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3-27 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Mar 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 dvd -- I wore us down at the -- with great benefit that -- India the whole movement the Muslim tensions and my brother. Think he's glad that people it's. I hope they will have the decency to clean -- and this into. Which -- now and Christmas. Tom -- lean ground. News radio 930 cooler -- cool whip and -- cool whip -- Gary. WV ES. All right it is up -- hourly others radio I'm thirty WBE. And then finally be anybody -- what other things people does that email about. If foreign language top what. And we don't understand that want. I've as the same. When -- -- poorly on me goes back to Sicily. And repair -- And exercises his right of been -- up. Against -- -- each who killed his family in Corleone Sicily. And he's introduced by the gentleman who would become Don Thomas -- and then veto Corleone net. In an age old tradition -- the guy who. Killed his mom his dad his brother's I love it when he says. In Italian Sicilian he says. My name. His name was Antonio and DeLeon and this is for you in any stabs -- -- Our ten minutes not that I support violence but. I. And it's ten minutes after five I just leave -- at bat let's find out about traffic which is a Mongolian clustered dance here is Eric and a Eric here's Alan Harris. And AccuWeather -- going to be when -- tonight I'm glad it trying to. I held off until after my garbage it was over thank you mother nature appreciate the -- -- you're one tapering off late overnight low 37 tomorrow we're going to be up the fifty degrees of course it will be windy but fifty Saturday. Wait a minute. You -- Saturday it's only 38 degrees I thought we're gonna have some big warming trend until Sunday and Monday. I'll be dipped in. In woodland beach water it is. I was gonna say the Anglo Saxon word for who I thought better of it. It is eleven minutes after five -- news radio 930 WBBM in -- racism is one of those topics that comes up one of those topics that we can never get away from. And are quite frankly folks. One of the -- of one of the very few people like thank. I'm one of the few white guys from the birds who can pull off the show on racism. Look into how he really feels. And have everybody saying dude you're all right you're cool. And I've never ever ever. Lost sight of that and I appreciate. All the support. I get from pretty much every area of the community when I do shows like -- For my approach. My honesty my frankness and my openness. And I couldn't do it without that support so thank you. Periodically we do shows about racism last night it was rather appalling to hear apparent. Or somebody who cares about buffalo school kids. Tell the story although he did not name the buffalo school board member a black buffalo school board member who. Accused him basically of being an uncle -- not solely Woertz. But I find the fact that it publicly elected official. Could do something like this in 2014. And not be noted and forced to resign. I find it appalling. Because there should be no. Room at all. For that kind of thinking you know Paula dean couldn't care less about Paula -- slightly god bless her at all but I don't know butter I don't care debate ever I. I -- I gotta get -- down there okay. I'm sorry I've lost of lost my my trainer for -- this is what the guy said death last night at the subordinate. I got a message Monday sent to me by a member of this board to advise me that I am doing the bidding of look like man. I'm reaching across this table and trying to working come ready to get. The education that these children do czar. Whoever wrote that email. Whoever sent that message. Didn't make it clear there was an email or voice mail whoever did that ought to have the stones. To confess and resign. There ought to be any -- for that. -- There should be no tolerance. For that kind of an accusation. Made against the man who obviously. Is concerned about all of the children in all of the city of buffalo schools. I guarantee you if Carl Paladino had sent a message. Voice would have tweeted about a million times by now. And some of the local blogs would've been all over. Tracing IP -- and everything else. I wonder if they'll do the same on this one. -- -- you don't like art voice because it's liberal. Not necessarily true I think art voice frankly is one of the reasons we still have the Buffalo Sabres. Item complemented Jamie Moses on many occasions. For basically telling the people the market mustered just didn't have the money to -- the Buffalo Sabres and really should be taken out of consideration as a viable candidate. So I've got to get our boys it's do I will be more than happy to praise people on the left when they deserve it about it. And my track record against speaks for itself let's get back to. Ten or in Genesee county and you know you talk about being on the the forestall. During the period 1969 to 1973. The Vietnam era in the United States and the race problems in the service when you guys would that would come home to port. And was it Norfolk. And you know white white guys being assaulted by the black populace. I just wonder. If it is like that today. Well that I can't answer I haven't Dublin -- North Fork and over thirty years but. What they get -- -- -- not being put in the paper are going to put the paperwork so I believe you look in the archives John F. Kennedy. -- -- Because that cause. Are all crew members who ran the first retreat. Immediately upon of course all of non. We had to know. Which was a lot of people or it could have affected. Beckett missed even the early sixties. The blacks are treated like second class citizens down as well. -- So that was brought to light a lot of people. -- say why -- -- old enough so that was. No educational. What he had to but yeah education and a lot of they know -- It realize even know what Martin Luther King was killed and 68. That group carried it hate it always true. Like -- of. And you wanna know the irony here can more. Let me tell you the irony today if Martin Luther King was still alive and still a vibrant man. People like Jesse Jackson and ebony magazine would probably call him an uncle -- And that I'd -- I think you know Dr. Martin Luther King was one of the greatest Americans who ever lived and I've used him as a personal role model and I'm not ashamed to admit that. All of you know what that's -- respect before -- -- into radio program. Are up is exactly what you're not. You cannot be incorporated. Why wasn't -- I was I think bigoted thoughts in my life I've admitted goes. And I've I've I've repented and I don't I don't do that anymore and I try and I'm talking about being a teenager by the way in the talking Libyan man part of being a teenager. And that's why that's why don't hit it at the beginning of the show. And in the first hour I said my children gather around I wanna offer you. A -- offering absolution. You know if if you're black and you were called white personal honky or cracker I forgive you let's move on. Because we can't just keep on saying well so we're so used the N word in 19820. You know let's let's crucified. Really. I'm glad you called thank you so much. Well I appreciate it and I'm glad you guys let me do shows like this. I -- I like dreaming this I think things in general have gotten better. In my dream. And I am correct. Because I don't perceive things as being likes of you guys have described it who served tragically. You know in the Marines the navy out of it may -- well I know the connection between the -- you don't go there but. I've learned something today. Now those of you guys were back from Iraq or Afghanistan. Tell me. It is there's still that kind of racial animus. In the service I hope not I -- up. As were all on the same side we should be on the same side. And I got -- I've told this story before Lockett went all the details. But one of the funniest things and what do most eye opening experiences of my life. And I told you were all in the process of learning all of us Doctor Who you -- out of your help -- aggressive you think you are and I don't care how conservative. Or how religious you think your were all learning something every day. And I told the story before about being in that Cancun Mexico. And I usually try to be very situationally. Where in Cancun Mexico. And this large black man who were staying at the same resort is alive and his wife. He basically had my back. On the streets of Cancun. And say Bryant's. Now here's a guy back in the United States we probably wouldn't of met we might never talked each other. But two Americans two different backgrounds in Cancun he had my back. That's my experience. That those things change. And those things reinforce the positive stuff that you've learned over the years. And I hope you understand the point of trying to make up some. Please don't understood please understand I don't think that this is a liberal mindset. I think this is a true conservative area. Believe and mindset that I have. Let's get the traffic right now and probably a true mindset of a multiplicity of very bad words on the young men here's Alan Paris. Already as me music is everything really really noisy today a lot of ambient noise gonna about babies -- red -- sorry. It's 39 degrees we've lost two more degrees overnight low tonight 37 windy with rain tomorrow will be up to fifty. And and Saturday 38. I guess no grudge cleaning for me on Saturday. Like time off I don't what. Weekends. And he regiment that as anybody else -- -- -- my FaceBook page. Did you do better with regiment patient that you do when you a lot of extra time because I -- I do. I had the hardest time getting going well I have nothing to do and no place to be I just to be in the count watch and family yeah. 8030930. Yeah I can watch against sometimes don't call me hypocrite locally appropriate don't three on -- thirty start -- thirty it thanks Joseph what 80616. WB -- And let's get back to the calls and we say hello to. Bill in buffalo is accountable for ages William you were on WB -- -- again in my DNA test recently unit posted an appointment FaceBook page. Am I thought it was basically a -- it was at a screen and other. Figured the curly hair he came. In the African unknown you know the extent of the New York. If you -- those currently at the Scottish kids with the -- the -- At that point 7% South Asia which -- Pakistan or -- area. And that that point 1%. Sit here and Africans. And that is there now -- person Europeans so. The question to the people who want they did in two programming would be. How light -- or public or you. You know what it's it's an excellent point. Because I don't put two and two together until very recently relatively recently. I did some significant Asian and I was in a state of always being told you're German your French or German or French or German French and it looked at this picture my great grandmother and I realized -- my -- looks Asian. How come my cousins kids look Asian. Kids look Asian. Occasion there's a reason for that. So -- your point is very well taken now what DNA tests specifically. Did you have done. Well the two companies that when they didn't do was seen ancestry who wanted to do was -- 23 and me that term. That's the one that the Google girlfriend started out. One came under court restriction after -- -- -- results spec to only duty and history data. Because they were trying to help people interpret term medical side of that data. For example that I'm. I can use -- doesn't bother -- hired. Is one of the things that Tyler. And then you know the other illnesses and medications usually. The more more or less effective basing your DNA. Isn't always true -- to go with which -- director really said. Will you do me the kindness of sending me a link to your FaceBook or wherever you put that information because I'd like to see what are revealed about you and it like to investigate that for myself hell I'd like to get him as a client for my show. No I'm serious because I'm fascinated. By -- Realogy and by. Well for New York two years. New York State presently Q. -- -- the -- -- out of this state. Yeah I don't give a rat's ass what New York wants and doesn't want -- put -- in the mail it's up to that opened my cat's litter in the in the mail. Anyway outlook I'm glad you called my email us Tom at WB EN dot com. Yeah the FDA has restricted the 23 in me from interpreting the medical stuff. Purnell also even the company was working with the FDA for a couple of years 2008. If well you know I've maintained that one of the dangers. Of DNA and medicine is. Some. Somebody is gonna come along like a charismatic leader like maybe somebody who ran for president in 2008. And is gonna make the argument that to bring health care cost down the will need to start a boarding the children of certain people because they're going to be too much of a burden on the health care system. So -- set some email I'd love to find out more okay. All right thank you so much -- genetics. Genealogy fascinating stuff folks by 26 W media. -- Did you know makes the song. It's my music producers -- get -- out to background vocals. You know folks. That is open. And I think that's a lot radio and you have kids who bitch about it. You can learn something at every job you do. When you were starting out in life. I would not trade for one minute. When I was able to learn working at a recording studio. For a couple of years as the janitor. Before I got into radio I learned so much about music and so much about production and what makes greatness and what doesn't make greatness. Mail will always be indebted to the -- that out of my brother. Four forget me and there. So at the time. There right what's getting Afro Sheen off my headphones. Funny story about that by the way dare I tell -- during the show I -- after but. It was -- Cleaning toilets all that kind of stuff but I also kept my ears open. So when your kids bitch about their menial jobs. If you haven't thought this already just tell him look keep your ears open you never know what you're gonna learn. Okay the Afro -- -- got to finish -- set -- a pure pure black or white this is fun. Back in the seventies and eighties there's a product called Afro -- And all the black guys. Who wanted to be rock and roll stars are pretty sure head cases of Afro Sheen in their houses. Now you put Afro Sheen. On a man's hat and you put headphones on that man's -- and try to get Afro Sheen off my headphones. I'm here to tell you I was the expert at it. I knew exactly the amount of cleanser to you as an exactly the amount of pressure needed to remove approaching eight. I think in the world's premier player of votes. There's a great group I mentioned a few times before it got by this 45 I've got a horrible. And they are -- they were -- group maybe some of the guys from the band are still around I don't know. I don't know they -- played gigs or whether they just went to the studio to record a song. It was a great song. I wanna do you which you that was the song I wanna be which you great to vote. And they call themselves the spade review. Now can you imagine today. Somebody saying I'm with the -- brigade by god people would be all over how can you demean yourself by calling yourself that. I look at something like that I think greats I think you'll -- And I don't -- this earlier this week but it's like Archie Bunker all the family. Never gonna debate. Because of the over sensitive nature of political correctness. Blazing saddles are you kidding me. Blazing saddles is actually case. The idiocy of racism in many were up parts of the movie yet I don't think it could be made that it would be ticketed protested there'd be tweets about it. -- yeah that thing. Excuse me while I whip this up. And of course one of my all time favorites Joseph we've got to include this in one -- -- -- -- it's the scene where they're behind Barack's. And now they're behind rocks. And there's a couple of Ku Klux Klan guys complete with the out -- And the sheriff says. -- that. That was there that was their game to get the Klan guy behind the rocks we could steal the uniforms and just funny as -- Today we in this climate in which we live it's like all you can't -- laugh. There's a difference between humor. And hatred. There is nothing hateful. About that do you by the -- well you're. Every time I bet I left my -- I think in some respects. As the folks as as inclusive as I try to be. I think in some respects. Being overly sensitive being late bile about these things has actually hurt us because I think laughter can be a great bowl. For even the deepest ones. Let's get back to the call. On that WB yen where our week as far as racism in America 2014. Here is the next person on hold who would be journal cell phone -- on WB and hello. Itself first there are about. But all they -- the board are. Where mayor brown. Wouldn't leaderships and very. We -- about. How good. Appearance camera. To promote city wide -- any like. When when things are called like. Why does the right at the bottom of -- say hey you know what we do have some problems through. I'll address -- problem. Well let's be frank if Jimmy Griffin had been mayor buffalo product if Jimmy -- -- mayor of buffalo right now. And there was a white majority on the board of education. And one of the white members told a white person. Why are you doing the black man's bidding. A lot of -- would be on Jimmy Griffin looking for some leadership to say whoever wrote this needs to stand up. Apologize and resign and I think your point is well taken where is Byron Browne Sanders. He's you know what he he not so open -- nice little bomb. You know outside the street and aren't quite sure that and the whole thing as I mean standout. Step up all the time for good and promote. I mean. Don't what is there mr. rom. You know and and -- about a month I mean it doesn't help that girl Carl Paladino is -- Report. Now that. So outspoken but he has. You know -- Call it the late. For I think that I. I did that for Carl's outspoken this has been of great benefit to -- -- -- of the city of buffalo schools because parents -- Paladino has awaken parents including by the way many black parents who used to believe the party line that -- a racist. Which he is not in my opinion. He used and so much. 44 black children I mean an -- every child in the buffalo schools and their parents. You know I didn't I didn't mean I guess but face it the wrong way. I guess what I what I meant was what -- so outspoken. All you know a year many jobs. The mayor needs to you know Mayer's onstage silent I don't I don't know why but it. For. Now. That. -- racist against you all are against your phone cut out of course exactly either at the moment you were saying you're racist against whom. Some people yes. What color -- -- mom. And you know what arrogant people just you know what it's a well know that the -- you know all come. My -- -- -- -- quick break yeah I think that the arm. And it should go back. We ought to belong -- planet. On my question this year against me no matter who you are all that's what we're. Look nobody is ever but we're talking about groups or individuals are gonna have perfect harmony the world is not gonna sit around drinking Coca-Cola singing we'd like to teach the world -- it's never going to be that. All we have control over is how we comport ourselves and our daily lives and how we treat each other in our daily lives. And in the aggregate hopefully makes a difference unfortunately. You get cases that people try to turn into what they are not. And I know that this is gonna (%expletive) off some of light black Brothers and sisters but I think that George Zimmermann case which ray -- It was one of those examples I think that that was. That was essentially a legal lynching of George Zimmerman. And the media I think was greatly disappointed to find out. That with a name of George Zimmerman I think they were expecting some retired Jewish guy from -- Minnesota and instead because that was where Bob Dylan Robert Zimmerman was born by the way but instead they get a a white Hispanic. I think the media we shell shocked at that news. Yeah you know what time. You want more like -- stay -- -- But think that that's that's right that's the re expecting your thesis you're racist against dumb people. I am -- and definition of dumb somebody -- confronted with the truth who will not recognize the error of their ways. Ignorant people can be salvaged there is no cure for stupid. Oh all right my friend thank you very much. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB yet. Now some people are beyond redemption some people do not have to brain cells to rub together. Some people are just ignorant they've never been exposed to the world as it it is. And I told the story about myself in Mexico basically his big black guy -- my -- I didn't even know the guy he was a fellow American he had my ass and he sent a dude look out. Awesome. Let's go to us still weak on Grand Island on WB and still -- -- are. They look to the middle. The work a couple of things that we need to do is Lamar went element really deserves. A lot of credit for these burglaries and when -- don't mean to speak elegant than beating. Today he really is these -- We minority you know logic column I agree opens as school system and it was if you wanna learn and and you view the search results. You can decline it doesn't matter what color -- you know. But don't legacy and now that they've bought for school system. Probably African American and go from the whites are in the minority. Home well what what what kind of special purposes they -- retrieve all culpable for school and city schools open classroom. It does look like America would have turned the tables. And use that logic. For the control. Things you know you know goals. Of the labor you know what I'm a believer at all I know this makes me a fossil. But probably for in the neighborhood school concept. I think that communities were much tighter -- during the neighborhood school concept. As long as all schools were equally and properly and fairly funded irrespective of the neighborhoods in which they were located you know that obviously is the -- via. But I believe there's a much better tie and a much stronger bond between any community. And its schools win the presence is there in the community of said school. Yes exactly and I'm all about this but it is. All of that that the event would -- one decision public short anymore than anything else in my opinion you know. While you are probably. It many many black friends did very well some didn't want to do it well. One of my friends unfortunately constantly it was. Chief financial front Wall Street and I mean he did you have on the home that would never allow where's. -- news. He's in the hang out at night and they were very strict and look out for her being. For a child grown -- in the -- like. You're you're you know academic quality. Well whether -- and you say you used the word jungle some people are gonna think pitcher being insensitive. I'm gonna presume that you mean that only with the with the with the best intentions and not as a slur I'm not gonna go often engine on -- but -- what you said you know you said mom and dad dad. And unfortunately. The great society. Of president Johnson -- by the way he used a racial epithet when he said this will have the blanks vote Democrat for the next 100 years. I got a target that was very hurtful and harmful to the black family and also there's something in the loser black culture. I'm not calling black culture a loser culture there is a component. That is very anti education because. It is in some quarters in the black community. Uncool. To learn school is -- education is uncool bettering yourself to get other neighborhood. Is uncool and then of course the minute you get your medical degree and you start making money. And you start paying off your student loans and your doctor so and so and her black man or woman the same people who told you that you were nerdy geek. Because you studied then expect you to quote. Give back to the community -- excuse me. I don't take a flying you know a lot. I agree -- was -- that well of these there is bogus breaking news there and the city you'll never get better. If they had a wide open a cluster of fourteen buildings built under concrete jungle have admitted that -- way. But if it would it was it was domestically that didn't work now. Down in the lower Russia's economy and he would have been -- go back there actually I had dispute helped build theaters and and how -- than it is and I'll expect -- stop. We've sought to serve my hometown -- is to look at all the sizzle quote the birth vocal tract to limit what the drivers that don't go there analysis is just not the America we will be collected gold here. Because is that dangerous so. You know at the top it you wouldn't it help you learn to global we have to live at a place like that it's very tough -- it's really watch yourself and electric -- I have friends that don't well because -- turn themselves but it stayed out of trouble that's been written drug sincerely from. The gang bangers and they do well if you don't crowd you look at when you -- -- you're gonna control. Great story -- you guys Brothers the engineer with the a Long Island railroad. That's right. I know you're voicing your stories out of familiar I'm really glad you called -- you know what I've I've forgotten you're black or white guy I honestly don't remember. -- I honestly don't remember these things. All right well he would get that DNA test you might be surprised. And I think my father used to call. Used to call flip -- good shoes. Yeah a little little did he know his genetics. I'm glad you called. I'm out of brother Chris exactly what the drug ecology -- he got a degree that there are responsible the subway and and -- people Blair around the city because it was afraid it is you know -- and he excelled my brother mark driver in the trains and expelled everybody. Hezbollah Olympic I'm I'm in the best subsequently you -- you know you have to live properly you cannot. You know you can't count to 3 in the morning. I'm not studying organ involve the people cannot -- in a typical I don't care what color you are you're not gonna make it if you look like. Story if you and I around the world I think would become a perfect understand. Thanks to -- I had brother 8030930. WB yet its hourly races in 24 team your take. I'll talk to tell you mother nature was I gonna be not OTR but apparently. Certain high school expression for it. Or junior high schools are windy tonight rain this evening tapering off the overnight low 37 tomorrow we're going to be up to fifty but it's gonna be windy in a couple of showers and then Saturday -- I thought Saturday was gonna be like like Montego day. But it's not 38 the high. And a cloudy with more rain possible Saturday. We've gone down to we still hang in 39 all right it's hanging at 39 degrees at news radio 930 WB EM I need to hear that audio again from blazing saddles this made somebody's day you know I love it when I can make that one connection. With one listener when I say exactly the right thing at the time one listener is thinking the exact same thing and for Mel brooks' blazing saddles the line that will still cracked me up. Every single time. -- didn't hit it. I can hear a zillion times is like Austin Powers. Is it's it. Our idea here is key in the -- were on WB MT thanks for all the major turn. Why I'd love it -- I remember when their -- came out. All. I am white by the way in a. I appreciate element because I learned a long time ago not to judge by voices. Take it I think we can. I. Ain't that whole issue for all -- -- morality you know into the board members six that are out. And just society in normal I feel a lot of reaper where he does them and I you -- system based -- And that I'm at Pacific a background. -- -- hear it every person that this year and it it if that is that. Are -- -- and I told -- screeners and to quote I think Patrick Henry. And it when you speak for opt for continental congress in October 14 that the war. Neighborhood of 1474. That's a little early. I was gonna say unless I learn my history you're wrong on my dear I. I want to hear the quote but I don't have a choice I have a hard break I will hold -- to -- after the news do not go anywhere you'll be first up on a promise I won't ramble. On WB --

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