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3-27 Beach and Company Hour 3

Mar 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Backwards agent governor have said he big Chad Xavier is our races I am it's been a difficult morning. Regarding this though the school superintendent and the non qualified. Aides that they tried to sneak back in and who knows they could end up as paid interns. While grant which is also taxpayer money pays for their education again -- up to the certification of Olympics most of -- portion -- that gave me the job in the first place. There is a job. There's an op Ed piece actually is just an editorial in the yeah Buffalo News today talking about operating in secret. -- said the superintendent waited until executive session to announce that she wanted to hire -- went as interim jeopardy superintendent. The board had only months earlier dismissed the win. Then. She was back. And apparently hiring cronies a -- and two women shared previous employment. As consultants with the Arizona based Evans Newton educational -- so here they dismissed their. And then no later on she had the votes on the board to get her back in and talked about it executive session so that the public was not aware that that's a -- -- okay. The last two paragraphs indications. On resonate once prior public employment are always public as a someone's general educational background. Not the grades but the fact that somebody got a degree from a particular college or university. Brown has had to do a much better job of explaining. Why the district went against its own job description which clearly states the district leader certifications required upon hiring. Moreover she must explain to the people of buffalo while she still refuses to release information. That is their right to have she doesn't care she says she's got Obama syndrome. Obama let congress know that it doesn't in congress that he can do things without congress she seems the field -- can do things well authorization. Without the school board and that's that she is we all my idea of Pamela brown. Meanwhile she's done a lousy job. People forget that she's done a lousy job. And it now at last night's meeting -- found out that it wasn't even brought up through officially dismiss those two people. Simply because the votes were there to reinstate them. Now do you can count the votes five black women -- four white guys. Of the like I say she shouldn't have had a job in the first place she's not qualified nobody's denying that. But the five black women are ready to quarterback. I'll put them back yeah that's the way it works that's the way it works in buffalo. I guess the rule of law. Or road you know the qualifications. The requirements of -- isn't it. Not. It's mad Max beyond thunder dome and they got a billion dollars to play whether -- -- your money. So I'm asking. What kind of message does this and at this is beyond message this is blatant as I said there's more than one way to rob the public that's what they're doing it. And they're doing a very efficiently. And meanwhile. One of them black females on the board had the nerve. To send a message to another black constituent who wants better education for his kids. That he's only doing the bidding of the white man. That is pathetic. I I think if they had any courage at all the person who -- it should stand up identifiers. Stand up and say I sent that because I believe OK you don't have courage everything has to be done. In closed session executive session. It's in the shadows -- on the sunlight. And that's the way they operate. But remember in two months is a new election one would hope. That people really care about their own kids educational our kids' education in general. Will stand up and bring new faces the board I don't care what color they are just bring me something. With a new face in a brain. Would you please. Apparently brains and not necessary if you or prejudice enough to believe that the man it's not a church. That's good enough -- which served you well all these years. You're always going to be the Vietnam your kids are gonna be the Vietnam it's going to be while always may -- always made demands ought to get me that's crap. The price up get over it would you please. Let's go to Williams -- is David David your and a BBN. And oh my father when we're talking about the profile. And -- appear powers. How people can trade rules and regulations and other world win. If you look at mr. what. China right now right but that is -- news so. Wonder where I'm grateful for the fact we have a lottery. Because of the publicity traditional. It was -- certainly wouldn't it be important but. A lot of -- -- I like here's that video older. Workers. It's it's amazing how blatant it is though you know it used to be it was kind of hidden whatever but this is just politeness on the open and they don't care. Well apparently you could say about the political life. You know. Yup that's the beauty and keep telling us and lie over and over people globally but thank you government takes up. It what is it takes a lot of courage and amusing the word with my tongue in my cheek. To publicly. Declare your stupidity. It really does because most people if they're stupid. They try and hide it. Apparently it's not necessary. If you are if you want to run for public office and be honest art. Necessary in fact what better place to have stupid people men in the education of our children. Get us ahead on it. So -- here. Claiming that the black parent I'm assuming he's black I don't know why she was in the -- he wasn't -- but assuming trying to shame him into into his position for better education for hours on kids. But one other way which is would you say that. You're just doing the bidding of the white man really who wants what's better for your kids the alleged white man. The personal made that statement was probably a black woman I think it's pretty easy to figure out one out. And yet again a year it's like opinion on the we had -- Carl Paladino was first thinking of running from a school board. He saw the mix and apparently he knew a lot more about what was going schoolboy the most the rest of us and he declared them as a sisterhood. And at your member of a cry all you must be -- this thus is thorough how could you even say that. Well does look like that now does that. It looks like -- as a sisterhood there and if there's are racists -- it's the sisterhood. Because if any of the other four don't buy what that fifth one cent as the message let that stand up and say you know what. Sometimes we have a difference of opinion but it wasn't me this and that and I don't believe that. I believe in this issue here is how I feel about a but I don't believe. That -- concern black parents standing up for his kids. It is doing the bidding of the white man so -- and a let's that let's take roll call yeah do you believe -- -- don't you believe yes did you senator did you -- Camden. Which one I don't know. I don't even know the names of all the women on the board but the bottom line is is pretty easily figure out work -- will be back after the. -- message Monday sent to me by a member of this board to advise me that I am doing the bidding of look like man. I'm reaching across this table and trying to working family to get. The education that these children do czar. It is Beijing company and yes these two administrators. Who were appointed. Without certification even though the the job descriptions as you have to be certified to appoint them anyway. Spent thirteen thousand dollars on them to get more education toward that certification. And then when it came out and she alluded to even Barbara never gold. Who is the president aboard and others that yeah there was certified and that warrants -- schline. Whose line whether it was -- -- direct. Com mission or omission either way issue was lying got caught at that. And it was time to say go by those two people first saw it shouldn't even be have to go up to a vote. They were not qualified they should be gone. But it was gonna go to oval while against what the global last not a good table because had gone to a vote they have been reinstated. Because. The -- Around has figured out a way around it she should've been a defense attorney and not face super tennis though that she's got all of these ways row home things okay. Well I guess we could make them pay in turn -- And then send them to school. At the taxpayer's dollar either grants or or or budgets area. -- concerns would be involved so here you hire them at this level intern level. And in the way they got enough education and get the certification and they go to a 100000 dollars plus for each. Wild side joke. What an absolute joke and and is -- caller earlier said what happens if they don't succeed. What happens if they don't get it they have -- us back. I'd like -- -- but let me tell you some of them don't get it you're pro or find some other position that pays even more. Without a certification I mean it's just insane. As the best way to describe. Its code to vote Brian in buffalo O'Brien there on WBBM. Why are clearly this has created the consequences so low you want to understand the their perspectives are nervous. You know lately the date they are involved and it's -- -- shall stop history. Because when -- when I look at. In the educated black person. He we have to deal with it you know to the people think that I'm here because you know executive set aside it's -- entitlements -- what -- I would be really ticked off if -- -- or where surgeons -- we qualified. If people look at -- yet so there. There's this thing there was a article written by Oprah what what long ago. -- said we don't waddle and paper currency there was a way at the itself. And that's -- the harder it is that this is that you know it. They say it's it's got to be outraged and rhetoric that about the ownership my basement. Yeah if you think about it maybe they've gotten into a comfort level -- We are going to have a reason. Not to succeed for the rest of our lives. And we're gonna have a reason why we have to be supported for the rest of our live. As opposed to making something of ourselves standing up and down and getting it done alone without the government. Metal product simple well post. School system are you I got a great education I could use work like stop mystery target is. Really. I say it mirrors the world educational -- -- any. Okay but it really did they -- and -- So -- -- thank that people kept as that low expectations are old says you know what. Because I like your black or whatever it is it makes a difference -- -- -- so awkward stretch of the CPA. I cannot you know I -- certification. I cannot do my job well -- Turkish. OK I try to do that I -- arrest. Yeah I think that's quite as cheat -- no there it either she didn't ask which you've been negligent. She knew would -- be lying either one is is. Plus. Like the sort look and I know some guys on the court and -- and really good people on the board. Well why not try to lift up in older try to bring it up to a higher level -- What wide we have to have. Why do we get to be invoked discussion factors that says you know what OJ was -- as a. You know. As as as I've yeah I think it puts too much about a challenge for a for somebody who say I can do it -- by myself well aware of my own and a -- my own abilities and I don't have to be a help by the government as opposed to the job we've been put upon all of this time we can't do anything everybody's against -- so. He or give us something make it easier for us. I have no problem we're. With -- helping people that -- there have been downtrodden dollar certificate if it you know we can do it and then. You know you put bet -- bit -- in their air and secure the disease. What to continually pull the actual I'm a victim -- -- victim up it gets old and my Wi-Fi but it'll hold or should stop the ship enemy and I don't -- picked. Yeah I -- and and that's the whole point the people that should be most offended by this is the black community because here you have people fighting for lesser education for you that have the same color skin as you do and that's not acceptable. Thank you Brian we really appreciate your call I mean really think about like that. You know we're talking about this today. I wonder if -- is talking about this W a full. They have a large audience of minority audience I don't know if it be okay just plays -- music or they do when he talks. But they do what they talk going to be a case. A wonderful black communities talking about it because. If any group if you think where outraged if any group should be outraged it's the black community. Saying what are you doing. We send our kids TO. And you don't give them the best education making yet our kids need it. We need it in order to succeed we want them to make something of their lives. And you are a black school board member fighting for a lesser education. Fighting for unqualified. People. That I mean that goes back. From the beginning of time why -- you subject yourself to last. When more is available and should be utilized why why would you do that except as as Brian just said. And I idea I agree with him. If you might be more comfortable in the victim's skin. Then in the skin of a successful standalone person you might just be more comfortable. Because it is then you always have a reason knowledge. You have a reason that you didn't succeed somebody else's ball that you didn't succeed. And that's that doesn't play anymore. Especially when you have to send communications is somebody who is the same color skin as you do. And day and question their motivation. And thinking they are just a lap dog -- doing the bidding of the white and I find. I find that offensive. But a -- if I were black I find it even more offensive. Because school that hell is working here for the education -- my children don't tell me you're doing it for me don't tell me you're doing it from my kid you're doing it for yourself. And if you don't if you don't feel enough. -- self worth the hell off the board. You know there's all expression lead follow or get out of the way they're not leaders they don't want to be followers and insurers however are not getting out of the way. We'll be back after the. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WBA -- and that call us now 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. I got a message Monday sent to me by a member of this board advises me that I am doing the bidding of like man. I'm reaching across this table and trying to working family to get. The education that these children do czar. That is until May fly ever gassing your really is. There you have a parent standing up for his children and many children of others in our community trying to get to better representation. And we have vote we have others who want to defend. Lesser education they wanted to offend incompetence they wanted to defend. Somebody would obviously doesn't America doesn't reached the requirements of the job. And there ought to put him back into the job to me it's just an amazing moment. And on the line we have a member of the school board -- Carl Paladino Carl thanks Laura giving us some time. And what what is going on and on their Carla. This is just amazing to me do we have any chance that this board is ever going to be able to work together because it seems like. The other side which is quote -- the five majority. Seem to have a different agenda than everybody else. They do and I don't see any hope both working together with these people were very very sick. I'm very difficult. And actually clueless as to look at least possibilities -- If -- if Seattle -- Williams and faith Morrison Alexander. Did not have the certification. Why do you even have to bother to take a vote to release them Malcolm they're not automatically released. Because they're dependent on these people. This is what's occurred and they hired -- superintendent. Who. It's never been superintendent before had no experience. On the job you know experienced ever as superintendent. And didn't know quite what do from day one. After about six months they realized that they -- -- incredible career person had no real ability nice lady. But he doesn't understand. The job she -- understand how to make decisions. He does not -- understand how to treat people should understand the basic mechanisms. Of education. The superintendent -- as management this getting along with people all the constituencies. Building respect. And it's doing the right thing and and she was unable to an -- -- never done before. So to prop her up they went -- this woman named Mary Quinn is broader and she became. -- -- -- -- superintendent during her period and -- the year two parts part time consultant part time on the payroll. In during that period of time the superintendent became holy land virtual run schools. And chi chi continued to hide in her office that Mary Gwynn. And Mary what is not is not a dumb she's such and so Smart lady but she is another side to. It's one of this huge part of this consultant. To the -- all over America. And they come in and they do they do it happen and and usually do their bit to get some fault. And she has that in the past and to get rid of them they get a commitment by our current. -- record that they gore on the country to. So very Gwynn. Acting as superintendent comes before the board and we should what do you do that you ought to consult. -- don't why don't we talked to 2530 people who work. In the second level in this ministry here. And they tell us your bullying and you're sort supervising. You're calling all wish they can do anything when they're not -- -- so don't tell us. That you're not supervisor she -- about a super. So we discharge there. Right we do so we can't deal with this OK because -- so many people do you wrong. Woman named W Sikes was. Was the one person who could write a grant application. She was discharged because she made a complaint against. Mary who went from Bali in them and now for harassing her and and demanding that she retired -- -- -- -- -- She -- she was. Would interpret their -- Extremely competent basically what she was stolen and and and they wondered are gone they wanted to shoot camera and crossed the ball. Two other people in the -- stricker in the administration who they didn't like primarily because of braces. You know Carlos was the first time it's been this obvious when that the communication was sent to the -- that stood up last night and said that. He was accused of doing the bidding of the white man that's an all time -- as far as I can understand and when I -- when -- And what I'm looking at is yeah. Yeah I'm looking at the fact that. I would be the ones who allegedly are standing up for the minority community want lesser education lesser qualifications so that is so backwards again I understand it. -- that's what this cycle of poverty but that's why we still cabinet all the -- night or young men okay. We get that cycle of poverty and we said well you should be able -- -- and it -- Millions and billions dollars but they weren't able to solve. Question is why. Well it's not their art when you really look at it from our perspective now. The black leadership the minority leadership the liberal bubble look at all these people. They don't want the cycle property nickel away because it's it in this cycle of poverty did that they get their base. That's where they get their votes that empowers them. In -- women on this board you were hired to -- even American hiring them in the private sector for any type of response well. But this is their power. They've written to this point she -- are nonsensical. -- -- -- -- about absolute nonsense OK not really understand basic. Really basic legal requirements. And and and an actual well Ali. And you say you know in that they they always want to say well in the name of heroin addicted but it in the name of absolutely -- And just silly rate card. If if there was a vote -- there was a ball last night on Williams and Morris and Alexander. How would it have turned out what would have happened. -- they would have they would of want. I actually bite bite bite -- raising. The in some some very serious issues. We were able to save them from themselves as a community would have been -- I mean that's how does -- they are that how typical it is it is nothing really going. They have no idea where to -- with the community feels about what they're doing. You know and just to carry on that story just bring it up to date chart Mary -- OK we discharged her in the superintendent lunch and supper locations when I asked her and others. About whether she was maneuvering to bring Mary went back. She said absolutely not yet -- tensions in the middle of the night verbally twenty X. -- brings up she brings up appointment of Mary and as a deputy superintendent. Mary Nguyen is not qualify. To be. In awful she doesn't have that real basic things that basic. A communication skills but it takes. To Karachi I don't understand a lot of the programs -- whatever -- children -- great communication skills she she would fail in that respect. So she's got to hang around located -- that followed her all Ronald for the last twelve years one of -- -- Williams you don't want straight dog vendor. -- Alexander -- this is her job was chief of -- school leadership which is which supervisors. And we're thirteen to fifteen principles. The -- the supervisor or principal when you've never really been a principal ordered -- -- -- one. One school year stint down in Palm Beach. When you were in the most failing school in the district okay and they argue at the end of that because you don't know what you deal. Where we go from -- -- get a point. I didn't have a laugh all -- you -- thirteen principles the point where we don't make any where we go from here because it seems like where -- -- -- -- gulf that made. Next we -- made six. We put up a couple really good candidates who understand that he changed the paradigm. That Larry Quinn pat powers. At least two people will do so immediately. And will will will bring in great leadership. Not not just who's out here and looking for a job we're gonna go and search out the very best people. Come and lead our school system. The idea of a national search and read somebody is really expect long beyond the county line -- ball. What middle first right urinary county -- Was a quality people document almost people in our past even in domestic -- that OK they. It was they were they were -- leaders. They came they understood everything that hit the ground running and and they and they -- they ran a great education system. I'd do you feel that the public is starting their turn in the favor of more progressive thinking because. But when that gentleman stood up last night and criticized. Of the backward thinking he got a lot of applause and I assume these are parents of kids in the Bible school system. Well that's a man who I guess our own way because. The a few months back in calling the races to discriminate in a book and not now I think -- I'll have you looked at what's going on at all. So when you started to run Hume you mentioned the sisterhood and you're accused of being a racist of course and boy you know if this is an example of Asus or -- I've never seen one. That's -- that's what they called themselves that would make ought to intimidate other. In the system. OK -- And I know you I know you're fighting the good fight and they are you still happy you're a member of the board. Volume no secret that meandered and -- thanks -- beautiful thanks Carl appreciate it got like public Carl Paladino and he's right going to be. The failure syndrome it's if you get within it and -- comfortable whether it you don't want you don't wanna come out of it. But all these things that others have to do for you. We'll -- -- fewer things you have to do you don't have any explaining to do there's got to be a reason that you didn't accomplish this -- that somebody else's fault isn't it. So as Carl said and we have mentioned earlier on the show that's what it's that that's or -- now. In some thinking and it's time to break away from that mall -- -- -- -- a few minutes of talk will be back after. I'm not gonna stoop to that level because the person -- that by saying that indicates that bad. Have no place in municipal government debt to a group. -- The Al what's going on a -- videos -- some part of the school board in buffalo is a disgrace. I would like to see the state come in as much as I don't like -- the state. I'd like -- government take over they they fund 80% of the school district anyway I think today meaning us as taxpayers. We were right to work to a better education. Then where they're getting for the kids in buffalo and this is for the kids in buffalo. Here's an idea gentleman who goes to a lot of those meetings this is Steve's Steve thanks trolling or on WBM. That morning hello Steve. Michael and I spoke. Oh and while. It is a lot yes or. I'm I'm a person that goes to the school board meeting the people know my -- -- Mr. Paladino -- deserves a medal -- it takes so much crap from people that shall that are put up. It -- in a garage to read and now when common ground starting with actually going to hit the ball. It is. A group of people that are promoting themselves and doing it justice for the children of the children of the ball well for. Might want to be here for the children you know -- it's not sell it for him than him. Just an example I was one of the three people wept you'll audience when it hired in net Mary. You couldn't believe it was like under -- we couldn't you know at the door but it was. And that's the way things. This is not the situation I wonder how the people of the city about all the acts every one I think is in the -- anybody on property. The number one thing to do it is an -- This school board election. One of the things I'd like to see changes that -- in the school board elections elections. That's why we call an election that has set up in a way to keep the outward would be in court because people to take the time to school board. That's right a bigger turnout the better representation. The problem is on the board to where it is now it doesn't take a lot of votes to win and and that's why a lot of these incompetence -- on the board. You know. I tell you again mr. Paladino. You know he's he's brought a spotlight to the whole situation. People are starting to understand you know what I say I say that there's too much money being spent. This is the problem because everybody's got a -- not just a regular stroll at the McDonald's for a while extra pay for extra sucking. You can't believe the waste and that the securities mean it just goes -- it's -- because unreported if not a good situation for the city of buffalo. You go let's that you got a piece of property in north buffalo you don't want below what you -- look around you see the -- if you call it at a nearby school when you see. Some of these ratings and -- the school you get lost twenty or 30000 dollar on a piece of property because I don't know what kid isn't gonna wanna buy your home. Exactly right while I'm larger active and I'm I'm glad. That your Rivera because I think may be via this it's turning because we saw. The applause of this gentleman that we -- employing his SoundBite. Got after he went after them and I I think yeah. Maybe of people are appreciating more what is trying to be done by. The the last five on the board and not the top the last four on the -- and a -- not the top five. The one thing that have to be done the most imperative for mobile and having been to many many of these meetings. There's one person that I admire and that would be -- never called the president I admire her very much but for all the wrong reasons. This woman is running for the -- at large it's so imperative that this never gold does not returned to the board. It's -- blocks everything that's good for the children. You cannot have people that -- people on that board that have the mature people they're voting on stuff that affects themselves directly they're all. X principal export -- there in cocoa -- with with the powers that be with the buffalo teachers federation you can't. You can't watch over yourself. Well well said and I'm glad your keeping up within -- keep us informed thank you very much. While it's at last calling me it was a John on John Otto was the best no question we all learn from -- auto. And I had the privilege of introducing him for his hall of fame induction and it was a great night for everybody great night for a a Western New York radio that wraps it up we'll see you tomorrow at nine on news -- 930 we are WB yeah. We'll we'll and you wish they never had to these beasts.

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