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3-28 Beach and Company Hour 2

Mar 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back where Beijing company as you know -- a community where room we're praying for -- Jim Kelly's recovery. And he's going through -- health. Health concern right now. In fact here's a Twitter account Twitter hash tag prayers for JK. And got us to go to thanking. About the power of prayer it's definitely powerful. Lots of people do it. As a matter of fact whether you're. What you're enrolled in -- religion or not does not seem to matter of people but I do believe in the power of prayer. And the Pew Research Center. I'd get a you know survey last fall from their religion and public life survey. And what they found is 15 of the American public and it's it's 1%. In a third of adults under thirty are crossing often none -- as far as affiliation where -- religion has nothing doing nuns. But just an affiliation with a religion. It's the highest number ever but despite that despite the 20%. 68%. Of that 20%. Say they they believe in and god they just don't believe. In organized religion and the view us our senior researcher Greg Smith said don't confuse nominal believe. Of the 46 million unaffiliated -- -- two thirds say they believe in god. And find a deep connection. Where the earth and nature and at least 13 consider themselves spiritual as opposed to religious and one in five say they pray every day. First of all just as a rule of -- I've always felt and maybe it's because I tend to be cynical times the people spoke who tell you how religious they are. Aren't that religious. -- the people who are truly religious. Have that comfort of being religious and and knowing and being comfortable weather but they don't feel a need to pin it on their share button and and a shorty or Tennessee. Is not a -- and not not a necessary thing to do so I think prayer gives you a comfort. It also gives you consolation. I I think did it gives you the feeling that you've done everything you can do. For the betterment of that person you're praying for now some people pray for themselves. I guess is not a well that either. A -- when -- I think that the the most important prayers going your praying for someone else or some thing else besides yourself. And oftentimes we we try and bargain. It god if you do this I promise I'll do this are won't -- whatever. And then you you hope it comes to flourish and and if it does your throw. And let's hope you keep your part of the bargain so I don't know from neutral questions the power of prayer do you believe. And organized religion you believe in that let's go to two of Fred in Youngstown. -- on WB again. -- through our area come for good. Handy. I I have to admit that I'm more of the third the -- 32%. Of the 68 that don't believe in god through. And but I do who. Because when I was young my my folks gave me the opportunity. To go to church. And so line noble a little bit about. Both sides and. I can understand why people do go. There's not only the camaraderie. In the social loses socializing. But. Then Ayers the people when they do come into it tough times. Have someone who -- bunch of people commiserate with them to -- So old and so that I can understand why and I just. I just don't happen to believe in it and I don't pray. I can wish to hack you know sure somebody's good health and so on but I don't think prayer makes submitted differs. It certainly doesn't mean he is I don't feel that way. Well you know everybody's entitled to their feelings so in -- in a difficult time in your life then. Who would who would you go to or would you not go to anybody would you. In his. I don't quote anybody I made I mean I worked -- out in my own mind. All right well you certainly have a right to it and -- thanks for sharing that -- our audience appreciate -- thank you were much everybody you know I would like to. Think there and everybody can make their own choices and they can't they cannot account and anybody's choices. Whether you attend mass every day you know whether you're you know feeding the poor and holding -- naked or whatever -- doing in your life that's fine of -- And everybody has -- different choices to make. But -- They're not easy choices. The best recollection. That I would have of something like that was we didn't learn it and so either she was close to death or had just died. When mother Theresa died and they found her writings she was in a spiritual crisis near the end of her life wondering. If she is worthy and wondering if she's a jug under on the right -- now if a person. Like mother Theresa feels like that who -- considered. A record yes superior human being -- if they have those kind of questions. Then their questions a -- at all I guess I think we have permission to have those kind of questions. But I as I said at the beginning to show I would feel so alone. I was feels social solitary if I thought that there are there there there are no answers from someone beyond myself. I just I couldn't take that burden that I would know all the answers or know people don't know all the answers I think we barely know any of the answers won't allow them so. To me are praying is a logical step in something that is beneficial as I said for the person doing it as well as the person praying for. Let's go to Dave and find out what Dave thinks there is an appeal here on WB again. Good morning -- I do believe in the power where I think a lot of it up -- with your inner strength and and like -- and Kurt mark -- right in late two other Kelly Everett. Armed they're going to a big struggle and I I can't believe it within one week that. Buffalo are spokes of that are biblical went through to people you know one escalating along of course they're not it's very -- true -- I I I I do believe in religion but I know I kept myself according more when bad things happen in my life and I do. Com. Now you can pray for good things -- you can play called thankful than. I think that's true I think I think for many people may -- even myself. God is pushing the button of I've fallen and I can't get up when we can't do it we can't figure it out we go to somebody that we think can and that would be god. And when I was growing up as a child. My parents always or stuck to go to church and and we never under certain you know kids weren't tortured while we got to orchard now I understand why. Because they were on trying to instill. Armed. Our. Some kind of bombs on the feeling that maybe jurors are greater power out there and that we have to give ourselves to that. And understand that there are a lot of things that we can't control when you're hurt if you're you don't you don't get it. You don't get it and that's why a third of people under thirty don't have a religious affiliation because they really. A lot of them or configure and they think they can figure it out themselves they haven't brought in an outside consultant -- -- their lives. I imagine I -- -- gosh I think most most kids get the religion from their parents and then they decide. As they go through life whether it is indeed what they want or not. But in this survey in this few surveys a third. Of people under the age of thirty. Novo I have no affiliation at all -- that because. There at the point where they think they're invulnerable. Nothing can happen to them. Hopefully nothing has happened to their fathers and mothers or siblings or neighbors or -- people on the school with. On on any major bases so they haven't had a their faces yet but as they get older. The term older and wiser is an appropriate term. And it's no courses too that they are also the generation that relieved it seems. Doesn't care for tradition. Yeah that's true because you know line I think -- look on tradition like they look on your music. Not yours Tony but their parents' music. It's -- fashion it's not a date. I'm I'm hamper I I I Nomar we have better communications. Aware where we're more into it then than you guys aren't and that's the way it is that's the thinking of a young person that's why it takes a -- on time. Four at that brain amateur to realize I don't have all the chances. And if I don't have all the answers. And there's nobody that I can count on to give me the correct answer is who can't account on if you if you believe in god and you believe that's where to -- reassurances will be back after this. We're talking about -- you believe in the power of prayer. And it's been a -- Ian Webb -- all day. In do you believe in organized religion. Many people claim to be spiritual. Fewer and fewer people are claiming to be aligned with -- a particular religion. Let's go to while Mary and buffalo Mary here on WB yen. The -- -- can be a little whiny baby I definitely believe in the power of -- It definitely. I I've been on -- situation where divine intervention and -- you know. Crept in. And and work in that aspect of it and I'm that lady get. Cancer. And -- doctor was looking at her action race and it was. Thought they gave them that I'm actually. Really I stopping that he had divine intervention. And here you could go to any hospital the most advance with the best people -- And they'll be things they can't explain. Barkley. And it all happened over and conflict and you know what it. You would have a remarkable command of English language. And written deal wild day. Well thank you I hope I don't have to beyond I'll -- -- breach at Rebecca Barry. Now. Crying. -- It is a communication beyond yourself -- gives you some peace whether there's any kind of challenge in your life for nodded it's good to know that your bank of Georgia. Exactly and sometimes -- Technically in the brilliantly throughout Iraq you'll feel so collar let that it is dead for -- imagine who what well what you don't. Exactly well I'm I'm glad you feel that way I'm glad it's worked out for Mary thank you very much. Yeah you you I mean to believe that you have command of every every everything in your life to me at least as far as I'm concerned is the height of arrogance. I mean really where does that elevate us that we're not gods I can tell you that and we make mistakes and we do things that -- who shouldn't be doing. And we don't do things that maybe we should be doing. But to be able to reach out and as I said I'm not trying to be flip but it's like could be a button to our fallen I can't get up. When you can't come -- come up with the answers yourself. You've got to reach out because you you yearn for those answers. And as sometimes they're there and sometimes or not. Your prayers on always answered certainly. But if you're willing to ascribe the a prayer. To something that has here written here before if not -- explainable that's fine with me. I'm fine with it. And I think it says a lot about us that we're willing to. Humble ourselves by saying we don't know how many people going to nominee most people think they ignore everything and they don't. Let's go to felons not want a failure on WB again. Now I think Andy. And I would open like that no way in which people can stop -- -- I believe very strongly about the the power of prayer -- seen. Many circumstances. In my life and others around me where. Prayer has been a benefit to them for critical situations. -- I can -- and -- -- things get people said that previous culture are okay. Now one thing is people expect. Prayer to. And they are to be answered. Not only immediately but the way that they want it to be too. Second guessing. If you look at would want it and we're looking at -- Overall. And and you know even even when your prayer isn't directly answered it can be beneficial is that your praying for somebody who is in dire straits. And they pass away your prayer was not answered at least you don't think it was answered. But it gives you a chance to reevaluate. Your life to re prioritize things. And to see what's important and what you haven't been doing what you should be doing so even though you lost that person. It makes you a better person I think it makes the community. Grateful for via the help they're getting that they didn't get before. Absolutely and I think it also keeps -- person from living a life -- suffering like to know you mentioned a child before that might be. Taken away and why would god do it and then who knows what did child has in store for them in their life but I believe that. -- Who won the one thing that I think you have against people hung up or is this. Going to church you should go to church because you want to go to church but many people -- church especially as younger people -- their parents because they feel they have to go it's an obligation. And when you're young when -- rail against -- rail against obligations no matter what they are. So -- you don't have that feeling of I'm going to church -- I want to it's I'm going to church to get an out of the way after we go to church wouldn't go to a game after a go to church wouldn't go on vacation all these things but it's almost like a must do I gotta check that off my to do list. But people who are who claim that there. Spiritual. And don't go to church there's no way that there. Plugging into the body that there helping. Or receiving corps or anything they're just -- this is an island they're just it's me. And I'm spiritual and in my own little little world -- and I'm the only one that. Others well you know we get caught up in in how important we are. I do believe that you can talk directly to god whether it's in church whether it's in your driveway or whether it's in your. In a bedroom at -- we're -- bad. So I believe in that or whatever works for you. And -- trying to do the right thing thank you will be back tomorrow featured company on newsreader at 930 we are WB. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 938 or toll free line is 1806169. 92361. Duke was just warrior today do you believe in the power prayer. And do you believe in organized religion and I happen to have a survey that was taken -- last fall and October by the pew research form. On religion and public life. And they they say that 15 of the American public a full 20%. And a third of adults under thirty are now crossing off the none box and ONE. Because a -- do not have an affiliation with a specific religion doesn't mean that they are not religious in their own minds. Because though what is it's a two thirds 68%. Say that they are spiritual and they consider themselves religious. Had they just do not belong to a yeah. To a one specific church and I got to thinking about the church experience because we talked earlier about how you probably inherited New York. Your religious police from your parents -- -- -- would from the church and then you stayed there and then -- take New York is a church single handed off to them. -- but I think that if you're really honest with yourself. An ideal world you should be anxious to go to church. You should be excited about going. It should be something to look forward to but I think a lot of people go through the motions thinking that god is keeping a perfect attendance record. That if you don't know that particular day that it's going to be a mark against you you feel it is an obligation ago. So you go because it's an obligation. And you can answer this in your own -- you don't have to answer this on the air but. How many -- you go to church. Whether it's Saturday Sunday or whatever they go to church he go to church to get it out of the way. So that you can do other things so you go to church you got it out of the way -- yes I want this week box and -- you know really think about for. But I think that when you're praying. And your praying for someone else I think -- all praying for someone else's the highest calling thing instead of just pray for yourself. And sometimes that your prayers will be answered and sometimes they want but the important part is that you you did everything you could. You're you're all -- as they say in poker parlance and that is a great a feeling of comfort that you couldn't have done anymore. Let's go to Dave. And -- elevator on WB yen. Yes first well thank you so much that this topic that last few years. You are right our money not that I've played poker by the way. I think the answer to your first question I believe in prayer because it is changed ET. I hate religion because I'd certainly clobbered just as he got into religion he relationship. And daughter went to be a lower -- page 27 died very unexpectedly. But I have seen the lord Jesus Christ you know miraculously. Healing in effect brain tumors that -- -- a man. Completely -- keep a body double eagle there -- girl. The five previous for a -- bottom surgery well and epic Harry was totally healed the doctors. Chapter for an extra two days I understand that the answer. We can't. She was killed. Answered prayer because you -- Hitler. Yeah I don't understand anything about how he works. After court jury hear the ministry. Expert. Or whatever but I -- -- start with but like. But I do believe that very point that you make about people being arrogant. Or -- side. Forcing religion down people's throats. Our side of absolute of people -- -- are pretty arrogant in the light of our lord Jesus. -- -- demonstrated the order by site for all of great topic. But it barely pray for you peek at what you went through losing -- wee bit of their own daughter well. And thank you for sharing that was appreciated thank you so much it's it changes your life when somebody close to -- passes. And sometimes it changes your life for the better. I know -- good grief is terrific I mean -- -- explain that. But the positive side if there is a positive side and I think there is is is that makes you re prioritize. Your life. You find out that that job which was all important trio. Is an important at all. That you work somewhere else you'll find a way to put bread on the table. The things that you considered so important. Don't matter anymore really don't. And an -- I I hope you don't have to go through it but if you do go through it you'll find that to be the case and as I said in the latter writings a mother -- when she questioned. Her -- her own about value. When she questioned whether she's -- made the right choices in her life I can't imagine most welcome the rest of us that are affecting. So yeah it's not easy. Is very difficult and bunt by praying for someone especially during a time of of how about health crisis. That's generally the most important time I think for most of us from -- whether it's. Someone were related to somebody we know ourselves actually. Is so important because. What it does is that it gives you a sense of I didn't hold anything back. I didn't I didn't withhold anything and then you don't ask yourself the questions did I do everything equal. That's always important sometimes you never get a second chance he -- in mind and that's why I am a firm believer. In people who know me know this is true I will tell you everything I'm thinking. When I'm thinking okay. Nobody will ever I'll never have to say gee I wish I had said that because that's not the way it works for me. Whether it's a compliment weather is not whatever but I think that it's important to be all in every day you -- up today. And then you don't have to say if I quickly times have you talked to somebody who had a parents -- I wish I had said so and so before they passed. Don't let that happen sale when it thank. Get it done I'm and you won't have to go through the agony of saying if I could just meet with five more minutes with my father my mother or my wife for my child. Don't put yourself in that position. Say it and mean it and you'll you'll find great comfort will be back after Lewis aware of the passing of Ralph Wilson. A few days ago and the health challenges being faced by Jim Kelly. There zone what is the use of social media. As -- go by Joseph Kelly his wife as a contact. To let the let the public know. Exactly what he's going through one and giving us information and then it's I'm sure. It's Jim is final -- his she's -- and women in that we have that way at least we have some kind of contact. There's also a Twitter hash tag prayers for JK. So that there is that -- did that -- communications. That we didn't have that long ago we -- now. And I wanna ask you if you believe in the power of prayer that's OWB and web -- were running holiday and did you believe -- organized religion. Those of the two basic questions let's go to a stand in Rochester stand there on W via. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That we don't -- and the second thing which will help -- but now and explain it can do. I was in a medical facility that would create that -- I erupted in limbo I would and a happy campers. Patient is entering -- my group pressuring. Us to talk to me. And I looked at in my kitchen -- telling you go to the army you know he's -- -- in the compliment. Our right to. Great to look comfortable -- Google polite -- And we want to -- -- -- it -- a miracle but why are you waiting I'm a -- miracle. Oprah herself. But it wouldn't talk about. Because we never get up and put that her foot down on the front war epic point can you make up your mind it was gonna have a good day or a bad day. Now in the UK have when you have a bad day you're -- hit an automotive division I could blame in helping. But it can they have when you have a good day in my -- Greg can punch and try to make it a good day. Every day that could be a good date but at least I did what I could -- to make make it a -- date just back to. Yeah it does is an effect I hope I get this right. There was a book called the power of positive thinking right and it's been out for a long time and it kind of backs -- what you said. It can really affect your outlook can really affect your you know that your emotions can affect your. You're your physical health we know that and yes I think they gave you good advice or did you take it. There were from every morning at provided -- question of what what happened on -- -- -- I'm glad to have a good date and I do everything I possibly can to make it a good -- in May -- -- a great date but just think of -- I don't have a lousy day. Well I think I think you're right I mean I happen to Tony Tony told me that every day puts his getting out of bed he puts his -- on the floor. And then goes home thank you thank you very much follow humor that I couldn't resist -- I. I think could not resist. It was a good one budget definition of a bachelor or the definition of a bachelor -- wasn't every day comes the work from a different direction -- Over ago 80309301806. -- six nights -- six -- 930. Let's go to our friend jam in north on the Jim thanks for calling what he got -- today. Got that got lots of good to have dark all the things that you don't. Two point one and operate from the -- he'd -- more continue to do the more you need to be -- to. Oh -- -- you you really think about it I don't know if they directly offset each other but. Praying you know leads to self evaluation and self evaluation is a beneficial if you're if if you're honest with yourself. Exactly you know and you know -- have it's like com. I'm not Bayer like I don't -- start without at all like I have a Bible Bob parole he roller self righteous battle it out in the labeled something I've noticed. Is that people look pretty. They're much more happier than people don't -- There's have a foundation yeah we have a foundation. Of a backup. And more are. I may have fight until we're called off its. And there will be worse they certainly are a lot. We're not without portrayed as commander. He didn't really believe that god tree and that the airport that our. You spent so much weight. So much of your. Don't -- your play went you went away are all so much start. It's in Europe the replied I prayed it would got actual. Well all right at. It's I'm gonna say divided -- and say something on the air that you'll find interesting thank you very much. I'm not make in this up and I'm not going on George -- show about three weeks ago when I was asleep and I know I was asleep. That exact the last few lines that he just said were in my dream I'm not making that up I'm I swear audio. I don't see aliens. I don't see things in trees I don't see any anything like that I don't go to fortune tellers nothing. The last. One minute of his conversation. I dreamed about several weeks ago. The because when he started to say that the last thing. I bet my showed up because I'm not a George Noory Art -- kind of guy at all okay. I swear to you that's -- during. Is -- -- -- now while it's the Phoenix and I will well and our discussion on little laughter yet I love this cartoon -- one time. You know the Catholic faith you go to confession in which you can pressure since -- US for forgiveness and absolution all right there -- are cartoon ones. Of a man in the confessional. And the caption the priest is saying to him you're not confessing your just bragging I love that. Well at that. Well first always found out that Bob most of you do believe in in prayer. And don't believe you have to be a member of an organized religion. A thing about it when your kid. When your parents are taking you there chances are you don't grass the spiritual. A benefits of being there at the time what do you what do you process because your -- it's boring. It's boring. A lot of a lot of our church services are just plain and simple barring some aren't. Some have a lot of music and is a lot -- for them and the other things happening or whatever but. Jeff Carter kid here in your mother and father. Drag you within the church and it's a little boring I think it's important to explain the importance of why you're there in what kind of things that argue benefit from buy that because. By and large kids don't wanna do everything when their board and especially those under thirty crowd that we a quarter from the survey. The under thirty crowd definitely. Doesn't wanna be bored so in order to get the message through to them or for them to. To perceive the message it has to be something of interest doesn't -- if not a it's just that. You know and attendance -- card that they check every week to make sure they went 52 times and special days. I've -- gonna stick whether it ago search although other places. Okay the movie show is -- Swiss blob on his radio and I thirty we are WB yeah.

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