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3-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Mar 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB -- I watched the there -- anxious and my -- maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the painkiller. I'm not only I don't know what this. Good. Kind of evicted people know. I'm very happy for these mediums and dirty you know partner one simple request. They have to have sharks went. But didn't make me. -- something else there -- a joke it needs more gotta -- figure out some of the quotes that we got to interject they're still waiting for Mars attacks dude I thought you might have that in their -- now but I guess you're subway sandwich was just a little more important yesterday than my entrance. It is. -- OK again -- -- talking. -- -- And. It is. It doesn't blazing saddles. And it's it's really say we talked about this yesterday and it's kind of sad that America has lost its sense of humor. And a movie like blazing saddles never can be made today without credible controversy. And but the irony is it was a totally anti racist movie I mean it was it it -- racism. While it used the N word. Show us. Watch it you know what I'm talking about kids. Funny movie Mel Brooks priest baseball's blazing saddles everybody talks about them being seen forget the DNC. There were deeper messages and it. All right let's begin deeper messages. When I think deeply I think of -- -- And I he's with us on WBBM and basically folks breaking news. And I just thought about this that debate as I controlled -- Thompson's age a second time out of Hamburg resident. Has been asked by the code enforcement officer in Hamburg to take down a sign a repeal the NY safe act signed. And I do have those pictures and I'm going to as night talk in the -- try to get them up online secrecy about what we speak. The first case the guy whose names start with disease that I just can't remember. That lots -- work -- I just I don't like ever where they're still trying to figure out where their case that case is going to be hurt. So now it is the god. Who got the letter this week is he willing -- To go to court. Is he willing to fight for his right to put the sign up or is he going to say you know what I don't need the aggravation I'll -- -- signed. As far as I know what I've been able to. You know this site for in the comments what different people have been texting while while we've been on the ball. He want to take this thing it and follow through with it which I really hope he does. I'm not a guy that's been detected yet to get a -- -- and add it all up not even trying to get calls -- but there's no we have to run as well. So I don't you media out somewhere doesn't even know what we're talking about him on the phone. Well he will do whatever but he listens to the show it's only a matter time before somebody test him on the shoulder and says -- they're talking about generating on -- ratio. Well my god he can do you know what it would do what you mentioned my name on the radio ad space so let you know you gotta get to call them. And he actually nominee based or messages like get. I did. -- -- Sometimes I don't believe it myself the stories I hear about how listened to the show Wednesday Tuesday that -- -- tremendously via -- it's just it's tremendously gratifying and incredibly rewarding as you know right now these are two issues. Actually one issue involving two people in the town of Hamburg. Russ we the last time we spoke. One of the big issues we got to. Involve the Grand Island at schools. And guns at a young man who wore his and are a shirt to school. I put a whole bunch of pictures up on my FaceBook page for my -- hourly Purcell family album. Of ancestors of mine. Oh it's him not ancestors. Black men with guns. Or who were soon to carry guns -- -- gonna have to be expunged from every textbook since we now know that pictures of weapons and even stitching is of weapons can -- apparently turned three dimensional until people. And -- Pop charts can -- be loaded. Yes they can agree. So where does that that situation stand that right now with that young man and the schools. Right now. We have got to protests scheduled. For 630. That the Grand Island high school at the front entrance. Bob it's been posted on the Grand Island the board of education FaceBook age. Debt. Are nobody's gonna show up nobody cares about this. About this issue. But yet. It would go on coming out of the meeting in the -- cafeteria. To a conference -- to possibly get out of all the get involved more people. But a later thing right here at that they've moved the meeting which it joined. -- board score board meeting. To the auditorium at a high school which holds about 5600 people my goodness all of great yeah they know they know -- comedy even know. They sticky spot in the nobody cared about this issue. Well of course of course they do because. You know what of course that's that's an it's an age old tactic. In -- let's tell people it's irrelevant let's tell people it doesn't matter and maybe it will all go away. And when you talk about -- local issue like this look out. Because. At least in in in in Western New York. We are those of us who care are very very vocal and very very committed. And has not been any apology. I'm sorry go ahead -- Why do you write -- good about how it in my backyard. Is that beat him. Yeah well -- -- in this whole community I mean we've got you we have which president law firm we have Steve vaults that we've got the people with scope. We have a whole bunch of activists out fear and we Salave'a. Over stories like there's. We think we've got the -- -- now. Okay. Let's see. I want to just step put eight post up on my FaceBook page no I don't -- post by post gonna pay money to FaceBook. All right I'm done editing are right. Let's go to the guy. Who is on hold right now I want to do this without hanging up on -- you guys in the next room at buttons because otherwise all screwed up little blame my brain inflammation. Let's go to Gary in Hamburg a WBM. Gary are you the gentleman who is now the latest to be hassled by the town of Hamburg. All right may I use your name on the air. -- okay Gary bridges is his name and tell us that what happened when you open the mail. Well they've -- other -- that John Hamburg code enforcement department as well they can't be good. And we'll open up a letter and you know every technical. Signs in violation and up for -- -- You know and just -- coincidentally. I don't want help -- Things gutless it's a couple kind of in the and that to kick start means we'll let them -- -- three months and now -- now. So I say what it or would you please tell us how you have responded to the town of Hamburg because the letter he received and if people are just joining us that folks this is the second time now in the past month I've mentioned the town of Hamburg. Going after people with anti NY safe act signs on their own property. Dear mr. bridges used the gentleman who we're speaking right now. A telephone -- complaints. It was filed in our office on March 19. Regarding a sign attached to the front fence. You're address that is a violation of a town of Hamburg invisible code it. Goes on to give the chapter please contact me as soon as possible I would appreciate your prompt attention to this matter. Is that particular part. Of the town of amber code does it in fact outlaw signs attached to a front bets. -- actually have definitely typical army post and an honor and apparently it does. And that it is cable channel sign my own property. It was against code. There's a kind of funny because -- like it so around stakes -- what the problem. And -- and the therapists are -- Richard Ellis and inside of yours nobody and -- -- for such violation. Well you know it's -- kind of struck me as ironic timing. Well you know what I'm glad you brought that up because you're you're right I I'd. Just have that posted -- on my FaceBook page so people concede the town of Hamburg code but. You have done research and you're the only person in Hamburg that -- -- researcher confined to. Who has actually received a note from our enforcement officials and your -- just happens to go against the policy of a Democrat New York governor by the name of Andrew Cuomo. Yeah well same thing guilty until our community can and it repealed say it's excellent and almost got to go to a deal. You know so it just has been a trend ago. Well sure -- once now we've got twice and a telephone complaint hit it. Have you had any complaints from neighbors or anyone you know about this sign. Madison I've had a few people even as well. -- All right and it basically. You know with these calls anybody can make a call from a track phone and say I -- complain about there's a sign on the fence at such and such address the -- probably some well who knows who it is but. You know it seems to me that. If what you're telling me is true. That this is the only citation that has been issued. By the -- Hamburg against this particular alleged violation against the code. -- out of Hamburg is being arbitrary and capricious and selective. In its enforcement of a code and nobody was sure the code would itself pass constitutional Muster. Yeah pretty much -- in Seattle basically like cable adapter to keep the wind from ultimately. It'll and then look kind of -- wrote I could walk on it and I'm now -- X-Factor over pay attention in front of our fallen soldiers it won't just -- -- split. And I just that little muscles the site so the -- -- uncle work. So where are you going to take this from here my question basically what you think about the answer because they need to break for traffic even though it's got a sluggish Friday era and actually easy Friday but. I wanna know how are you willing to take this because. I have attorneys. On my cellphone out -- while zoo. A name a reputation who live for cases like there's so hold on and and Ross please hold out as well try to get that concrete off your hand. And let's go to traffic right now here's Alan Paris. So when I came on the air at three it was 51 degrees where now 41 degrees and overnight we're going to go down to 29 degrees. And -- a flood watch is off. But the National Weather Service says -- winter storm watch for parts of our listening area. The higher terrain of -- August Allegheny Wyoming Livingston and Ontario counties you guys could see at the half a foot of that wet heavy heart attacks though please use caution the rest of us the win will diminish this evening otherwise cloudy 29 tomorrow cloudy breezy and colder with raven -- vote tomorrow afternoon. The high 37. We're supposed to be like a rise clean out there and then Sunday breezy with clouds 41 and again it is 41 degrees right now at news radio and I'm thirty WB yet we're talking with Gary. Who is the second town of -- resident now to be bone I'm sorry to receive a letter from the town of Hamburg a code enforcement officer regarding an anti NY safe side he has up how far are you willing to take this because. Lawyers unless they're gonna work for your pro Bono public -- Generally they want money. And are you willing to take this to the nth degree. Well I I would isolate to chart to these guys the code enforcement division -- the so called. Have they elect never to other rights of public styles like it's something property regardless of how the industry where an edge. You know sold -- she what's the big deal as there in the constitution should override. A child can code. So undisturbed what you have to kind of background that deal now 36 other cases. And -- -- an incident of Florida last week where it was ruled in favor of the -- with a sign. -- would let -- in the exact criteria they want and that was so -- -- so -- just out for her without a goal and I get an opportunity is out of that the answer. -- you're getting a chance to correct their mistake but if these people in the town of Hamburg are. Our political ideologues who all of their heart and their soul and their firstborn male children and probably criminal start to Andrew Cuomo. There's only so much they're going to be willing to do to -- -- -- I'm pretty sure other people start but that on the front goes. Word had several offers from people I know that -- just paint the town with it it's exciting. And you know it's it's it's kind of funny is it -- him a little -- for your -- -- -- way of sums up the violations in the itself I doubt about it. You know Gary -- you've just given me a great idea you know on I happen to be friends with that Steve -- who is the president of scope NY shooters committee on political education in New York State. I'm also paid his dues paid life member of the organization. And I'm sure that we could find a place to set up to. Two. Distribute repeal analyze say effect -- for people in the town of Hamburg at a nominal donation cost. Dallas. But Nicole and actually know this is pretty well. Known for years so. Well do you think that your advocacy for the Second Amendment has anything to do with the fact that you are one of two people now to receive this act kind of spanking from -- out of Hamburg. Well you know it with a -- -- in its -- big deal because court and kicked to the curb. And apparently nobody -- -- such a case that's its first amendment rights tequila which is kind of yet to losing war has loops. And it does a lot of back audience saying well you know and just target that highly regarded as and maybe another guy. So who knows and it's turning to create a little bit more clout. Well Jerry I want to thank you for calling -- I want to thank you for sharing the letters with us -- put them up on my FaceBook page because this is a breaking news story now. And I'm gonna try to talk to Steve ball stopped and -- Thompson in the next half hour of the show because I love the way you think. Hey if this is another town of Hamburg is going to be let's try to get a repeal and why safe act signed in every law in the town of Hamburg. Did Europe -- -- -- All right Gary thank you very much for being -- Very bridges is -- the second guy and out to receive a letter from the town Hamburg saying we don't like your -- -- your violating the whole. I keep in mind. According to what he says this is the first time -- he's been written up for having a sign on offense and it's not ever at least in recent history. So Russ you hang in there we're gonna try to gets the -- -- and because Russ I'm sensing a I'm sensing a sign orgy -- soon. Yeah it would if somebody just sent me an image on FaceBook but I am opposed to my age. Is it is thought about it -- Allen's web site. I'm up in Hamburg but I'm not French but how the French ship built it's called -- he's won in -- off leash dog park. Yes what was starting to catch that that all the way around it. Oh my gosh rushed. I all right all the on and say we can't get all stuff -- I've put in his two cents worth because if this is what the -- never gonna do. You know what I say when life gives you elevenths we make lemonade out of it after the town officials we might put a little special ingredient in it. Stay -- the senator's trip here I'm thirty WB Ian. Yeah. There. 633. News radio I'm thirty WVE end ultra Roger -- at a hockey game that it back in the old days. Our night. I can't keep tabs at the sabres roster anymore I have to beat brutally I -- the games and now like this. -- for a they got what it forty I'm 41 players on the team this year on the roster various times holy -- anyway but you know what. I applaud it -- good -- into black because they did what had to be done. It's going to be painful it's supposed to be likeness. But the way it was going. This was the only thing that can be done they had to basically start over. And given new spirit so. On the of one of the guys who want -- to do so I can't bitch about them doing what I want them to -- and that Ted Nolan. -- you guys were right and I was wrong I'm glad that all of his back is the coach gives them better players. I wanna give them a full season with a better roster at least so you guys were right you guys call it I was wrong and I admitted I was wrong. Now let's go to Steve it's not arrest Thompson's still on the line from team New York but stable status -- who is the voice of -- shooters committee on political education and why. Animal lifetime member that we like to tell you that in all honesty. Dues paid in full for the rest of my life. So Steve. Your overall take on -- what Jerry bridges is going through and how you got word. By his little letter of love from the town of Hamburg code enforcement officer. But issued -- -- -- -- and you know -- You know. At this letter saying that because there's so ridiculously excited around that she's got a little ticket -- them. At the end of the -- latest on either side to. Censor anything but choice -- -- repeal the exact science and the cents and and the lips. I think what's going is this code enforcement officers from Hamburg this. Get a lot of key word out. Force -- -- Serb side and then there's other signs all of the talent chances so I think he sees no historical after. And anybody -- genocide and essentially -- in -- It's now have you guys its scope and by the way Rus Thompson is your -- any -- you wanna jump in -- say eight. That's that's how I know what's Rus Thompson when I hear somebody going away it's like -- they are okay go ahead -- -- Well -- ago. What won't let me let me ask you this stuff if have you guys its scope on the research that would back up Gary the guy with who we just spoke. That this is the first time. That you've been able to her search that somebody's actually been written up for having a sign attached to a fenced it at the town of Hamburg itself on its own dog park has signs attached to offense WTF. You know honestly I haven't just spent a lot of time researching signs -- on the -- -- and -- I know that. To -- science all around her town parks. All over all of their fences around town clerk. So they're there but obviously paid their own rules and then into. Citing other -- but it sure -- totally. Yes somebody just told me that the signs that that -- -- are legal because their ads. Advertisement. For what they do sell advertise that they saw I think what we should do we should -- however that the space on a private -- I love it. You know Steve are sensing an opportunity here I wanna get this in because this is what what did you because you guys -- scope and alive. -- you have the signs the repeal and why safe signs. And I know that they're available for a small donation. Will you be able. In the very near future to set up a spot at a local business where people from the town of amber can come. And make a small donation and get their signs so that we confessed to and as many -- as possible in the town of Hamburg with these signs which these -- official's -- applied so offensive. Well do we can do -- Jerry's place it is right there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But we do have -- in their coaches around in the area also concerned about Johnson's. Centrist or -- blackboard but let out editing camber. Maybe you should set -- up just as scary stories. Well Steve if you got the science -- between U Ross if you got the science and you've got a location and you've got a date like on the weekend weather this weekend or next weekend are we happy to give it publicity and a weakened. If we can get 500 more signs out in the town of Hamburg repeal and -- say it. I think that would be the ultimate sit on this and spin to the town -- Hamburg. And a great idea. Yeah well will be -- not action out strangled this week you know that semester accidentally -- you're -- such as an outdoor show on out so we canceled will be up Taylor actually -- OK well that's that's good to know. In the meantime available -- I guess we can try to figure out something off they're as far as the win. And the where and how many signs you can have been an -- the amount of donation necessary for people to get beside you can't give away because they cost money to print up. But I can just imagine. The faces on the officials in the town of -- right now. Realizing the vastness of this audience realizing. The passion people have against NY saved at least you know our group of people have against analyze very. And that if we can get five signs on every street in the town of Hamburg. I think that would be the ultimate up yours to these little -- pirates. It just a great idea of fact I think you know that you cited signs and at least they -- you're a. -- -- That's my evil laugh of the dog agrees. Yes -- really -- really worried relentless. Only go to Albany and used as well look at a big terror. Well it sort senate election nobody we will have scientists available there as well. Are right well -- work. I go ahead rest. Yet he you know but yeah like billboard size I like or quite eat yet many of those. That's what I thought I won a ball on the back of my flat bed. But what I meant when I don't have stop on the back of my wife sent -- that one of those huge -- up about the roots of the street in Hamburg. Yeah. We -- some big -- or will be using the Kia real on Tuesday. And yesterday that we can use so like that you know we could. We can get so so larger size they up as well. So. I would I'd be more than happy to do that there's no question about it you know maybe god -- like these politicians bases there's no better way then. -- -- -- -- -- At a -- on the back. -- gave the idea of getting these signs out to as many people in the town of Hamburg as possible if I may say so myself it's Bauerle brilliance thank you very much. Now I have a serious question for both of you guys and I got into some trouble. This week. Because Siena College. Has put up the pole. The number about Andrew Cuomo does not surprise me. Whatsoever okay. Rob -- Reno is a known name nobody he's gonna get his -- care. The number that surprised me gentlemen. About the Siena poll. And I cannot argue with the -- polling methods of research the methodology it is they recognize polling outfit it is they applaud the Governor Cuomo. Only 52%. Of upstate residents polled said they opposed and why safe and Steve wanna start with you. On to me. Given the fact that upstate New York is supposed to be the hotbed of anti NY state sentiment I am appalled that that number is so low. Remembering the plus minus margin the poll is 3.4 percent. Well apple I'd like to see how many people are upstate New York they actually. Pulled out. My understanding was that the majority of them holding what is down in New York City area. Well everything about polling. Is based on sample and I have not seen any thing to refute their sampling methodology. At Siena College. I made it. I I can't attack the numbers because it's not like Seattle has some bad reputation. Of getting numbers wrong all the time one of the best. You've ever done differently on that you'd seen the internals have you seen. They did that I have not yet wanna I wanna see that I really want to see him when. I wanna see the party the party registries it all the stop it and it didn't internal at all. If you look at -- find -- Democrat. And Republican all of unity it won't of that. I don't know. It all depends on the area that it was done in what you would actually done in west new York and -- was actually done. To Westchester County. He that we -- when you look at that -- There's only two counties in the main body New York City. They have not sent the message you all about -- -- affect the rest is done in New York City and Long Island. Records you're gonna have to. I did put a direct link to the -- up and anybody -- wants -- can look at those internals I want you -- to tell me what you think the true number would be let's define. Upstate New York as west of the -- -- which is gonna include Albany Schenectady -- -- to Watertown it'll include -- Oswego and all -- southern -- and all the way into our part Western New York what do you think a realistic number would be -- the people who -- and -- I think that he arrived at 70%. -- -- I travel and -- Hillary and we Karl just anecdotal experience. And says Sotheby's. Somewhere around that number I mean we're we're seeing. Wherever meetings and town hall meetings and forums on the same effect in and we are asking. Standing room only crowds and it is not just a little ghosts whether they have supporters not but some people who are. Against this. -- -- And that has a lot to do this hold elections and not as well it's a shame that -- -- values as you shared you know the goals during the last dozens. But how do you motivate. I've given and I'm sorry did give a lackluster candidate and it will probably be rob asked to Reno. How do you turn let's just say your numbers are correct and -- numbers are wrong. How do you convince people to vote for asked to Reno. And Heidi convinced them to get offer their half moons and vote against Cuomo and NY say howdy do there. The most effective way I've found this shouldn't have them understand more how much this -- -- Let people they don't usually too much about it the more they learn about it does. The more they realize that it really does seriously. And you know you have seen a lot more. People. Concerned about that that's -- into that light comes up on April 15 still in Connecticut they have something extra 2%. Of the people who are compliant ocelot and went and registered to consciously government Trent Trent -- had to do I would be surprised just and in New York State. We've and that percentage. Russert. Theory you. Okay comic book I hope you guys I hope you guys are right I do but unfortunately. I I I just have a hard time going against the numbers as reported by Siena because it's not some fly by night sleaze bag organization. To what extent are rust and then Steve do you think the misnomer. The orwellian language in a ministry of plenty to what extent does the term. And why safe adversely affect our cause of freedom routes. Well well when you when you always ask people would have no idea what's going -- with a lot of what it even means. There's no New -- -- it is a -- this term all going to be say by the the government tells me I'm gonna be -- But like these -- educating. Educating people on on how this really is not gonna make you -- sleeper. So bad debt equity net out at the end but other -- this thing is completely deceptive it's really deceiving the people. Wait a minute now is by talking to them. That when you start talking to them even my sister OK my sister -- -- at Bangkok -- she looked at Massachusetts all right I got to. I got two very liberal than -- problems. I'm sure I was like I'm sorry I didn't realize that you had a genetic flaw in the Thompson family I apologize. Yeah motivated where we have got some of my family too. Yeah -- wanted to that they actually coming around their daughter is a cop out Compton California and won the friendliest places in the world Libya are. She actually make in my sister allowed to acquire in the race -- teaching her how to shoot my split their married lives in Massachusetts. Actually post -- will one day we cannot take our guns that could Perry be ready because they're going to -- All right so we knew we -- educating people and it can't -- like that coming from like the -- liberal Matt shoot it like. -- maybe people start in the wake up this thing. So yeah getting out there in educating people is going to be back office jobs now get because at -- an admirably whenever -- -- That I think that's going to be to -- people energized yup if the world were faster read because they know what they think it's going to be a lot and I talk all bought -- -- I think I'll I don't know that it wouldn't be able to energize the people. To get a -- -- -- -- what we did in 2010. For you and then did a multitude of reasons why. They're one of the biggest reasons why I don't yet it people are mad at me and help them. That would be chosen spot. He's stronger by the very people. That was back in the world well thank you he's -- -- by the end Brian knows that I can now and New York State. We have got down on Long Island although I doubt no doubt stay. And then dumped him but he wouldn't be here as we look here there aren't you rhino equality bill -- deal. That's Republicans and Republicans and in -- Republicans in name only. -- I'm that'll let you go 'cause a -- as the same question of Steve and I wanna let you get back to work that you've got taxes and stuff the peso Rus Thompson. With team New York thank you and I wanna continue with Steve all -- the are quickly how -- we get people understand that and why say it is just a propaganda term with a reflection and no basis in reality. Such -- it. It's a matter so. Make people understand how much this really affects them in the more you know about Jaroslav the more you realize it's not just about content is actually the Second Amendment it's about assortment. -- at -- fourteenth amendment. There's so much about this that they're concerned is about Europe. Constitutional rights and who we can't just have to. Educate people make them more aware of what. Islam really needs to -- them in -- -- can assist in dubious. To rest regarding the Second Amendment and you know the rest constitution and our I. Steve but you would -- both have my private cell phone number. So when you guys figure out a date a time and a place where people can actually show up in the town of Hamburg to make a small donation so we can best do it the entire town of Hamburg with as many anti NY -- signs as possible you let me know all publicize that and we'll tell the town officials to sit on -- and spit. OK like the idea -- you know as far as the vote you know it's only march. Anybody gives up. In March. And win the election has now and November. You know that's that's a long -- long ways away. I'm having a hard time getting excited about a -- mr. Marino for the same reasons -- mentioned -- people by whom he was selected in the fact that I have no trust whatsoever in rhinos in New York State. Which is what it was Dennis I was devastated when the Donald Trump oldest. Hey look it was it was the best sexy ever had. Anyway hey I want to thank you very much Steve will be in touch over the weekend and we'll get these signs out there and I also wanna talk about the rally coming up but that's gonna have to wake of the month. Steve also out with scope as web sites scope NY dot org. Wow is. We already done at that that's shocking to me added -- -- -- to -- wetness and get you sent down. But it's kind of been this way all this week is better back. Well off folks thank you very much -- the minute. I cannot keep in -- scope and why they've got a big deal coming up on April 1 it's another rally in Albany a -- me it will go well -- he going to this one would be of no use to me or my listeners because it'll be over by the time I'm on the year so I'm better -- being here in buffalo. And belong in the short of it is. When the passed the ball stopped and Rus Thompson give -- ago. Like when they can set aside 500 -- so repeal and wife -- signs to distribute to people in the town of Hamburg at a central location. I will you know win. I will let you know we're hopefully there gonna have they a reduced donation cost for you and that's -- to fight this. That's one way to fight it well the town of Hamburg is gonna -- people let's see him go after everybody. Won't disturbing it's how I roll. It. Anyway listen and almost perverse anyway Joseph -- thank you for great work is always -- master control. John Sherman thank you for great work as always call screening -- actually producing -- getting a rest Thompson and Steve also -- a longer for the rights and it was very nice. Never good weekend have a safe weekend and that that'll leave you with two words. That you need to think about from time to time. No look yourself.

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