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3-28 Beach and Company Hour 1

Mar 28, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello as -- governor well I got Friday afternoon losing start. I was talking with someone that usually anonymous -- yards right across over. And not paying attention that I do things the same way every day except today and I sat on my water bottle. Now there it is it was the big debate version through. All feel refreshed I can tell you that. Yeah I think that person and or conversing and I put up the chair and I sit down and I sit on the water bottle and I think. I'm Zach left something on the chair and then as I as I as I rose to the occasion. There was it didn't break thank heavens whatever size of that thing. So I I managed to get past that's the first stop of the day. Army lots of things stewards -- about Chuck Schumer on now about that and a talking about the yeah. The possibility of -- talks starting soon regarding the future of the stadium whatever. A Bill Polian. I wasn't aware the police in a comment like that he said the C a stadium is good stadium and a one of the best actual football stadiums in the NFL you guys know that. I didn't know eSATA -- you know went all the talk was call the starting about a new stadium and I've talked myself. And what's wrong with -- it's a nice stadium don't stop all. Well remember the NFL. Is so big now it requires new -- has all the time all the time. The men you remember how much -- -- was devoted to the Cowboys Stadium with Jerry Jones and that huge green and things like that. And of course New England -- and a beautiful place and as they do this it's more it's more fodder for the hey were still growing we're getting better and better all the time as opposed to a stadium has been there for us since nineteen what seventy threes like that. I'm so I I can understand why why they would want it -- I don't know if there's anything wrong with what we have now either so were on the same ballpark. Now city fathers the end now in a New Jersey town. Our real way. Their wits and they don't know what to do it seems like there's going to be a famous wedding in their town and the question. Is whether they should allow it to be videotaped by MTV. Some rookies getting married. Snooki is getting married get things back in the you know absolutely. Now she's getting married to G -- -- vale. Of course they already have a one year old son so make him at. -- they had to cancel the original one but they're saying. Well we don't want this thing could turn into a circus what it's smokey what how it's a result wouldn't draw that kind of attention. Mayor Joseph Delaney. Told local newspaper that tapering. In Garfield New Jersey could be a great thing but the councilman frank Condrey LO. Says that he's worried about how the city would be portrayed why smoking getting married and he's worried about how the city -- portray. I mean -- he. Jersey Shore issuing hundreds of York the only question I wanna -- and I think. All America wants and now of course is will the situation the way I mean Mike the situation I would thanks. Anybody that names themselves the situation going to be institutionalized. In Jamaica. Introducing yourself. I'm Fred oh I'm the institution. You extend your hand all raring. On the golf maybe I -- -- mom -- They're not a good pickup line in a bar but another let it couldn't count that. Meanwhile put that you'll want to pick up a couple of college credits. Maybe you ought to go to skid mark college let's get mark Oliver while -- They are offering a summer course this year. I'm Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus is is a summer course -- skid mark. -- visiting assistant professor -- and Chertoff calls of course the sociology. Of Miley Cyrus race class gender and media. So that they're making her more out to to veto that regular -- three more image actually is I don't know if footwork will be included rubber fingers. Any of that stuff Laura. If India partners will dance with there during this course but that's at. The professor says -- focus on the performer and Oliver incarnations. And it's hard because she was that you start -- it is that a lot of these child stars at Disney grow up because they wanna break out of that Disney mall. They're very happy to have it when it's happening. Oh yeah is that they're making billions of dollars but this is get out the bad -- that they downplay it and they wanna show that there are real grown up now. So Miley Cyrus is one of those. This woman got the idea after teaching a course on youth culture of that featured video of Miley Cyrus or working at the 2013 MTV video music awards so -- working has led to a course -- get more college. Rarely. -- -- oppose the professors -- students will have to learn how to work on their own time so they're not actually have in classroom working. But I currency up I guess you know bring via the genders together wanna come from a -- and work together you know if you're taking the same -- Are a couple of networks together. Does a lot of things together that's what I'm you know I'd go so that's it if you take that you might wanna go let's get more. Meanwhile he is a sure sign. Your marriages and trouble I mean I'm just telling you can bring all of these psychologists and psychiatrists and marriage counselors. This woman who you may have seen in the last few days. It went -- has -- on their -- went to Glacier National Park. And she pushed him off -- During their honeymoon I mean I have a feeling that maybe. If you could turn the clock back you'd think as usual honeymoon kind of thing she was just sentenced to. About thirty years in jail thirty years in prison and ordered to pay 161910. Dollars in restitution. They couldn't hear from her husband but it Baylor. Have been not a good thing you know I'm talking about -- -- Nevada a disappointing honeymoon yeah Colombia pushes him over a cliff. Can you imagine that real nicely didn't get down to a much worth. I love the little it's worth I go to -- five or six times a year. But you've got to be really careful people fallen in the gorge all the time. I mean even when those those. Stone walls that they have there and all kinds of signs or whatever. It's -- full English -- people putting kids on top of the wall and taking their picture. And things like that so. Common sense is and always an abundance now next week. It will be local restaurant week is -- prep we all got a commemorative cupcakes the other today. And they were yummy yummy yummy if you wanna know more about local restaurant week of course of Brando -- from Brenda is by its will. I think it's already are on the blog just go to WV UN dot com. And the issue will election about that is 200 participating restaurants casual fine dining. Ethnic and elect and -- like. The act and act like that black -- and a its electric accurate. It's a black -- it's electric like -- likely try and those very words rest. I was trying to -- choke and I couldn't put the words electorate eclectic together it's hard. To go to our rights in Scotland electric electric. Now that's pretty close are you electric eclectic and now -- -- all those names of those hockey players to me this is like a Russian that you have very good. But there's eight million dollars in annual local act and am I reckon what's the matter. And it's -- It's not they can but -- This largest employer Western New York restaurants that so there you have it. You want a roller checked that out to go to Brent is by its go to WBN dot com and check out the electorate elect. Akin to a I'm gonna do what I if it takes we don't know today I'm gonna do electric eclectic. -- I get a right now that he electric -- right yes electric eclectic. That's okay. But saying come together fences are from a -- electric at collected. Well so it will not let somebody paid the radio -- say I don't ever went back on it I'm going to -- Electric eclectic -- a I'll take a break now on the semi professional beach and company now this is not a subject today. But we may talk about this in the future but I you guys are both sports guys and and I loved loved the NFL. I had -- just curious about this. Federal NLRB ruling says the football players at northwestern. And create a union because the definition of an employee fits them. Now I'm thinking if they say this only applies in northwestern but of course if if it applied to northwestern and it's -- -- Through the appeal process. Then one would guess that there will be a lot of others going after the same thing. I'm my question is first of all is that a good idea to have vote college football players be able forming unions. No I think it's a terrible idea. IE I'm a strong believer that college player should be paid give -- some sort of stipend after all they are making millions of dollars for these colleges. In universities but I think -- union would destroy Rory. College athletics. What do you think Chris yeah -- Pro sports unions aren't like normal unions or at least what -- normally union was supposed to be if you look at the you know baseball football and baseball for years basically argued. To have their guys not be drug tested so I think. If the purpose of the union is to make sure -- in my decapitated as Tony said which I agree with and maybe. Have some medical FBI get really messed up especially there was a out. A hot prospect may -- got hurt maybe protection from that. But I think they'd have to be careful. Not to fall into the trap of some major pro sports unions where it is just all about money for the union and the sport suffers because. A secondary thought to of would this give up all pretense. That they have there. Besides playing sports to get an education. And other words right now they have through some of -- he's after pretend they learn something besides. How to play football. A while they were there would this give that up in other words let's not pretend that it's anything else. You're just a farm team for the NFL basically I think that was given up a long time ago I think most people realize anyway yeah yeah -- -- agree with Akron. I do it piece by piece it's gonna come down more more I saw a story right after a Southern Union story yesterday there was a story I -- -- Yahoo!. Where the North Carolina athletic remember was football or basketball. They showed one of his final papers and Rosa Parks it was a paragraph long it was just filled with spelling -- and -- and -- -- I saw that guys it's just amazing what if you really think about it there's some things they hadn't thought about though. If indeed they are employees and if indeed their scholarship is their paycheck. We have to pay income tax. And think about it like this some of those colleges are very expensive to go. How would you like to the -- could be playing football for harbored. Where you're not gonna probably graduate into the NFL anyway and a Harvard scholar ships don't cost you a lot of money. So I've been I don't know if they've given that thought maybe they think something -- offset it I do like your idea Tony of a stipend let's get through the pretense that there. That they shouldn't get something -- -- but I don't think it should be a farm team for for the major leagues. As of right now college athletics especially football is. Huge business -- of course that's what the universities the networks saw that a lot of money in there and I think a slight that would be good to me. -- you already have these schools are finding ways to get money to the kids whether it's -- boosters. So called jobs you know -- -- too -- I remember when I -- UNLV and guys would get jobs with casinos in -- -- -- Yeah just given the money and shore up the class or the casino show up for the game and practice and drive really nice cars well I think one of you two guys just said and I agree. This would be the end of college athletics as we know I mean it was -- dramatically change the landscape. There's no question about it and I think it also affect high school athletics as well because now the pressure is going to be even reader. For you to be the starter the starting at about scholarship eventually wind up on the unintended consequences. If you're an employee you have workplace rules you have workplace laws right. A -- that's the I am -- we can't. We -- our sixty minutes that's -- we're gun went on for today it has nothing in the country about overtime I guess it will be a tie. If a fun show and maybe. Next week we will OK I had thought about before this very moment a fun show on how. College athletics would change if they were unionized. And we can takes them. You know civilian unions and take some of the things they do imploded in the college -- -- it's going to be fun you can have summer hours about -- Are you know you playing baseball it's the summer sport doesn't matter summer hours I gonna have more time. We need spring break we're leaving it. Greg -- -- more would be -- company. Under his -- united way RWB yet. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach listen for me tonight ten to one on WVE. And. -- got Michael Savage it is a region company as of Friday today well some -- Bob returns only doing -- movie show at 11 o'clock. You know it's funny is I love doing a movie show but every movie and I'm looking forward to coming out. He gets reviewed on this show. Heading gets it just gets a hand grenade thrown into it but every once it boggles your movie even if cinema Bob doesn't give a great reviews. The last Mosul in the recent movie which I enjoyed and is making a lot of money it is Beijing company and today we're gonna talk about something that is. Talked about a lot in fact it's on our WB and web poll today and that is the power of prayer. What is the web poll asked and let's get up to date as the other responded. The web poll says do you believe in the power of prayer there are three choices absolutely. Is in the lead 76%. Can't hurt he is next at 60% and only 8% do not believe there are -- Our here's what I think about the power of prayer I think first of all -- just my own opinion of course. First of all I think most of the time not all the time we have the round and round off on a subject like this. Most of its time when people are praying for something specific it's health related. The health of your child your own health to your spouse's health. And there are there are certain parameters are certain rules. First of all we I think would be the height of arrogance if we thought we knew everything we don't. A there's a lot of things that not only we don't know but the smartest people on earth don't know and if you accept that. Then then you have a better chance of a vote of getting -- a good impression as to whether. The power of prayer is working for you or not I accept the fact that there's a lot of people know a lot more than I do about almost any subject in the world. So usually I'll take their word -- but occasionally when something happens. Out of the usual OK so say say there's a catastrophic illness and the doctors have given you their opinion and the outlook looks pretty grim. All right you you go into prayer mode and and you pray for a good outcome and suddenly something that nobody could explain. Not the most skilled surgeons not the most skilled clinicians nobody can understand it but things got better. So you would attribute that to the power of prayer. And nobody said it was going to be better it turned out to be better I prayed for to be better and it ended up being better so you would say thank you. -- for answering my prayers. I personally believe that that predators. Help the person who's praying as much as they help the person that they're praying for. And I'll tell you why. It would my relationship way of -- with -- I was with sandy for seventeen years. Of which fifteen of those seventeen years she was diagnosed with leukemia I prayed all the time person. And because I just want it. A better outcome though then the India. That the -- said it would be. And it made me feel that I've done now everything I can do. Because Intel that you pray you feel that you haven't done everything you've tried to do everything but not everything is there. I think once you start praying for an outcome especially in a health related issue like that. And you feel it it's almost like. The you're still that your fingers crossed and is still concerned obviously. What you done everything it can do. And that's all anybody can ask so I think that they upon our prayer is definitely fair. Whether it's is your prayer that that got things it's a better situation than before it started praying and it's an individual case but I think it's helpful. For you know to do it and I think it's in many times that we consider it helpful for the person -- bring -- we don't really know that do. We don't know it. But we think it and that's the way we feel. And it gives us an outlet that we didn't have before if you leave that you know everything on earth and and there's no greater power and there's no sense in trying you're going to be very very lonely. I'm telling you during parts of your life where there's nobody to talk to no -- that he would talk to no deity to talk to. I think we need that psychologically. As much as we need anything when we're trying to guide somebody threw a health crisis. And that's the way I feel about it I think that that's why I have a very. Strong opinion. About people who pray for trivial things I shouldn't try to bring you want to that's the deal. Above when your Frankfurt things that are trivial and he opened in the lottery here. You know that that that kind of stuff I hope we know when the big game means remain. That that's sodomized that is not what I would do. But what I would do is good for me what you would do is be good for you so I do believe in the power of prayer to help the person -- as much as the person they're praying for. The a big concern true now is does all -- have to be filtered through an organized religion. I don't think it does and the reason I'm asking that is that I have a -- story here from last fall and it was in my religious filed. Because -- -- a file of various things that we might be talking about in the future. And this was a -- pew research center's forum on religion and public life. And it was a last fall. And what they found out is that many people consider themselves spiritual. But many are not affiliated with a church or religion. Sold -- I have two questions before I get into the nuts and bolts of this a survey. You believe in the power of prayer and do you believe in organized religion. Those of the two questions. You can give me an example if you like. If both things results of from you praying and you wanna try that -- -- into the good things fun and I have no problem that at all. But you -- because. You pray for something is no guarantee gonna get it. And that is that shouldn't be a negative toward your feelings about a higher power. A deity a religion or anything else sometimes it just can't be done I guess. And and you did your best and that's all he can ask the -- In the survey for the cure search senators. On religion and public life 15 of the American public. And two thirds. Of adults under thirty. Are checking off the no religion box hassle. And it's getting worse so that's 20% of the American public and totaled. And 33%. Of adults under thirty say they have no organized religion. Affiliation. It's the highest number ever in a pew research poll we come back we're gonna go through some more numbers. But where all of pulling for Jim Kelly. And we're holding our collective breath. Many are praying for the health of Jim Kelly and his though wife has set up a yum a Twitter. Account or hash tag prayers for JK. And I've -- -- it must give them comfort to noses so many people care. And that's that's a great thing -- glad we have that social media outlet and that something is different business. We never had that social media outlet now ensured that. That -- GO -- the with the permission from jump decided this was a good way to communicate with the public. Does some some would choose that as a good communications tool so you can actually you -- feel like you've done something. By area by going to that. So that's that that's good and we have that we didn't have that all the time. So the two questions do you believe in the power of prayer. Do you believe in organized religion will be back -- mighty are two questions today do you believe in the power of career. Most of most people do according to our WB and -- bowl. And did you also believe in organized religion fewer and fewer people believing that if you believe this pew poll. Which came out last fall let's go to William on a cell phone William here on WB yen. Yes Pablo thank god for -- answer prayers. OK maybe your brain for something that would be not beneficial for yourself. Yes because without great result. You know -- wasn't answered by at a reality is though there was greater. Okay that's that's might have -- legions of further thinking and and may be reassessing what's your prying for and that sort of thing that that's a good thing. You know like -- that the works thought. You know I always like that because you -- the way things are going to be. Yeah that's true there are things beyond our comprehension. And because the prayer was not answered did not mean it wasn't a legitimate request. But I think as the person that phrase you'll get comfort just from doing that would you agree with that. Yes because. I always get along great area where I was praying for. -- I -- it works out like that that's that's a benefit than all right thank you William thank you very much on this fuel Paul. Here's the deal now as we said before was taken last fall. It's said dead 15 of the American public which is but it's 1% and a third of adults are now crossing off the none balks. Under religious affiliations they don't have one. It's the highest number ever in the pew polls just five years ago 15%. Claim no religion now it's nearly 20%. It's a diverse group more than thirteen million atheists and diagnostics. And about 33 million say they have no particular. Religious affiliation well first of all I believe that your -- anyplace anytime. You don't have to be on your knees are standing in a church you can -- driving down highway or you can do almost everything. In and pray as far as things -- to be verbal it can be -- silence and a -- I think it's it's it's good for a person. To a recognize. That there is a supreme supreme being recognize that we don't have the answers to everything. You know what is frustrating was when you're trying to figure out logic. Regarding religion. And I -- and regarding god. Is there's no logic to. Why would god taken innocent child. Back to heaven at the age of two months I mean there's no logic. Or have them with a deadly disease. That the child was as innocent as it -- maybe the parents were saints who knows but there's no logic to it and and if you're trying to figure out logic. I think it's beyond our pay grade when you're talking about god. It is beyond our integrated something we don't understand we'd like I think it's human beings we understand everything up. I that we don't understand the tip of the iceberg compared to what's out there. And we get frustrated. When we -- we can't put illogical. Conclusion to anything like that. The pew research shows -- this Greg Smith said don't confuse none would no belief. He set -- the nation's 46 million unaffiliated adults two thirds say they believe in god. So you've got two thirds saying that yes they do believe in god and 20% of the entire population. As saying they don't so 20% say they don't believe in god but 68%. -- of the people in the wrist and he India survey say yes they do believe in god. No mistake about it according to him America's still highly religious were not at the level of Europe in terms of secular nation but this is an indicator that points to a shift in that direction. Religious identification has always been an important part of the American culture. But we're seeing it's not so important for the younger generation. They're not going to fall in line with their parents the way we've done in the past and if you think about it. Your parents religion most of the time turned out to be your religion and there are times when you when you knew we chose different pass or no path at all. But generally. You start in the footsteps of your parents they bring -- to church with them. You assume this is the place ago this is the only place ago. Maybe later on you go to some other church with a friend and you know this is a better experience for me maybe I'll try this. Some people tried many churches before settling on -- they don't settle on any. I mean it's a vessel it is but I think usually. You'll tried to hand off your religion to your kids. Now sometimes. Things are changing a lot. Keep reminding California now. There are some parents who were nor are letting their kids choose their gender. As dumb as that sounds it's true. So if if there. Senators -- you know when I'm dressing of our child as a boy or girl we're letting our trial shows that's typical. Hogwash coming from California. Basically later on you may have a different opinion but as a child. I don't think you're prepared to make those kind of life altering decisions have been later on a dork but that the -- I'll vote what what we're saying is that most of the time you get your religion from your parents you go to church with them you continue to go on and your kids go to church would view. A sometimes you find something that is a deal breaker. In your church that you've been going to when you don't go at all but because you don't go all doesn't mean that you don't believe in god as we said 68%. Of the 20%. Say they have no organized religion. But they do. Believe in god. I think you would be very different everybody has their own choices to make. And I don't fool fool anybody what you chooses for you may be right field maybe not right for me whatever. But I think it will be so lonely. And so desolate to beyond earth. By yourself. With no belief in a higher power. If I would find that very difficult because there are times when this stuff just doesn't make any sense and you've got to go to the to the appeal court of god. And if you didn't have that appeal court. You're not gonna figure it out yourself happen. So I think is very important is it for you -- I mean it depends but for me it's very important to note there's a greater power. And that I don't have all the answers I hardly know all the questions. And that's the same -- most of us. So I I do think that the the power of prayer is there. I think it's valuable. Don't expect every prior to be answered because you'll be disappointed. Many on wall -- And sometimes the ones that you think were as a result of your prayer would have happened what -- -- or not. Because there's no way to definitively. Tie things together. But when you do -- and it's for somebody else and especially their health. Then you'll feel like you've given them everything you can give them. You're -- and as they say in poker OK you wouldn't couldn't stand on the sidelines and let things unfold without getting involved. Now involved -- you you got on your knees or you view. Went to a private area and prayed for the health of this person. And that's all you can do you can't do more than that. And if it works out and and the suddenly there's something that was not explain if you wanna attributed to the power of your -- And if you don't you don't have to do that either I'm pretty open about this but I do feel that. The of the benefit is as much of a person praying as it is that the person in the frame for. That's why we all have -- Jim Kelly and our prayers and that's why the social media is so helpful because. Now we have a community. Of people who care about this person we care about all people but it is especially this person today. And though we can all get an -- together feeling no way a community. Prayers reject it will be back after this.

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