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25 Years of Home Improvement On WBEN

Mar 28, 2014|

Domenic Cortese

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And you -- wondering hey what's this doesn't Saturday mornings and Friday morning. Dominic Cortese the most of hammer time our home improvement show. Here Saturday mornings on the WB and -- elections and studio apartment as a tomorrow. You're celebrating 25. Years. Your show and WB and when you first started the show did you have a clue. That it would last this long. -- the last couple weeks things -- I. You know on the novice in the room here with with the two veterans and Susan and Tim. We're here a few years before guy -- of course -- you go back to before radio humans invented go back to the 1920s health effects but what's really novel choruses that we've endured. How many ownership changes his -- -- And yet reformists as stayed the same and and and the show and the show has legs and I'm. Certainly honored to have been able to ride that wave and and that and be the host for all these years. The show does. You know more this is the power of the show is bigger than even me I think you know I I think that. The interaction of the audience. And unfortunately you guys can experience touching -- audience it's really kind of an honor to be able to do that. He can maybe relate. The Indian and that time can relate to this. Being able to interact with our audiences is really an honor because you. You feel as though you're really helping people in my case with advice and and sometimes it's it it's pretty desperate where they need they need guidance. And and you can always steer them in the right direction it seems I mean have you thought about how many people even able to help with. Either leaking events seeing -- -- questions over the having her. It's amazing need to do the math you know if you take an average of how many calls per week you know -- probably in the thousands and and yet it does a lot of it was -- -- of the questions the same certainly you know season reality drives that he might have a lot of sump pump issues. A few weeks ago we had. We open up a whole can of worms about the -- kind of wander requiring some pumps and why was that. And there must have been twenty calls that followed that now wanted to talk about why that was required why did some homework on it in his new mandates coming down the pike. Where all of us are gonna have to have these kind of controls. And because of you know trying to regulate regulate ground water so you know you learn a little bit from the audience still. -- 25 years ago when you first started. You couldn't possibly have had all the expertise you have -- really winging event -- it is you know. You got my secrets and the well you know growing up in the business. You know the you can say you know a lot of it was just -- -- I would I would. Tried to use common sense you know weren't where that would fit and and I would do I would do some research and find out the truth of it and then report back. And I've been keeping them model -- -- over the years you know just trying to look into something that I don't know and and give the audience the update that the next opportunity. Yet you know I think people always appreciated it -- If the thing that sticks with me. As I was with you back on -- and Larry started your kids were yet -- know this big running around radio station and now they're running your company out there and actually. I saw on film my oldest filled in for me. For two weeks ago when we went away so. You know that's that was kind of you know him amazing. Shock of reality you know that he says you know as you noticed that time just teams ago so quickly and our producer 11 o'clock Tyler samurai was joking with him on the air. As you're talking about the advent of Friday may 25. Anniversary here. As to them so what you do and 25 years ago apparently goes I was being born at bat I think just learn to play five. I've always wanted to call you I've always wanted to call you the problem in Italy last week I had leaky faucet so -- replaced the -- But now my door bill doesn't work do you think his Cadillac. Valid legislation protecting your wired up. On -- back at about it from all of us congratulations because you achieve something along the people who are like this live broadcasting. Don't you you being in the same place that I guess there's probably some we set about that maybe it's only be said of water management here that's. You know that's -- embrace the show but being at this in the same place for 25 years never changed time and never changed dial. I'm really that great again congratulating you shopping -- was in -- relation -- will be listening tomorrow carry out of the -- host of camera time. 10 AM on news radio 930 WBM celebrating 25 years with us.