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JIm Kelly on "CBS This Morning"

Mar 31, 2014|

With Jeff Glor

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

After eleven seasons with the Buffalo Bills had a record four straight Super Bowl appearances Jim Kelly retired in 1996. The challenges he faced sets have far surpassed any obstacle on the field. One year after leaving the game. Kelly's only son hunter was born with a rare neurological disorder called credit disease. Jim became the nation's most prominent voice in support of early screening and research. Hunter's hope his foundation has raised fourteen million dollars. The toughest person I've ever met in my -- -- bone he wrote. Most don't learn. My son. Quote you. Unless. Hunter died in 2005. At the age of -- Kelly's wife Jill. I think. The struggle hunter has changed that meant. He's changed and I think the struggle under. There's also a helping hand to get through -- is going through now. And the compassion that he has their people. Is being paid back to him a Brazilian bubble right now. Today nine years after hunter passed away Jim is fighting an aggressive recurrence of oral cancer. The cancerous spread and is currently not operable. His family has posted a series of photos on social media which of inspired an outpouring of support not just in Western New York where students are signing cards for Kelly. But across the country. Gifts from people to family has never met the arriving at the hospital. And so -- longtime friends including former bills running back and hall of Famer Thurman Thomas. -- sit there for. Just don't know -- band -- it is failing right now. And my response to him was. If I can take your head for a little bit. For a loop for a little while I was -- what -- Dan Kelly says the most remarkable part about his younger brother -- even in the face of all consuming illness. This is continuing concern for others. There's -- it's never about better about him it's always have been about other people and what he can do for somebody else. He is a definition of love. It's very painful. To watch him go through it and to not to sit there and up -- to do anything about it. Because you can't you know. I can do is -- And just ask him if there's anything I can do. Don't ever get any given moment. Other times and you wonder one. Late last night's that's what Jim has sent us this message from the hospital on -- hole there. So many people took time out to not only to send me your well wishes. But more importantly your purse that's what's -- you've been through this in past somebody repute we're very -- it not be here all of that so. Pump on behalf of my family thank you so very much and don't solve most purse. What's your one wish -- My wish is that when people. Look at my dad they see a guy do. Fought the good fight and who did it went. And such joy a encourage in very very because. And that's who he is that's his character and and that -- that when people see yes they find hope and they find they threw up or going through it. For now Jim Kelly will stay in New York City his family hopes a new treatments. Brings them new hope. For CBS this morning Jeff Glor New York.