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Bills Immediate Future "In Buffalo"

Mar 28, 2014|

Senator Charles Schumer

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The Buffalo Bills were the last of these three groups to appoint people to serve on the committee to look at the prospects for a new football stadium here on the buffalo area. The other January Erie county of the State of New York. And and other bills yesterday it was US senator Chuck Schumer who's on the ability to be in a lot of line to talk about the senator Schumer good morning thank you for joining us. Another blue Buffalo Bills. Have placed members. On the committee. One lol all three groups begin meeting to begin looking into this prospect of a new stadium. Although I think as soon as next week they'll have already sent me a pretty long agenda very thorough very extensive. Because we should get moving. You know with the you know the passing -- -- RM and there's going to be all sorts of talk also keep flying sheet. And people know we're serious about providing a long term future of the -- -- on the seven year contract the stadium. That's gonna help. Bring buyers who want to keep bills and. Senator it's been a pretty tumultuous week here with the passing of Ralph Wilson and to a very public cancer struggle that Jim Kelly is going through right now opinion I have some thoughts -- on either of those. Well Ralph was eight dear friends we worked long and hard I got no -- -- became senator. And you know -- mission really what helped keep the built in buffalo and a lot of ways and -- -- and I worked most closely together as you know -- sort of a small market team. And the NFL unlike baseball or basketball quietly as the revenue sharing programs of the teams and the huge market like Yorkers probable. Hearts and Cisco share the revenues were smaller markets like buffalo Jacksonville Cincinnati. And that makes football more equal and allows the smaller teams to step right. And so. We worked really hard to get the best part -- revenue sharing. Ralph and -- a little strategy and we lock the team owners even from the big -- to say that this was -- for football. And it worked. Ralph was very happy with it and it'll be a little bit part his legacy because it'll make it easier switching to stay in court knowing. They're gonna get extra revenues even though it's a small TV market. They're saying yours it's -- Are you among those -- praying. For Jim Kelly. Senator. I am indeed any -- well I worked with him. Our arms -- crusade are our hopes -- hunter. With rare disease as Jim has done a great -- and gained or lost all over the country in various states. And federal government has done more to deal which is rare diseases and get diagnosed -- Rare diseases senate right now smacked -- source and that's the intrigue and political rock. People -- You're -- tribal and he's a great leader a great man and I worked with him on keeping the built and are well Jim -- quality. And don't call me every three or months and what do what can he do to help. Senator Schumer Beckham. Subject of a new football stadium here for the Buffalo Bills. There are a lot of people here in fact a former -- general manager Bill Polian is among them that said you know there really is nothing wrong. With Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park Bill Polian described it as one of the finest football facilities on the entire National Football League. Why does buffalo. Why now are looking into a new stadium. Well we have made no decisions yet. Or six on the committee -- even -- I'm and everything is open everything -- open with one goal and my right one goal keep the bills in buffalo and do whatever it takes you. So. We'll look at all the options new stadium no new stadium changing stadium will look at locations will look at financing will look at everything we are. But it's a little premature to make any comments on any specific position -- to -- our fellow. Many members I want to do a lot of research and -- wanna talk to our belief one of the best allies we are here. Structured -- as you know he's a western east and at the end of -- course and as you know he's a western new Yorker he comes from Jamestown. And she's been a great power in trying to keep bills and. Senator you know just switching a little bit to another story that's not happening today it's been happening for three weeks dismissing Malaysia airplane. Where are your thoughts on this as there has not been one piece of physical evidence retrieved. No this you know shows you'll break terror in the system one of the main problems here is why would a -- sort out shuttled to transponder which. Sure you would buy it is it to pilots and why would anyone -- shock to trance. So there are a lot of unanswered questions you know as time goes on yours looks so boring. Those who were on the -- Allard but we have to answer all the questions as to what happens we can prevent it. They're coming to Western New York today for an appearance on behalf of Western New York dairy farmers. Yes I'll -- in Wyoming county in Warsaw carry area. We can't stay very good arm built for our Gary farmers are really good program. You know dairies are growing again a look at turpitude new Greek yogurt plants and detained in Genesee County. And it's a great demand for milk where the world. So -- dairy industry is prospering in our new bill our new program is gonna help -- dairy farmers grow. But it's new at its flexible which is good but it's an education. And so we're gonna propose things that the US farm bureau car. Cornell cooperative extension which which helps part Yuri farmers learn more quickly in the -- horse. So I'll see up there -- -- meshed well. Nice to talk to you senator hoping and talk you more often thank you for joining us this morning. United States senator Chuck Schumer.