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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>3-27 Carl Paladino with Sandy Beach

3-27 Carl Paladino with Sandy Beach

Mar 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the line we have a member of the school board -- Carl Paladino Carl thanks -- giving us some time. And what what is going on on their Carla. This is just amazing to me do we have any chance that. Ms. borders ever going to be able to work together because it seems like. The other side which is quote -- the five majority. Seem to have a different agenda than everybody else. Are they do and I don't see any hope of working together luckiest people very very sick. I'm very difficult. And actually clueless as to what their responsibilities. Are. If -- if Seattle -- Williams and faith Morrison Alexander. Did not have the certification. Wide do you even have to bother to take a vote to release them how -- they're not automatically released. Because they're dependent on these people. This is what's occurred and they hired superintendent. It never been superintendent before had no experience. On the job has no experience ever as superintendent. And didn't know quite what do from day one. After about six months they realized that they had a little more there are no real ability should nice lady. But he doesn't understand. The job she does understand how to make decisions. He doesn't know how to understand how to treat people should understand the basic mechanisms. Of education. The superintendent -- that management. Getting along with people all the constituencies. To believe respect. And it's doing the right thing and and she was unable to an -- -- never done before. -- to proper -- they went -- this woman named Mary Quinn explorer and she became. The big sock dole superintendent during her period and -- the year two parts part time consultant part time on the payroll. And during that period of time the superintendent became totally Atlanta virtual one school's list. And she hit it she continued to hide in her office -- very Gwynn. And Mary what is not is not a -- such Smart lady but she is another side to. She's one of this huge part of this consultant. Who knows all over America. And they come and they do they do it happen and and usually do their bit to get some fault. As she has had in the past and to get rid of them they get a commitment by our country can -- record that they go on the country to. So very Gwynn. Acting as a superintendent comes before the board and we said what do you do and so on just a consultant. Which don't want to -- we talked to point 530 people who work. In the second level -- -- administration. And they tell us your bullying and your -- supervising. You're calling all the shots they can't do anything when they're not so don't tell us. That you're not a supervisor she -- about a super. So -- discharge there. I need to be so we can't deal with this OK because were so many people you were off a woman in W Sykes was. Was the one person who could write a grant application. She was discharged because she made a complaint against. Mary cool and so Boley who and now for her Ratzinger and and demanding that she retired they wanted to -- She was Q is who have been their their ears. Extremely company basically what you used to -- and and and they wondered are gone they wanted to shoot -- came and crushed a ball. Two other people in the stricker in the administration who they didn't like primarily because of braces. You know Carlos was the first time it's been it's obvious when that the communication was sent to the parent that stood up last night and said that. He was accused of doing the bidding of the white man that's an all time -- as far as I can understand and away I -- when I. And what I'm looking at is yeah. Yeah I looking at the fact that. These are the ones who allegedly are standing up for the minority community want lesser education lesser qualifications so that is so backwards again understand. And that's what the cycle of poverty but that's why we still cabinet there'll be stuck with -- -- night -- young men okay. We get that cycle of poverty we -- well and should be able solved. And it through. Millions and billions dollars. But they weren't able to solve. Question why. Well it's not that hard when you really look at it from my perspective now. The black leadership the minority leadership the liberal bubble look at all these people. They don't want the cycle of poverty Nicole because it's been in that cycle of poverty that -- it they get their -- That's where they get their votes that empowers them. These five women on the board you wouldn't hire you even imagine hiring them in the private sector for any type of response well. But this is their power they've written to this place you should hear -- nonsensical credit card selections. -- about absolute nonsense OK not really understand basic. Really basic legal requirements. And and and an actual -- Ali. And you say you know in that they they always want to say well in the name of its aerodynamic kit but it in the name of absolutely don't want. -- just silly -- If if there was a vote. -- there was a vote last night on Williams and Morrison Alexander. How would it have turned out what would have happened. They would've that -- -- I actually bite bite but I must raising. The -- some some very serious issues. We were able to save them from themselves as a community would have been -- I mean that's how -- they are that's how beautiful it is nothing really going back. They have no idea what could with the community feels about what they're doing. You know and and just to carry on that story just bring it up to date chart Mary Quinn. OK we discharge heard the superintendent lunch and supper location when I asked -- and others there. About whether she was maneuvering to bring Mary -- back. She said absolutely not in no intention and in the middle of the night verbally 26. She brings up she brings up the appointment of Mary and as a deputy superintendent. Mary -- is not qualified. To beat. In awful she doesn't have. That real basic things that basic. A communication skills but it takes. To Archie I don't understand a lot of media. Programs and whatever but she doesn't have great communication skills which he she would fail in that respect. So she's got to hang around -- -- -- that followed -- all Ronald for the last twelve years one album -- Williams you don't want straight dog -- -- out and there was this is her job was chief of -- school leadership which is which supervises. Who -- thirteen of fifteen principles. The hotly supervisor or principal when you've never really been a principal audited one year or one. One school year stint down in Palm Beach. When you were in the most failing school in the district okay and they argue at the end of the because you don't know what you do. Where we go from -- -- get a point. I didn't have a waffle iron you supervise thirteen principles that point where we don't make any. Where we go from here because it seems like where -- in the gulf that made the next we go to made six. We've put up a couple of really good candidates who understand that he changed the paradigm. -- Larry Quinn pat hours. And these two people will do so immediately. And will will will bring -- great leadership. Not not just who's out there and looking for a job we're gonna go and search out the very best people. -- come and lead our school system. This idea of a national search and -- somebody is really special as long but beyond county line -- ball. What little first right here in Erie county NC was a quality people doctor -- all those people in our past even even mr. -- okay. They they they were they were our leaders. They came they understood everything hit the ground running and and they 88 they ran a great education system. I'd do you feel that the public is starting their turn in the favor of more progressive thinking because. When that gentleman stood up last night and criticized. Be backward thinking he got a lot of applause and I assume these are parents of kids in the Bible school system. Well let a man who I guess our own way because. The a few months back in calling him racist and scream and it looked up and now -- I think come around yeah what is -- what's going on at all. So when you started to run you know you mentioned the sisterhood and you're accused of being a racist of course and boy if -- if this is an example of a sister and I've never seen one. That's but that's what they call themselves that would -- ought to intimidate other. In the system. Okay. I know you I know you're fighting the good fight and they are you still happy you're a member of the board. -- now I think we're in the -- organization could actually -- a beautiful thanks Carl appreciate it become like public Carl Paladino.

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