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"Jim Kelly Prayers Helped Me"

Mar 28, 2014|

Food Bank's Mike Billoni

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Michael -- from the food bank of Western New York is with us on the WBM lifeline we're talking about Jim Kelly and the power of prayer at this morning. Mike I know we have an incredible story to share. Morgan is good morning. Well 21 years ago you know I was where he was presidential -- threw the ball well I couldn't. And in September of 1992. When -- -- a drunken right current period it hit me from behind all right Mike quick circle. And it was really a series of miracles. I was quietly outside of the world you know -- people don't know what was. And shall find it out there real women screaming like a personal memory. And I told my name right -- my brother came and what they call him a while you're a general matter what article. So totally call operators who called that a court suited -- executive called the CO NC. Who call the hospital for a period immediately will be doing great -- -- urged. She's -- keyword one and immediately put someone -- -- well certainly. I was second time the doctor came out in public appearance. I wasn't gonna make it. What. Did the doctor finger groceries and that was put desire finger. And value of the road -- -- say is history but well them up at all Bob because that looked like -- personality. But -- -- no visitors no phone. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would Jim Kelly and he came in there with a built speak Pittsburgh or you're warming don't know -- Great Pyrenees do that game ball. And both sides -- underground world. What my name on it outlet quoted by the team. Everybody who grew up on the got to get out of here like 30 Rock I don't know Obama and there are pretty beat them the question hello. And immediately it would give it wouldn't -- for your father -- Pray and then also problem optical positive results. And that in my mind from my whole life so -- gentlemen Jill they've been here for me and my wife Steffi. For years level I just feel the lord won't -- the other Davis Love and you know the power of social media. Saying that so why don't we all -- -- the only thing we can do your ball well Jim Kelly is actually where. -- -- and every warm Sunday march 30 such well known. This stuff what you're doing. They Comodo look -- -- -- -- them and safer for children and everyone else is suffering from Catherine maybe just maybe. Our purpose at all. Who went to a radiation treatment that conducted the corporate -- But Mike you know they're a non believers of somebody came up deal and so you know you were just lucky prayer didn't make you well the doctors made you well. How would you replied to that. I can't say the word I would sic who does that that would -- -- but I would column you know I don't think. My mother I went to church -- payroll and eventually died in her sleep. Well and while it was a pure power where she's great for every one. And I'm seeing miracle because of the Apollo where my wife Debbie and I heard you grew -- ministers here since he's been. We console people we talked with people. And we have seen Apollo -- -- I don't care what religion you are I don't -- -- hopefully got beat up leaving open. Does it slow -- Just say a positive word but today. You only get well she'll let it get well have pollutant bought -- it negativity. I absolutely -- her rear view mirror I always look forward like. What do you think of the Kelly's Mike especially deal being so public about this. What it'll look at what she wrote it a two stroke certain. Jill Kelly want to look at what they're fairly given to work particularly in order to tell you -- -- what was always looked up. -- -- but -- superstar football where it is so incredibly. Busy and -- -- and said that they don't retreating. They fought it -- that are currently go to Washington. -- love to help other families. Look at what he did BA you know. Rotor shot. They actually did -- get our surgery it's unbelievable that certainly wouldn't hurt but you know what. There are the only thing Mike. So -- suffered a little bit more than we are. So Jim Kelly came DO. And when he weakest moments and send continue to pray positive thought sequel positive results in you wanna turn that around for him. Hopefully we'll -- followed -- that we've got a great idea. I think who have come across much groups of people -- them and -- we can go totally reasons be with those. -- a -- silence before the Bible put on Thursday. And pick the game -- and the Biden who got a graphic. And also not off to New York. Are legitimate and say hey everyone in buffalo. By concurrent -- huge fighter who better to go into the game all the time and every year that -- -- ready tell uttered so you know they have the ball work you know maybe my -- -- -- was I was so who choose. You look like Pittsburgh limitations are to create -- is. You know I like what I particularly you. It's a great idea Mike thank you for sharing this story. We appreciate it. We were over probably twelve we don't. Stuff when you don't think they won't hurt purchase project say. Right that's like Gilani formally with a five cents. He's now Republican community relations director of the food bank of Western New York.