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3-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Mar 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBE -- I wore us down upon -- with great. Yeah just India but hold to attempt to moderately anxious and my -- The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'd had a -- protest it was a because of guys out for a walk when not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied when. There really is nothing like a short time now. Hey it's not fine. He's 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out. They had Joseph. I know you're busy and there but I -- there are some quotes that I've given you this week that we've got to add in to the -- you but of -- -- -- yeah. It just to give people a preview we were gonna get Hyman Roth Lee -- from god father to. Where he says this is that business week have chosen I loved that one. I love that quote it is so apropos. To the radio or entertainment field as well. Because you know it's as if it's. Let's see what else was the other one. -- from Mars attack. Mars attacks Tim Burton's. Don't run we are your friends as are killing everybody to me that's the -- that is Obama doublespeak. Every time I watch that not you have via audio from Mars attacks are ready don't know you don't know what to do whatever I. Sorry I asked you to get something specifically ready and then I'm going all over the place idea but will -- will continue to expand our repertoire of of intro is because. One of the things and I do I explain this to people. This whole concept of Brandon who whoever came up with the idea of branding. If we lived in the days of the pirates. I think that that person should be made to walk the plank. And basically have to jump into a pool filled with man eating great white sharks. Because branding is such a phony fraudulent idea to me. I have to tell ya I've gotten the vehement debates with corporate people about Burris because I'm the anti brand. I always MEI I made all I -- I'm vicious when it comes to talking about branding. Here's my idea of branding. People either like and respect you or they don't. You either got it or you don't got it. There is no in between. And the best idea of branding I can give you is. All I can offer you every Barry is the best I can do every day and the best analyses I can offer every day on any subject that comes up. I can offer you honestly I can offer you know BS opinions. And I can offer you a different way of doing the world. Through the eyes that I can best described as conservative area. And I've been through this a number of times. But I'm not a true. Conservative. As some people -- conservatism. Yet I'm also not a true libertarian as some people view libertarian as if you have to have structure you have to have. Order -- you have to have a way things are supposed to go up protocol you can't have -- And I also believe that fundamentally freedom should apply to everybody. And that's what gets me in trouble with my. Standard conservative friends is the fact that I'm willing to stand up and defend it. People who are homosexual bisexual transgender. Because you know what I get a level up from that -- I do and I'm not you know not trying to make a funny joke there I I got a lot of -- from a lot of different people a lot of different groups. In a power to simply say -- my transgender conservative friends all. I don't want your support I don't watch your love because you know you're transgender -- -- -- asked what -- -- What kind of an idiot would -- be. So that's why I put this on my FaceBook yesterday I I very much and try to use the language of inclusion not exclusion when it comes to. The way people look. The way people are oriented. In their lifestyle. I don't care as long as people are for freedom and liberty. And as long as people are willing to join with me. In fighting the bashing of any victimized group. You're on bureau -- my see my side you're on my team. I don't allow I will not condone I will fight with every fiber. Of my. All of the bully -- the Christians go through all of the bullying that the Roman Catholic Christians go through. And at the same time if that bullying switches to anti Muslim anti -- anti Jew. I will defend those people I will defend atheists. Because we have a right in this country based on our First Amendment. The government is set. We are not gonna devastate religion. Which I support completely. I don't want Iran in the United States I don't wanna have the Islamic republic of America. Or the Christian republic of America I don't want that. I also believe. In your free exercise. Of religion. And by the way free exercise also danger right not to exercise any religion. But please understand that's why I'm coming from how you bran I -- Without sounding like African phony. Branding to me is the worst concept I have heard in ages and yet it's the catch phrase it's the buzz word audio brand. And here's my answer to branding. No it's not the professional wrestling thing it's not that 12 words it is I'm a human being -- a guy I have a microphone that's my -- -- -- You know I'm not product among phony and a fraud. If I am inconsistent and hypocritical chances are all all pointed out to you before you even notice. So the concept of Foley branding is one of my gains of my existence. All I can probably shoot my best effort every day in my most honest effort every day. And I will tell you that 11 walks a new brown. That other talk show hosts don't walk out because of the -- branding idea. You do open yourself up. For criticism. But I also have to tell you. In all honesty and sincerity in fairness. -- the positive. Response. I have gotten to the whole concept of conservative Terry and has been absolutely. Much greater than I expected. Because there are many others and by the way it's 515 at WB EN there are many of us. Who. Treasure and value our freedom. And our heritage. As Americans. Our freedom from the government. And we want liberty. And to me if I want liberty for myself. I also have to be willing to extend that liberty to others. Not just in words but indeed. Whether those others are Catholic Christian Buddhist Muslim Jew and atheist agnostic I don't care. You have a right to the free exercise of your religion and by inference not to exercise any religion. Some of the more conservative people I know are not -- my with my philosophy your theory on that we're just gonna have to respectfully disagree on that. -- believe in freedom I believe in liberty. I believe our first I believe our constitution. And I don't believe in hate. And I'm not by the way inferring that concerns eight. That's a misconception. That has been created in the liberal media for far too long. And unfortunately I don't think it's ever going to go away it's just part of the mantra it's like war on women. I am so sick of hearing about the war on women supposedly waged by conservatives and the Republican Party. Folks I have no use for the Republican Party. I used to be your Republican I left after John McCain I said done in the and I was looking for philosophy. I didn't really find one. And what are my listeners. Who is absolutely brilliant. And a regular FaceBook contributor name is Rachel wells. And she actually invented the term conservative area. I read that I heard it and I said bingo spot on that is what I am. It's not a -- It's how I feel it's like thick. I didn't sit down with guys with 200 dollar prize -- okay here we are in Philadelphia what will lead the -- break MB. Because I think that's crap. I can't stand Paul -- I can't stand fraudulent it's. That's. It's something yesterday said -- brand Tom well no human being with a microphone -- it done. All right eighteen minutes after five hope you'll forgive the lecture but this sometimes -- -- -- reestablish or from where I am coming because some people don't understand it. And I am very very very comfortable in my own skin. And I think you and you need to know that I'm Robert comparable with why it works at all. And I think that shows. I think you hear my voice of the year my passion my sincerity. And we'll just leave it -- bet now not all shows we do. If you're new listener as sometimes folks I got to take time to realize that we do pick up new listeners every single -- It's the word spreads and I'm not consider myself on the back but. We have something special going here and people tell other people about it. And I appreciate the fact. That this show can't be pigeon hole. That I cannot be pigeon hole. As some kind of a knuckle dragging Neanderthal. -- -- a columnist. With a certain daily newspaper. Who basically used to imply in his writing but I was some kind of the dots. Until I challenged him to an IQ test. He did not take the challenge. -- I know my IQ and it's quite hot. And I have nothing to be ashamed of in terms of my intelligence. I also have nothing being ashamed of in terms of my view of people the universe and the world. -- at a certain point your life folks. You know what your weaknesses are you know what your strengths are. And you have to know who you. And that's why I end every show with the words no yourself. So many people will spend seventy years ninety years on this planet. Without ever being circumspect about why they're here who they are. And what they wanna leave behind. Hopefully for others. I didn't mean to get off on that kind of attention I'm sorry it's just that sometimes I realize we have new people joining the show all the time and I I get really nice emails from people out there are some jerks but I. I get more and more nice emails from people like hey I turned you on it because I heard some bad things about you. And I'm pleasantly surprised by how awesome show it is that's the common theme and a lot of emails piracy. And it's very heartwarming. Just say you know I read those and they're very nice like you never repay you. Except by doing the job I do every day on the here and hopefully if -- -- one today. Unhappy if I do you think about something once a week unhappy that's all I want. One lap today and in getting you to think about something once a week that's my goal it's not a brand it's me. Let's find out about traffic and see if the brand is spoiling here's. You know unfortunately every time by -- has a short traffic report I'm right in the middle of something and try to talk to Ross Thompson about posting you put on his FaceBook page about the Hamburg sign guy but I can't really touch. Text at all but I wanna tax go up. We've got -- his phone number in there and if you guys don't I do because there's a new chapter being written that I I do want to get into hopefully today with -- AccuWeather for today it. Well guys purity is a flood watch has been canceled for tomorrow morning but. This is so crawl. We do have a winter storm watch in effect but not for all of us we're talking the higher terrain of chatter August Allegheny Wyoming Livingston. And Ontario counties up to six inches of snow. And but I see so we're gonna be the heavy heart attacks and oh yeah a heavy wet snow. Don't kill yourself shoveling it isn't worth that seriously it's not worth it. Right now it's 44 tomorrow's high is going to be 37 Sunday 41. -- -- they lied it was earlier in the week because I seem to remember hearing earlier in the week. The by the weekend we're gonna be looking like fifty maybe 55 and sixty degrees. Up baseball stuff. -- Did we get lied to where we propaganda as. Look tell us wanna talk to a after the news at 530 with the update from Hamburg he's got something for us. Because I do want to update something because freedom of speech is important to be a lot of people have seen a lot of people don't understand -- freedom of speech years. Freedom of speech has nothing to do the radio talk show. Because chances are you call -- -- start telling me Barack Obama is the greatest president in the history of the United States. I just won't be able to bear. You know I can't bear I'm sorry I don't have the patience. I don't have whatever it takes to listen to BS. That's not freedom of speech freedom of speech means you are not going to face repercussions from the government. For exercising your anti government beliefs. As long as you do so in a peaceable manner the right of the people peaceably assemble. You can't be a terrorist obviously that's wrong a lecture Bill Ayers in your -- the president then you can be a terrorist. Meanwhile the other terrorist guy New York City the Dominican Muslim. G out of Jose. He's gonna do fifteen years in the slammer. For threatening to blow up police stations. Meanwhile president Obama's buddy Bill Ayers. He's walked as a free man -- And there are some widows. One widow in California. Who. Basically points fingers. At mr. years. And his door and and the people of the Weather Underground movement as being nothing but American terrorists. And whether or not you all -- I would bet it. That's the guys who gave Barack Obama some of his big breaks in politics. So one terrorist is okay. He can -- guided the White House another terrorist is gonna do fifteen years in the slammer and he didn't even do anything you just talked about doing it. All right 525 at WB -- what -- get an update from Ross Thompson on a couple of stories coming up in the next segment here on WB and so don't you go anywhere we have lots of ground to cover and I'm just getting warmed up. -- you guys like bailout -- to do and it is 530 for -- to see the bad blood money. It's never great buffalo band called bare back -- a country band kind of a funny story given the band's name. I know stop it was cattle like Frankie Goes to Hollywood. To pitch. You know kind of oriented toward a certain segment of the audience -- back -- Honestly thought it was a gay rocket or you know gay techno dance I'm sure -- no disrespect intended at all understand. Turns out of the country band. And the lead guitar player went on the national great guitar player by the way it and how we do it in Nashville but that man abort -- today. But now it's a blood money. And got to what you see those guys maybe they'll let me say it is. Yeah that's phenomenal talents. And talk about a lot. If you look like -- band's regular satellite events and -- understand. All right let's. 888. Let's go to the calls actually one who I give him some different things we've we've talked about potholes today. I'm wondering about the economic ramifications. Of the pot -- season what it's gonna do to. Motorcycle sales and motorcycle service and guys and ladies get their bikes on the road and that those of you with your summer Torre. You know how much longer you take your bad way on the road digital wanna hit some Big Apple. Meanwhile. Rus Thompson drives his many -- concrete mixers all over the place you're going to have a Honduras and one I think I joining us right now as local political activist and patriot Rus Thompson. And I wanted to get John because idea was trolling your FaceBook page. I didn't put anything nasty but you have a letter from the top of Hamburg posted. -- it is not to the original safe act guy this is the town of Hamburg. Going after somebody else for an anti NY state that signed what do you abundance. Well are -- -- Cagney in the picture that's now ended up in on my age. There's a go to whatever guided Tennessee back side but the next which spent. And -- somewhere as I go down it and did you beat. We get you win -- immediate action about what you don't know -- your age works. I don't either and sometimes people are off by page in their band that I -- and how they got band I have no idea. Yet but I haven't I have a personal and you have a professional ice age yes they work different. I still haven't they -- that -- well yeah I mean the bottom of ancient fifty years. Dude that's yeah and I decommissioned and my personal page because it was connected in my professional page and I don't want people work -- what I do in my personal page like to start my personal page over again different than the work page I could bore the hell out of you with the next hour of our conversation about that. But the letter I'm reading it is for those who you're just joining us in Hamburg. I you you will remember the guy who is now facing legal action in the in the Hamburg in the town of Hamburg because of his anti NY safe act sign. On -- his property OK they call that that a safety hazard a traffic distraction. And illegal. And frankly the town of Hamburg is law who says cell not a -- I'm not an attorney the United States Supreme Court says. In a precedent setting court case and now one of your fans -- a guy by the name of Gary. I won't give his last name unless he gives me the OK to do it. But dear mr. so and so. A telephone complaint. This is from the town of Hamburg code enforcement department this is brand new. The letter was dated march 25 but -- march 25 now today is the 28. So this was dated on March 25. A telephone complaints. Was filed in our office on March 19 2014 regarding a sign attached to the front fence. Gives the road this is a violation of the town of Hamburg municipal code. Please contact me as soon as possible gives the phone number. I would appreciate your prompt attention to this matter. And it is signed it Joseph Barton core code enforcement officer town of Hamburg code enforcement department. -- Here we have a second example Russ. Of the town of Hamburg specifically going after people who are advocating against and why say it. Talked him. And that this site has been up from what I understand that eight months. Eight market and up and bowel only now did it kidnapping him and insight yet and they tried to use the sound cold because apparently it. But it up mixed with a bad so you look at the -- code it looked like he. Is in violation of number forty. If there's no in particular language shall be printed -- fixed the outward side of any sense that directed at neighboring properties. Any reason. OK to me that more selective enforcement. Because there are signs all over the place -- are -- -- people's biases. And it you talk with you when you aggregate have you reached out of -- car meant that -- Rod -- They pinpoint different areas where they're where there are signs. Stick to the that is. So wait now know what they're going after apparently is the one that would better against one straight back. Now the -- -- what I understand it justice. Repeat what -- backside. Event in other words it's the kind of sign -- I hate to interrupt but it is the sign that has been put out by my friends at scope and why shooters committee on political education New York of which I am a lifetime paid member. Yeah. Now you know on -- would -- just well there are thought I would like three of the week before the election. I actually you know would eat you know that I should reveal but there was not a lot of shattering. Scattered all or Grand Island. It -- that there was one Democrat that would lobby against a Republican. They had no I doubt that a Republican ad out. So with our own basically ordered the quoted -- officer to go -- in reunite but side. -- -- literally. My share powered submarine and a couple other side and all my property beyond what what that they backside. There -- excused wise it's a political sign it does not allowed out. Thirty days prior to an election well you know I've -- a Grand -- 1995. And I had political signs up sometimes all year round to make a statement. He's never been bothered war. So I literally called that account Al that I told him you liberal know it started back and if you don't I would I'll charge you get down -- -- -- Because the cold in there but not as they're entered my private property and stroll. By writer Mike White -- -- They violated rust they violated your fourth amendment rights number one number two they trespassed. I'm not a lawyer but that's pretty cut and dry. But pretty easy to you know about any about -- constitution you can figure it equipment that is they don't like the constitution and read it. That it there'd be. Sold that we wouldn't -- about it they. Might sign. And I knew -- went back and like. You know to me it's another typical political it selective enforcement -- the Cold War -- -- mr. of course and it. Now IE I don't -- identify this guy. If he wants to call and I would be happy to speak with him this is the second known example in Hamburg. The now Democrat controlled town -- going after people who dared challenged and why safe by putting signs on their own the property. And well according to all -- second -- According to a precedent setting court case known as -- to be Julio. And our conversation a few weeks ago with Paul -- -- The town of Hamburg is gonna get it's asses sued and they're gonna lose. Now down now of course you know that's been moved to another -- which of course. They don't know which are restored do so that would completely stop it liberal at this point. So we go to we're gonna deal with this that this guy decides that they get the court other judges they're gonna have to recuse themselves and then we'll just wanted to limbo so. It's ridiculous. So all in what is this guy the guy who's in communication with you and I hope he calls my shows we can get a firsthand account from him on the phone number by the way. 8030930. That's 8030930. Start I had 3180616. WB EM what is he going to do to fight. The town of Hamburg code enforcement officer in his quest to deprive a citizen of his first. Amendment right which by the way is backed up in a famous court case would do. The Julio. And it by the Supreme Court case straight yes it's. Yes I'm not sure what that guy is gonna do what -- get an invite from people saying that just for the on the -- -- on its stake in in the ground he'll be okay. I don't know what he's gonna do it I haven't really spoken with a guide. Difference doesn't it get beside -- on offense -- it's not as. Is is grass it's still on his property correct. Yes absolutely I absolutely agree would you. You know -- you -- -- find out what it's our help of people would say it if you walk people read it -- a political statement whether rich I doubt sale. You know you want people to be able to -- beside Bobby get that apparently so it didn't blow away in the went. Well these -- actually you know I -- what they are if they're reasonable under Ed box. You know but you got it -- if you make and -- -- -- your own statement quite that simple it's all there is so so why you have to violations sparks are about the -- First Amendment. So but do you see the significance and I do. In the fact that the Democrats. This this suddenly. Just became an issue when the Democrat party and by the way Andrew Cuomo is the top Democrat in New York State and he's gonna continue to be because he's gonna win reelection. Sorry -- I just have no other analysis to offer but that. It's just a coincidence that the Democrats take over and now at least two people of whom we know. Are being harassed by the town of Hamburg over science. Well coincidence now absolutely not immediately if -- it's very. Selective enforcement in the political you know wanted to dig up there that's gonna make our bigs look bad. So don't take that I doubt that. To me that felt what it's all about no credibility what they got blood drive side doubted detached look bad they don't have memorable so. I mean they got to the site of the get a drag these other people the court all the other back you'll get all you when you don't like it you open up a can of worms you're really deal. And it even if you look -- somebody the door everybody. And you go to Lois and Clark played a simple I want to -- Gabriel are what you and I it was it was phenomenal the working. You know and if -- it's part of -- yet but they're gonna lose. And you know it really makes you wonder how can it be that they have a -- -- they finally realized you know maybe we should just -- big law. Well the original guys. Whose name starts with a Z as a work away it's my pronouncing that incorrectly I'm sure I am. Scott Scott. -- work I know I -- I cannot remember how to pronounce his name but do you know words that matter stands right now. That matter dad's stock in -- ball. They don't know where they don't know what court it's going to be sent to. So it's really where we stuck in limbo now we get eight they'd had it taken out of Denver courts because the judges had recused themselves. And that may have to send it to another court so they ask what side and it went out of court. Or -- could be hurt so knowledge apps will Wimbledon nobody knows what's going public at at this point. General -- I have to tell -- that we have attorneys here in Western New York like the very well known Paul camp Brea whom I'm honored to call a friend. I'd never thought I'd say those words and I was in my early twenties because they didn't really come to an understanding of what. Criminal lawyers and First Amendment lawyers did until you know maybe ten or fifteen years ago. And I know the trends Mendes the -- in law firm they were also interested in the -- case it's not like there's a shortage. Of lawyers who would be happy to litigate on this man's behalf to defend his rights and their four by extension all of our constitutional rights. And that we're gonna oil down is not just one individual. It affects all of the back every single one about. All the supporters in the Second Amendment all the what was the First Amendment all important Fourth Amendment. You would you have -- -- it's not just you're like it's all our life and we will -- All of us will not -- one individual loses all of us. People have to realize that was comfortable. I feel really you know I feel really you go through it. -- you going through it too because what do you do strange thing about it. You -- well. Should have been recently at the board benefit everybody and a politician these days and -- want to control in a re saying well that you don't -- act hit you on it. Yet you know arrests I've made this point a zillion times ultimately keep -- you just time I mean it's a Friday evening you know honorable life. What you would do what you call when you get it you're probably doing a piece of equipment ready for export Ecuador. I would actually inside. But who you are too which is fairly small but why didn't you act -- well I would inside it. -- -- -- suite on the candidate for extra support he is it that things get shipped else where you talk about deeper into the. Five I plan on doing a similar act sometime this week and it Ferrer -- however I don't Annika export will be in my future. On hold out here rust because that we we need to talk about that because this isn't serious stuff. When you've got these two bit political hack politicians and amber coming after people and boating them out of their first amendment rights you know rest between you and your humble host we can mobilize an army pretty quickly. -- It -- so don't. What I say -- I'm not implying inferring suggesting or condone any act of violence. Remember folks this show is monitored. Don't think that's paranoia I know this for a fact. My show my FaceBook page they pay attention to a because they're looking for excuses to come down on people. Take it to the bank. And we don't have a flood watch anymore but we don't have winters to watch in effect. Not for everybody don't listen up higher terrain -- -- -- August county Allegheny County Wyoming county Livingston county and Ontario counties and if you get whacked with a you can get up to six inches of snow. And it's gonna be that heavy wet snow. Please. Please I'm begging you if you got a heart condition which been awhile since you had a physical it's not worth it. It's not worth getting a heart attack over. Okay -- you know you know your limitations I just don't wanna see somebody you know you over and I'll be with us anymore because they try to overdo. Which six inches of heavy wet smell. These are tough lessons learned along life's path folks right now it is still 4640 wanted. Holy crap we plunged ten degrees since like out on the year mother nature turns frigid just for me. When -- is I know I have to break you don't. Pay yeah I got you so Ross here's the deal. The breaking story we have is that. A couple of days ago the town of Hamburg sent one of your friends and I am still waiting for copy of this letter I can put on my FaceBook page. I don't know why I can't share yours with my audience but. If I get it directly I can do I read the letter on the year. And I will be happy to put it on my FaceBook page if I -- copy of it I sent to me is a JPEG. That I can do. But we now have a second person in the town of Hamburg. Who is posting signs against NY safe being targeted by the Democrat controlled town of Hamburg. And they're using this well the sign is attached to a fence clause. I'm not sure if would do the Julio. Apply these year. Or a -- if it would apply here what what difference does it make that it's not that I don't get it but we're gonna walk. Well you know I I think my body -- transmitter maybe Jim -- and are listening to the show itself. I'm I'm putting out a a halted them during BP break I mean news break. In May we get them to join us as well during the final hour because. I just I I I as much as I want and with a happy ending I also have responsibility. -- -- get information to people so you crawl back in your many -- there for about ten minutes okay. OK okay what in the meantime I'll try to get these things. And I'll try to email -- period. I -- your private tax did you get that. Then you'll get a new interest in verbiage or put in their two of yeah. My whole outlook continue with after the news at six and sort this all out yes folks somebody else is being picked on now for pro gun advocacy in the town of Hamburg. Yes believe it or not.

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