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Big Week Ahead For Business News

Mar 31, 2014|

Jill Schlesinger

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our guest this morning Jill Schlesinger CBS news senior business analyst hosted Jill on money. Saturday's four until six on WB and Jill good morning good morning and I always get all of my screenings just in case your wondering I'm Betty and I are all about that -- and -- a good thank yeah absolutely. Eight post polar vortex jobs report. Is coming out this week you know we got anywhere from. Six inches to a foot of snow around here Saturday night Sunday morning I'll -- he died yeah. Just as an end for that country and for you guys in particular. Well this bad weather really has impacted the economy there's no way around it. -- good news is that according to the guys and gals who studied this that there should be a nice bounce back in the spring. And we're going to get a few readings that could show that first of all we are going to get auto sales numbers out they come out tomorrow. I understand that dealers had the best incentives for car buyers in March that they had had in four years that's how bad the winter was the car dealerships had to come on strong to get us out. And come -- look at buy cars so that's number one we'll see a little bump up in -- -- at the end of the week we are getting the Labor Department's monthly jobs report. We're hoping to see. A 190000. New jobs created that's about the same level where we were before that nasty winter stuff started. We're hoping that we start being inching up over 200 getting towards 250000. Jobs a month. That's what's really going to get more people back to work and -- just as importantly from what I hear from people call my radio show. People getting wage increases they've really been stuck here since the recession a lot of people never had not come back to their prior income before the recession started. -- -- new car sales that's sounds like good news but GM with his ignition problem and -- older cars now. They're also recalling 170000. Each Chevrolet Cruz compacts because of right front axle shift. Lot of information has been withheld from the government help troubled as GM and. I think it's a great question. I actually went back to look and see what happened to William and government they had terrible problems. At with a number of recalls and it was probably just sort of similar in terms of scope. And what happens to these brands is if they come out strong at this point that Mary bar Christiane congress testifies this week. And says we years saying we now realize he really -- were going to be transparent here's how we're gonna fix the problems don't worry they move forward. I think they should be fine I would say that I see in the next couple of months. It we keep an -- and GM's sales they take -- hit in the short term because people get -- right we we we certainly hear all the news cycle information so of course no one feels great about going to get -- GM car in the moment but that said. Let's be clear that GM has been doing a terrific job of getting back on its feet after. -- horrible recession and I would imagine that GM will be will survive this will continue to thrive. But it's a great lesson for all brands when you've got a problem need take care as quickly as you possibly cast early in the south -- like Toyota type finds. -- that remains to be seen the big question that there are they are going to be asked is when it was the problem raise. Whitney did you know and what do you do about and if they lied to regulators and during that time were they found a problem. That's bad news and they're gonna pay big money. Occasional great to have you with us this morning and have a great week daycare that's still solicitor CBS news senior business analysts.