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Brian Cinelli- Buffalo Fan Alliance

Mar 30, 2014|

on the Buffalo Bills future

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It's hard line on news radio 930 WB and good morning this is Dave -- As sites try to plan the show each week I admit I have a little bit of a dilemma. I try to give you the biggest story of the week and there are some weeks when that big story. It is early enough in the week that almost sounds like we're talking about old news so what we're trying to do this hour. Is -- some new ground yes we're talking about the death of Ralph Wilson yes we're talking about what it would mean to the Buffalo Bills. But we're also bringing in new angles days later analysis that you might not have heard initially. And have people that we didn't talk to in the first blocks of this story. One of those we need to touch base with his Bryant's and -- he is with the buffalo -- alliance. They're the ones he probably read a little bit about this that have sort of -- a coalition of interest to people trying to raise money put in a big pot set -- aside. And use that money as a way to sort of enhance the possibility of the -- staying here. Eventually offering them money to an owner in exchange for guarantees that the team would stay here it's kind of a model a little bit like. The Green Bay Packers community ownership but in this case the donors. Don't get ownership stake. They do however. Get a chance to help keep the team here Brian thanks for joining us glad you're glad you're able to do so. Great thanks paper avenue apartment. What changed this week in terms of the of the alliance and its fundraising and what it's trying to do. Did the death of where -- -- while Wilson impact you folks. I don't think it really impacted -- deadline date I mean our group has been over two years in the making so it's something that we spend. Working on continuously from that point in time so our little -- that moat and a long time ago. The only thing it really can't I got has underscored the importance of the initiative. And how much indeed for the -- -- eight. But other than that I did it can really impact our deadline where. I'm aiming to get the added beef up and to start accepting donations in the near future and you. Do you have a goal or do you just open up the fundraising. And take the money you get. In terms of a minimum amount that yeah are you need to -- yeah. Yeah it could be you know not at this point in time we we hired a site selection firm -- and -- -- some demographic numbers and study. For us about a year year and apple Dell knows demographics -- he seemed to indicate. Illegal. As a likely at a rate in between 10170. One million dollars approximately that kind of that our benchmark but there's no our minimum that we be shooting to -- Is this Joseph fan who Paul's fifty dollars out of his wallet. Or is this your people going and approaching the big unknown businessman wants to donate millions of dollars to a certain costs. Well the beauty of it is that a lot of people it's not mutually exclusive. There will be a minimum. Donation and how we're working up the price point on that right now but it will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 but it 200. Dollar at a minimum there will be no maximum however unlike. 250 dollar per share. Here we would have the ability to approach -- business leaders and our group has spoken with a number of over the last couple years. In an effort to generate some larger donation. And to be playing. This isn't a pass through this money doesn't go to an owner who could then use the money to get out of the lease and pay the buyout clause of the -- -- There there's a condition there. In terms of what would be reciprocated if we -- the money. Yeah we give them the money they guarantee and I'm asking a question here aghast. They guarantee that they would stay how does that work. Yeah it'll be similar to the least. And that we've laid agree to let the money to a pro Western New York ownership group. You know 0% interest over a long public relations schedule which would -- A significant value in terms of how these purchases are structured in exchange for those advantages. They would agreed to very specific. Very ironclad relocation. Protection. And I know you said the word Atlanta this is an an -- -- It is not an outright -- A lot of money is -- to an ownership group. That money will be -- great under you know. The attractive features we just talked about over a longer period of I -- well below. Market interest rates. One -- money -- and recede back over that period of time. It can be beeline to the team again to service you know other debts are caught. And that would you know start the relocation of production all over again but it at that point the time the team does not wanna take advantage. -- -- on again they will be disseminated. To Western New York charities which we will make at a time. To what degree has current bills management and I realize that that's a phrase that certainly changed in meaning this past week but to what degree has. Well management I think we can say is for now the same people to what degree have they been involved in this idea. Then it odd that made aware of it through back channels. We are where we're in the process of trying to approached them more -- -- We wanted to have all the and compete in place. Albie are counting safeguard the audit protections in place Lilly have they count Obama fully developed before we approach them. To work on that employee now obviously. You know the tragic event of this week. May make complicate that with some degree or are pushed that back I should say that some degree but it we're looking forward to reaching. Are meeting lift the team and administration and in the near future -- Our last guest speculated I do have to underline that again because that's really where a lot of this is that. Speculated. That the trust that currently owns now and operates the Buffalo Bills could possibly could. Include. A deal that is already part of the trust. That would perhaps -- -- right of first refusal to may be some part of current management possibly team president -- Brandon whomever. Again. I scenario now what we know to be true but a scenario. Does this become making less than an arm's length transaction with that would unfold. You know I mean I don't think so -- you know we -- group that certainly. Heard rumors over the course of the last couple years as I'm sure everyone in the community has. Regarding what may or may not be. In the trust provision that you just. Sided. But in terms of our goal and our transaction. Our goal would always remain the same and that. You know it'd be great -- the past two an ownership group with -- Latino watching people here. But the second part of our. Our model is not only just to preserve. The team gotten and turned out of this transaction but you. And make. He Western New York reader and one of the cheapest places to do business. For the and I felt that we can from the reserve of viability of the team. -- years to come and hopefully generations to come so I think our model would go step within that structure of that what -- turned out to be. But the team didn't help you come up with a site here put this together for you I guess what I'm really asking. Well no they did not leave then I'm working with the national lot remodeled. Should I will whom I've done at a alternative action at the highest level. We've also partnered up with the couple local law firm Peter. As well as an accounting firm trying to call -- an error has been helping out. Eric Moore an associate. Has been helping on the PR and marketing of -- solid patent. A wide array of both local and national companies none of which are affiliated with the team -- All right and in closing quickly tell me again your timetable. We weren't. Like who have the entity at all the piling up and play can be able to start soliciting donations. By the end of the summer before kick off. Of the Eden and -- I can get -- data anyone's mind any. Additional further information. And our group feel free to -- visit our web site and upload an ally in court. All right before the next hour is done. Will link up to that at WB and outcome if you missed that he can just hit -- get it now button and find buffalo fan alliance Brian thanks so much. That's Bryant's -- with the buffalo fan alliance.