but the of the volleys from the National Rifle Association according to him are -- bullying. Politicians into -- cowardly silence. To those who claim my gun control campaign has been anti American while the reverse is true I am so pro America I want more -- to stay alive. Now it's -- audio on it scrutinized -- thank you for caring. In and are trying to eleven he succeeded Larry King. And you know what's funny is Larry King seemed to be on his last leg of three years ago now doesn't pod a podcast that's about it. But Larry King would have been better than piers Morgan I was talking to somebody this morning about it. And they said you know during the last few years of Larry King. That was a regular viewing but occasionally you get a show that was interest thing and quotable or whatever but that nobody has that same kind of thought process. About piers Morgan. For summaries and he never clicked with us you remember he was on Britain's got talent and he was one of the judges -- -- They made their super -- singing discovery there. But anyway so he is saying that we're bullying the politicians we in the National Rifle Association that his message to us. And he wants more gun control. You know enough in this country and I'm asking that his message to you I'd like to know what your message to him as my messaging him is. If if you're not comfortable. Go where you are comfortable of the law of the land is the law of the land is very restrictive in some states. Because they have access to gun control laws New Yorkers probably one of the -- if not the strictest. But really -- is not your business. If you -- gone -- have a gun but through to think that we would give up our Second Amendment Rights part of our constitution. Part of our wellbeing. To think that you know we thought. I know we thought we'd never have to face the thought of a -- protecting us from people outside our door trying to break it down. But lately it's more a more reasonable to expect that we have certainly the right the basic right of self defense. And and assure a karate or come -- master. Usually involves something like that so we law abiding citizens following the US constitution. Damn well have the right. To possess firearms and has been upheld by the Supreme Court. And -- to be honestly I don't need piers Morgan's approval to do that. Because when the when the glass breaks at 3 o'clock in the morning. And the cops are twenty miles away because you live on a rural area or there just simply tied up with something else. I don't wanna have to wait and ask who's breaking the glass and haven't -- by a moment to find out how hard their childhood their child who was. Because it'll be my job to protect myself. And anybody in my house from the bad guys and that's that. I also enjoy recreational shooting. In some people enjoy hunting I'm not a -- but I certainly see a lot of people do enjoy -- and that's fine with me. Laws and all legal that's cool but we don't need somebody coming into our country gold is an even one of our citizens basically to lecture us. On our constitutional rights. As the Second Amendment that spells them out. Idea if I went to if I took a media job and England. I would not be thanking them and now I should be saying these Bobby should be carrying something more than a nightstick wouldn't be. Of my position to lecture them as being a guest in their and there are a country. So I'd like your message to a piers Morgan. Are the politicians been bullied or do they real less realistically reflect. What the people in the community want now it varies from state to state it varies from community to community. I guess in some areas it's very important as some air -- is less important but the bottom line is it's bear. And I don't want it taken away and I don't need a lecture. I'm from piers Morgan and Austria on Montreal 1806 on 69236 start 930.

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