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Erie County Exec. Mark Poloncarz

Mar 30, 2014|

The Buffalo Bills ownership & stadium issues

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Talks about what happened next with the bills are bound to center as they have begun to on the future and in part on the future of the stadium that bears his name. Coincidental with the death of Wilson this team this week named its delegates to a task force looking at what happens to the stadium on the road. The county had already done so before that the governor before that. So now all is set to look at what happens down the road with the stadium and we do that in the context of the team. Operated presumably now by a trust after the death of Ralph Wilson county executive mark on cars here mark thanks for joining us. Talk to me about anything you can share and and for all I know -- they didn't tell you and -- you might not be able Telus. But what do you know about the trust. Who may be the trustees are. And whether the trust has a deal in hand that could did dictate the future down the road to be revealed that someday. Well like you know some aspects about the trust but I was asked not to reveal those. Provisions. Under a confidentiality agreement that. Agreed to Columbia. That was my personal not the counting. But I have spoken to. -- representatives and representatives of mr. Wilson's state in regards to that. And I think over time you more information will be coming up to the public. But that information is gonna be released by the state of Ralph Wilson I don't believe it's my position to release it after it was best to keep it confidential. Part of the reason I asked is an attorney that I know you're familiar with earlier in the program we had Roy Cunningham on here from Mathias Wexler a -- -- this Wexler. And he had speculated and I got to underline it's speculation but he had speculated that perhaps when the trust was set up it cool would have been set up. With a right of first refusal for current management or maybe that hints of a deal already embedded in that trust can comment in -- -- Well I can't comment specifically as it pertains to the arrival comment specifically as it pertains to truck that ruffles and set up. I no mr. -- very well Roy and I go back many years we practiced law together you mentioned that volumes here pat on the like right good guy and good they trusted turning. The scenario that he. -- -- Is a legitimate scenario that exists in many truck but I am not gonna. State whether I believe for the fact that the case I don't have that truck sitting right in front of me here take a look at. And that the only way to really state definitively that the case. Tell me a little bit more than about the stadium marketing group senator Charles Schumer earlier this week. Said that the -- and he's been appointed to the that the committee by the Buffalo Bills I know as I mentioned. You have your appointees so does the governor. The senator Schumer this week said the group is likely to meet perhaps even this week. -- and everything -- open. Everything has opened with one goal and my one goal keep the bills in buffalo and do whatever it takes to do. So he is already put that on the table that the goal is to keep the bills in buffalo. Earlier this week I spoke with a -- -- house and he's the guy that does the team valuations. Across the entire NFL for Forbes magazine. He looks at buffalo each year tries put a price take out for those rankings. And in light of this conversation he said that for any new owner coming in a new stadium makes all the difference -- New stadium moved. Absolutely be a driving factor in keeping an achievement for. Lou Ralph Wilson Stadium is one of the oldest in the NFL. And he says that the stadium right now is not necessarily a moneymaker especially if someone was looking coming in as an owner. Old stadium in a small market it just can't generate. The kind of money that you're seeing in big markets. Particularly as everybody. Almost everybody there felt -- in the stadium. Over the last. -- here so that we turn to you mark -- cars if this group is looking at the future of the stadium and keeping the bills in town. And does that Obama magically with the death now Ralph Wilson sort of I don't assay bias the process but make make a new stadium that much more urgent or or can -- Like I disagree with mr. brought thousands Alec assertions -- making an assumption about actually looking at the bottom line of the Buffalo Bills he's just trying to do some estimates. I think we have to look at various aspects of it. Another small market is Kansas City they have -- -- -- which was opened the same time is Ralph Wilson Stadium was they did a major retrofit. In the past few years now they had never on the renovations there ahead like we had approximately twenty years ago. So they were kind of catching up to -- and what the Buffalo Bills in -- county has done in the past forty years. I disagree with that that we have to happened stadium I mean think about some of the teams that are small market teams that do not have the stadium Lambeau Field and in Green Bay. Arafat. In in Kansas City. I mean even Chicago's Soldier Field is a much smaller stadium with just as many or fewer luxury boxes that they -- major retrofit. It's a different market there's other ways to generate revenue and a market. The the assertion from the four gentlemen that if we do everything with all the bells and whistles that every other news stadium has. That will will succeed. Without -- we -- without -- I disagree. He mr. -- also looked at personal seat licenses I'm fairly confident that he would assume that we have to have personal seat licenses here. Where people are paying up to 101000 dollars or more for the right to purchase -- -- not even that put that money toward the -- A number of markets have gone the personal seat license way. We have not build organization understands that personal seat licenses of any substantial value at all it would it would fail in this market. Is it harder for the stadium of working group that is about convened nor will convene in the next couple weeks months. Is it harder for them to do their business with a question mark over ownership or does the trust significantly take care of enough of that. That you guys can say. We're not necessarily looking at what's best for a new owner were looking in the here and now that does the death complicate things. What it's a little bit of football. The bills organization will still be run by Russ Brandon. The president and CEO of the treasurer will still be Geoffrey Lipman has is that he was before. I'll -- is not changing any time in the near future eventually there will be -- the team. I think it's incumbent upon all the members of the news being working group committee did. To put the time and effort in to determine what is in the best interest not only of the organization franchise but the community. I think we need to look at all aspects of it. Any time someone comes out says. Well you have to do something to keep this team in -- They're making an assumption that is not necessarily accurate I'm fairly confident that mr. -- out of the same thing to Kansas City. 56 years ago was if you do not build a new stadium we're gonna lose your football team we'll let it happen. They -- a retrofit which cost hundreds of millions of dollars would have been -- -- billion dollars. So I think it's incumbent upon us to try to put the pieces in place. To ensure that when the new owner does come and bad owner will feel comfortable with what we've done. Now I wanna remind everybody we just entered into the police if it technically was signed in May of 2013. We finished up the first year tenure at least or -- your two. Mr. Wilson when he -- this we at least he had a pretty good idea he wasn't gonna live to see the other. Yeah he knew he was 95 -- by agreeing to many of the terms that we entered into. We're stuck to protect his team and give this community that time that it means. To do what's right. To keep the organization here franchise here. After his death is like that not Tuesday when he -- the -- we owe him a debt of gratitude not only replacing -- seen here in the first place. But not moving it. And then agreeing to terms. That does come -- league owners I think are onerous which guarantees the -- to hear them lightly. And and by that you're talking about this 400 million dollar penalty let's let's sketched that out for the people looked at that everyone up to date. Well it is not actually a term in the least it is these separate agreement. It is in a separate agreement entitled not relocation agreement. That agreement. The team for the life for this tenure we sit reference -- but not actually in the -- but the team. Have to play at home games. As the Buffalo Bills in Ralph Wilson Stadium in orchard park New York. And that is the agreement is desirable. Doing new loner with a new owner must take it pursuant to the terms. Of the not relocation agreement. And if he went to court and sued you folks to break the agreement. He would have to pay that 400 million dollars. Actually that's a little -- lead this state -- the agreements state they cannot move the team. But the -- attempted to move the team then they're counting and New York State. Actually the court. And we would seek specific performance. And and that what. The general term is for an injunction. So we would seek specific performance and it is -- court would be a court in your -- -- -- out of court elsewhere. And then at the -- determined yet. The owner could move the team. That I am not going to grant specific performance. At that point then. The 400 billion dollar penalty comes at. I'm wanna remind everybody. The agreement prohibits the team from moving. If the team attempts to move the county -- -- go to -- court in Erie county. What judge in his or her right mind is gonna grant. Is out of area owner the right to move the team is based in Erie county. Especially if there is a pre existing contract the judge -- is -- to look at bucket that. Yet I mean the the reason we split the contract up or per per per pupil number one. Are we wanted to separate agreement to say that it was intention of the parties to enter into -- not relocation agreement and number two. A -- can be voided. In a job bankruptcy proceedings. Because it is an ineffective the agreement to pay the sum of money for the right to right. A parcel of property leases can be avoided with no problem. And he bankruptcy proceedings. However. A contract for specific performance in a bankruptcy proceeding is generally not avoidable because it's not in agreement. In exchange for money where I'm paying you money for the right to. To rent a parcel of property. I have a green -- I will not do something. So we can actually more of a personal agreement of action rather than. And it an agreement to hand over money and admiration in exchange for the right to rent land sort of bankruptcy court. A bankruptcy court -- -- leases all the time. But they generally are low and do not. Void contracts for specific performance and that's what we haven't been on relocation agreement as a contractor specific performance. Took my chance let's -- in -- bought the team. And then they file bankruptcy. Saying all I can no longer do this I have to get out as we. The judge may -- -- and -- you can renegotiate the terms of the lead but I'm not. Or they're still on the -- -- -- okay start there under the terms of that agreement a lot of people when talking about the 400 million. Tell me about years seven and the 28 million is there one year where that that penalty goes way down. In yet in after years seven they have the ownership group has the ability to. They pay what would be twenty million dollars. Who in some ways by Al the last. Three years believes it's a one time option they don't do it in the 400 million dollar specific performance clauses and all that kicking back in the gear. The build -- that in there because it is coincide. With the termination. Of the current collective bargaining agreement with the National Football League players association. They wanted the ability to if if the next collective bargaining agreement is so all worse. And it does not make it viable for this seem to exist here than they wanted the option to review things. And the county was willing to accept that life. We had no choice they weren't going to -- agreement if we get. Got you OK and coming up next -- up of the phone lines -- Poland cars here Erie county executive we're talking about the Buffalo Bills of course in light of the death of Ralph Wilson. Your phone calls are next state of 30930. It's hard line -- news radio 930 WB yen. And it is hard line on news radio 930 WB and this Dave -- County executive mark Poland cars is with us for the rest of this hour Meet the Press comes you -- at twelve noon we are talking obviously. About the death of Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson specifically what that means for the team's future and then fitting it all into discussions about the stadium. The stadium lease between the county in the bills and the talk down the road with a new task force looking at. May be either renovating or maybe someday putting -- stadium someplace else all of this is a little bit in flux that's what we've got mark here to take your calls. 8030930s. The number let's kick it out what -- in Cheektowaga hello thanks for calling. Are you there. The bulk airspace for taking out cause I have -- a -- through big supporter. All right -- let me stop you for just a quick second -- I did something bad I pressed the wrong button and I think we lost account executive he will be back with us. And hopefully he's listening to hear your question let's you and I just chat for a minute or two while we try to get him back on the line. Go ahead as if he were here but -- bear in mind that kept not necessarily. You know these -- forces are great but you know what these stats forces they start that went into representing a taxpayer better I want an -- Why not yeah it could be the when he put -- and renovation Eric -- it was not what people are referendum. And I wanna I want mr. partners to make a commitment if they ever start pop -- about it stadium. -- waterfront dispute put before a referendum. So that taxpayers a Western New York. The one they're gonna -- -- something I'm not saying look paper all of bit. But we shouldn't -- what -- and not these politicians wanna come out and say why weren't allowed to do all. You are repair rich stadium and the saint been applied to a new state. -- inherent to any question. Johnny inherent in your question is the idea that taxpayers shouldn't be funding this is that we -- saying. I want. The taxpayers shouldn't have a ball got whether they wonder they're not dispute this -- here. This is in great if you don't want to watch a football being up until now we've never been here we used that shot -- I may well yeah. I -- well now I want to. And tell him to make that commitment yet. -- -- county executive I'm glad you're back with us I think you heard enough to realize where Johnny's at. What's your response there. Register -- -- -- job from due to the there this is not California which has a law that specifically requires referendum on a number of public projects are spending about a certain point. New York -- not have a referendum law for either -- state. Cities towns. School district -- you have the ability to vote on a budget I'm. Not at this point saying that there would be a referendum and I'm not gonna publicly call for a referendum on this I don't -- -- wouldn't we want. I wonder if you want. Why would you not want to expand its. Because any would be -- and everything and that he'll let voters aren't that determination -- -- you should be voting on which roads and bridges we should be doing work -- And an average basis we borrow more than thirty million dollars on behalf of the people of Erie county for various reasons whether it's building in new bridge. Or buying and for our senior senators. Or our work is done -- Erie community college if you open it up for one and you have to open it up for everything and I don't necessarily think that's appropriate manner represented of democracy. In a broader sense -- talked to me about the value. Of a stadium and supporting it -- taxpayer dollars do you think there is worth enough there to justify. And expenditure. Of course. Of course immunity be remembered there's a there's a value that's brought to the community with having the Buffalo Bills here and new York and -- you can count me in New York State. The value through sales taxes that are generated not only in ticket sales but the items that are sold the stadium. Although paraphernalia and securities. The real property taxes that are derived from the -- in the all the employees -- build organization owning parcels of property -- accounting. The income tax that generated as a result of their salaries for New York State. I definitely believe that there is value. Beyond just the psychological value of having team in the NFL and what would happen if we lost. So you would not look at it as and I hate to use the phrase because I know it's been criticized elsewhere. You would not look that this says as what people call corporate welfare. Well I mean there's always an aspect of it when you're dealing with a private entity. It's the same thing we and we were looking at the issues of whether we were going to -- or support the Delaware north and you know an effort to build a new headquarters in downtown buffalo. A number one -- retaining the jobs associated with that other generation of income by having those jobs here that we otherwise would not happen. So anytime you have one of these transactions you have to look at both sides of the can't look at it from one side and say just because corporate welfare bad what are we getting in return for our investment. Those -- the questions we ask of Erie county industrial development agency now. What are we getting in return you're not creating jobs. Then we're not going to be supporting a project for many years -- not going to be entering in a pilot for seven to ten years have been giving no jobs created as a result. Those -- the issues that we're looking at in the in the questions that need to be yet. Not everything black and white is a whole lot of shades of gray when it comes to these various. Deals. And I think the other part of that you've touched on in in and the discussion there to. Is the psychological benefits of having a team here will get to that we'll talk about private development vs public development lot more to talk about. County executive mark Paul and cars is here. More after the news it's hard line on his radio 930 WB yen. Tired like on news radio 930 WVU and good morning this is Dave -- In light of the death earlier this week of Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson we are talking about all the bills related issues today. Including a look at the future of Ralph Wilson Stadium including of course a look at. A possible change in ownership and I've plugged in to a lot of that -- county executive mark Poland currencies with us here for. Roughly another half hour before Meet the Press comes -- at twelve -- Mark in an earlier segment I was talking with George has he noticed from the greater buffalo sports and entertainment complex. His argument is that basically if there's a private developer out there who can build a stadium somewhere down the road without public money. And create this asset for. A new owner whoever they should be that that is so the way to go a buck against that as I know you have a different view. I don't necessarily -- and think that that's the wrong view. But you've got to have a conversation with the ball will -- organizations presently constituted you're going to be serious about that. It's my understanding from talking to representatives of the bills that they really I don't -- conversations with mr. -- you citizens' group. -- -- -- -- in the group also they say they're private developer they cannot afford all the cost associated with the transaction they've even publicly come out that the public. We have to support the vast majority of the costs associated with that transaction. They're proposal I think is all but two billion dollar proposal. Because it not only it would be creating stadium. -- convention center but would require. Many more new roads bridges. In an area that truthfully did not have the ability to handle the traffic flow that would be necessary for. People all day so -- -- you noticed it is I think they've got an interesting. Proposal but they don't have enough money to pay for the full thing in and they've gone out publicly said that. There would have to be public support of that they're trying to make it sound like they get people died but they can. And I know you've expressed reservations before about that outer harbor location talking about location if and I have to underline that if we reached the point. Where we're talking about a new stadium down the road. Do you have any criteria. As to where it should be. Well if if if I think it is a big if the new stadiums -- built I think it's certainly the best location would be. Other than current spot downtown buffalo. But you have to be able to number one plopped down. An area of land what would be the equivalent of vote stadium size -- -- next to the size of Ralph Wilson Stadium. You have to have enough parking handle it might have have to be adjacent to the stadium which you have to have enough parking. You have to have the ability to ingress and egress. For the patrons of the game in case there's an issue and have to leave the stadium very quickly. Which is certainly the problem on the outer harbor is if you did have serious weather event. Or something else that required people to leave the stadium. Have to be able to get them out safely and quick manner and you really can't do you know there are her because it's very difficult to get 70000 people in the vehicles and other. Mechanisms that would transfer them there how quickly. A little -- facility aspect of it. It is as some people know the year counties later this year going to be. Starting -- and an examination. Whether we needed new convention center. And now we've got 500000 dollars up to spend in the capital budget which is going to be approved this upcoming Thursday. Now we're gonna do the study determined meaning convention center that certainly will be part of did -- view because. We're gonna build a new stadium and may be ability in conjunction with a new conventions that are similar to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. There's many different things that need to be looked at the new stadium working group is not gonna come up with -- answer few weeks or months -- -- we believe it may take two years at least. To come up with them some percent of cancers before we go forward the next thing to remember is we have a tenure at least of which we're entering year two so we've got cut. And by that point of we're talking two years down the road. Some of that craziness involving Buffalo Bills ownership might be a little clearer. Cracked and it kept pointing your new owner you see the communities got in and done all these things over the last two years. To determine what's necessary to keep the team in town you're more -- not only divided team but to keep it and so. Does this task force to meet in the next week here. And I couldn't confirm or deny whether we're meeting. Okay. This might be another one of those can't confirm or deny I think of the Supreme Court whenever new nominees go up to the hill for confirmation. They never really want to commit to certain issues that they would have to judge same kind of scenario with you I'm guessing. But I've heard that if it comes to a stadium downtown certainly one of the sites that people kicked around. Is where the -- projects currently -- I've also heard discussion of an area kind of east and north of the theater district toward the home arc arterial. Can you in any way weigh in on either of those or is -- like the Supreme Court where it's gonna come before you can't talk now. One of the goals this -- working group committee is you have discussions among the group not to individually go out there. I think it's important. That that we realized. One person is not gonna make his decision. There are locations in downtown buffalo that work their locations and -- a vocal that don't work. There are locations across Erie county that work and there are others that don't. So I think it's important to not speculate on any locations for a new stadium when we don't even know we need in this stadium. -- I've been yapping too much let's bring in some phone calls Patrick in buffalo thanks waiting you're on the air. Yes if you. Yes I'd like to. It's best to carry executive if you can actually entered politics played any role in the brother being hired without civil service -- as a carry water thirty. I'm not sure -- it's relevant to the stadium but because you rested. We'll get a quick response to move on county executive -- cars -- Anybody can be hired for any position and record ticket civil service and that's exactly what happened in the situation. Yeah that's exactly what happened. If it Patrick wants to apply for a job and -- recounting and it requires civil service but he can do that. If he's tired and he threatens civil service that his job if he doesn't when he loses -- -- that. I think always debating whether the water authority is a place where patrons sometimes happens though. Is like debating whether the somewhat cup come up cup but come up tomorrow is this a given. I think it's I don't know with a given but in any government including those that. Are controlled by Democrats are controlled by Republicans are those that are in sort of a combo like the water authority is patronage as a as a role. Sighted interest England I've had people criticize. -- my tires years thing homeland Florida patronage. Those same people were padding on the back patronage hires until the number Chris Collins so you get a ticket for what it is just the political shot nothing else. All right -- -- candy let's say get back to stadium talk go ahead you're on the air. And -- in reference to -- Chinese concerns richt regarding whether the voters. Then citizens the taxpayers can vote. And I expect catered -- you referred to the California law vs New York. Good -- quickly. Clarify that before I make my comments. California patients have -- favorite I amendment two would state constitution in the early seventies that allowed. Almost every major. Late summer project. To be put before a public referendum it requires it. And that has happened since then New Yorkers have a public referendum provision with regards to this type of thing. We we live in a representative democracy where we hire people through the voting process to represent us and we don't like it we have ability to. -- hire them by voting for someone else. We are not in a representative. There were a representative democracy which we do not have a referendum provision in New York that would indicate that you need to do it for almost every major project. And I think that would certainly. Hurt the ability of our community to do the project the truthfully I. Are moving our community forward that are increasing our population base and I are resulting in our unemployment rate going substantially down. Carolyn why you ask. My memory is Fuzzy on the details but not and what we did about thirteen years ago in the town of -- -- The piano wanted to. As for the funding of let's say and -- billion -- office. For let's say one point four million and see a lot of people did not agree with that and we get petitions signed. And we forced it to a vote and it was voted down. And I hit it was throw that out there are no other comment and that they -- Thanks for the call. 8030930s. Number we have enough time to squeeze in a couple more calls the main reason obviously why we have county executive mark on Paris here. Is talk about the future of the Buffalo Bills in light of the death of -- -- and of course -- coming up. Sometime in the next I don't know month week whatever. There will be talks with that stadium working group seven members from the Buffalo Bills seven members from Erie county another seven from the governor. And they are obviously making decisions long term. About the future of Ralph Wilson Stadium right replace or renovate at the end of the least that we're currently in. And all of that takes place in the context of the passing of Ralph Wilson. -- those meetings be public or or because I'm managing people are putting a lot of cars on the table. Behind closed doors. They will be behind closed doors. I think he'll be information that'll be. Coming out afterward but. It would would be almost impossible hole actually substantive meetings it was in the old guy. If we had tried to hold. Meetings between the bill accounting in New York State for the prior lease agreement in every meeting every phone call from the public site. We would have never been able so -- into an agreement. And in in under the law this is an advisory group it is not actually in these substantive government group. So it it does not fall into the public meetings law. With appointees from the Buffalo Bills I imagine -- that sort of changes its status let's bring in Joseph from Buffalo's that you hi you're on the air. OK let's stansted tribe -- on a cellphone hello. More honest all -- -- quick question for you are in charge Caroline budget and -- properly strip members county offices. Probably are aware that these are tied to that office currently early backlog of over 3000 permits. And -- streaking. Well in excess of her to be Greg -- State law states that are required to quit being. -- with a six well currently other companies are doing with that approach which remote. -- -- -- undertake no real proof stepping out -- -- office to bring a -- there on the program with the cart record but. This government offices not controlled by -- is controlled by the Erie county clerk's office. And it I do not under I don't remember the clerk's office asking for more individuals at the physical -- office. It would require hiring edition of the issue people with knowledge that would require raising taxes on not certain. If we've run hired another ten people there and let the money's coming from somewhere else in the clerk's office we would have to generate additional revenue which were all it would. Require. Taxes securities to understand get a lot of questions on why did but why this process why only two or three people were in the office why don't you have ten. And then the same people are like -- don't raise my taxes so I don't control the pistol -- an office that control whether clerks office and a the -- and I don't remember that clerk. Asking for more individuals. To assist them in that in this endeavor. All right John buffalo spring UN now thanks for waiting. Yes our our our our question is to become executive all of you had mentioned just well earlier -- -- spend 500000 dollars to start to do a study. I'm a whole stadium project -- yeah. I don't know -- center the convention center. Not necessarily going to spend up to 500000 dollars to do is study the feasibility study on what is necessary or potentially new convention center. OK if there are not right from values -- -- apart we expect opted out of -- to do their body. You've got that private entity that wants to build a stadium with the convention center to -- it and they're all they want it to land option and Arctic just to combat with IPOs. -- short recording what they hip hopper. And don't want to pay 500000. To a million dollars -- -- option. My question Hewitt -- -- unexpected will be -- all look out for our fiscal our fiscal responsibility. And and and how. Other counties but it's -- -- -- what you just caught -- take employees from that. On YouTube or there are due diligence called back when I got there. I don't only about the -- -- are certain I don't homeland. They don't we don't only take 500 dollars per person and to -- in the land option when I don't know Milan got to go to the landowner. And in the land owner at this point as my understanding is stolen pieces city of buffalo or empire state development. Erie Canal -- her development corporation finds little land I don't -- We did it matter if they're -- independent -- so what are -- what their plans are. They can do that. They want only and option in but the land -- to my understanding is not necessarily just sports stadium it's or other things as well export -- they decide they don't want it was stadium they could but they could build a lot of things there. I don't think we in the public should be giving away an option to prime water on land. -- to someone says they might develop into -- stadium but they may do something else would probably you know it might end up being. Another amusement park that don't wanna be no -- your -- and Atlanta one. Churchill -- Iraq it's also want that -- -- -- caught Barack with our -- and it's right now and that ceremony of this project serve. We we touched on this part of an earlier we've got to move on really firm break. Two billion dollars in the show -- two billion dollars to do distances and I think everyone we take a much more seriously but their project. -- it does not come up with sufficient funds -- even pay my understanding one quarter of the proposal they actually come back and said well we need to government to -- Iraq. All right there's a lot of talk about funds there is another issue on the table that I like to touch on after the break. The idea of an agreement at least not a budget yet in in the state but an agreement between all the leaders. The four man and a room have basically decided what the state budget will look like. And there is due to be some voting on that in the county legislature -- -- -- the state legislature. The state legislature on Monday coming back after the break we'll get some reaction to that caddies that -- of -- Poland cars this year. Five more minutes or so before Meet the Press comes -- way it's hard line on news radio 930 WB yen. It's hard line on news radio 930 WB yeah and this is safety -- Erie county executive -- -- cars is with us for just a little bit longer coming -- on Meet the Press Rick Santorum former Republican senator from Pennsylvania. Amy Walters she's an analyst with the cook political report they're pretty insisting they have some forecasts about what's gonna happen. In house and senate races also up for discussion there a look at the latest changes in the an -- policies. And governor Chris Christie's report about the bridge scandal the scandal that now he says isn't so much the scandal. How will that affect his potential 2016 run. All of that straight ahead in about three or four minutes enough time though quickly not to talk a little bit about the state budget with county executive bonkers. Agreement was reached overnight with the Forman and a room we won't know everything that's in it Intel is all voted on likely Monday. So far we do know what's about a 138 billion dollar budget. It includes five billion and off budget one time federal aid a total growth of little under 2%. County executive but is there anything in there that right from the get go. You know to be really bad for the county and right from the get go you know to be really good for Erie county. Not exactly. The manufacturers tax reductions certainly will help Erie county. -- the continuation of the buffalo billion with additional revenues being released in this upcoming budget will be of course excellent for buffalo Erie county. But it takes some time once the steep budget is that approved. To actually see what's -- it is up and couple 23 weeks later you'll look and -- all that interesting we don't know about that. But right now there's nothing that appears to be devastating or nothing that appears to be unexpectedly positive. If it's it's not too different from what I've seen over the last couple years -- has been helpful in turning Erica Ramiro. Town supervisors and village mayors have had some criticism for the governor's. Property tax cut plan do you like it. I think it's okay. Erie county has not been raising taxes we've not been increasing her tax rate. We've been staying underneath the 2% cash for some time now the towns and villages have not. School districts have not so some of the supervisors have been very very. Upset in mayors of an upset because they're like what are we get a paper services. Some of the same people who criticize county government but if you ask me -- much more leaner and meaner than some of these other organizations so I don't see it being a problem. Even as some other municipal leaders do. All right David -- gonna hate me for this when he standing by with me depressed -- try to squeeze in one quick last phone call here before we go to him. Patrick cantata Lundy got a phrase it quick with a question and then we'll move on. Okay thank you for being concise and direct county executive at a rarity among politician why would we want to build a new stadium out on the water -- like the private groups as. Well we're trying to build up I'll tell you don't build. Two -- held competing with each other the proposal to have it on the outer harbor is stupid. Well I mean I certainly. Believe the best location if we're going to build these days and -- the big is in the heart of downtown buffalo because you want to take advantage of the other other entertainment options and options that exist. Putting -- stadium in another location -- -- standing by itself. Really isn't the smartest thing. And while you can't confirm that the stadium working group will meet this coming week. I think it's pretty much a given we can say in the closing moments here that the stadium now becomes a major part of the whole discussion in light of the death of Ralph Wilson. Yeah all right very good I think that's all we have time for county executive thanks for joining us say well. YouTube that's county executive mark on Paris.