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3-28 The Movie Show w/Cinema Bob and Sandy Beach

Mar 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- I know I sound like sort of like broke it's. As I was Bill Cosby doing. His famous no routine which I mean when he did that Don the Tonight Show in the unsolved enjoyment nearly sixty bill is really. The the bit that put him on the -- That -- our streets are very very fun stuff that shows that a robots ultimately sandy beach it and you're back in the saddle again and your -- box office news format. Indeed yes indeed last week number one. Was divergent. This is the new young adult franchise systems once commute to ignore for Hunger Games. Listed 55 million dollars. Beautiful creatures attempted to be the big new franchise mortal instruments. Attempted to be the new big franchise this one did OK at 55 million. Horrible reviews. Terrible -- good reviews by the the youngsters who were interested in seeing this did not care they were happy with that. The polling was good to people who sought. Were plays so -- the next one we'll be coming out march 15. And then march 2016. Will be the third in the series so you can expect to see all sorts of fifteen year old girls. Discussing this in malls and cafeterias for like that for a few years. And number -- Well we wanted to talk about last week at its most wanted. Seventeen million dollars. Considering. The promotional push they had behind it. Kinda disappointing is that about half. Of what the previous -- film did it got good reviews for the most part to audiences that sought liked it very much. Personally. I thought to I thought it was much better than the last market films the one in 2011 with Jason Segal. I thought that one guy in the area -- moody period perspective it was kind of melancholy and sad for a Muppet movie. I kept wanting to go up to current -- moments and really. She talked with fair pay somebody you know -- -- if you have a drink or something. Oh dollars us yes have you tried. Going to Colorado -- they have opted not as well for people who are are feeling a little blue. This film ball much lighter much fun year much more I would say yeah. In the vein of the original Jim Henson films that the film in a lot of ways reminded me. The great Muppet caper. In in a lot of its home. And the songs were blast I this I actually. Here's a little insight into -- yet I bought sound directed this right away what does Bob sit around and listen to walk it sounds odd. Of course he listens to the Muppets and he holds his head up. I'm gonna connect you with Jeff Meyer from -- -- goes into ought to go into a listening party via really. It's -- -- but he is -- several -- -- wonderful that's wonderful. A number three. One of the things that might have hurt them -- it's a little bit mr. Peabody and Sherman. Another twelve million dollars that is now at 81 million that has been holding up -- war -- well. With a younger audience of kids who. Quite frankly I never saw the original cartoons have no idea who while. Bullwinkle and rocky are but they're digging the new movie and number five no number four number four we have. God has not yet. Now this is a film that. Did not have a big TV push all of the usual. A Reno is in which you you hear about movies coming out this was not publicized this is Christian. Film. That were opened in about 780. Theaters. And it was you know basically. Publicized in churches it was publicized. Social media. And it did nine million dollars. In just 780 theaters which is really really impressive it at about 111000 per screen that's twice as much as the myopic filmed. In the movie. The review is it not -- or not. Particularly. Positive it basically. Centers on a philosophy professor at college one. Wants to start off his semester by asking all his students to write a paper explaining why god is yet. And then once they can start on that basis that god is dead and they can move on to philosophy and -- tomorrow. There is one student who doesn't believe he suggests. -- And he decides. He wants to go toe to toe with professors sell a lot of film goes into the debate. Between those two characters there are other. Stories. About people standing up for their faith that intertwine in -- don't crash did it -- our the stories of various thing. Kevin sorbo who is Hercules on TV he's the professor. Dean campaign is and then one of the -- is dynasty guy. -- -- so yeah yes you Emanuel Hercules. NUM one of the -- dynasty guys -- end. Christian. And -- after rock group pop group called -- the news boys against they were following they do the concert at the end they'll. So this film very popular. And. All -- a few people in the -- is in the trade papers did say. They are to a certain extent literally. Preaching to require in that they only advertised with in the group that's -- already on board with this we'll see -- the film has any crossover well I think that professor should have -- he was in trouble when peso stood up to challenger yes. -- Look let's talk nose to nose on -- -- walk over the water to get two year -- I don't think this argument won't last long. The last -- all of a look at a movie doing record breaking -- is that you and I both long the grand Budapest hotel while it is on only. 300. Screens. And it did Shannon million dollars. Last week which is charts. A stunning stunning. Per screen average it's done thirteen million so far. It is it is -- the last week out are planning on discussing it is a movie. That I have said -- what I disgust with. You well know very early on. Whether you are deep in this flick or whether you war. So annoyed you wanted to -- is like no other movie I've ever seen and within the first five minutes five minutes I set myself. What am I doing here. I'm -- that I -- the film is one of my favorite arcade and wait to see it again it's quirky I can't believe how. Oh really -- when planes is isn't this picture is a lot of. Things in this movie make me laugh. It takes place in Europe in the thirty's and 40s30s. And forties one of the usual things they do here to stay true to the time. The movie's not even in widescreen. It's in the old fashioned four by three ratio. IE I thought the film was actually grant if you like Wes Anderson if you like life aquatic with Steve -- if you liked RG league limited -- -- kingdom. You have a good shot -- enjoyed this -- if you saw those films and found those characters to be wildly. Annoying. This movie will make you want to run from the theater screening as for me though. I already have a copy of the movie poster it is framed and in my office I wanted to let. Let me just say this if you -- traditional movie -- before seeing this movie remove your shoelaces in your belt. That's all like say a quiet and don't sit under the chandelier. All right because you're -- love this they are you are gonna hate it will be back would borrow the books show us senate about. I know we've finished who will -- the the last movie I was surprised at how many. Big names were in that multnomah we have been -- Budapest hotel -- parts. Big yeah that's one thing with Wes Anderson's movies actors. Love working with him and it's it's kind of like Mel Brooks stock company of once your in your tan well out of all over eating up our own show up for the smallest roles. And but yeah he's able to get enormous. Enormous pools now are right let's let's to a movie IQ question show. Before turning -- -- Russell Crowe started his career as a rockabilly singer. What was the name of his first single was it a Fuji -- a model. B movie do we or seeing I wanna be like Marlon brand. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now big movies hitting the big screen this is what are opening was about no law. Yes yes this is. The big big special effects. Epic story of -- Noah's -- by Darian. Aaron not ski. Darren Aaron not ski. He did had a Black Swan he did the wrestler. His films. Are usually. Focused on people. Dealing with a phenomenal stress. And often dealing with it in a somewhat psychotic manner. It kind of his specialty. Woody Allen specializes in rich people lining up. He specializes. In people kinda losing their mind. And that's the way he approaches. The story of -- here. This is not. Your Cecil B. DeMille. Types spectacle in which it it's being sent up to support popular. Version. Of the story. And put it up there on the big screen for four wide acceptance. That is one of my biggest questions about this film. As to how well it's going to do. Not -- said from the beginning I'm not interested in doing a biblical lot of the Bible so I'm taking this story from the Bible. And I'm making a movie about it. Well. We we've already seen in the last few weeks there is a significant. Moviegoing. Group of people interested in Christian films and god did very well. Is gone to. Dead -- not dead that one did did very well this past week at all. I would think that that audience is not going to be interested in this film because they're gonna find enough things in here. That day. I'm gonna have problems with because that audience. Quite literally. Preach the Bible as if it's the Bible I know they say they -- at any time we've had movies last temptation of Christ. Movies where -- they've strayed from that in a significant placing okay we're taking his biblical story. But we're looking at in and a different way and that bad has often met with a lot of resistance from know like take 31 animal. He doesn't he doesn't end here are some of the things that are different year. And there's knowledge of god they mentioned the creators don't say god god by name. The creator speaks to know -- through dreams. It's through dreams that -- able to see what's coming and the problems in nine -- what he needs to do. So right there they open up slightly to the concept of. -- -- And speak to or maybe just -- -- had this is following through it which a lot of people you know I could see as Bill Cosby says in his bare. You know the thing and if you were next door to know why you might complain about all the noise in the fact that your work is on my -- is your -- George Noory in this mostly I don't think he at all. I know is a bit of a -- in this film. He he chastised himself for picket line. He says that flowers. And you left and everyone Carter George. -- is also a vegetarian. Which quite frankly makes it kinda makes -- doctor Doolittle was a vegetarian too if you're gonna have all these animals on the ball every you don't wanna be thinking about now. Nothing else and a -- looks really -- that's right that's right that is that is one of the problems here it does. Answer. A few questions as. How do you keep. All those animals calm. On the boat because while no may be a vegetarian. A lot of animals are aren't there ever apparently in this film they find an unnamed. -- They're able to burden. That causes the animals to be kinda relaxed man. -- wow. And notes from Colorado the who's the George gave a man -- cannot. There are there and John here. A little bit -- amazingly enough though it does not affect the family. So. You know. No is not standing there on the boat saying wind you can stop raining -- and I'll -- that doesn't happen it only affects the animals. -- You built bought this -- the boat is human. -- Late in this film and there are these giants. Don't monsters. Called war jurors. And imagine the transformers. From the transformer movies if they were built by the Flintstones. And they help build do a lot of the big buildings of the huge stone monsters do this. Which I would think a lot of very religious people might be a bit on the wait a minute all died at little to Harry Potter is for me. Supposedly low. They are based on nine and don't know the members -- properly and film. From the Bible which were fallen angels -- acts. Supposedly. Supposedly there. Keep in mind. This is very much TPG. Thirteen. Noah's Ark story things get very dark. Things you very loud in -- -- -- it trampled to death at one point. Some animals art is involved in a manner that is not -- attractive nor heartwarming. But. One thing though that a lot of reviews are saying I mean when you watched and when I was acute mountain watch ten commandments. I'd always sit there thinking okay. For the registry I'm here to see that red sheep -- that's that's that's the big deal for me. And -- this movie finally does get to the flawed. It does not disappoint as -- huge massive spectacle. Interestingly enough though it is playing in 3-D in other countries it is playing in three. They -- told -- -- the value of homes and as those problems could have been very helpful. What would back Obama -- is -- a -- -- image. The home of Rush Limbaugh -- Weekdays noon till three news radio 9:30 AM. WPM. As the -- shows -- -- ultimately sandy beach in the big movies hitting the big screen a first thought we did not give via the IQ question to be a -- road turning to Wagner Russell -- started his career as a rockabilly singer was the name of his first single and it would be. I wanna be like Marlon Brando about that -- old Adobe -- -- listed as -- as the second was actually the first -- -- -- -- -- -- that song hey it's just odd song for priorities leader of you below you literally sell many of his sausages that. Incredibly. Dramatic. Equivalents and and that's just such a goofy silly little -- wiggle and -- like a big rattlesnake. -- -- Pathetic in my mind remember that for a big movies are going to be extra and we just have finished wouldn't know our next bad words. Yes this is in the tradition of bad Santa and bad teacher. If you have a problem. We vulgar offensive racist. Sexist. Horrible language. Most of it. Used against kids then you may want to avoid this film this is. Film that stars Jason -- he also directs this is his directorial debut it is about a forty year old man. Competing in spelling bees. And he's competing against mostly kids that are eleven years older under. And he's winning he's doing quite well as it turns out there is a low poll I guess in the rules for these spelling bees. That. You can't be. Beyond the eighth grade and your education to take part in that. Well since he didn't. Golf as an eighth grade -- you are legally he is still eligible so he he just goes -- that enters all of these spelling bees. And is horribly. Horribly cruel to children I I'm like or just trying to I mean he's. He's. Trying to psych out one kid did to them are sitting in chairs on stage waiting for their next words and the kid is a little on the heavy side. And Jason Bateman whispers to. Can hear your chair. -- -- -- so how has he helped me just really. Awful stuff like that and then. Is the one that I can say on the radio okay it's just nasty year and and more often -- that goes along he eventually does. Be friend. A small boy. Indians. You know ten year old boy who decides he likes him. Very much and he tries to help him open up. Two things in his life that the boy has not experience. These addressed today and he gets in some alcohol at one point home and the kid has. Has never seen. Ladies chests -- hire a hooker. So all she can take her top off more than this kid this is the heartwarming part story heard. Are -- This film is getting. So so reviewed it wants to be very outrageous most of the reviews are complaining that it starts off well but it doesn't quite. Anywhere. In the trailer. I would say the trailer is -- a good. Feel for what this movie years check it out on YouTube if the trailer make you laugh if you're like this this is the kind of bad horrible taste of that type situation. Larry David I think would enjoy this movie -- much it's that kind of and take no prisoners attitude. Jason Bateman who on iTunes you know -- things like horrible bosses Arrested Development he's really -- com. In the center of storm of crazies this time he's the cause. About the craziness. Also. Very good supporting cast that Philip Baker Hall Allison Janney. Are also in -- so war -- done anything last ten years. And not a lot not a lot he's. Hasn't -- -- instrument on next its ties with -- oh yes 65 year old former governor leader. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Still trying to pull off come back with. In the action genre. He has a rather odd here Qaeda and it's kind of weird buzz cut its kind of shaped around years. Which. Might have looked good -- MC hammer tone low but looks a little odd and Arnold. This film I directed by the guy who wrote trading day which -- to record Denzel Washington movie. This is about a group. Officers in that leaked TUA task force. There are in the midst of a breaking up that big drug cartel. And in gathering all of drugs and the money. They decide well this little bit of money. We can keep this as a little fellow just street it's a winner -- out -- are we just won a ten million just something. For us to have an after party sure sell a lot apparently. Some people are aware. That this has occurred and one by one the people in the group are are kind of -- -- in various. Go prose creative manners. Yeah where's the movie starts very much as a cop film type situation. It goes kind of into the saw movie territory here. One guys. Killed by -- train another person. And today is that killed by a nail gun. He's he's kinda up on the ceiling. There are some corpses found around the lake there's loose intestines flailing about. Huddled at one point. Gets to watch area -- video of his wife's torture and death and then later. He re watches it original. Might miss something people love home movies it has an act upon a home movies going back and watch them or they Kelly's son to. -- -- he still still manages to come up where you know. One liners like. Cleanup on aisle three you know you still have that kind of Arnold stopped at Colorado like this about a particular made he'd still be governor well this is true. -- secular -- a whole lot of humor in this movie. Literally -- clogged toilet features prominently. In one's action not a a lot of gags about passing gas and a big trip to -- -- sequence. And how long long seen that centers around. Hey a bottle of urine into -- could brush you'll -- movie. I think is. In a tricky situation here is his last two movies last stand and that escape plan. Did not do very well Wallace Sylvester Stallone. Has been able to have a certain amount of success in his sixties and in the action genre things and then marched hopper for Arnold. I think director radio me via on future -- -- continue with a bit more recent average train after this break on the Israeli and I'm thirty WB again. It is Beijing company at a movie show -- cinema Bob. Yeah I I I hope the snow. Keeps going through Tuesday and Wednesday -- there's nothing I enjoy more than a good April snows. Hey bro ever -- so. Anyway -- we vote we've hit the no bad words and sabotage big movies and imagery and what about enemy with Jake. You involved yes don't know did you go unsolved. This is a film directed by. Dennison who need all that easy Auburn bureau venues. If this -- me you this is his mid year. This is. A film that this film that he's done with that Jake Gyllenhaal and two of them. Did prisoners which was thriller which came out last fall. Terrific terrific picture -- if if you haven't seen if you're looking for something to ran to. Or get on demand that highly recommend prisoners and a terrific terrific thriller this was actually filmed before. Prisoners this is one of those and usual movies. Where they filmed it in Toronto. And the movie takes place. Inter until cool Toronto plays Toronto dropped four and it hardly know him that really disappoints me when is somebody gonna find him you know start waiting -- David -- it's got to be very excited -- like finally we can do a sequel to Tommy Boy it's a problem. This is a very very moody mysterious film in which area a man who is an area professor college. -- a movie. Is watching the movie at home and seized his exact. -- He sees somebody who looks and speaks and talks exactly like him and that is a very disturbing thing that happened it happened to me. Years ago in the 1980s. This it was like the third movie I never rented. It starts up and I'm like oh my gosh. That's meat turns out it was Carey grant in all of north -- all those -- -- them. Easier for yourself your own problem -- The I -- -- minds of the either empowerment -- from nine to prisoners. We'll talk about. Will say discussion of sell these for Tom -- show -- -- -- This basically he starts trying to track down. His stop to Mary moody mysterious film. A lot of people compared it to David Lynch as far as its movie mystery. Isabella -- leaning shows up to give you that -- on -- I have been there. It's actually. I mean it's the same plot basically it's Muppets most wanted Herman has -- -- -- dagger with Constantine and that but this is done in a more serious anger and of course our. This is a movie in which people are X. Team really divided on what I mean we talked about. Grand Budapest hotel. Being along that line through the analog it or you hate it. And their review is for this are along the same lines people on our writers saying oh my gosh it's Moody's and it's furious and so enigmatic. Other people are saying this movie is as dumb as a hammers and nothing happens. When he gets to the game. Some -- version now. Of course how else couldn't standard that is brilliant it just -- so many things to ponder. Other people have -- Them and to the movie and went I was. What that's done now wait a minute. No way. -- -- -- -- Or they hated so you are forewarned you'll either -- this and realize or it'll be one most irritating experiences. That you've ever had -- I see this next film Harold lawyers in America I thought he was long and Bob call why worry. Yes this film sometimes it takes movies a wild -- To get to buffalo where this bill was initially released in in 1923. You know it might have played in buffalo in the twenty's I don't think you are -- you're all right there was at this century that's so. Most people all Harold. Lloyd from the famous. Film safety last we see them hanging off the clock that's falling off the wall. And this is a film of his that was also a big big hit in 91923. Structure our listeners -- call. -- mom it is playing. Wednesday at the Riviera theatre beautiful beautiful local theater. And rather than -- Clark Wilson doing live organ company in -- -- if you've never seen the subtle film school with live organ accompaniment -- it's terrific it's a blast. In this particular movie. Harold Lloyd plays a rich. Hypochondriac -- either played. A rich. Go -- Who has to learn a lesson about the common people. Or a young guy who wants to become rich so they should showed early laundries pour it becomes rich and show on worries rich and has to learn about life afterwards they -- charm in that order. In this movie goes to South America for a cure. And ends up in the middle of a political revolution in jail. With an actor named John. -- Now John Ashton was better known as colossus. He 2000 foot tall two inches just in -- norm. Norm that's an -- and yes yes. And he's. He's very very good in the film to play off each other nicely. I try over the years. When people think of the silent film era they generally and oh Charlie Chaplin buster key throws were at giants of the time. And in terms of how they are critically received and remembered and all that those words the two major major guys. But Harold Lloyd really was the most consistently. Successful comedian of the twenties he just put out one -- after another year by year. That was hugely successful Stan laurel always considered him the the best of the straight comedians he called. In that. There is nothing inherently funny about Harold if you look at them. Last good looking guy with glasses when he was not he was handsome he was athletic. Joseph Shuster and Jerry Siegel later said when they first created the Superman comic book. They based Clark Clark Kent on herald -- of the same glasses in all your -- You're not a big sports average Joe -- who calls a lot of games on TV he looks like to ask. But to yeah that's planet premiere Wednesday if you've never seen Harold Lloyd movie. Why worry is a great place it's okay -- minority -- lot of titles that just came off of Academy Award consideration whatever how about bode woeful Wall Street. Yes wolf Wall Street. Big film from Martin Scorsese with Leonardo DiCaprio Jonah Hill the movie that answers the question. GA. I don't of the surface two to do this cocaine on what am I gonna do. And the answer courses oh wait there's a hooker all due to cocaine off of her yes this is the Wall Street movie that is -- Oh so jacket and also loud oh so over the top the video released though is. Of that sort it is fair re low on extras which. Makes me think they're planning on a double -- on that later this year you'll see these special. Addition of wolf of Wall Street to coming so if you you've won -- -- begins in the theaters wanna check it out check it out but if you're looking for. The ultimate video releases fourth Wall Street. And you're probably gonna have to wait till Thanksgiving. Well they've had a gazillion dollars on this already another enemy more on frozen. Yeah billion dollars at the box office so far worldwide. The first day of release. For this on video. It sold 3.2. Million copies on the first date while it is already in the Amazon. History books as the fastest selling movie of all times and it's with any Disney animated feature lots of extra -- also. Are there American -- deliveryman saving mr. banks Mandela. A lot of good stuff out there so check it out that about wraps it up we'll see you Monday Monday Monday at nine under Israeli and I'm thirty WB -- We'll we'll. Which they never have to need to be used.