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Latest On WA Mudslide; Recovery Efforts

Mar 31, 2014|

CBS Correspondent Stephan Kaufman

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go across the country to our nation's. Northwest corner CBS's Stefan -- of Washington State is standing by to talk with us with -- -- -- The snohomish county mudslides stuff on good morning thank you for taking the time to be with us. Good morning from Arlington Washington yeah plus plus -- over the weekend. It would let's start with the confirmed that we have the snohomish county -- -- -- all our reports that he fatality count. -- -- -- We have 21 confirmed that six more awaiting identification body -- offers another war. I have been located in the debris haven't been recovered. Did they feel that they're going to have to be able to find all of these. These bodies Stefan. -- -- -- -- adjustments. Several articles or shooters. They've probably won't find. Everyone that was their that was. Kill because it it. -- covers a one square mile area first. And it Rangers and now over the original brown -- Fifteen feet maybe in some places. And up to 75 the GDP and others. It must be incredibly. Difficult for the families involved with the as a unaccounted for people. Knowing that and their loved ones are going to be buried forever. But certainly it John closure. Koppel we will not happening here. But that's not stopping -- First responders from you know digging still digging. But they have to be very careful -- -- their operations gonna go on for probably three or much. They have to be careful because there's so many contaminants in the -- -- particular people in their homes keep these. Household chemicals. Insight from you know the drink -- in the state senators and oranges food and whatever there's also gets rating from. Automobiles in the -- diesel fuel. And also look it -- -- like the flammable gases essentially. Broke through that kind of thing. While what about -- the exhaustion level and fatigue in more than a week later now for the searchers. But they're starting to and to rotate crews are well even even that sure -- so the so called cadaver talks. They get tired easily to -- quickly because -- -- Mean they're just you know more animals and they can't you know they get tired out and they have to be. Brought off the job in every one that works in that market has to be decontaminated. Because of these contaminants are mentioned they have that. Suppose the human down they have those that don't -- -- good -- could do this morning thank you very much for the update thanks again. CBS's Stefan -- joining us live from just north of Seattle.