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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>3-27 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

3-27 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Mar 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. I wore us down upon the he would -- Think yeah if you go to the -- looked up moderately anxious and my brother. The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'm -- -- protest it was because of guys out for a walk -- not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied when. There really is nothing like a short time now. Today we thought in mind these 8930. Excuse me while I witnessed. -- Hello it is volley on his radio I'm thirty WB and sitting here with the other Thursday this week has been gone by very very quickly. And it today hopefully will be in no exception Joseph beavers at master controls on German that your culture inner. And -- I guess there's no way until later that ever come -- for me today that I no longer. Meet the qualifications. As they WB and talk show -- so I will be relieved of duties after today show but I will be back tomorrow and and they are after is a paid intern. I'll be the best paid intern of the history buffalo radio. But -- they decide that they would become the buffalo school board of buffalo broadcasting so no change for you. Basically though I just have gone from being a full time employee to an intern with full pay ample benefits -- -- -- better come it's amazing how that works -- If that sounds of -- in the private sector just imagine what it's like the public sector would you pay for it. Anyway I wanna get into that because -- one of the subjects in order has been got to dance around a little bit is that the subject of racism. And about a good racism shell and a long time. It is the very fact I'm gonna commercial -- does not automatically makes me raises the courts because. There are those who actually believe that only people who are members of minority groups Kevin it is talking about racism. Which in itself by definition is racist. By the way folks those who are the first to call somebody else or racist. Generally speaking when you point one finger at somebody else you got four more pointed back gadget well three more pointed back -- and -- depending on how careful you were with more implements -- a child. Joining us right now we're. It's just I just got an LL from Joey split open all over the board. Or Diet Pepsi whatever that is just for clarification sake I wanna go to Brian has aroused you now who has been. Well what are you looking at top. You'd be the only paid intern in the mr. -- turn. Be the only paid intern in the history of radio address I've gotten a -- have to -- the book the best paid intern as -- you get to a certain point life and those little distinctions made statements they make a difference OK it's all about -- Brian I got to Ayatollah -- with clear my agent or cranky and crotchety and old and all that stuff on the little things actually mean things -- -- that they don't mean now. So up anyway -- you're the school board meeting last night and I I listen unfortunately I usually like us and sandy beach and morning -- I was. A date to prep zone. So it it does weird things to me it makes me sleep more than I should so anyway. The the show he was doing dealt with the board meeting last night I know it Carl Paladino on. And what are the issues that came up was some body in the crowd was speaking to the members of the board of education in total. And said that no one of the black members of the board of education accused him as a black men of doing -- the white man's bidding can you -- -- and other nonsense. Well use summed it up in a nutshell right there he. Was called that because he tried to work with somebody else on the board and he he would name names and you can't name names -- routes you'll get schooled it if you speak in front of the school board. But one of the women members of the board one of the black women members of the board. Apparently sent an email saying exactly that to. This man now because he tried to work with one of the white male members of the board that's how the -- -- well. A lot of what are our voice and the local liberal blocker is gonna tracked down back. Email and put it all over the Internet like they did with Carl Paladino just a thought. We we have a -- cots for you were listening enjoyment today and the time you pleased of what this man said. Well I think this could be a good time -- George you have those audio -- ready force. To get her after launch. But I I left or -- you're you're eating during the show page joked you're really wanna get my -- Eat cereal. It's sandwiches are acceptable serial never acceptable. OK at least not on my -- Joseph I want you to play the audio of what the -- had to -- the school board meeting last night. Where the guy talks about doing the white man's bidding. In an email which I hope our boys persons as relentlessly as they did Carl Paladino -- correspondents. -- message Monday sent to me by a member of this board to advise me that I am doing the bidding of one man. I'm reaching across this table and trying to working com that he could get. The education that these children do czar. Now -- -- working in comedy I think that was an unintentional Freudian slip what you wouldn't let us say it was work in common with not working in comedy whip but I think is applies to the buffalo school board it was a -- -- serious would be the appropriate or. Well Tom when you go to buffalo school board meaning you're gonna see something for the first two hours and that's what I call this morning. The airing of grievances and that's what the first two hours of the school warming it's usually it's parents. Who come up and say yeah in some of them have nice things to say some of them want to point out teacher or a particular student who's doing a good job somewhere. But a lot of it is. Complaints about one particular school about something else going on what about the school districts in general of what they hear -- reports. I on the radio on TV and you where they don't like. Hearing all this negative -- Well we've noticed in the past is. Ever since Carl Paladino came on the board when he started there was a lot of I've you would call it. I'm racist talk. Pointed at him right he was a racist right. And you and a lot of people calling Paladino a racist because he. Because he dared call the hegemony of the black women on the buffalo school board the sisterhood. Which up by the way is not in and of itself they racist term it it's not even a misogynist term. Sisterhood I've heard that applied in a number of different scenarios. Some of which are not decent for -- family show. That's what you would see at the beginning of Carl Paladino term here on the school -- people coming up calling him a racist and that seems to who have. Slowed down a bit now what you're seeing more demo we saw a lot of yesterday and now here's some mines reports Europe and the top of the Al work. EU's more teachers coming teachers complaining about administrators and school teachers complaining about. How things are working you hear other parents complaining about not just pointing the finger at one particular member. But kind of everything that's going on and parents complaining about schools like they have but it still that airing of grievances but. How which handle this kind of changed over the past few months well if buffalo school board member told this man in an email. As they publicly elected school official that this man is concerned citizen was doing the white man's bidding. This I did this person needs to stand up identify herself and resigned from the board of education because she has proven herself to be what she would like to accuse Carl Paladino probably -- being and that is a racist. Doing the white -- spitting excuse me I thought this was about all the school kids of the city of buffalo maybe I'm wrong. And that's what the parent basically one on to say they added that person is not fit for public service at this level of school board. Well that personal. -- delete the email and headers to me in my private email while that's my company email marketing you've in my private one -- -- -- hot woman is a top at WB EN dot com Thomas WB EN dot com. That is my company email. And if the person who got that email forwards it to me. I have a and IT guy who's really good very expensive but he's worth every penny. Who will tracked down the veracity of the sender and I think we -- out this school board member this school board member needs to be forced to resign although given the local political climate here the school -- liberal than probably be given a spot -- the buffalo common council the Erie county legislature then moved to the assembly the states and probably going to be governor of the way New York State operates so that's an editorial comment Brian I expect them from view. Now one of the things about this meeting is I stir up my show repairs. There are two unqualified. Big money administrators hired by doctor Johnson. And they will not be packing their bags they will not be going anywhere despite the fact that they are on the qualified. For the jobs they hole. Not a Carl -- calls the sisterhood he's a racist but these two black women right. They're unqualified. For the jobs they hold yet they're being given a kiss. Gee I wonder why sorry gotta say it like it is they're being called they're being called interns and bring them home so it's almost six figure. All of that is -- I understand has not been determined just yet and the what you have Paladino and some members of the board saying is that they should have been fired already there's no reason to have discussions about them and all because they were unqualified and as. This state demands a certain qualifications and they did not meet those qualifications. They have not yet as far as I understand have not yet been. Sex ads paid interns but just the fact that they are still around that that idea is being kicked around. Is enough to set some people off and it's funny. That's the big topic those two administrators. Have been the topic for about a week now since the last board meeting since it was -- found out they were unqualified. And yet when you go to these. School board meanings and you hear these first two hours you hear these parents teachers. They're talking about these two administrators they're talking about problems. But it has nothing to do with these two administrators. There's far more problems than just these two administrators who are getting the majority of the -- Well it's -- I think it reflects an inward malignancy of the system the -- pre Paladino system and we'll see what happens after the school board elections coming up and make another word let's say it's sort of -- they'll say the word was comedy COM ITY. A friendly social atmosphere as opposed to comedy as -- hah hah -- So there -- it's actually. So if I misinterpreted the guys context of the word my apologies for the misinterpretation. There is a difference in meeting between comedy and comedy. Ability be prominence you learn something new everyday well I got the town which well I'd learn something new from a -- idea who was nice enough to us send me an email I think that's his name course they're probably mangle it as well. Brian everything else about the school board meeting about which Jeremiah listeners should be informed. Not too much I came from last night as you heard you may have heard this morning. School board member teams and sensing that they stuck around it was a six hour meeting is that usually are pretty long. And not much happened you can listen to reports at the top of the hour Odyssey. Now what might interest you well and also align our sandy beach did a program out of this morning which is in our WB yeah audio -- focused on the buffalo board of education with the interview with Carl Paladino and you're reports at the top of every hour we will be listening to bat. And the lows and Brian -- thank you was always have very much for your time and there's -- there's nothing -- missing -- I'll let you go to get your other work done Tom I told you this before I stopped in here I don't know it's something new blade but that same man who we played a clip from before. Let go -- classic wrestling catch phrase. The ideals they are to understand who well -- when you say that you know that we have to go where Joseph beaver we need that audio. And those of you who up follow the pro wrestling thing. For those of you are familiar with the words that follow. The holding up of the microphone to the crowd. Well -- your -- and fill in the blanks. I'm not gonna stoop to that level because the person moves that by saying that indicates that bad. Have no place in municipal government. -- -- -- -- -- -- I love that but there's more or two ago I I think I might of flash you the wrong symbol it's the other one. The other one. All right let's let's try the other one I feel like I just landed on Mars right now get a look at the two guys pointing at each other I feel like I'm the guy in the blue men group whose -- The next time. Ports there and on. We're trying to work with people to get the education for these children. Got two words are. You're four million with the WW -- you know what. -- -- -- Doing -- -- -- -- And for those who don't follow wrestling -- the words I I'd better tell you what they are. -- about what do you do it through a straw when you all the straw -- your mouth and you draw something in and that's the process of doing what. Okay that's the first word that the second word is it's the fish all right I gotta battle are getting it done. Thank you government run -- -- -- that start to figure out how is gonna put that during this part of the show you know to try to take the higher road. All right Brian Nazareth via thank you. All right so anyway any topic. Race comes up at the -- board of education last night and it comes up increasingly. And you know. -- -- The other way -- would -- of Obama. And I have maintained to you guys. -- for a long time. That one of the failings and shortcomings -- the greatest tragedies. Of the failure known as Barack Obama. Is that as the nation's first biracial president. I think he has done more damage. To divide people and bring people further apart or take people carry people further apart. Then any other person yes even WB yet hate monger Cappy Kathy -- they're. I laughed my ass off when I saw that the local buying newspaper today. He's done more damage. And has brought people further apart and any talk radio host ever has ever will ever could. By using the politics and the language of division. And the true racists have shown their carts. I'd say the true racists have shown their colors but that in itself could be construed as as racist. Now up before we head of activists. It's not just the black or white thing I'll let let's forget about that but even within the black community. If you are really really really really really dark. I mean like my black Brothers and sisters and Jamaica. If you are really really really really really black and dark. When you see somebody who's gonna like complex that who's got out as that five yellow -- Do you get a little. Oh wondering why. May be thinking bad things about them. Because they are a different sort of black that you are. Or vice Versa you could be the one with the high -- yellow skinned they could be the one is black is my Brothers and sisters in Jamaica. And -- we can't leave the Hispanics out total. We can't leave the agents out we can't leave the Indians out. Is that anybody have forgotten -- we disagree that Icelandic people are weird can we just go there we agree that it's okay for Matt. I read something on the Drudge Report today this guy that you just -- the country it was going to be before you read the story. This guy has actually started a -- museum. I have more details on that just like and took on white folks and -- will be well we come back and start taking calls a news radio 930 WB yen. How bad is racism 2014. Have you been a victim have you been unjustly accused of being racist I have been at this point I have to tell -- this point in my life I don't really care. Call we are racist great call me misogynist fine call me a whole ball all fine all of my track record all of my history all of my work speak for itself. I'm the guy who includes. I'm a guy who speaks the language of bringing people together. And try to do that more and more and try to be. The new kind of conservative area and talk show host and I don't think the world has seen me before. So I'm not doing it for branding -- marketing and do it because it's the right thing to be on WB. Well I think my computer doing that funky thing again this like the test they give it to determine whether or not to a photo sensitive epilepsy are you know I don't know if -- ever had a seizure or something and you go to hospital they tested to see if you are epilepsy prone. Which I'm not by the way but I don't because it is at this computer at the same thing with the stars it's lucky this is like job. This like Timothy Leary I feel I can sit here at the acid test and it's 1967. Good -- because it was all about the -- as museum. But maybe god -- him down as should all know Tom you don't have all of that talk show all. So what will get to that story later because I want to pick up a white people and it's just it's a I roll again it's our right so luck anyway. I question for. Now we know what happened at the board meeting last night you guys can stop sending the emails and I appreciated. About comedy and comedy. COM ED YCEOMITY. They are out home and they sound like they mean different things I took what way it was apparently intent that another like all right my bad I think the correction was made. No personal insult was intended toward the speaker sorry dude my bad if you met comedy instead of comedy. But you know it's a hearing distinction some people have a some people don't I don't have a I thought comedy is -- hah hah -- with a much better phrase. But -- don't know if the word was in fact meant to be COM ITY which means something altogether different than comedy like comedy club okay but -- you know it's funny because I made the correction than five minutes later so recently asked I'm well up and asked nasty email. Me and I appreciate the correction -- I would not wanna mr. resentment misrepresent what somebody set. Has nobody ever does that would that. All right now. Let's. Let us move on shall I'm I'm computer so everything has to come out of my -- now and that my friends he's got a disturbing. If that the longer it lasts. The more you'll hear -- Are. A lot of talk about racism. In 2014. Have you been a victim of racism the -- -- -- racists can't be honest -- Do you know -- died in the war all racists or as they say and every gang movie ever ever made every gay TV series. But now back now I guess I shouldn't go America's IB Bennett be raises their troop. You know up and albacore around his neck. Instead of an albatross albacore. -- that line one more time in any -- move your gay TV show I'm gonna throw up. But. There are people up here. Unfortunately. Who have decided to base their lives on hitting other people who don't look the same as they looked. There are people by the way who look. What kind of liked the people -- supposedly don't like but they're racist because for some reason. The person against whom their racist has a shall we say more light complected skin then -- or vice Versa. -- go the other way -- Do you personally know a real dyed in the -- all -- that's another great. -- -- full of gang cliches today if it's never dyed in the -- in a gang will be it's always died in the war they always do something to screw it up. You know he died in -- -- I don't want names by the way. Now what are the things I've discovered here in life. Is that the people more -- addressed to call other people racist. Generally have more racial skeletons in the closet than anybody else. Wind that is the first thing you'd think that somebody did XYZ because they're racist and no other reason. And you publicly go -- that. He's racist she's racist. That tells me more about the speaker. The accuser that does about the accuse. Now there's times when I started doing this back in 1983. Where all my god. If you were called a racist. By somebody especially somebody with a clerical collar. -- -- wife was over your career was done. But since then I think about people have awakened to the idea that this has become such an overly used excuse word. As to be sorry insignificant at this point. The race it's it's the boy who cried wolf what you said boy is that racist say that's the -- at the thought process. It becomes the boy who cried. The more people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who has made a career out of -- -- with a great Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated. The more people use it when it doesn't belong. But less power it happens. So result the few years ago not to get uptight if somebody call me a racist it wasn't correct my -- Any more than its direct my -- of something called homophobic misogynist right wing scum bag. I don't care. I just don't care. Because again. Being in the public I all of my body of work speaks for itself. I'll let me east I'll let me do my talking for me day in and day out. Now. I also want to say. -- I wasn't always as cool as I am right now. I have had racist thoughts impressed. Wait not gonna have the Paula -- thing out. Yup I've used the F word so maybe -- use the word now Paula dean said that it's now. And I was just I was apoplectic. At all of the phony say the Monique that was out there in media land. You know to see these white people on TV these white liberal reporters. Getting down Paula -- and I think it myself sweetheart you mean to say he had never used the N word not even when you're a teenager not even in a fit of anger -- never used it really. Well I I wanna -- Alex I want all of my children black and white Hispanic. Asian Indian and Pakistan -- not the Icelandic people -- They're not welcome. I'm being funny trying to. Well I watch all gather around -- because let's I wanna having mass confession. And I wanna having mass full year -- mind meld. If you are black. And you could use words like cracker. Or -- to describe guys like me. And you wish you hadn't and you tried really hard not to do that anymore. In the name of all white people were mostly white people because a lot of all -- I give you absolution. Go go forth and sin no more. If you are white and you used the N word. I'm sure that somewhere out there there's somebody -- saying Tom you may speak for me are out of state for that guy that lady. Absolution. OK. If you consulted an Asian person. I can't agree that you absolution. Okay. What we've got to stop terrorists. What we we have to stop it. I think racism is so stupid. I truly do. Having said that. I would be -- I'd be the biggest liar in the world if I say appearance I never used via word never know what's. I have. Argued pretty much every derogatory word every swear words you can think of one timer another. In my life. Proud of it all. As you become. Older hopefully become wiser. And hopefully you become more in tune that whipped with other people. And the fact that you are. You know not living on planet pol or planet Jane or planet -- That there are a lot of other people out there who look different -- you who grew up in different circumstances than you who have different values than you. And were all basically at any given time fighting different battles in our lives. And the last thing we need to do. Is to go through our lives. With this monkey this albatross this albacore. Of hate hanging around us. So I just think it's it's a stupid bidder. Heavy weight to carry around with you it is entirely counterproductive. It's like people who would be an reminds me of folks. It reminds me of people -- -- it would been divorced. And they've been very very very badly hurt in a divorce. And thirty years later. They still. Can't get over. And they still walk around with this hate. And his bitterness. In this absolute anger at the person who caused them hard it. You can't spend your life that where it's not good it's not healthy. It will eat you up inside. Being a racist hitting people because they look different than you look look at some Mary Poppins -- I think I've been around the block votes. Have been around the block more than happy you have have taken a step out your front door I've seen it all Obama at all. I gotta tell you. Hitting people because they look different. They speak different. I I think it's stupid. And there's a corollary to that is well. If you allow yourself. To be defined. By people who were dumb asses. That's more about you know that says about them. Get rid of all races in the world never. I don't think there is as much as they're used to big personal subjective observation. I know it's out there. Hopefully the growth has its has slowed and hopefully the tumor is gone now. I hope that is the case. But if you let people get your goal like that. You give other people wait too much power over. -- -- like yesterday. Perfect example. Rush Limbaugh. Was doing here is imitation of the Chinese prime minister that got him into trouble. With a California State senator who now faces gun running charges despite being an anti Second Amendment leader in the state of California. And he was a guy. The the the Asian American states senator who got over Rush Limbaugh for doing his fall Chinese. Interpretation of what the Chinese prime minister was saying at a press conference. And it was one of those things that liberals and people on the left and people who hate Rush Limbaugh wait for. They all have for rush to step in a steaming pile of -- that so that they can make a mountain out of absolutely nothing. So rush being rush he replayed what got him into trouble with certain people certain late vile people in the first place. I have to tell you what he did it left why Nassau. And I don't have Asian blood and pretty obvious what is -- it. I laughed my ass off I wasn't offended in any way shape or form. Because it is for us make a -- Chinese. I don't have first the first clue about how anybody can even learn Chinese. If you were brought up in in English speaking council. I don't I don't get it. Because it is such a different language than what used to. I can't make -- here and I'm good with languages are excellent -- languages. Chinese Mandarin forget about it can't that is forget about it I have no idea. I was not offended because I -- Chinese the same way -- debts. So. I suppose. And I wanted to make a name for myself. I can go on on the year boy that made headlines out. Right wing crazy conservative talk show host Tom -- Condemns Rush Limbaugh for Chinese accent. And we'll listen to what Ollie says because he's like 50% Asia. How well I thought it was funny you know remind -- of it reminded me of the Mars attacks movie by Tim Burton. And even remember that. It was a -- Tim Burton is absolutely Psycho in it in the best possible way. Tim Burton sees the world as I wish I saw the world sometimes I do I have fleeting glimpses of it Tim Burton is a filmmaking genius -- former -- and the guys a genius. He good baseball. Of all those scifi movies of the 1950s called Mars attacks. And if you've ever seen the movie maybe they'll show occasionally on Cinemax and -- -- HBO on demand. Not the only thing the martians ever say and they they bury the pitch of it and the integration. That's all they -- That's what -- sounds like to me no disrespect to those of you who speak Chinese were born there. Okay I'm not sure what part of Asia my genes are from maybe Mongolia based on the group got a syndrome babies may be be -- not I don't know. I'll find out -- the genetic testing done but it doesn't it doesn't matter I find humor in it. It's like. Before we get the two to far field on this folks how many of you grew up in households with accents. Being spoken. How many Joseph did they German Austrian. -- other southern accent okay. Budget German doctors state where I grew up what kind of told this story before. I would go to my paternal grandparents. My grandmother and many of their friends were right off the free can boats from Germany. Every one of them had a German accent. And as a stupid little kid I used to think well I guess I get -- a mistake like this total. I respect -- you shouldn't. Now I can get away with that because of my last night and the heritage -- was -- hero perhaps one with zero. You know what people the people know you well I've ever gotten in trouble all we're doing at Indian accent because people load it up every strong ties to the local Indian community. I happen to think the Indian version of English is a beautiful version of bush. I don't know how many did you realize this but India in itself as hundreds of languages hundreds of languages. There are two official languages and India. Hindi and English. And the -- The the Indian kind of English is more like this -- -- -- -- kind of English it's understandable to me because I hang out with millions. Some people throws them to me it's very it's a very soothing. Resident way speak on black English. You know I start if I start for I don't do good -- so I won't I won't do it -- I don't do well. But black English is they recognize dialect of of English. And black English words have morphed into common English usage. Just like English is taken from Spanish it's taken from every other language that's why English remains a vibrant -- Because we're not afraid to steal in English I mean -- -- words. Racism is that topic up -- the painting a picture for you now. I'm painting a picture of America are also giving you some hopefully some valuable insight into at least the way one guy thinks one guy. Who is pretty much a a mop of DNA. I inherited the very worst from a series of Jewish bag ancestors 349 news radio -- double. You BE. And BWB and AccuWeather forecast. I have filed underneath a giant stack of paper like computers back up by the way -- Mostly cloudy and breezy this afternoon not near as cold as yesterday the high 45. 43 joke -- news radio 930 WB yet so anyway folks -- as a mostly white guy with a little bit of everything I'm pretty sure throne and I'm granting everybody -- color brewers ever -- honky Whitey. Or any other insulting words toward white people I graduate absolution. Okay the statute of limitations runs out I'm sorry. If you're a racist. Where you thought you're a racist when you're a teenager. When you're young person. As you grow up and viewed as you've grown up and you've made friends that you've seen what the world really is like and you've come to actually appreciate the fact that different people at different backgrounds. You know what that's part of the learning experience that we all -- So while. I grant forgiveness. -- that. I grant forgiveness. It's my right to grant forgiveness I'll do it if you want all the -- hate you hold on the hate but I don't hold it against Andy but beat. Let's say hello two days. Like yesterday do you know a real live racist or a real bad races ever been exposed to somebody just like other people. I have and I hate to say that but probably 95% of the people that I know. Between aren't -- are put the biggest organized thing that bothers me the most is my dad. -- -- Like my own father. -- I'd walk up do and they don't trust in everything and on. He is some other city came back from Vietnam since I was a little child when he came back. There's something about it I don't know what it is but. It's unbelievable it really and because you know even the Vietnam Jerry -- he speaks is very good about how we can speak in other languages. Now I -- -- pure and background so he can speak German rarely got I can't understand a word he's saying and then he can be on the knees. -- really good to. Well you know the nice thing about Vietnamese is at least they've kind of transposed it the French -- into English jerked dark characters -- English alphabet so it is somewhat easier to learn. Then that Mandarin Cantonese. No no I'm not much on the obvious yeah I mean if you watched documentaries on Vietnam with I think I watch -- to hold out if you can because I'm overdue for -- which is better than anything your girlfriend would say being overdue so I just pulled out here on news radio 930 WB at 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB Ian how racist you think America really is in 2014. And has the word lost it's sting. To me it's been so over used as to become virtually meaningless it's an attention getter. You know look at me I have the moral high ground I called somebody a racist and with the African.

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