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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>3-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

3-28 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Mar 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- and have probably one of the best liked people here in the entire building and he's just -- a terrific viewed it. All right it is 11 minutes after 3 o'clock news radio 930 WB yet but anyway the show and they last night. Got a funny because I was talking to some guys with who might work. And there are some guys here who. Hi John just reassurance. We have a unique dessert items. It sure that it got that Tuesday is kind of a Paisley with -- interest in design. Is that we're. Urban Outfitters -- don't you do look very urban. You know whatever look at John -- I think there goes an urban dude went turner let's just if your pants are hanging halfway done near Astor. Yet he goes to Urban Outfitters you know -- my belt hold my pants up that's all I'm gonna tell. If -- get to a certain point lightly or suspenders are gonna do better for the belt. Are paid anyway so my -- it was professor UBB well renowned Bruce Jackson used to say here's the suspenders guy before suspenders were cool. Anyway and may still be brawl it out anyway and yes he's a flaming liberal but he was inflaming old school liberal. Not planning new school liberal like Bruce I don't know Bruce isn't insane. He's a principled man I respect that always their respective always have respected that always we'll respect that but I don't off topic here. Because at the -- -- last night. Talking a guy who has eight very nice automobiles. And he these stores that. At a local place every winner along with a motorcycle that he stories and apparently -- the guy eight where he stores his vehicle. Has some serious money. This guy I think he -- -- money. You only goes to the racquetball court I think what he gets off but it wipes the sweat off it instantly turns -- C notes every little drop of sweat from his body turns into a 100 dollar bill that kind of guy I know people like that you know people like that. They touch a pilot rapidly turns into a mountain a goal. Yeah go figure lot of attempts from marrying well but that's another story altogether. Now I mean. -- weren't so this guy last night was telling me about a car about which had never hurt. And I I have to caution you here. We have a guy on his radio station who is eight car guy. Now is Davis sandy beach does our morning show nine to noon. Sandy is a true lover of automobiles he understands. Every automobile ever made. He can distinguish between any year of -- any year of any vehicle ever made he's a motor that. And I say that as a compliment not an insult -- He knows cars made. Like -- cars because I like to drive them. There's a different feeling to a nice car that there is to not so nice car. And of course there also is the napoleonic ego thing that needs to be stroke every now and again -- some bonus but I. This guy with whom I work. Was telling me about a car that was made in buffalo and their only about 100 of them may. And I got to scour the Internet about have a chance to do this judge Joseph maybe you couldn't simulate getting invited but it was made in buffalo is called the Playboy. And he showed me a picture of this 1948. Playboy to to cedar. It kind of resembled a Nash rambler which is a much easier vehicle -- on the Internet. I presume -- the Playboy would be. But apparently it was a car 100 made there aren't that many in existence even today but I want that car. Chances are a little -- nektar. A because whoever has one -- oversell it beat if they were to sell it I don't feel like spending that much money on a vehicle is not worth a second mortgage to. You know an ambulance right it's nice it's cute it's awesome but you know what. I've got better things to do with money. I mean plenty of trips to Jamaica for that amount of money can be accomplished so. Anyway long story short I learned something last night I -- that in the 1940s. There is a business and buffalo that made a car called the Playboy. And it is a so. Cool automobile. But where does this where's the story going you may ask him how does that apply to you. -- -- it really doesn't hurt but not applies to you because. We started talking about roads. Because like any buffalo audience. And western New Yorkers. You have your winter car. If you had your summer -- Now back when GM was in full bloom of the steel plants were -- out. Lot to steal every year guys were making good dollars a lot more people have winter cars and other summer -- I've got my summer -- It's a rabbit. No I have my summer -- Has had a Volkswagen Rabbit that's not quite where that was going -- but and I I haven't Storch in the wintertime. I could put my garage. But that would be too easy plus it would this place. -- yet and she needs a home so I'd rather. Story heard and store car. Now the question that became -- For those people -- motorcycles so even if you don't have a summer car you've got to bite. How long is it gonna take you to get your motorcycle up this year and on the road. And how long it's gonna take to get your server toy out on the road if it's a four week. I have never and here's a question -- ask you guys is that where you come into theirs does not just the monologue I don't wanna sound like Kenya. -- Ladies and gentlemen I am a lifelong western new Yorker except for three years one year in Tampa two years in Saint Louis. And I would never say anything bad by the way about either of those places especially Saint Louis Saint Louis is so much like buffalo in fact. If you know Ryan Miller Steve got asked Ryan and Steve how similar buffalo. Is to Saint Louis and vice -- yet at the same time Saint Louis still has more southern field to. Saint Louis has a personality all unto itself it's kind of Rust Belt at the same time it's got a southern center of charm -- but it's very similar to buffalo. It's kind of a hard place to label. But belong in the short of it is. As somebody who's gone through many a winter. In western new York and many a ball in many a spring. In my adult life. I cannot remember a year where the roads have been so absolutely. Awful as they are right now can you. The closest I can think is the winter after the blizzard in the -- spring after the blizzard of 77. This spring of 1977. I don't remember it being bad I remember my dad bitching about it being bet. I think at that time he was driving a Mercury monarch I don't know that they were known for great handling ability. In pothole strewn roads I think that's the car if memory serves me correctly that's the car the first time we took it out as a family. Mom dad and little Tommy what detects. Dot -- -- water viewers privacy gap were evident. And out we got hot dogs we went out to the car we started it at the damn thing wouldn't start. My father was fit to be tied -- dead was the unlucky is -- -- -- cars I have ever known in my life if he bought a car. They're gonna be a million dollars he would he would by the one POS on the lot Britannica. If he would he would always by the one that was screwed up the idling is too fast the idling -- well. On the brakes where it doesn't star. I is that legendary. Legendary in the family my father's bad automotive choices but -- used to -- -- all the all the time. We need to take drives that would affect corporate drive. Over ride the I got three older teenager that was no longer cool. So all. This year it dawned on me oh my gosh. The spring of 24 team. Reminds me of the spring of 1977. In terms of these spasms. That we call potholes. On the roads in Western New York I have never seen it in my adult life. This bad. And what you think about it think about the constant falling. And the -- fig about December and January -- those nights where it was zero degrees as the -- or even minus five degrees as hello. Those were the -- you'd go outside literally. And if even if you give the heaviest of Steve -- Within ten seconds you would start to feel the cold creep into your extremities. That's dangerous -- -- -- like to be wrote. If you're well would you -- -- well you just have to basically lie there. Well that's what -- -- And boy are we seeing the results of it now. And it's almost like every new day every new sunrise brings a new awakening of a new Grand Canyon like -- that is opened up in Western New York. And how this ties in the last night's conversation is. We're kind of wonder if it's gonna delay the motorcycle season in western new York and it's gonna delay the summer Clark holy season in Western New York. Because wait until we get the first nice weekend you'll never realized how record that's there are in buffalo until we get that nice beautiful first spring weekend. Then you're gonna see more corvettes that you can shake a stick -- -- the car of choice as buffalo or a in in the spring and summer and early fall but it's the -- by far. -- some people have a Porsche is some people a couple of for -- around it's in some Bentley is a couple of people with rolls Royces but those are you out. It's pretty hard to compare a Corvette with a Rolls Royce I mean they're different different style different message it -- You know I -- the Rolls Royce sends out the message I am really enable the Corvette you know that's that's not a message mine is really tiny. And the Porsche sells out the message I'm short and this is my way of compensating. The fish. So all these cars have different messages I'm. Being facetious of course and beat ferraris are they're the official cars of the homosexual community. So I think that that goes -- every car sends a message. And the phone goes in 32. And one sorry -- for a friend of -- anyway. Act anyway. How total war. Are you people with your motorcycles. Gonna get your bikes on the road. With these kind -- Now you always have to realize when the winter ends. You have to wait for the -- illusions of rain to get the salt off the roads. Because salt is your car's biggest enemy. Sole book from road salt will eat through anything. So every person with a motorcycle every person would -- -- car you know what I -- -- I mean expensive. Waste of money -- -- investment not really investment waste of money. And I plead guilty. But anybody with a with a toy car you know you wait for those first -- or are the first heavy rain falls to get they get the the salt off the road. OK well some of that might be happening tonight. I was thinking to myself are yet on a date first layer of salt. -- just didn't -- now yeah yeah first -- assaults going down baby yeah but I wanna wait for couple more heavy rainstorms but then get. Even with a heavy rainstorms hit the salt off the road and the residue off the road. The potholes will remain now it's bad enough ladies and gentlemen. I don't care what you drive you could be driving in 1982 POS Chevy cavaliers still. I mean we still have some of those other note. We were there where they made an 82 or was an 83 did you remember -- it doesn't matter anyway up. When you get a pothole. Like the potholes on sweet home. Like the pot hole that has sprung up on word leaked like a Uga by Charlie the butcher's. And that's an area they just read it. And the ball all over the place there's a big pothole flipped at Miller sport you guys go that way after after work you go up what you take right and -- -- to get on the tonight. Okay there's a pothole right on Miller's -- if you're making your right hand turn. It is up bitch. Now I've got a Jeep. And -- is made for stuff like that Jeep was made to drive on Mars I don't know if you're aware that it. If I could get my invite you get my GP Arenas can drive my Jeep all around your rate is that it would not be an issue that's what the Jeep has made the -- It may be pronounced Uranus but why -- the so well. Long and the short of it is it's bad enough when you hit a pothole and you kill a tire and god forbid your breaker rim. War you know you cause some serious damage to the various expensive parts of your car which will not be covered under warranty you're gonna have to paper goes out of pocket. That's bad enough for the for real people. But those of you with motorcycles. And I know that -- -- huge biker audience for the buy -- show. And and and please don't think -- that biker means. Unsavory characters with flies coming out of their beards are you kidding me. Folks there are guys like that there ladies like that. And a lot of the bikers are very very professional and vague -- you know what they do they take their bikes from Holmes in Spaulding lake. And they -- on -- -- with other guys and ladies from Spaulding late so you know you say bikers. Don't ever judge a book by its cover folks. And -- I never. I never do that -- anybody because you never know yet never well. But US a pot hole with a motorcycle Jewish. Gonna do a better. So I wanna know if it if I -- smoking crack which I'm not. Is this no I'm not much to do the wiz in the cup thing again how many times before it clear -- net. All right anyway 8030930. Is -- Oberstar and I birdie on the cell phone 180616. WBE and are the roads truly as bad as I'm saying and those of you with motorcycles these are your actions. You know you get -- people with your Harley's. Wait a crotch rockets count. I think we should distinguish. I don't think crotch rocket should count -- motorcycles. Now I think which you call those suicide machines. All right stay when it's 8030930s. DePaul number. Start by thirty on the cell phone 180616. WBM. Joseph what's that woman in the lab coat with that empty bottle doing outside the studio. Again. -- to end this after 34 news radio 930 WBE NHL. Want to make you jealous I was actually alive when that song was a hit. I never saw the kids are out of Vancouver thing anyway it's at 334. And is ready at 930 WB at the face the -- they were Joseph Bieber dug up the a website on Playboy motor cars now. These are cars made in buffalo between 1946 in 1949. Honestly I'd never heard of them -- -- -- looks like the Mini Cooper -- with a little wings or whatever they are on the side. But in the middle it's a top hat gloves and McCain's. Which most people don't -- anymore -- Because. After all. Age ten and stick to elect. Already told me -- all I've done. That we -- now have the New York City -- at the pleasure of your debt but arguably no longer carry more than eight occasions in your pants. No 100 it and that's all right well no one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- one under quoted this week what do we spread. Are right in one -- let the week Obama beating my full quota. Now now what else we have singular look that up I put up my FaceBook page took little car -- I want those are Joseph let's get this out of the way it's -- straight. Now we're gonna take calls momentarily. But it's day three. Of fled the zone. And unfortunately. Joseph Bieber is already for the present his own side effects. Given but what does it. -- in the -- months. -- Right -- they strip red zone. Unfortunately the headaches are still there so LC in -- -- let's -- what's going on with that thank you Joseph I needed that I did that uplifting moment thing in the shell. I think if the president does or doesn't work if they wanna increase the dose -- ought to tell the doctor Joseph -- -- zone -- cyanide. I will not look like a chipmunk. -- better to die young and have a good looking courts and look like a -- That's my resolve in life. Are right let's talk about -- shall we. -- -- all night thirty star and I 31800. This got a cute movie elements on thank you economy by -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our height 8030930. Start -- 3180616. WBE. And -- is so what is he talking about. I don't feel like talk about it every day it's just it's a super boring thing. It's that it inflammation of the brain it's called cerebral vascular at a spread zones only treatment and I hate for the zone because the side effect is that makes it look like African chipmunk. So far so good go for me. Of course I have noticed my -- parts of withered away. Well I don't know what happened there but. I can't see the name but this is the guy who works are getting stoned every day. This would be Mike calling in from from a quarry -- Mike you're -- WB yen. I'm here loudly clearly distinctly sir. And your network the locals don't worry about Ornette. Our failure or not. And world. Help. And well. Everybody has checked into a lot of really -- -- -- -- hard racer. Go right now on a boat up. Yeah well I know that the museum has been there for awhile. Probably not a great grandfather used to drive -- error as he was a doctor whose specialty oddly enough was venereal diseases. These areas that people -- luck unfortunately. The guy. -- you know a -- god it was an eccentric personality. And probably just that you know this side -- being out there. But he was one hell of a doctor I was told back in my use and -- appears Arabs. Did you leave us. I don't know why hung up. Maybe it's only wanted to do was give a free plug for the auto museum. Are will be out of his income icon on my show -- -- would like it but it's a great. And analysts were -- out. But now it's a great masters it's a great it really puts the the point about the Playboy motor car. I never heard of it before I just saw my very first picture of one last night. It was a car that was made in buffalo from 1946. Until 1949. And I believed -- about 100 of them that were made maybe somebody listening have. Others are mothers who worked for Playboy motor I don't know if this was prior to -- F. After a one point this was before the whole Playboy lifestyle and Playboy. Concept took off with Hugh Hefner it predated that. In fact I would like to know well. It's now account for -- I can't see through the freak and I ever. It's not go ahead. OK okay service for you have to give up with them okay that have a chance to read the website -- used to elect okay well -- like that. So I was assured there's a legal squabble between the name Playboy but I guess I looked it up on the website which are put in my own FaceBook page which I haven't read yet so basically -- could put up some sleazy German porn site and I wouldn't have known it was my own FaceBook page I don't trust Austrians -- just so you know. Josef beat out -- Do you not. And it went 8030930. -- 930 so. Those of you would motorcycles. And those of you with your your sports cars in opposing view that the corvettes those have you with your ferraris. Those of you -- I don't like Ferrari's I have to be brutally honest with you if we're billionaire I would not own a Ferrari I don't like them. I don't I think they look stupid. I think whoever detainees which stupid. They look like boys I'm sorry. We all have our choices in life. It's not jealousy it real it -- -- a bet. Just I don't want one. -- offer me one for free I take it might sell. Sandy beach -- Ferrari's. I don't like Ferrari's Alec with a look I don't like the way they sound. Like anything about them I don't like the people who drive them. The poll -- poll. And my phone goes off in three tier who can't walk and certainly. I think Intel has got an inside joke going on -- -- do not -- our current. All right but well I I corvettes I think Eric -- I've never driven a Corvette. Never driven a Corvette. But those of you with a fancy cars and those of you the motorcycles. These roads. Are going to be pushing back your season. Because who wants to have a -- shot. Who wants to bust a rim and have to take your car in for repairs. For over a thousand dollars by hitting one of these monstrous pot holes I -- his elbow body with a Jeep. I don't really care about the Jeep police vehicle. Well I guess like hear about it but understand it's -- -- -- a whole -- to for years. Motorcycles. After many months at a Goodyear the be out on your cycle. And now with -- all the potholes. My biggest fear is there you are right along your Harley and you have a good time in the matter how -- you are. Suddenly there is the Grand Canyon a pot holes in front view and you do it better that would suck right now Micah didn't hang up on us -- has lost the connection so Mike. Working at a stone quarry I presume are going to update us on the demand for stone as pothole filled. Yet equity. -- and the business. -- -- -- -- -- I am not an accurate and not. Do. They get the ball well. Area. Right. -- -- -- -- for those again that we go through this every year but let's talk about cold patch that basically is just stone put in to the into a big hole just even it out correct. Yeah exactly is the problem -- -- -- I'm normally run at oil on our. -- -- -- -- -- -- The cold patches. It. Up and ballot. And bill. -- and it. What. Our guard. So it's not his biscuit. Yet you bet that the better it got. Toilet really hit a real -- box kite and. Please don't use the word viscous oil and pain in the butt in the same sentence because that's gonna take me directions I don't need to go win. -- like hey Mike you know what seriously we are actually looking to do a news story. On potholes. And if you'd be so kind as to send me. A phone number it's semi private email I'll pass it onto our newsroom. Because they might actually want you is -- for the Buffalo's early news talking about this stuff if you're telling me that you're doing better business now that you've ever done that says a lot to back up what -- maintaining that this is the worst year for roads I can remember since 1977. I looked out and out it'll be actually -- -- court duck and our -- about. 08. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's local. Outfit and took a hundred -- -- -- That day and Albert bell and. It that's right unfortunately they'd -- 78 tourists who were down in the chasm looking up threw up all other unaccounted for at this point. Larry I'm all right thank eight let's get a I don't know anything about it. -- like. Well outlook let it it's a fascinating thing Michael what thinks it bothers me just as a consumer innocent taxpayers are right is. They just got through patching up that intersection of -- Uga and were really -- by Charlie the -- There's a Tim Hortons there there's an empty bank office building there and the other quarter as a part of the airport are used to be gas station now it's nothing. But they just did the road they just fixed it like two years ago and already there is a giant freaking pot hole on worldly. Which is east. Can you -- it's big it's right in the center line. Earlier in an area but I am. Glad that. I got out. -- Whatever -- lot easier call our lack -- want. A bit. -- -- -- -- It. Might not. Work. It out. -- A -- currently at their wedding yeah. Sure. -- cut. Out all the way. And okay timeout. Timeout. -- I was just gonna say it every mile of road this back I remember when Jimmy Griffin was mayor of buffalo he said that for every mile of road it had to be completely redone like that and I'm talking thirty years ago it was a million dollars a mile what would -- -- today like two and a half -- a mile. -- Little edit or -- -- -- it right out and -- but. I can't. Do it got. -- -- -- -- I don't know bigger I felt that I can get numbers. It. Well I'll tell us of the shirt -- I hear your -- your cell -- kind of -- use some of the profits okay to get yourself a better cell phone company. -- muted by the company with their money. And I -- talk to assume that I hope we re on Buffalo's early news because seriously you know what you're talking about Anna honestly I've I've learned more from you -- our brief conversation Nelson Saturday I would -- -- a couple of -- going out with you guys see what you do. I have no life. Without the hot women stay at my house is just going to be me sorry. I know I meant thank you there's Mike calling it while folks. I think we get a great. This is the worst year for the -- I can remember since 1977. We've had bitterly cold temperatures warm ups freezing warm ups freezing. And some of the roads they just got through fixing like the aforementioned were early at KU which with which I'm very familiar there's a big crater right in the middle -- So if you're gonna go left -- Uga. Your fine if you're gonna take a right on the key Uga you're fine. But if you're that middle way in which everybody stays -- so nobody cut off further from the OTB eight years you're gonna get it. 348. And who wants to pay all that money for re -- thought to have a rim fixed on WB yeah. I took a flood advisories been canceled by the weather service for does what's in it and there's a winter. OK I I don't even have a heart to do this anymore. A winter storm watches in effect from Saturday afternoon through some they are all that I thought it was -- So maybe it would be spraying which storm watch we call that. -- hit the -- higher terrain of cattle August counties Allegheny Wyoming. Livingston and Ontario. Counties. Six inches or more in those areas and I am. So disgusted and nauseated I don't even know -- two began. All's vote. She is also through the Adirondacks are not in natural buffalo but the -- I just mentioned but still you know -- part of our listening family and that's X 51 degrees right now are at -- I think they are the worst they've been since 1977. And I'm thinking to myself. You know if you auto motorcycle dealership what's gonna do to business because who must be at a motorcycle. You know your probable long had a great time major first season on a bike you've always wanted and boom you hit a possible which would knock up four Wheeler on its butt and then you go through the year break -- I want that. Here's normative and T and WB -- Norman hello. I do and I love you shall I gotta tell you this every day thanks so much. But -- -- tackles. On the war on it well all. If they're really stand around and marveled -- her -- and I don't understand why because they're kind of bonding at one of the ideas or opt out and as far as x.s though. But it here they are well should I mean any stories that matter or anyone album until it into the my child there. You know a lot maybe at the big dog -- I I would like to say we have the ones on sweet home -- are Chinese student walking fall -- one and end up back hole. -- I believe that I believe it I go down I'm maple I Eddie I there and work there and -- we're all grown now egging me. These are for the right is the worse because they read it actually easier now they put an animal -- apparent lull. And when you if you -- -- -- I mean this is like the track and report. All it. I am so glad you mentioned that did you vote well if you want to -- hold on but that's one of my pet peeves when they -- -- the road are right everything's smooth except they forgot what. -- the manhole covers. If they don't even those out it's like hitting a giant at all. And it turned -- An Arabic got -- between Yemen between Naples growth and. Yeah I would say -- hole but I feel very uncomfortable with that. I'm I'm I'm glad you called thank you 355. Is this the worst year for potholes and what what are. He's going for your summertime driving plan to those of you wanna bring out your nice cars or god forbid your motorcycle duke shorts he's already these potholes -- evident --

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