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George Hasiotis -Buffalo Sports & Entertainement Complex

Mar 30, 2014|

on his outer harbor plans in light of Ralph Wilson's death

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-- -- news radio 930 WBBM. We're going deeper into what turned out to be the big story of the week the death of bills owner Ralph Wilson. There are a lot of little places where things may have changed because of that we're trying to bring in those elements today. And one of them is the greater buffalo sports and entertainment complex George Jesse notices with us now. Georges with that group they're the ones that basically said awhile ago. Give us a land option and we will develop a stadium a convention center hotel complex on the outer harbor. At the time the bill's pretty much he rejected that and they weren't part of these talks they just looked at and said no sorry. At that point the county executive mark -- in Paris said no that's not the site we would necessarily consider. So the idea had stalled but they're still pressing ahead they've approached buffalo City Council they have done a lot of grass roots outreach. George Pollack thanks for joining us by the -- glad you're here. How. How has the death of Ralph Wilson changed things for you folks -- a new stadium now become a greater priority and give you. -- enhanced sense of -- Well you know this is always always part of our plan the contingent he was at some point team and franchise. Libya programs. End you have to prepare for -- -- are always wrong against the clock it's like a sports competition. Yeah you have. -- time are -- resources in the after the -- And that's what we've always argued so our initiative is the private sector solution. -- we've always wanted to to go in and challenge anyone to come up with a better proposition. It just solution which. Used for us is that coordinated by Modesto. Sports and entertainment development team in the world page at Dallas and NATO -- The Dallas Cowboys Stadium had been on the Indianapolis Colts stadium they're building right now the Minnesota Vikings. Stadium and they're working on a comprehensive new downtown. The ability -- the city of Oakland. Where they've been able to bring in two billion dollars of private financing to get their project done. We've argued that. Whether there are on the committee or commission exploring options. The clock is -- you know and in terms of police were down to nine years and really six years recording. The buyout clause kicks -- And it takes. Eight years to build this kind of facility and the other important factors your -- and current -- realizes that not only takes so long and so much money. Well we don't want to build adjusted dedicated football stadium on that -- -- economic -- Going to do that you'd change the equation in in Indianapolis for example only 15% of the activity your revenue. Is generated by the sport by the football. The rest and everything else over a hundred events a year at the facility we need to absolutely -- to create jobs upgrading your arms. Now let me just say in terms. Our expectations well there really tightened because we do feel their products and we're going to be saying this is intact their -- next. That the distinctly different scenario. From everywhere talking about putting together state and local money even and reliance on YouTube in public facility. On the waterfront which we can also financial I -- but like park experience. This 400 acres where we only need about a 150. The rest can be -- basic and also be a new museum -- Sporting competition where we partner with strong that you -- Rochester. So we've been so much more to the table and we're ready to go now and we're hopeful that to a war with the city of buffalo. We can get some leadership and and kind of breakthrough here. Georgia I think the impression and I put this on the table because I understand it is an impression and not reality but I think the impression when you guys first unveiled this idea. Was that you pretty much got the brush off from Erie county and he pretty much got the brush off from the Buffalo Bills and therefore the project is dead. Tell me what's wrong with that impression. Well it's you you know we're talking about timing were talking we were always talking about what happens in year 89 and ten and eleven. At the end of this commitment. So we're not really talking about the county being a landlord we're not talking about Ralph Wilson Stadium where we're not talking about the current ownership. And current and future if I'm wrong -- I think that's why you're having this program today because it's a whole new day and we knew what was coming. And no one else is really prepared and then we challenge and the Warner and I think if you compare our work in the research. The product at HKS has delivered. And by the way they -- with the NFL every day on the other -- So no one is closer to the realities on the professional approach and there's been an -- You know. We are really doing with the city of buffalo because it is in the city of buffalo picture it being that he -- -- and that's where professional sports. Want to be located if you look around the country if you look at at least. Address access the outer harbor has a certain number of roads in and out. One of the criticisms was yeah you just can't get the people back and forth if you're out there. And you can't you can't use that argument to dismiss. The reason that we need to land option is to do starting on traffic on park in an economic feasibility and army environmental. Situation with a land where. And that's why we set world will offer half a million -- -- million dollars from nine to twelve months. For a land option only to come back with a specific answers and they want -- greenish cast. Is that Popovich field inciting. I would put them up against any politician in terms of what they think in their relationship. With the various professional sports -- And that's what we're relying so I don't think track -- were in fact. We have more parking our preliminary studies you know a half mile long a radius and on site than most other NFL stadiums. -- the project -- that. With the project move ahead without the Buffalo Bills is that an inherent argued design or or could we see a smaller smaller stadium for concerts that kind of thing. Yeah you know I mean. This this should be passed to the community -- take hold of its own future because. We don't want to be shaken down continuously by district rational logical nor sport nor or another one and perhaps separate. Professional sport facilities. That we can't afford. When you start consolidating. And providing efficiencies and economies. So the NFL will have no place else to go in. This because you you don't have time to build the stadium and you're gonna trigger out. Public financing. I could pick a long long time and by then as you know you talking about -- we've got a two or three when bill. Two or three year window of opportunity to get our production order. Now we think we everyone gets you know there on the same page I'm not too concerned about the messages are getting from -- people coordinators because as your number. Three years ago when we uncle. We -- episode planned everyone's little never happened -- clothes -- place which can afford it. Suddenly now that we focus singing closer to what our objective has been what are Clinton's. Is the land option still got her adult. The thing you need in order for this to go ahead. All yeah yeah yeah and and you know what it's publicly and there's no change in status later this has been publicly and for well over sixty years. It continues to be -- -- what -- advocate shuffled around very bureaucratic and he's and that becomes one of the problems. And moving things along -- we did and we worked with the city -- ball well and they have land rights on the other harper. And they also have the ability to to take that land back again under previous agreements under the law. So they have to stand up and business says look this is the best plan and let's get everyone on the same page when the richest state or the other public authorities and -- All right George were out of time thanks for joining us. You to this George has the -- from the greater buffalo sports and entertainment complex.