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More Debris Found In Indian Ocean

Mar 28, 2014|

Steve Futterman

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Live now to koala -- -- Malaysia and lascivious and Steve -- Steve we have a new development in the search for evidence and a Malaysian airline flight. They're now searching a different. Part of the Indian Ocean. That's right and we do have breaking news at the last app I'll aura and New Zealand -- -- spot at some object in this new area. It is taken pictures those images have been brought back the plane has apparently just landed. The last few minutes in Perth Australia. So expert on the ground and personal look at images the pictures taken from the New Zealand playing. And the Austrian official that said if this turns out that the strong possibility of wreckage baking dealership there. Possibly tomorrow to possibly retrieve that wreckage and then make confirmation this new area which is around 680 miles north east from the earlier primary search area. Is a calmer areas still rough waters are compared to most ocean but compared to what they called -- forties. A charmed by the way I never heard reports start to cover this story. Here to the old search area or primary surgery. The waters are much calmer. The weather conditions are better so they they're making it sound like they're quite serious about this. And they are already talking about -- -- shipped to the area possibly tomorrow. Steve what led them to this new search area. What they say they did was we calculated all the information they received we have our news briefing. The last hour so what the Malaysian Transport Minister he said. All the experts came together international experts and they basically went through all the information they have. Others included American experts from the FAA and national transportation and think before. Boeing babies that were in June that figures and then they put them through. The calculation again. And they. But the plane was traveling faster than they first thought -- means it used more fuel that means it. Couldn't travel -- all are when you travel faster -- in this case. You use more fuel so the distance that they calculated the plank of the travel was reduced by these 600 mile. Figure and that's what they shifted the primary search area to the northeast. Steve we also heard late yesterday about investigators did not find anything unusual or incriminating about and use that word. As they recovered some of the deleted files from the flight recorder that was recovered from the pilot's home. We have not heard that officially that is that reported the last couple days that. The FBI has apparently not found anything -- just spark their interest at this point now again you can't. Sometimes -- something that isn't there. Mistake. Files awards deleted -- not to say that something has been going on but. At this moment the federal investigators from the FBI apparently. They not been able to find anything. -- flight simulator that makes them suspicious right now doesn't mean they're investigation is over it's just been at this point they haven't found anything. -- it's evening there now what is the weather going to be like tomorrow is they try to find this new search field. We are told in the search area it should be relatively fine in fact though it might be better than. Fine they had a good day today they were able to spend the entire day out there all the -- I think they had an aircraft. I don't Romney should actually got out that area because they had -- but move the -- obviously that takes longer for the -- -- get in this. New search area I think they had complained today they'll have between 1012 most likely tomorrow and it isn't that an international effort throughout planes from the US. These people and obviously could be the euros and all this Australia. Japan China Korea so while the country taking part. Steve thank you for bringing those new development to our attention -- CBS's Steve thought about reporting live. From Kuala Lumpur -- Malaysia.