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3-27 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Mar 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rebels -- of you with. That. Hold to. Broad. No one -- with an assault rifle -- Yeah. Yeah. If they are a bit extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. If you got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do but that happened tonight. Gary -- To strong silent. That was an advocate. About -- and brilliant goaltender and knew what to eat. Yeah -- and -- thirty. I'd like you. You have close. I'd like -- yeah. They don't show might suck but I do have the best intro is average out of sand. Hey gets up early minutes after four thank you very much for making me a party alive I do appreciate that to never ever ever say that enough or within a feeling and I've done everything to take a program because I don't. Now we're with a WB on Mondays through Fridays from 3 until 7 o'clock. Am I have a chance to hear all sandy beaches show today and I wish I had because it usually is must hear radio. Unfortunately I slept longer than I wanted to because it's day two of -- present zone for my. Brain issue what brain issue Tom we get your knots. No it's -- cerebral vascular -- is -- said the thing that Harold Amos had it's hard to describe. But basically it's one of those auto immune diseases it is not curable. It is treatable with manageable. So the threat zones that we think it will manager. And the only symptom just think everybody is going to be -- three you're the only symptom is absolutely. Excruciating -- The good news issues. And I explain this to my doctors. And they are. Not surprised knowing me as they do. I have zero headaches general. On a scale of one to 100. Headaches when I'm performing when I'm on the year never an issue. But when Mike goes off on hold and that's when they start to a fry it in and you know sometimes getting up in the mornings and about a struggle but that's a deal. So that's Specter and will -- red zone does I've also told my doctor by the way that in the event the -- -- gives me chipmunk cheeks and a switch to cyanide. So. Not not I don't know it's better to look good than to feel good let's let's just be honest here I remember Saturday Night Live from the 1980s. So why that's what that's all about and I -- certain people are proud of themselves. -- you know look at -- in my medical records cerebral vascular artists that make you feel good -- All right it is eleven minutes after four at news radio 930 WB EEN. Now we are out with you on the radio contender of course to keep Jim Kelly in our thoughts and prayers. And that one of the things I wanted to point out yesterday is that the only information I will ever share with you about Jim Kelly. Is the information that is released by his family. I feel very strongly. That somebody's medical issues unless they choose to shared them with us. Are there personal and family medical issues okay. Now Joseph Kelly Jim's wife. Has exemplified. Class and I'll tell you live in December this is gonna be -- -- and I said yesterday but it's worth repeating. They have asked for prayers. But you know what they've done. In addition to absorbing the prayers and reading all of those beautiful messages you've been sending to -- Kelly's FaceBook page and prayers for Jim Kelly that page. They have. As a result of that included everybody as a giant family and giving us updates. I'm Jim Kelly win and where they have wanted to. And it is their choice is entirely their choice and it is a choice that I will continue to respect my only information that I able. Report or give or even I wanna hear about will come from the Kelly family itself because it is there personal health business. And I feel very strongly about that yet you know what part of his personal when it gets to personal health issues. It is at thirteen minutes after four at news radio 930 WBE and right now we're talking about that racism. And you know I always thought that Paula -- Really got a bad deal now. Paula the -- I don't watch cooking shows. I don't eat that much. My daily food intake is a chicken craze and rap from the sunshine cafe in the next building. And maybe some granola that's about it that's all my body can handle. Thanks to the Dominican Republic thank you very much. And yes that means I hate black people because I don't like the Dominican Republic obviously the two go together. Now I love the Dominican people it's just not ready for primetime tourism yet in my humble opinion. But. We're talking about racism and. Paula Deen I would -- get a bum deal because she admitted that she had used the -- And all of these sanctimonious white people it was mostly white people coming out calling for her head. Absolutely I think she got screwed blue and tattooed. By the liberal savages. Of the mass media. And a sanctimonious bunch of senators snipe being hypocrites. Because Webster was breaking I said you know what I've used the word. I don't like using the word I haven't used the word I don't use the word. It's a dead issue with me. And by the way I'm gonna say one more thing before we take phone calls. Because this is important to him. And I don't say stuff from the soul. Unless it comes from my soul and -- comes from my heart. I I realized several months ago. -- Our president. Was a guy who talked a good game. About being inclusive. And about bringing America together. He talked a real good game. But he doesn't do it because he and his ilk on the left there all about division. And people -- sent me a couple emails lot of mass of emails but a few emails Tom how -- you say my black Brothers and sisters because you're not black. -- an answer that directly. It is because I am consciously. Trying to use the language of inclusion. With meeting with passion and with feeling. I don't care what you look like I don't care what your ethnic background issues. Are right you're welcome. All I care about is that you're not you're not some idiot. Uber progressive individual who sees no redeeming value in anything but left wing politics. That's where I have the issue. Now I've called out the NAACP. Because it's not the NAACP. It's the national advancement -- national association for the advancement of liberal colored people other people pointed this out Rush Limbaugh being one of them. I don't. For the latest example there's ebony magazine's. Not -- -- magazine. Is a publication which -- the target audience is Black America. I just like if you polish newspaper Europe target audience would be -- America like the employ illegal. They love -- over there. Anyway I don't know why they hate me so but anyway ebony magazine staffer -- Iowa -- Jim mile -- -- Has attacked. Republican well RNC -- Pete Williams. Here comes a white do. Now rapidly Williams is a black man. Now -- black is the guy I don't know. But he is what most of us would say there's a -- Here comes a white dude on Twitter. Now. I don't understand for the life of well I do understand and I want to explain. Why it is okay. To attack. Conservative or Republican. Black men and women. Yet liberal black men and women are off limits. Why is it. That Barack Obama is sacrosanct. To -- in the black community. Clarence Thomas is simply. The house and the word which I won't use. You know Clarence Thomas is simply a white clunky. I don't understand that. I don't understand how anybody could look at the genius of doctor Ben Carson. Or Thomas sole. And say. They are not great men. Yet. There -- supports seems to come mostly from white America. And mostly from the same people were accused of being racist because they're not down with Barack Obama. See that's one of the issues we had. If you can't if you are a conservative black person one of the people from Boca what are the people -- give me so much love. In my career and in my life the conservative black community in buffalo. Both -- -- -- but. I don't know how to reconcile. We're liberals. Get a free ride. And if anybody goes after a black liberal politician you're racist but when black people go after a black conservative. -- white goes after a black conservative. Okay and they don't -- called racist so it's not about race it's about ideology. And as I've said it is not going to change. As I this is all coming to a head I I promise you I know I don't wanna ramble but some of these points are a bit these are very important points to. If you have noticed is many -- That over the past half years ago. I've tried to use the language of inclusion. You're very perceptive because I have an out explained why. Because I don't fit in to the paradigm of any other talk show host. And that's not marketing it's not branding I didn't sit down one night with a strategy session and say hey how can I -- myself. I'm a guy with a microphone I'm not a damn bland and a human Frick and BA. And I've got thoughts I do things I have emotion I have love I have some hate. I'm a human being. And I think the language of inclusion. Is the best way ago. And as a conservative area. There is no room. For bitterness. Against somebody based on bear ethnicity that's called stupid in my book. And I say with conviction and I say it with passion. And in the future when you hear me -- My black Brothers and sisters. My Asian Brothers and sisters by Hispanic Brothers and sisters please understand. That comes from the heart and -- comes from my soul. I've never met anybody of any ethnic group. Who had a perfect life. I've never met anybody. From any ethnic group who is not right now going through or knows somebody going through one hell of a struggle or battle in life. Right this is gonna sound more liberal that I -- But we are all in this together and the less grief we give each other over BS. The better off all going to be. So. Forgive the homily I got started and I didn't want ended but. I wanted to kind of set the stage for the show let's find out what traffic is doing right now here's Alan Harris. I've often said that if I can just marry a beautiful conservative black woman I I will have every defense possible as a talk she'll always. AccuWeather for a toilet humor there folks come -- windy tonight with the rain this evening tapering off late and 37. I hope my basement doesn't give puddles because might -- Enjoys traipsing through them and then going up the my nice drugs it's forty. 41 degrees -- news radio 930 WB Ian all right so do you think racism is a huge problem in America do you personally know a racist. And his racism. On the decline on the increase. I can't speak for everybody I'd like to think it's on the decline I believe it is on the decline. But I could be wrong I hope I'm not let's go to Lancaster not -- you're dead. Now this kind of curious. Do you believe that Vietnam turned him into a racist or did he already have those views and for whatever reason they were reinforced in Vietnam against -- against black people are -- I got -- with a little bit of ball because. He if he he discreetly came from Germany so when he came here to America and he was raised in America then he's hurt for our country. And then. Something happened because you know when he came back I heard bits and pieces of him possibly thought all black people don't like -- and put that number I'll we will raise my mom and -- we all come from a really good family. It's just stop. How he says and you know it and now I mean I. How we look at that thing is it's it's not tolerated -- if it's -- all in all it doesn't make any and anybody in our and we -- what really -- You almost remind me of Bob -- the dog and family guys think that's my father talking that's my father talking. Com and you know if it if it's almost like you wanna say something to home but it's kind of lost caucus. I can't because he has more experience than like an ideal. And what he went through is not what I'm going through. -- leave leave that experience is not me and my partner now and my sister is dating a black eye right now well you can imagine what he's. I yeah at all my son's first girlfriend as a black girl hello. Yeah and and then I had that experience along time ago I got I got -- one time you know armed deliver because a year ago. And -- I thought differently it took me awhile to get that trust anybody for that matter. And dumb but I'm more now thank god. And dom but yeah our family was never -- yeah I'm currently experiencing. Racism in my family it's insane. Well it is I I hope that that before he meets his maker. Your dad well whatever -- -- have got to make up his own mind and these things. And some people and some people just may never change and it's unfortunate and I think really it is to their cost. Because there are a lot of really really nice people out there that he's depriving himself. Of the opportunity. Two to get to know and you know what else is kind of surprising is that while the United States was embroiled and all these riots in the 1960s race riots. It's almost like the the white guys in the black guys in Vietnam despite the friction and despite the occasional -- gains over there killing officers were just a little bit -- -- There are a lot of thought into -- friendships that sprang in Vietnam. To the point where guys even today we'll give each other kidneys. So go figure. It's a total flip flop like now you think about it because. What happened you know thirty year old to golf and the and the way people treat charter is it complete opposite now I'm I'm I'm totally overwhelmed. Well you know what they offer you something day before -- let -- -- And I learned this. I learned so much in in in Jamaica past the obvious but I'll say this much a little bit of respect goes. A long. Way. And yen in Jamaica you know you are accepted when they take their right hand. They bump against their heart and they say respect brother that's the ultimate compliment. I gotta go thanks very much. All right it is 426 news radio 930 WB EN. You know I. I certainly -- grips with the same desire to visit a strange man's room I don't know. Itself for 33 news radio 930 WBE and all come on I'm sure George Michael would laugh. Talent George Michael and that they -- like a 25 anniversary show what was -- -- -- Which which one wasn't eight HD network HD. A HD net and I've joked it was Vega George Michael and -- -- fan -- -- that make you lesser person. I mean. I like the BG's. It was so. You say PGAs and win the people they they're gonna be roughly equivalent -- the lack of testosterone department. I don't care music is music maybe. Give you one more Freddie Mercury in Queens. You know the song to release things when their team wins we are the champions my friends. Yeah that was a gay guy. We -- back up band that was absolutely killer. Just -- Our let's get back to the calls on the WB I want to talk about racism because it came up at last night's buffalo board of education meeting. To win the cut yes we do this will be the one of the gentleman who received an email he says from a black member of the board of education. And frankly this email if it was really set I hope that. Boys will pursue it with the diligence and ferocity. Pursued Carl Paladino is correspondence on email what Karl was running for governor. Let's -- I got a message Monday sent to me by a member of this board to advise me that I am doing the bidding of the white man. I'm reaching across this table and trying to working come ready to get. The education that these children do -- And I just as a point of clarification when I first heard the -- I thought it was a comedy accidentally. The word is well it's a -- -- it. It's a great word and the man is obviously erudite and educators. I heard it as comedy and to me I mean hot hot comedy which seemed ironically appropriate given the board of education in buffalo. So no disrespect intended and I do thank you guys for the correction. Let's get back to the calls on WB -- rob I'm sorry Bob in Wales New York talked to me about racism you know when he racists. Well a couple of wartime without a word to begin. Assure the record making seventy W war the Vietnam optical Vietnam thank you. And yeah -- which a lot of your. Immediate agenda out of pocket -- -- Like troops move around Greg like I thought about being Bob -- There's several bars and wondering Philippines. The bush to jungle. Which is sort chaotic turn. Will be archived accurate number I have a problem when you when you looked at U accused other it will receive even. As a human cultures -- things. Extinction would be polite but that -- you can analytical. Bob wasn't there a I mean if you had a if you would gangs of black Marines go on after white Marines at night. -- is that that's something that gets set up the chain to the COB. Why didn't the white guys get together to fight back. Under -- scenarios would happen after they're really going to be another show we were tortured into a place called camp Geiger North Carolina install. Live below -- is talking up only about little words. And that got there we pull all the biggest black -- -- -- well I'm going to look well published earlier what. It's all black guy in -- big wondering how your big guys. And they they would do all rule by force and it was well you're out annual awards. -- the worst in the nation you -- were by sort of nuanced. Didn't think they're actually dropped or overseas get -- -- Vietnam Philippines. And start over to try to solve are trying as a deterrent. What what does it look you know -- like shoulder injury to ensure considered doing these -- just. Some third or try to objective and do you know. Home there and struggle to a million plug it with the tortoise. Which you have virtue walking interview room channels and certain column -- -- -- actually catcher that can. We want chicken imports were. This orchids I gotta tell if this is a revelation to me. It truly is and were talking early 1970s. Thank you. We're talking draftees. Oh are we talking draftees or are we talking guys who did a crime somewhere and were told -- reader or they're gonna gladiator school or you're going to be -- Marines. I didn't bolt we will -- Steve Campbell and are somewhat similar situation jail or -- or no doubt about -- Well but that's what I don't understand though is if this was and I'm not doubting your story. I'm not doubting you but made the one way to deal with bullies or thugs is to have your own gang of bullies and thugs. And I don't care how big somebody use three little guys against one big guy doing the right thing at the right time is train Marines and bring him to his knees. It further for the earlier your listeners deteriorated at times 697. Enforcer. You go to charm here don't be -- why don't people trawler. -- you come on why. -- that they would -- the gaps between want to sit here for taller in particular this distance and adept with the other brokers. They would do -- well you know what you get. Oh -- should be limited to big brawl which also it was unbelievable. But it brought to report an event that but -- -- Yeah there's this -- you're feeling I can get it can shake. You know I. I got I don't know that I would have any different feelings. That you would have then you're having right now if I had to deal with that for four years it would probably made me a lunatic. Any racist at the same time. Have you had a chance to talk with. With anybody who served. Win and approximately we're you did about their experiences and maybe somebody who's a black. With one of the veterans groups. Either go to -- total group group indicated but I also have friends that were -- at Camp Lejeune with this since there. About -- or not there's corruption there's just part of the country -- -- in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you had a crack in the tile floor and utilities and -- we share our losses in the -- you -- Well yeah. You can stop writing I have. I -- yeah I can tell you're not making it up I hope I mean you know what I said the David Lancaster about his -- You know I hope it isn't that way anymore. Though I'd -- dollars I think our country what you -- well. We have to try and Wall Street generation students shouldn't work what are -- they are today. You know what given given the story you told me. I -- I'd like to hear other stories like him and I I it's like I don't want to but I do want more information but. Respect all I got a book it's called marine in Vietnam in 1970 initial evidentiary. And outbreaks in public copies and -- that helpful so. Actually a little look at up on the line and I'm gonna respectfully ask that you not do that and on and tell you why I've been waging a war against clutter in my life. And badgers just too much paper in the world and I'm doing my best to try to help by my house a -- place in my office and your placement. I I will look up online I believe view. And I'm glad you called it. I suppose if anybody went through four years that that's gonna changer. Your way of thinking. I hope that there's only one color now. In the armed forces. The color of whichever uniform your branch happens to where. I hope I'm not dreaming also. -- by the way you know I thank him for his service. I thank all veterans for their service. Try to do that as much as possible here's Steve in Amherst on WB and Steve racism 2014. Where are. Were on the escalating we're going on the upswing because I've actually believe that since Obama has become president I believe. That racism is on the upswing whereas previously it was kind of like public face Spain's -- -- beyond a -- but a little bit. But ever -- became -- that came out. When the so called quote local media and I'll use the term loosely not not including you but. The point when he commodities said that because he. His numbers have gone down his popularity numbers have gone down what is the first thing -- pulls out. -- sides. Really couldn't blame George Bush. I said he couldn't blame George Bush now there. He he -- five years like everybody complains about you know like. We have a friend who was on at his -- and you know she has the -- to have an up and he's Copley complain at this well -- hold it. Who hasn't put a budget five years going -- -- okay who'd been in control the past five and hit yet. We -- resolutely until it points to one place and that's the White House. And that's where it all begins felt like I said I wanted to call up like this in the little sick and tired about hearing about this. You know not that going on. That I want to express that it is a race is is that it unfortunately. I pressed to believe live and let live I don't really care what color you gain is which religion in which believe it you know. In and well they met I mean that. And that's a huge part of the conservative Terry in philosophy and I've been trying to would define little by little as time has moved on because I don't fit into the Republican paradigm. I don't put into the true libertarian or the true conservative paradigm is a more conservative area. And there is no room you know there's no room for. For hitting people and I've based on the color of their skin or ethnicity I'll take people on their politics even then it's a strong word how much. Public strongly disliked in a big thumbs down on. You don't have to disagree I mean you don't have to agree with people you can agreed to disagree. What did you know ability you know hole lengths. Well you know here's here's what I don't understand or or what -- what I'd like to talk about it and get your thoughts on the the idea that. If somebody criticizes if a white person criticizes a liberal black politician. The race card is played almost immediately. Yet I. IC my black Brothers and sisters who are conservative or libertarian like doctor Ben Carson like Thomas soul like Clarence Thomas I see them attacked by both white. Am black liberals and nobody steps forward to defend them. I don't get it. You had that one time any comment I've -- in the future until the test copy it and Hewitt said that you have no. A decent respectful. Let me -- you in the wrong word but no. Light for the Republican Party because you look at that. We -- you have Democrat liberals. -- in all it is okay Dick actually in right incorruptible. Situation to put that counted shown that they went corrupt that they Nancy that it's this act okay. And what happened they're always friends come -- -- aid regardless of what happened but what do Republicans do they troll under the bus. It's so we kind of under the bus and now let me put this question -- -- -- OK if Herman Cain would have won the Republican nomination OK I get. The so called quote unquote leader of the free world which I again I used the term loosely. If he would have run against. Obama are right what do you think would have happened it would have been no -- -- none what so -- I beg to differ. And I will simply point three examples Ben Carson Thomas Sowell Clarence Thomas Herman -- would have been described as being in authentically. Black. He he's he wouldn't be black enough which by the way is what Jesse Jackson one point it's at about Barack Obama. Robert Jesse Jackson is a guy who has made a career out of having been with the great Dr. Martin Luther King when he was shot. He's made a career out of that I swear he dipped his fingers -- the king's blood and has never washed them you know trying to you know make that. Try to equate himself with a great man Jesse Jackson is not a great man Dr. Martin Luther King was agree man. World of difference between the two. I am very glad you called Steve thank you so much yet but -- -- 030930. And folks you you've heard me allude frequently. Especially in recent months to doctor -- to protect. And there is something to be learned. From the way he dealt with adversity. You know yesterday I said Jill Kelly exemplifies. Class. And I believe that. And Doctor King. Also. Exemplified. Class. Pity you -- he was human being. Subject to temptations as we all car. I'm not gonna ride is asked for that how could. Doctor king's intellect. Here is true. Compassion. And his true depth of spirit. Jesse Jackson isn't even fit to wash. In doctor king's behalf war. Doctor King. Was an amazing human being. In the way he dealt with adversity. The way he dealt with things that few of us can imagine. In terms of eight in terms of constant surveillance. By. FBI. And he rose to greatness. Despite. Constantly. Having obstacles and temptations. Put in his way. And he. Try. And largely succeeded. In adhering to the high -- Jesse Jackson does not do that Jesse is a fraud. He's this hamster he's an extortionist. Hey I think you're racist company. But if you get my group a million dollars I will actual page you. When the mob does that they end up in prison. It's 448 at WB -- Editing a safely take a picture what's going on as you do that and send it to newsroom at WB EN dot com newsroom at WB EN dot com. -- or if it's unsafe but if you get a passenger with your uncle that newsroom at WB and not count. We always appreciate they're getting beat your -- view what's happening intrepid at any additional issues 803. 03218030321. Is that the traffic command hotline AccuWeather windy tonight ray and it'll taper off late 37 below 41 at WB yen. Racism 2014. Do you know. Any races the subject came up at last night's buffalo board of education meeting and by the way I've always thought. -- look at some of my friends who are black. Don't understand why I love Carl Paladino because they perceive him as being racist. Not everybody I know who is black thinks that but some people -- and some people frankly whose opinions I respect very much because they don't have an ax to grind. You know I don't hang out with. You know with black power of people I hang out with people who are. If if they're black Asian whatever the hell they are -- older people were kind of like I am like like most of us do birds of a -- You know gonna hang out with some Klan member any more than I'm gonna hang out with a black Howard it's not my bag baby. But Carl would be no. Does not meet the aggravation. That comes with being on the buffalo board of education. Carl Paladino as far as I can tell is the first person on that board in ages. Who has selflessly. Dedicated himself to actual and real public service on behalf of a school district that is majority minority. I don't think -- dire racist I think it's anything but racist. By the way if you wanna see some really racist quotes those of you who still worship at the altar of Abraham Lincoln the second biggest American presidential broad. May I suggest you look up on various web sites quotes about race by Abraham Lincoln. What he said it. Was pretty much some of the most vitriolic. Racist stopped ever. Anyway I do I know we must consider the time but that was also the time when that Frederick Douglass and others. Of the Caucasian persuasion were more enlightened so it's not like Lincoln was some dumb -- who didn't know better. Here is a guy from Genesee County is name is Ken -- calling from Genesee County on the WB and -- more you're on night. I don't. The couple hours ago -- talked about being in the Marine Corps what. You know I'd opt out -- The black yes I can recall back in the service I was in 69% of the tree. -- the USS forestall. Here and now. What we're -- -- what we're seeing one time the US John Kennedy. And their race riots because of the blacks -- -- -- you know underhanded. A guy I was -- -- -- And yet there's been an act but what. -- -- -- -- -- I too liberal or weird or are more port Virginia. Couldn't walk down the street and tell you after. -- because the blacks should come out of the woodwork and say well 212. White guys in just beat the living hell out of them. And nothing was ever done. Is because -- bushel on their frustration because it marked with a can be -- assassinated. -- -- king was assassinated and 68 you served in 69. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't mind doing that when somebody's got a good content that most talk show host -- what you got content. Okay you know those who are recently. Out of the service. White black whatever your ethnicity I don't care that you know that about me. Is it better now than it was because I have to tell you I thought I -- a lot about history. I'd ever said he knew everything about history as some of these stories are in lightning disturbing I only hope that things have changed why. Because on the ball really program we believe in the true inclusion. And true bringing people together not just talking about.

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