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3-27 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Mar 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WV -- I want the you can. -- that maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the pain -- I'm not -- I don't know what they. Good. Kind of evicted people you know. I'm very happy news radio 930 you know partner one simple request. And that has to have sharks win. But didn't make it be that. I guess it is hourly news radio 930 WB. -- and that. And that nothing new. To tell you about it Jim Kelly former Buffalo Bills quarterback NFL hall of -- nothing new anything there is you can always go to Joseph Kelly's FaceBook page and she's got a counts and all of the social media sites that basically the one with which ideal the most is FaceBook. Honestly I cannot tweet FaceBook and instant Graham during the course of my show I can't do at all I FaceBook during the course -- -- -- I racers during the course of my show. I do we over the course of my -- I cannot do anymore instilled in which you know. And he basically. It's four hours and some pretty intense thinking however I must. It's four -- -- is the only four hours I get about headache free living is when I'm -- -- -- -- -- update to the red zone and now hopefully that will -- do something to. Bring down the inflammation that in my brain. Yeah among other problems thank you thank you agreement. But the the Jill Jill Kelly I'm living it up to the Kelly family obviously wherever they sheer nature. And anything else is none of my business that's a private medical matter. With the exception of what -- chooses to share on her time. And on her schedule and I know that you will appreciate that. And respect my concern for the privacy. Of the Kelly family as far as that goes with pitchers this year they choose this year not happy to pass and a it is eleven minutes after six -- news radio 930 WBE. And the and that we are we've we've been talking about racism in 2014 in general. Now there is a quote at last -- buffalo school board meeting and hold on T I will be with you momentarily a promise I won't ramble. But this gentleman addressed the board last night and at what he says is true and -- no reason to doubt it whoever communicated this message to this member of the community. Needs to stand up say medical pot and resign. This is unacceptable conduct by an elected official of the buffalo board of education this my friends is truly racist if this was said. In this way. We have a racist on the board of education and it is not -- I got a message Monday sent to me by a member of this board to advise me that I am doing the bidding of look like man. I'm reaching across this table and trying to working currently to get. The education that these children. Czar and that the word is -- by the way. CEO MIT. Y comity which is not comedy ha ha. It's like -- spirit of collegiality. And maybe I'll be working together. Would be some. Synonymous ways of saying so I heard it wrong the first time I heard it and you guys let me know I'm glad to -- -- thank you. Now let's get back to -- in the block port on WB yen CEO we're talking about reverse racism was I were called go. OK so I don't quote that I was going to read that were set by Patrick Henry. And at its seventeen them before. Senator Richard I am not a kitten but it America now granted he was speaking about. State that apply. To take out the -- Virginia. And -- can -- any ethnic great -- Person. That is now currently in America for the -- and it is absolutely disgraceful. In my opinion. That board member -- he would get a city. To call someone. And uncle Tom. I bet it's just outrageous. Well not yet. Not so many words as far as I know the word uncle Tom was not used but that was the the underlying theme although not the exact words. Okay all right -- this thing is is that I am wondering how much -- if it's taught in our high schools to the children. Okay George Washington in -- letter. To chat -- Mercer on September 9 7086. Cents. It has been among my -- will -- to see some plan adopted by which slavery in this country may be abolished by law. And I'm at a little letter to his wife in 1819 ground. I'm sorry I'm gonna let it bet -- I usually don't let people even read one letter I can't let you do the hatchery and we get the point. Let's let's put this into your words now. OK in my words. RA I -- Mean every one believes the same color. Okay. I'm sorry. You are unhappy with how. You retreated when you can -- choose your ancestors came to this country and unless you were at slate. Currently. You are not -- There are many people who thought. Can't sleep Slaton was a polished intent for V8 email sick. Slavery we -- in the United States credit but polished prior to the civil war. But it was off by this state -- a good -- I determine who was called -- checked welcome back to nick name and his real name once China galaxy general. Now there's also an article in the Buffalo News. There about Rio de Janeiro. Where many most of the slave trade from in goal. Should relocate in Merrill. And it's Angolan that's Angola Africa not Angola New York. This correct. And many of those person after this terrible war. -- also. Of the African American descent who helped slavery priority to prior off here. Does that mean that they are hurt everyone should be prejudiced against France slavery itself it's wrong. Racist that men while in law. -- -- Won't make excuses. For. What you do and do not learn it is our responsibility. And issue clearly stated before -- made his collar appearance responsibility. Regardless of what schools that child is yet. To learn. If you're not -- school that you take your child but library or you teach your side. Where you can years -- I -- thank you for calling and I believe the point that I think he's remembered for your phone call is. Keep your ears open keep your thinking cap on. Don't just rely on schools. As a place to. Receive an education I've made the point on numerous occasions I've learned more from certain movies TV series and from traveling and jobs. And even setting and up pops up late at night in Jamaica that I learned at six years UB. Yes and I agree and it's ours is seventy. It's -- Japanese sect or a jury that there. The older -- I I played tennis with people who were are an African American dissent. Never thought anything about it. I've read them eerie statement remember when I drove down south and that hasn't even -- eighty. I would April myself I thought it played in Georgia to. Stop. And I can actually said that morning two people on the ethnic African American men it would not -- -- -- -- And it just really struck me. How I've been one. It's the Saint Petersburg. In 1982. Yeah -- around there. In Petersburg at this time divided into north first it was decided on. North and -- It's that there on the north side you went so far in on the south side. Without being stared at like why are you wouldn't be able. Yeah when I lived there I don't remember being like that and Saint Petersburg -- three Tuesday I have to move on -- thank you very much on the WB the end. -- and those -- bwic parents who traveled in the United States in the 40s50s or sixties. My parents did that they drove down the Fort Smith to see my dad in that the army my grandparents drove my mom and -- they were. As northerners were surprised at the colored only. White only they couldn't believe me they knew it was there but actually seeing it was like well. They really this year. The other side of it before I take my final call on the subject. Some black people I know argue that the north historically is actually more racist than the South -- in the north. The races simply are much better at hiding it. Here's Michael. WB EM -- Michael -- It wants. Bytes of iron ore does I. Want. Wouldn't. -- -- -- -- Now that Michael but that does set up for my next topic hey. Before I get -- ago. I played the bit of audio from the buffalo board of education. Meeting last night sandy beach on his show this morning. Talked extensively. About the school board meeting last night and the racial component their up. And we have shell on line at the WB eat an audio vault. So it was I -- I heard like the last half hours ago. And again with sandy beach it was just must listen to radio. So if this kind of stuff is interesting to you. If you want more insight on the last -- board meeting if you wanna hear more specific conversation on that particular meeting. I have let it go to WB dot com our audio vault. And listen to these sandy beach show every hours online from 9 AM until noon today. All right I intend on doing that that when I get -- if I have the opportunity to do it before it crashed with a -- It is about twenty minutes after sexson who's ready at 930 WB EN and Alan Harris has had his eyes on you he's in the car with you he's like your guardian Angel. Curious with traffic -- And AccuWeather first thing's first -- flood watch for northern Erie county that's gonna kick in -- morrow morning and it will last until Saturday morning. Because temperatures will go up. And you know what that means melting and break up of ice on area critics plus we're gonna have some rain. Plus we get the runoff from the rain and the melt and that brings the potential for rises and jams. And not the nice kind of chances and we beat John and baby. But the bad strategy dances and -- -- The family photos were in the basement ice jamming may cause a back up a water. An area creeks may bring some flooding along the creek banks ice jams have been reported on but are not limited to buffalo. And -- and all of you creeks so like you've been here all bay. Just -- on the radio to WBE NAM 930 news radio 930 WB yen and that we will have you covered like a like a rock. But not a not a cheap -- I mean it really a good run -- can't really that's even a rock. Where it looks like natural hair that's how good we. Now. I want to -- -- a happy ending because guys. I don't know if I've ever done so many serious shows in the same week. You do realize I don't feel like going back to revisit everything we've done but we've been really serious. But I want to give view sorry this is the Asian part of my ethnicity coming out I get to do this and out of -- called -- racist. Let me give you a happy ending. In the words of my great grandmother. Is this OK -- on. Sorry come and it's I have to be -- ball. The nature of my life. And -- -- personality. But I wanna talk about clutter. -- January gang. I didn't show which totally blew away by bosses. They said our. You've got to show for four hours on people dealing with water and I said yes. And they said. That was amazing. They could not believe. How many of you. I believe how many of you were going through what was going to. Folks I told you at the time. My house. Was an ungodly. Mess. It was a welter. Of seemingly. Insurmountable. Everest like proportions. Of plotters up papers and books and everything stir -- everywhere. Having a cat didn't help because she sees in the pile and she thinks cool I can go skiing on paper. That was kind of a awkward moment. But I -- find out two things number one. How are you doing in your battle against clutter told we revisit -- I am happy to report victory. In my personal battle against clutter thank you very much my first floor -- two floors in my house plus the basement. My first floor is virtually as -- as my mom's again. So I feel good about that. And I have some advice to offer you. To get started. You have to take baby steps you cannot do it all at once. You have to focus on a specific task and do that specific task then move on to the next pile where the next task is part of that I'll. You cannot do it in one day. Realistically it took me a solid week. Of weekends. In a weekend days to get everything how it needed to be. I shredded I threw out I ripped up. I filed but mostly I throw -- crap I no longer needed in terms of paper and paperwork. So I'm happy to report. Thanks to your inspirational guidance in part. I have beaten the cluttered demon on my first floor. Now the upstairs bedrooms the master bedroom is good the two other bedrooms need work but not that much. So my question there's. How goes your battle against clutter. Folks do not underestimate. How seriously this can mess up people's lives. It does it can't enhance. In 030930. Start right there 180616. WB EN. It's. This movie good. Yeah. It's. Being real. So. -- -- 633 a news radio 930 WBM -- are -- where's Mike clutter squad come on. Don't -- a full autonomy. -- fallout of Elena lighten things up wanna give -- a happy ending. Me give you a happy ending. We -- to show in January about clutter. And you guys gave me some advice gave -- some tips. I think I gave you some tips -- the time I wasn't practicing what I preached. But my first floor is now I would say 98%. Clutter free. And I'm pretty happy about that because it is so much nicer. Walking into a home. Where. I was -- a bad word stuff isn't everywhere especially papers. And what have the means of my existence all there're many games but my ultimate were. News paper. Paperwork. And the so called paperless. World the Internet would engender what a crock of crap that proved to be. I have never seen or been date -- with as much paper. As I have been. In the two thousands. And to make it worse it's not getting better it's getting worse. The Internet and the computer which was supposed to turn this in the -- paper last world hasn't backed exacerbated. Paper and clutter and all that crap. So what you tell me I want you to be honest. Do you have a problem with clutter. And what do you do and to deal with it I told you we do follow up show to it this is. Well eight a partial follow up show. Because I wanted to do something a little bit more. The lights because we've been by necessity so every this week. Perhaps you -- a former lover who is under a secret. To become clutter free. Perhaps -- -- somebody who used to clutter free as I -- I used to be clutter free and I fell into the hole. I fell in June that dungeon of clutter. I wasn't looking where I was going I took a step in doubt I went and everywhere I looked there was paper. Oh look it's a medical for a look at paperwork -- work oh look it's a contract a look at tax returns stuff everywhere. And then of course I would like to blame my cat for exacerbating the situation because just when I thought. Just when it was a -- Just thought that I'd made progress on -- Mike let a cat. Who is very lively and vibrations at eleven year old fireball late at their pocket pocket banter. Decided. All of a pile of papers. Less -- -- so she she would run she would pounce on the papers and then slide along the floor. Now what you spent a few hours putting papers in a pile. And your cat decides at that pile is her new sled for the rug. That can make you go a little bit mad at. However I held my temper. She's just a cat she didn't know better. But I'm happy to tell you what should have taken some before and after pictures. I I thought I was gonna do it but I chickened out because I did not want you guys to see how bad ones when it was horrible. But it's all better now it's all good. It's all over now baby blue I actually know where everything -- analysis you walked in the office. It is as I'm talking about my home office it is as clean and as organized as any Brady Bunch office whatever date. If it if I were Michael Brady on the Brady Bunch I would not have a cleaner more organized office that I have right now which is the way it had been. Before island clutter get the better. It does -- with a lot of things paper work -- not such a big priority. And bingo before I knew it was out of control. Can you relate to this because I know you didn't January. It is there anything that says spring more like holy crap. I've got to clean out my house so I was ahead of the -- back in January. So did my show in January inspire you. Did my show in January. Get you to adopt methods and means to have a more organized households. With less clutter. And I have to tell you and again this is something us a couple of months ago. If it's just you're humble host. And it is living by myself. With all that paper and all that clutter. I can only imagine how difficult it is for those of you got two or three regrets. Or god forbid a rug rats running around the house I see people with all those kids and I am amazed. And I was amazed that their houses were more organized than mine. There's one enemy there's like ten of that wannabe. 8030930. Did you -- other -- professional organizers out there. Did you know that there are professional clutter killers out there now I did not use a professional. I did it myself. -- -- Now I'm not gonna go there too great Woody Allen line. You're so good in -- -- practiced a -- level anyway there was Woody -- old line funny line. It will three on -- thirty start at 3180616. WB yeah. I wanna know I'll -- clutter his career. I wanna know if you're winning the battle because I've been happy to report. Now we have not yet arrived at apple medics. We have not yet arrived at the -- farm house for the formal. Surrender of clutter to me. What we're really really close okay. We're about two weeks -- -- -- the way from being able put the final signature on the treaty to end the war between myself and clutter in my whole. Compared to where it was in January. It's damn near miraculous. Seriously has -- -- I literally was embarrassed I was ashamed. At how bad it looked in my house. It looked like. It looked like one of those houses that. You see MTV where they fight 88 cats and 28 rabbits and 72 dogs and mounds of feces except maybe in their PC's. 803 or. Well it was -- I didn't smell like Hillary thing I understand it was embarrassing. 803 on -- thirty start at 3180616. WBM can't come to brother Tom confess your cluttering ways and tell me. Tell me tell me that they're better. Here's I lead a WB and I leave you are on the hello. I. I think that the same thing and them making progress. That they didn't show. -- been able to find out where there -- quite -- so many things old CP electronic everything. Only thing I can't I think it's cycle are we Wikipedia. Hardcover books like that -- you know you can donate -- in the hospital in book stores and whatever. And I and he -- we'll tell me what to do I don't I don't think they're allowed in -- Indian and in Oslo. Well. We're what you wanna do all first of all recycling. Nobody is gonna want an old set of encyclopedias because let's face it. How much we've learned in the last five years serious. Yeah yes and and exactly -- so what what you might consider doing is just safely taking a razor blade and cutting up the paper and putting the paper itself in the recycling bin and -- putting the -- binder. In a garbage. Well apparently it's about the idea that come out with and I you are -- to somebody -- -- throughout the city and nobody knows well. Don't old books I mean I gave aid donation a lot of me I get a lot of books here at the radio station. And that was one of my problems ought to read this one I gotta read this one honoree this one backs and they never got -- Aunt and I'm talking about 101520. Years of books so while one day at the library on main street Williams -- few months ago I'm sure they opened up their back or they said holy. That was that was -- post. I have -- tell -- that I acute laughing thinking. I'll probably -- line before it urged that every embarks. Well I was -- islands. Gonna do that to Rick -- we're talking depression it. You -- -- -- look so I hope that's helpful to Eileen nobody wants old encyclopedias they're worthless they're not worth the paper they're written on so I just take the paper -- recycle paper throw out the findings whatever. I think they'll do their -- Thank you. All right anybody else have any better ideas for all the encyclopedias. Because seriously what's the point of Reading an old encyclopedias. If you want news it's old just check out the Buffalo News. Here's dale in Erie Pennsylvania a WB and huge that's why they'll. Well I was calling the local daily -- elective do that within your mind. Don't follow a spectator -- quickly and on trial period from. And again and adrenaline has been. -- show -- -- although but I learned about order. When my brother -- cleanup and other places and it says that -- last year home and we built street twenty -- dumpsters. Of trash. But during the course -- that I white guy this year that spotlight it had to let it happen and after what that -- we transport our house. Put. We import over the years and eight what they're up front and decide it says pre school trash. It and that our former recycling. That we -- due respect our place and whether or read the papers picked -- out of -- Kurt and sort that's so it it certainly is some sort but better off our shelves and out of our world. OK but basically you gave way to people who could use it now dale I have a question for him. Because as part of -- clutter removal I also did some of the basement which is another area altogether. -- it's not that bad but it could be better but I throughout all of my DHS. Movies the godfather tombstone. JFK's. You did you know that I put them out. Nobody even talked some. It just shapes. More well you can buyer for ten dollars and don't worry gang the tapes that should not be in children's hands they were all double wrapped and put into the trash bin. Well they cannot seriously I some I don't think that that the best of Savannah you know you're you've got one it's a neighbor kid bringing them home. You know we really enjoy. Watching people shock the disbelief epic grudge and go inside and watch because people don't wanna stop that the equal trash store when we're that are about. Illegal insider related to order slower. And we watch people shop and wanted to. It was a box. Mugs civic collected over the years. Logos and that type of thing. In big guys will -- through the months that they've looked as if there were buying them in a minute guys take two mugs. You know boxes where you could just at all box in the back of the truck and take off but they -- through all they select to. And that's and that's what they think -- the rest of the next -- -- Yeah well ladies look at them books but it's it's fun or entertainment for my wife -- -- -- people shop in our store. If you wanna have a year free store you wanna have fun put an old gas grill out. Big. GPS that instantly hones in on any gas grill -- occurred. I had my my my defund gas grill at the curb for about two seconds before began to pick -- truck came along to take out the recyclable parts of it and then -- leave the rest for picked up I was impressed. All right thank you love very much happier for him. Yeah. And I'm all right thank you love very much your coffee -- oh my gosh I can't even tell you how many coffee mugs have given to goodwill. Because I I I get mugs everybody to mug of the all time best -- ever given away by anybody were given away by your humble host the breakfast with a really bugs from twenty years ago you know why because they're big and wide perfect pursue with crackers. I don't have -- well I've got three left and I given those away because I like soup it is at 647. You don't really -- they sell -- at a flea market. They -- at ten bucks were animals water. It's 647 news radio 930 WUPEM's hourly clutter and you -- you winning the war marchers. And I it is -- 651. Hourly. Event. Funny text from local attorney and second amendments advocate that from the president law firm actually these -- not quite an attorney Eddie he -- before too long but them -- has been. Funny guy funny guy funny how like a -- and make you laugh. All right let's get back to the calls were talking clutter. And this was a show that actually earned -- genius recognition by my bosses here and better companies that. Boy who -- would have thought that you could do -- show -- clutter for four hours it was actually interest. All right let's go to bill on on WB and break my shoulder pat myself on the back of -- colleague Michael Savage. Dawn -- oh wait I forgot this issue on Hannity sucks. -- think Sean Hannity is awesome by the way he's on the here at 7 o'clock Michael Savage is on the here -- -- here on WB yen Ira playing now let's go to dawned -- of the tell me you are a professional. Deep water. I yap and there's a big difference between a quarter and put them on what -- -- If you want one of the biggest obstacle an organized thing is that people are convinced everything has worked some things such as he encyclopedia. -- at one time they were worth something you're going pitched eight they should still be worth something I'll keep picture. So I think that mentality is it's pretty tough but it bit -- I can organize -- a way to develop a person I could sit down. If it according. Nothing I do well. Well you know what I am so glad your. Could you define the difference. Please I know you started to where everybody thinks that their crap has some value work could have some value when in fact it is just garb by -- What are they distinctions between the order. And the person who gets overwhelmed temporarily as I -- -- is usually thing you need that are out of -- A quarter has things that they do not need will never meet but believe one day may come in handy. They have an inability to elect go whereas when I'm dealing with actual Crocker. The person will make decisions on their own to dropping out as we go through it. And in the end what we wanted to let them that prevents that from happening again. But according what you needed to start that. And people -- on the sides -- what they are willing to throw out. -- don't don't don't you kind of thinking you know this better organized that when somebody is a true. Porter with they really need is psychological. Or psychiatric help because that is part of what a doctor does dealing with that part of the brain that tells the person that hey this ball of why and -- -- Sunday. Right well there's a spectrum for everything. And some people court really cool stop -- their hardest to -- and shouldn't. But I'm glad they're productive war thing killed but. When you cross the line is when it interferes with your ability to function and that's when I think she needs psychiatric help. And that your fulfilling an emotional need. They can't be fulfilled wouldn't -- you not been any emotional need to really be felt would stop. But there's a difference between sentiment too and keeping every single item of clothing your child never wore. Yes. OK I can organize anything about him now I did my app that lets hear it needed it it did back awhile and I hate what like what light. And I determine whether or not something was truly useful for -- can trot everything I didn't have used for in a moment. But I would very critical as to whether or not it was useful as it. -- and bring him project anymore I don't comic book I'm gonna read an actor out there. Yes. You're right -- -- and my attic and electric back quicker so you do this for money for other people. Yeah and periphery out of mercy. We have a mercy -- Michael hurt our organization. On and I will be there for tree dog do you favor which. Any email because. My boss loves these you will never admit this. But he really loves it when I do these -- shows so much to drop me an email. So I can hook up with you the next -- we do -- show electricity to offer us some professional insights. I love you because on the completed without really make people suffer some time. Shot at it well bingo that's why I am doing it again because I gave people relief. And I found out that I was not the only one who was subject to a house full of paperwork that I really had to throw out organizer shred. Drop me an email Tom at WB I N dot com. Thomas WB and back -- thank you I'm out of time guys thanks for another great show thanks for welcoming me into your life. Joseph -- thanks a master control John German call screener edited by hourly actually view with two words. No amount goes through which to all I've got to know about the wrestling words -- know yourself.

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