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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>3-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

3-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Mar 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN. Rebels out of you would. Think. -- India hold to a no one ponds with an assault rifle no -- -- If they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. Wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do but that happened to that. Gary -- Destroy all silent. That was an advocate. -- brilliant move ten when you must eat. Things -- 8930. I like you. You have blows. I'd like loaded. Ten minutes after four news radio 930 WBE and I actually got flood watch has been canceled but now we have a winter storm watch in effect all -- this is it's crawl. It's this is unconstitutional whether. This represents a violation of cruel and unusual punishment is being inflicted by mother nature nonetheless mother nature -- to be held accountable to federal civil rights lawsuit. -- at least that's where I Buick. Maybe that's why I never went to law school. Anyway. It winter weather message a winter. Storm watches in effect from tomorrow afternoon through Sunday morning from a higher terrain of general August Allegheny Wyoming Livingston counties as well as Ontario county further east. And that. It is most unfortunate. All right we are talking about. Potholes. And but but. Brought them out and I'm a takeaway because IE I've kept it as a million times. That with the kids graduate from high school or college -- just the beginning. If you think that you have learned everything there is to learn in life in four or six or eight years in college medical school law school you're an idiot. You're an idiot. Life is learning is a life long process. And I've told you guys something I've shared something with -- -- little secrets. But I think that it's so valuable I'm -- would you guys again. Every year. I deliberately pick a subject. About which I know now they. And I try to bring myself up to a place where I can intelligently talk to anybody about it with a will they base of knowledge and understanding. Believe it or not folks. I know that a lot of you guys think oh he knows a lot about the Great Lakes. He knows a lot about organized crime he knows a lot about federal intelligence agencies. Folks. There were times -- -- I don't know what do you think about any of the stuff. But I deliberately set out to learn about it. And the more I learned the more I wanted to lower and you'd be surprised how one thing can lead to another thing. And how one area of expertise and actually I -- expertise not courtroom expertise I mean conversational. Pseudo expertise -- bet. How that can actually assist you in other areas of your life other new stories that come up for example. You will remember that when the Malaysian jetliner went down. That I drew parallels between hit an all the bizarre theories being offered by CNN. And various. Ship wrecks on the great likes about which I'm quite knowledgeable and conversant through my extensive reading. You never know when this stuff is gonna hi together. And then last night I learn something that I did not know before. That in Buffalo, New York from 1946 in 1949. There's a little car that was made right here called the Playboy. The Playboy. And I put a link up on my FaceBook page thanks to what Joseph beamer tracked him down for us. And I learn something new about the Playboy car last -- so my first picture of a little Playboy Tuesday at two seater convertible when I saw in the picture. And interesting trivia according to biography. Easy the true Hollywood story. Hugh Hefner. Got the idea. For his Playboy empire. Based on the car that was made right here in Buffalo, New York the Playboy. And that is eight documented historical. Fact who says so you have to there. So just a stupid conversation last night with a guy. And it turns out that that opened up a whole new realm. Of something about which I wanna work and maybe you'll want to learn more equipment. Sellout. Again folks try. To tell you is there's a lot more to life than just watch and other dudes play sports on TV. Or going to the movies and watching Tom Hanks kill pirates and bad guys were you know be taken hostage. There's a whole world out there and a whole world of knowledge and information some of useless some of that valuable. And if you would open up your eyes and ears disarmament -- a founding fathers for example American historical documents for example. You'll be surprised. At how you can add two and two together much better with contemporary. News events. And I suggest you book. That is gonna knock your socks off if you look at it with -- open mind. And how to get back to topic momentarily but this is important. I think it is available actually as a free e-book on line. It is a very simple title. American historical. Documents. Some -- you are already asleep. On American historical. Documents. Do you know that on three occasions this week I have referenced what a memorized from that book. For contemporary. Events we discussed on the show. American historical. Documents published by Harvard classics. Don't let Harvard throw you off I know Harvard is a stupid school that produces stupid people with big degrees and Ivy League aspirations. And famous names but it's done. Harvard classics. American historical. Documents. Get a copy of it either on line or find one I stole my ex wife's. She knows all about it. She's been welcome compensated for -- hit that you sent it is on sixty minutes after four vets herd. -- let's not get back to the calls on WB Ian this year. I wonder what this is gonna do to the local motorcycle industry. The sales industry I I wonder what it's gonna do it to the local sports car guys. Rick if guys if you sell high and -- -- of corvettes reliving. Who the hell wants to commit right now by Corvette. Because you can't really drive it doesn't assault on the roads but even after the salt gets off the roads. These potholes are gonna be a nuisance for -- I'm aghast at least a month and a half at least. And take it for me. You get a pothole you're lucky if you end up with a flat -- -- to me I didn't need the full range. Rim fix things but. I don't wanna use the other word cure is that opens up all kinds of doors through which I don't -- to walk on a Friday. -- three. On a thirty don't sit don't sit German don't say it. You smug little man you. They don't three on -- thirty start I had 31806. Point six WB and John Germans or call screener Joseph beamer is our master control -- And here is said dale in that slider dale would have forced today on potholes and my sympathies are with the guys who love their motorcycles because I wouldn't impersonal I wouldn't get on a motorcycle on a good day. Much less a day where any pot hole I hit could result in -- being in a wheelchair or worse what's up. Has -- not a -- -- called patch that you previous caller. But I am retired engineer with some welding experience. Don't jump to conclusions please let. -- junior high does that count. There's an okay it does anyway in Western Europe. -- titles originate on the scene this if you look around. And noticing that the first place -- breakdown now if anybody's thinking that you well that spot -- okay. Until the judge should get the same temperature to join. Not really the first laying down. Now they go up and run another mile and come back the next day or day after a run the second laying down -- got hot lane I -- the coldly. Now that's somebody have enough foresight. To get a bank of porches and in -- called marriage. Probably going to let the warm match. That things don't speak cool -- and not join it it doesn't link between the two then have to step the stockholders of I'm not gonna -- Here's here's what I'm noticing your point is taken about the seems. But the most guilty most cavernous potholes I have seen this year so far have not been on. What looks to me like seems but rather in the middle of a -- -- -- like there were early at Uga. I'm not know that would have let that -- if you've -- I can't the other guys. Besides you put the best club over country what it is right so bottom and yet another putting on is going to paint the updated Blair did not get to it. Here's something else I don't understand -- If I buy a car the manufactured gives me a five years is sometimes a five year 50000 mile warranty. Our county and tolerant. Officials holding contractors accountable to back up their work for a period of time. That would be fair to the taxpayer and to the business owner. There's got mr. pleasant or someplace. But you know what I'm saying right. But it might in other words it if I do a job like let's put it. It's like if -- -- started falling off right now I would be on the phone with my siding company and this is ten years after they put an -- -- what -- -- -- job did you know. You're right. But similar stuff you have duplicate of the around a bottle if you've got a -- you have bad spot atop the country you're lucky. I. We'll tell it's very interesting and I don't jump to conclusions about your being an engineer I think that is a very honorable line of work and I certainly respect what you do for a living my friend. Well another another outcome -- -- his own. My name is -- I get that cheek look at the club -- Can you should -- dale bite me. I dale I told my doctor if the red zone doesn't work or they have to increase it to the point -- start looking like -- -- he's given me cyanide. You can read his daughter cyanide does not gonna be any in between I picked routers. And I dale thanks for any words of encouragement. By my friend. Are you ready -- -- up already Joseph Alvin the chip monks day three of my red zone -- still have the democratic. Not now but when I'm off the year c'mon I read acknowledge all the big boy I can analysts. Hi this out I got to -- You know wingers office yesterday my -- he says. Holy crap looks like you put up forty pounds overnight. That's what I need to -- years that's what that's when you go to your loved. -- let's find out what's happening in traffic on WB eat and and checking in with the latest is Alan Harris Alan my friend it. All right -- -- to 44 degrees we lost that what you want our. Well so let's say is my cheeks puff out the temperature goes down it's like an inverse ratio there OK that's great thanks a lot that -- -- thanks. AccuWeather no flood watch for tomorrow so that's good news I have some governors. I just -- -- flood watch the bad news is a winter storm watches in effect this is. You know just -- any Anglo -- swear words you'd like and I think that would appropriately describe how I feel about the weather right now higher terrain in general August Allegheny Wyoming Livingston and Ontario counties you guys are gonna get six inches and it's going to be heart attacks now don't shovel it. Seriously if you're if you're if you got cardiac issues seriously don't. They worked you know seriously heart attack kind of snow beware right now we're down to up 44 degrees at the WB the end. Red zone what do I talked -- for the last time I don't want guys does I don't bring this up percent to. I frankly misery makes sport to mock itself Shakespeare said that I believe that for strong and I've told a million times -- With the bizarre constellation of statistically. Improbable -- months since I've been through in the last three years this is just the latest. In you know mother nature being a wanton. Statistically. With what she's decided to give me. But I was recently diagnosed with a brain issue. It was not a tumor it was not MS. It's something called cerebral vascular light switches no -- at the park. And it's not curable it's treatable it's manageable the only thing they can do to manager is pregnant zone. Now we got this thing about -- zone namely I don't want to look like each month. So I'm here now in day three. And if it doesn't work I don't know -- -- -- out of options after that one but will say hey look people go to people go through far worse every day. I just cheering -- so rumors don't get up there. You know I add plus I just like to be honest with you guys about what's -- It has not affected my cognitive abilities at all. It has actually turn into a serial killer ago. I've several bodies buried in my basement now that I have no recollection of actually putting their but I can smell. Is that a defense Joseph legally it up up all the transcripts all right I'm just kidding it was a joke humor. But the president's -- supposed to reduce the inflammation which is supposed to do where the headaches but. -- whatever you know there's worse things in life I mean let's put it this way you're gonna pray for somebody pray for some kid at Roswell two years old with a brain -- All right. I'm fifty I can handle a big shoulders strong guys. Not as tough as I thought it was but I'm all right I got I got this one. But if I do start the chipmunk thing. All bets are rupture. All bets are -- Then you're going to be playing chip monks. And you're gonna be crying about the art becoming upon them for 25 at WBE and -- could be something normal you know that right it would never be something normal I've got I've mentioned this earlier this week. We're gonna get this and calls coming up but I like against the clock here. I have I'm convinced now that -- to check out given my statistically improbable constellation of medical nonsense. I'm gonna dye hit by. Out of all the places on planet earth immediate -- is gonna smash into it's gonna smash and to me when about taking walks and that's all chickened out of his life. A -- got a plan I know that's how it's gonna end so when it does. I want you to say man he really was shot -- to their stuff trust me. Sports 45 at WB Ian. -- We now. Spelling of songs back there early to mid 1990s. Mid 1990s and -- the -- vanish like the sound you know because I was up their. Had a every strong touch of late sixties. In the mid terms of energy. Which by the way is one of the reasons I also liked I Sugar Ray. Sure array. I figured to vastly underrated group right wish acted. Get over their and I check them out of the casino I don't think I'm allowed candidate anymore ago. It is up 434. Very unfortunate incident them let these -- involving a Siberian table dancer who knew anyway it. I -- just kidding about that for a 34 news radio 930 WB EN. OK gang we're talking right now and look in a lot of markets this would be a death knell for a talk show host -- we're talking about potholes. But folks this year. This year and this was the topic of conversation that's -- farewell -- -- at a joint down the street. Last night between myself a lot of our engineers. Jim Kelly is is are -- not to be confused with that the other Jim Kelly where the other urgent or the other Jim Kelly. Jim Kelly or engineer. And we we just talk about potholes and and nice cool cars and the fact that the nice cool car season is probably going to be delayed. Until these potholes are patched. Because. I don't care what your drive. Yunel pothole -- look at it a few couple of thousands of dollars in repair work potentially you hit with a Corvette you're looking at a second mortgage a PH. So that's a lot now and I go one step further I think about people on motorcycles. And the guys who sell motorcycles the guys who live to bite. And at a city beach if he's he's a biker. I don't know if he's still writes. I I don't know but. He he was brilliant one day when he talked about what restaurant that banned motorcycles from its parking lot and he was spot up. Because the era of all let's see you know bikers are like the guys in a Bronx tale. Now they're not. Out there -- motorcycle clubs and our guys in motorcycle clubs that perhaps engaging in nefarious activities they've always been nice to me. Both of the rival gangs here and now. I've never had an issue they've always actively gentlemen round. That's my personal experience but I'm not in that world are right I'd rub against it but I'm not in it. But the motorcycle riders UC 99%. Of them are your doctors your lawyers you're nice guy down the street to Moses law and entrances -- is all that stuff. You know they're they're they're good folks. And I really. I'm too much of a coward to get on a motorcycle. I won't do. We all ever things motorcycles are mine I've told you before. I can get behind the -- A big beautiful. Cherokee warrior. And take it off and so when -- think twice about it. Put me on a motorcycle -- spaz out I would be a nervous wreck put -- at 8000 feet in a private plane. I'm totally cool we all ever things you know bit bit freak us out and steer us. Com. Anyway let's get back to the calls terrorist shock in north -- on WB and hello chuck. They -- Just want to say that there does stretch between Spring Hill and bought there are. Old in 190391. Yes error or is that the road that goes right by the state trooper barracks in Boston. -- -- -- Does but that looked like before you get that bears. Were added on through country has seen it our -- -- It's that look on their little -- Quito. I I wanna kid you give me the he can get the lowdown on what you experienced driving it because I haven't you know usually I have to tell it like go to spring -- pelican grill or any of those bills I was just take the 219. I always wonder if downtown Springfield got hurt by the extension of the 219. But that road that runs parallel to the united team. How bad is it and tell us about the little grand canyons that there you've experienced. It's pretty bad once you get that can see which is the one -- that they would get the right thing. Yes you came from the bay hill liked -- better. And bought that. Is. There. There's a small Grand Canyon everywhere else. -- It'll bounce your own all the plates. And the other thing that I would call about Willis. Going out on -- bike tour. -- In order I was new. And India motorcycle. And I bought it. To -- young woman. And one out. -- were driving. About a year. -- rebel and I don't Aaron. So I would say to anybody wait. Wait until the roads are clear. The -- foreign. Well you know what kind of like a review on real asset to like get a Harley or something more shall we say not Japanese I shall we say rice burner. -- Japanese. Wanna be partly. All I wanna be Harley -- ECB got to be careful because now I'm gonna be the wanna get my teeth knocked out by some Harley guy who's gonna be upset with what you that a myself. All right and it would. They got what I got to go to sort of finality on our own -- Going through it could -- Well okay how bad how bad did you get banged up when he hit the gravel. Go to bed next. -- rolled. Through my quote issues. -- -- leather because sometimes I see these guys and I I cringe because. I really try to look out for motorcycle guys because I just I respect them. And I I value there safety. I really try to do a double take every time a dual lane change my notes motorcycle season to make sure that I'm not gonna knock somebody over -- I don't think I could live with myself -- did it even if that wasn't my fault. But I -- ice guys wearing shorts and sandals and short sleeved shirts on motorcycles and I cringe. I had to let -- get down our. But I speakers are. That laundry room. Some Nader wrote on my feet by news. -- Very sad not fun. I have a question for you chuck and only somebody who has been in a traumatic accident can understand why I'm asking -- this question. What part of your life force did it permanently take away from you did it take away 3% -- it did take away 5% -- yet I'm sorry you never full recover from something like that. You don't get access there for a long time after that it. Took away a percent I'm not sure what percent -- -- during get on that thing for a while. I just still but do you still feel the pain and your body still knows what you went through. Yes yeah. People need to realize that your body there's just there's a limit -- how much trauma unconvinced that but I can't document this there's a there's a limit to how much how much of the human body can withstand and everything you do to the body I'm sorry you pay a price. They he then -- all of when you have put when you have an injury and you have to live with this for so long time here. Realized you know hole. How should probably. -- -- So what would be your advice to people and again I will never get on a motorcycle because I have to admit I'm too much of a coward and you know you can laugh but I -- -- has to those limitations that's mine I'm on the complete pussycat -- motorcycles. I will not get on the -- power -- about them what advice would you offer to those who can get past their cowardice and actually do it. I we just wait a little bit that the girls are not ready. A club and honorable public the other day -- I thought -- myself and I knew that so sweet elderly. You should know this yet. Great. Our -- -- purpose. Big intersection. And pictures and guy on a tractor. I don't even know what to say. -- maybe you let's just hope -- taking them for pre season maintenance. Well manned. All right chuck I can imagine seriously you'll hit an eight inch pot hole. With a circumference roughly the circumference of a garbage can cover. -- old days -- garbage cans you know like -- Sonny Corleone EB Carlos up with some believe that. We use them as shields we did like night playing we're kid. You know what you've got one of those things and you are gonna take a header and if you can walk again it's a miracle. Yeah that's just there's just -- away and so the rain washing everything away -- Will probably get help -- -- -- -- -- -- Well it's it's bed truck and how old guy area. -- -- all of this this will be for you. The worst pothole year you've ever seen to me this is equivalent with the spring of 1977. After that bruising winter of 1977. Which featured the worst blizzard through which -- Beverly. -- -- -- here. I'm sorry. Your own. Or were you born in September. October auto one. And only your parents were to did little well we don't like to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- my parents never had sex yours didn't -- all right thank you I'm glad you called. It art or other body and yeah you know what. It can wait. It can wait folks if you're just joining us the -- wanna set the background for you just a little bit if you don't mind. We had a farewell party for Sam -- and last night Sam is staying in town get a better job in town. So Sam leaves. Entercom and WB yen. With everybody being his friend I love San Nixon I feel like a kind of lost a brother with Sam leaving but he'll be working close enough to us I told them I'll still football when I see him on the -- So there's that. But we had a very nice party for last night at a local establishment. And I don't usually in in the past I never went to people's farewell parties and I told you that over the past few years have been trying to become a better person so. I've been trying to do more things like that to socialize especially when it really care about somebody. And it was really really. You know the kind of guy Sam has a just honest Europe or whatever you the story. But Sammy was not expecting me to show up because he knows historically and is not a party guy especially after I get off the show. Right now I'm tired when I when I'm done I -- if you're not exhausted after doing his job you've not done your job. I've said that you guys a million times I leave everything I've got here in the microphone every -- And when I walked into that room. Me it was seven six's night OK. He looked at me. And he made me feel. Like I was the most important person that ever could showed up at that party. And he did that with everybody. And and that's kind of guy Sam -- and it's. And I'm so happy to see him advance his career. But at the same time I'm sad because I've lost a friend here at the radio station. And the reason I'm doing the show today. Is one of the guys at the party is a fellow engineer here you've heard me reference in before Jim Kelly he's our Internet and computer gore were. Jim Kelly is also kind of like a brother -- he's like an older brother slightly older brother to me. -- Jim Kelly. If I say Jim I'm having a computer issues he's down here in a nano second to take -- Always gives me first priority. And we started talking about sports cars and motorcycles. And a GM gave me an education last night Jim told me about this car about which I'd never hurt. Made in buffalo the Playboy but Playboy motor company 1946. And 1940 knowledge and showed me a picture of a friend here is. Actually owns one of these Playboy cars. And we started talking about potholes. And we reached that is the conclusion that number one at this have been the worst year in recent winters for potholes. There we'd never that we neither of us -- scene like this since 1977. Number one. Number two we started thinking about the ramifications of like. A lot of people of buffalo have -- You know especially -- lot of GM workers that this counts you know corvettes are within the realm of affordability. You guys do in the overtime. Lot of corvettes around here I don't think we're gonna see those those things on the roads at their usual time. Because first assault as the washed off secondly the potholes that to get bill. And that we started talking about motorcycles. And it's not just the potholes. We start -- -- wait a minute what does this gonna do the motorcycle sales though what's it gonna do for people who live to right. Seriously some of you -- to gulf. Some of you live to play softball. Some of you live to play. I'm sick -- candlelight. Tennis. Title it's not a shuttle cock it's a it's almost like a big ping -- pickle ball. Pickle ball some real live for your pickle ball. And some of you live to ride and for those of you who live to ride. This year I think you're going to be -- -- in those who sell motorcycles I wonder if if the potholes are gonna affect your bottom line this year. Because it's going to be a shortened season I would suspect. 803 amok and get out my car probably for another month. You know that there I've I've told you guys before -- live a frugal life. You know I've -- in a very not a very common 191940. Straight. And I look I've got the best neighbors in the world loved my neighbors. I love the neighborhood. And I just there's no point in buying some big house to me. I'd rather use money to save the travel and they have a toy to compensate for my shortcomings. It is for 49 at WBBM Matt. Talk to me about potholes talked to me about your biking life and your nice car life and how this weather and the potholes are gonna screw up your hobbies. And AccuWeather -- the flood watch has been called off. But in its -- the National Weather Service not to let us vote. Has issued a and a winter storm watch for tomorrow afternoon through Sunday morning. -- higher terrain of general August Allegheny Wyoming Livingston and Ontario counties are the ones were talking about. You all could see up to six inches of snow or more like Joseph Biden imitation except I can say it in sound like a muted because I lived in the south for years. That counts right I get to say you'll just like that right -- at the X corporation there are right thank you thank you very much. All right now let's see it is forty's. 44 -- got 44 we lost six plus 17 degrees in the last hour shut up -- in new Mets general. It in the last a couple of hours actually at W media. So we're talking about the roads the potholes. And what's gonna do for those who do love to ride your -- your motorcycles not to mention those of you write your bicycles to work. With your cute little spandex pants and your full biker regalia. Who don't move over for cars. You don't share the wrote here's Rick in buffalo they'll get pissed off richter on WB and -- Whether it's absolute good image to replay wanted to talk about. -- have documented a couple of our cable. We've -- Grand Slam. That's. And -- while. That particular woman quote well. In the week which was to basically that you. Saw -- -- That league implement through. Yeah you know we talked about that earlier. I did not know that until I put -- link up on my FaceBook page and you are correct sir Hugh Hefner admits he got the name for the entire Playboy empire from a motor car that was made for three years here in Buffalo, New York which I find an extraordinary. Thing. Which I only learned today. And do that there would be no problem -- You know what it's. -- let's face it. Some people you say the word Playboy and it brings the negative connotations. Others it brings more of a cigar Dave connotation. You know debate Playboy is Playboy. I just -- it for the articles anyway. Outlook for him in the. -- -- -- -- -- -- I thought what you're trying to be a I'm not bite I'd say it but I know you're trying to contribute to the show and you're dead because other people are just tuning into tomorrow. -- good. All right thank -- brother. I will but they say I'll go blind. Current tax. Are coming up on 456 -- news radio 930 WB -- is his go to four. I have got a lot of other things we get to but I but I consider this and to see if we gotta generate some more. Interesting feedback by the way if you can safely take a picture of pot hole. At the -- the one with the guys hold the fishing -- the -- -- -- -- is active in the waste my time sending pictures of real pot holes you've seen around here recently just let me know where the picture was taken so I can put up on my FaceBook page because folks it's bad. I do wonder what the economic grammar for vacations are going to be.

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