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3-27 Beach and Company Hour 2

Mar 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

At about could be agent company yes the school bardo last night at table. A motion. To cut loosely to administrators. That did not have the certification necessary. This isn't a question of well had a different opinion of the job they've done some people might think it's good some not so good some terrible this is above at all they're they're not certified. They do not fit the qualifications. And yet there's sort of this woman. A number out Pamela brown superintendent of schools doesn't care about any of that stuff because the other plan that they revealed. That of mr. Sampson discussed though this morning were Johnson isn't is that she wants to bring them back as it turns. Yeah as paid interns. Yes grants to give them the education that are spent thirteen thousand dollars. Grants to get them educationally where they should've been before they were hired in the first place. It's a disgrace it really is and it really came to a boil last night. When -- via an outraged parent stood up at the meeting and said this. I'm message Monday sent to me by a member of this board to advise me that I am doing the bidding of the -- man. I'm reaching across this table and trying to working com -- to get. That education that these children do czar. And this man is a standing up trying to get what that should be given. Easily and that is good education for the kids though blow of the buffalo school district. And -- format. For that you find out that that's the attitude that's the attitude it doesn't matter. That you don't wanna be doing the bidding of the white man is almost goes back to. If you're an educated black you've sold out remember that whole attitude. Are your two white. What is wrong with that everything everything's wrong -- that but I have to I have to applaud these standup parent who also said. I'm not gonna stoop to that level because the person won't see that by saying that implicates Dick van. Have no place in municipal government. To. It's it's. Now did you -- -- applied in the background those are artists solo parents of kids who deserve a better break. Why what why this school board would stand up and defend somebody who is totally unqualified witches -- superintendent. And stand up to defend two people -- don't even meet the qualifications. Of certification. Is beyond me are you telling me because I don't I'm not buying this are you telling me there are no. Qualified blacks in education. And that we can't possibly bring somebody in -- who could be black or not but who could do the job is always -- remember this is systemic. Remember James Williams I like him personally remember the last interview we did with me in the studio where he said the person replaces me should be black. Because they have more of a feeling of what's going on in the black community so it's it's almost like passing the baton. But to say that we're going to waive the black members of the board obviously somebody sent that -- is through -- this parent. We're going to defend anybody who's black whether they're qualified or not. And we don't care they're screwing up our kids and our kids will not have a good chance of success because that's where it's still gonna stand up. For that that's insane. That is absolutely insane I think the state of new York and you know I'm no fan of the State of New York. But I really think. That they should come in and take over the educational system. Because they sure as hell can't screwed up orbit and has already. I would like to see that because remember. People who think like this devour their own young to really go. They honestly though they seemed to put common sense aside. Do you really care about the kids in your district if you do don't you want the best administration don't you want people. Who I have the certification to get the job done we just willing to accept the first black face. -- there and say that's we're never gonna change because that person is black. That's good enough for us is good enough for you shouldn't be good enough for you of course not. Of course not you should get first class representation. Were playing for we're paying our first class money and that's what your kids deserve those kids deserve a chance. Not that not at the bargaining a table with somebody union representative or at idea a school board meeting where they have the votes that put the people qualified. Jobs. This is insane. It -- -- 301806169236. Start aren't very. I would love to see the state come in here Wednesday. You are not handling this anymore because you're just out of bounds where -- taken over and believe me -- like Tuesday in New York. But I believe they could do about it. And the buffalo. -- going. Let's go to Kathy and so buffalo Kathy you're on WB. Where to start where to start. I can't believe this whole scenario is going and our ability -- for the school boards. My question is it is public money isn't it yes I money. But. You select well -- Pamela. She's excellent she's the director of the CIA the FBI. Not not responsible to anybody else. And that she didn't take much money. And do whatever Cuba and how you want ever idiots out there because it's a friend that hurt and don't tell me they're not young there. Good body and she's not using my money to educate them out -- -- right now because I'm going to sitting up. We're issued telling us. That we can give her our money we're never out of black students were not allowed -- to be involved -- what's going on. And how do you how do you enforce any rules within the system when you're not following the rules yourself when somebody isn't certified they're not certified it's not open for debate you don't hire them use taxpayer money to hopefully. Get them certified they should be certified before they apply for the job and they've already spent thirteen thousand are on these people and now they bring him back his interns they'll be paid interns they'll get more -- and does so it's more money down the drain until. Hopefully someday they'll be certified. Close school board meeting this week and because that's what it's going downhill I mean we've got our hero Carolyn -- another guy. I. Think -- little kids they're hiding let's do this well nobody is looking and Anglo Italian told different stories. And -- particularly outside we'll get to pay for it but we have -- if only what do you do. Well here's how much nerve they have. They know like last night that the world the local world anyway is watching what they're doing and they still -- let you talk about brazen bit abrasive as is is too mild -- word to use these companies people. Penny can I let you use my home address this -- how -- address -- -- you can go to all the. Let me I I think I should buy a house of buffalo just so I can go there was standing at the. You don't get a house in buffalo. And -- an -- leaking out the buffalo and -- -- them and I think we need you and him into our heroes you're the only people they talk about this. Everything else is different kind of Covert operation. No it's right out in front of us and they don't give a damn thank you Kathy thank you very much I should buy a house make that make that -- Tony. I'll buy a house of -- might have standing and a sort of made it. It's disgusting it's disgraceful. And when I suggested that the state should come in and take over. You would say why well one thing they're doing a lousy job locally before the second thing the state is supplying 80% of the funding. Now if you operate if you are supplying 80% of the funding on a billion dollar budget. Wouldn't you think that it should be run better than us and would you think that this is an emergency situation of the year it truly is it's out of control. And of the format angry of a -- to stand up -- last night good good for them because they finally had enough. Other apparently other people see the need for better education and they're getting now the other pockets of good education in buffalo here and there. But the attitude of of of an obviously black school board member. To someone else saying you're just doing the bidding of the white man. Oh really. When those dollars coming in those dollars agreeing -- open. And not white that are black they're green. And when a billion album come a year where in the hell the thing that money comes from it comes from the entire community comes from the entire State of New York. Now black white. Hispanic. Asia and comes from all of us. The money isn't specifically. From one group. So to say you're doing the bidding of the white man is disgraceful. Will be back with more with -- and. -- message Monday sent to me by a member of this board to advise me that I am doing the bidding of like man. I'm reaching across this table and trying to working com am ready to get. The education that these children do czar. We're gonna make some assumptions here okay I'm gonna tell you why I'm making the assumptions. I assume that the outraged parent is black. And -- better education and for the kids which they deserve we're paying for they deserved to get it I'm assuming that. I'm also assuming that the message he got was from a black person and it would be a woman because it's five black women for a white man connect. It would be from a black woman saying to this person. Who's outraged that you're just doing the bidding of the white men. OK I want you to think about something. What what does this parent want. Once a better education. What is the woman trying to defend. The woman is trying to defendants to people -- aren't qualified by by definition. For their jobs. And what is she trying to defend. She is trying to defend inferior education. She's trying to defend less than they should have. Why would you be doing that. If I say anybody's doing bidding I'd say it's the person who sent that message. They're doing the bidding of the community that says you know there are kids mainly about we don't really care as long as we can have our favorites in this office or whatever. And we can wield power and show that we don't give a damn about any rules and he certification. And the legislation that's us we don't care. They are actually working against their own children when they do can you figure that out. They're eating their own young. I don't get it. Well what is the other side wants the the of the emails on the school board which happened to be white. -- will mention missing nation go to town and and don't know the scoreboard here what they want. They are more qualified people. They want better results. Tell -- -- on why. So on this issue. If but it predominant. Skin color of the kids in the buffalo school district is black. Why are the ones that want better education for them the white people on the board. And the ones that don't care apparently it like it just the way it is which is failing. Want to defend a failing. Agenda and failing. Curriculum not a curriculum of a failing. A superintendent and people that aren't qualified why would they stand up and I don't get this at all it's -- it's so counter intuitive. Are they too dumb to recognize that sounds a little harsh judgment but what other conclusion. Would you come to. Are they just too damn dumb to figure out that there working against their own children. I mean rarely. And and and to be honest with you I don't like getting hit with -- up -- -- All right blame anything you don't want. On the white man isn't that lovely. When in this case the alleged white man is trying for better stuff for your kids than you do. You tell me what's wrong ones that I'd like to note I'd love to see the state come in here. And say look we've currently -- present this district with 80% of its funding which they do 80% of a billion dollars which taking over the school's list. I don't like the state anymore than you do. But I sure as hell don't like this back -- backwater mentality. Where you know well aware not that kind of a community we should be better than -- if the funding is there and the window is there how come it's not being done I'd like to know. You help if we orbit hopefully our underfunding this district by hundreds of thousands of dollars in you know they had they barely had anything to success on. You might have an argument. But -- No way are not getting good results and for home that children of the people defending the status well. When I can't figure something -- it drives me crazy and I can't figure this out. Let's go to David and -- -- David joined the BBN. Yeah I think I didn't think now we don't know the name of the Oprah. Who won't let her know he it was not disclosed. -- get that guy on the radio. It would be nice if there if that guy wants to call would be happy to talk to on ice as he was identified. It might have been Sam Bradford we don't know if it was Sam -- because he's been very of forward in this. But we'd love to have that guy shows speak on the air but that's certainly up to him I don't know what is. But they'll be the school board members the -- -- that -- on it home and they get to. We could see it was a competent and it was one of those other absolutely -- young. Proper for -- for people to figure that he keep it you can deny it. Eventually if I want to find out what. That there's five black women and four white man on the board. They should one by one say that was not a statement from me because that's disgraceful it's just playing disgraceful. Well you know lot. You've got a big microphone -- -- to make that happen. That would be nice I'd like to say that thank you very much should David appreciate it. Yeah we don't know it was Sam Bradford it's. So I can't say it is but he's he's usually very vocal these meetings but it was somebody who is a parent. Of a kid in the school district who isn't happy with the way it is. And for that person to get a notification. -- message from somebody on the board who you would have to assume is one of the women on the board that would be out. Logical and fair conclusion of five black women for white man. As saying that you're doing the bidding of the white man that held does that mean. If the white man was trying to defund the school system make it worse you can understand that argument but -- the people that there arguing -- wanna make it better. They wanna make it better for what their own kids how come the members of the board if they have kids -- -- district I'm -- one time they did. Whether they do an -- I don't know but at one time they get. Tell me why they're fighting better education. There's no logical or reasonable answer Tibet. But I guess -- ever stuck in your -- that no matter what the white guy wants. That's not for us. Really how -- -- how can you call yourself an enlightened citizens and why would you run for the school board. We'll be back. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WBA -- and that call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. I'm not gonna stoop to that level because the person -- see that -- and singing that implicates -- big. Have no place in municipal government yeah to a group. Of -- I applaud that person who has obviously has kids in the buffalo system was wants and demands better education in how. First call -- we had -- school board member on a Sampson this morning with John -- And he said if they come up for a vote. They had the votes to reinstate these people. OK so then the assumption can be. That this and -- represents. All five black women on the board because it would it would take five votes to make sure that it they -- reinstated okay. So would you how insulting that is to prove their own community. By standing up for somebody who's -- two people in this case or maybe three if you come Panama. To hammer out. For standing up for three people but especially -- true. That are not qualified they're not certified. And standing up for them it says one of two things. And these are five black women it says that. We can't get anybody that's better than these people whose black. You're telling me there are no certified blacks that have that -- to have that certification equipment hired that if you don't have these true. You don't have any. That's -- that's an insult I I'm not ready to believe that I'm ready to believe their money certified qualified people. So you believe that which is an insult to your own community as far as I'm concerned if you wanna make it a black and white terms what's making them black and white terms shall wait. That's an insult the other side as you don't care and that's insult. So in the fairway are you serving those your per your your your thinking your protecting. You're doing a great disservice. Education is the key to success without it Europe unless there's some unusual situation you're doomed to failure. In isn't it ironic. That standing up for higher quality. Are the black guys. On the board. Trying to defend lower quality. Of the black women. Is this is a strange is this ironic to you it's it's it's frustrating to me. To position and as for the speaker you're doing very bidding of the white male one guy hell does that mean. You know if there was perceived and and in reality. Where -- of the white voices on the board wanted lesser. Education. Less funding less opportunity. Then you can make that argument but -- exact opposite. Let's go to a bill in north on a billion on WB yen. Authorities -- because. If you've been there ever TP. About. That we need to Kate mr. football bowl because. These these Catholic school a private schools. A QB all of these incredible X break and the public schools the loans they really need to -- It's not that's the teacher's union advertising yeah. Well of course and with the charter schools by the way very still and only takes two thirds of the money with them off third stays at the public school level. And there's an empty seats or makes it easier but they don't wanna tell you about that. A particularly effective and violent happened this -- program look at the reality check play. Well that worked out skewered of these idiots that are often the school board but in the cold night -- it's a very could be better pick up there again I. I agree with you thank you -- a -- I would like to see the state come in and take over the buffalo school system. They pay for 80% of it anyway what are they getting -- getting no bang for their -- Of the money is going. Down via a deep well not being used effectively we're not getting the results that -- we want that anybody would wants. And so I have I applaud the people of light for instance you heard the applause at the end of that -- gentlemen speech those are other parents I'm sure. Who want more for their kids and you know. When the money is there. And the opportunity is there and you're willing to pay what you have to pay and a and as I said it's. It's in the account why wouldn't should demand the best. Why would you wanna settle not only several for a less. But defend Europe is settling for less in fact totally. Unqualified people why would you act. I don't get that. But I think we're seeing -- hopefully this is just the tip of the iceberg I think we're seeing concern parents who aren't a whole -- happy enough. Because there is just simply go black members of -- school board they recognize they want better education no matter what the makeup of the school board does and that's what it should be. That's why that's why they should be applauded for their courage and their ability to Brad to breakthrough once I don't know. This isn't the way it is we will we knew where paying part we want better education and it's. Let's go to two I think it's Dan the essence I don't -- down here on WB again. There. And let it be my patient I want you -- won't forget that I I didn't hear what struck me. It's services. I don't let you. Have the right treatment trust me I -- at school districts can't see it exactly and you can use my money to get through medical school. -- -- -- I don't want my carrier is if I think to school in the element to that person's further further failure. That's a good point they've already spent thirteen thousand dollars on these people if they make them it turns first of all they be paid interns. And they would be going to school with -- another grant's. So it's all on the taxpayer dollars through one shape or form and instead of just hiring two people that met the qualifications as is the kind of stuff we have to go through. There -- -- thank god for Carol L Carol because he is now. He spent got a sense for possible -- haven't. I hear I hear loud and -- thank -- -- yeah I'd like to see the state and believe me I don't legacies stay involved with anything. But in this case I think it would be appropriate Alex in the coming medical services. Because if last night is that an example of something totally out of control now keep in mind. We're at the end of march all we have is April and then in May the school board elections. For once. If -- you know hopeful wants even if you've never been active in this before this is the time to get active. Because what happens is there's such a low turnout the people who run for the school board often times. I don't have to get a lot of votes to get -- and so you can say and you can make your own judgments are you willing. If you're from buffalo and you and you get a vote on this are you willing to settle. For what they want what they wanna feed you -- -- to settle for people who aren't qualified. Aren't those days -- over is invented that of the back room days over of having to settle. While other people I have qualified people around them you have to take what's left. This is what your being fed. Idea bullets let's say by the five black women in the buffalo school board they're very happy with this they like the status -- they want to defend somebody who's not qualified and has not. It's not an appeal and that and are qualified they're not they need -- certification. And they don't have it. So this as an all white or black issue this is an issue of -- into his floor no matter what color the cards are you got it to into -- four camp five. -- every three it's going to be for. And that's the way it is we're paying them money or not getting results and I think that that communication between. One of those women on the school board and this gentleman that we have one on. I don't tape it's -- it's recorded. Is says at all. Accusing him of doing the bidding of the white man. I'd like those women to stand up and and tell us who says that. Stand -- to the courage stand up you don't care anyway -- would like to know the extreme racists are on the other side of the table where. It 0309301806. On 69236 and started the. I got a message Monday sent to me by a member of this board to advise me that I am doing the bidding of like man. I'm reaching across this table and trying to working family to get. The education that these children do czar. The idea. When I heard that -- gentlemen stand up and say he had gotten communication from somebody on the board. And as you can Trace that down and obviously is one of the black women on the board and the reason I'm announcing like this is because is important to the story. Saying to him one can assume he's black saying to him he your only doing the bidding of the white man in this case. What does -- quote white man want. A qualified. Instructor or qualified instructors. And what the qualification the certification they don't have. So the white man wants a qualified. Person. The black woman wants to defend somebody who isn't qualified. And -- remind the majority of students in the buffalo district -- black. So why would be black members of the school board. -- -- -- Education lesser quality. For many members of their own family. That's not doesn't make sense it's crazy. Except that. If -- -- ahead everything that somebody that's -- proposes is going to be bad for you so you're against. No matter what it is and you're gonna defend what day what they want because they want that's insane. It's insane and it's -- open. And I think -- talk about irony do we have to deal with stupidity on the school board -- a school board via a place where there's some enlightenment. Now if if your whole life is race race race and you can understand that's what it is he shouldn't in the school -- Got it you shouldn't be on the school board wearing trusting. The majority. On this school board without billion dollars a year if you -- a billion dollar rug company would you hire them to run. Now you'd want everybody on the same page you want everybody on the 21 the company to succeed in this case we want the school district to succeed. Who's against that nobody everybody wants the district to succeed because it's better. Better educated students better jobs. Better lives who doesn't want that everybody wants that. And to criticize somebody because you think. That they're not going to give you what you want when you don't want something as good for your kids is -- About. Tony can you figure this out 'cause I am befuddled. I can't figure it out I'm baffled why you Chris got a got a theory. I wish I had a period. I don't I don't not them and I can't. Carol later explain -- it's just it's crazy and if that's what you want. That's what you might end up getting. Your whole life Yule. And the next generation a next generation after that can talk about how the evil white man has captured down. When indeed there's a cartoon. Years ago says we have found the enemy and it is us. I think if you're looking for problems. Look in the mirror. From the women on the school board because that's where they start people who want more than -- willing to settle for. They're the ones that are championing. Your kids not you. If you can't figure that out he shouldn't be on the board. I hope the time I hope they the state comes in takes over a really do because it couldn't be worse than -- They're not only confident about it their blatant about it they don't care. Let's go to Kathy and an economic Ethier on W via. -- -- -- On the tape that I want to be honest with -- -- from the front I am kept strong conservative values on the conservative and I don't know if I'm allowed to speak -- in this state by. Are hitting it right here on the issue is that failure rate the -- school kids. It's not skin color and I think we I'll need to wake up in in this country because it filters right down. State federal. Right into the school board where people have to start thinking of the kids there they're going to be the next generation we -- -- dot. People they can think clear. That's what we have now in and kudos to that gentleman. We had done. -- As a stand up and remind the people the people think only probably got any money -- -- could be. I don't sound reason I don't I didn't well think about it that -- the people that are standing up for the kids are the ones being accused. Of having an agenda -- agenda is they want a better success rate. Right and there's one other thing you said it's so true I just got through with that big fight with a corporation and it was the same thing it's. Follow the money trial and the fact is there's -- frenzied feeding get a money trial of government one billion dollars. Which apple why don't they look come on the local. People they might find that they got that -- men have a person like this that this gentleman who spoke up boy if he had. Which I don't know we exploited he has the credentials I would nominate him for the. Yeah I like him because he -- -- for what he believes then and it wasn't for him it was for the kids and I believe him the others say it's for the kids what it's really about our jobs and benefits. And the perks and stuff like that thing -- thank you very much. Yeah -- I believe for all those who profess it's for the kids I believe that guy more than I believe anybody else. I'm more than I believe the bubble teachers federation. Definitely more than I believe the superintendent of schools. And it's more than I believe the majority on the school board who happened to be the five black women one of those women wrote that note. Or I don't with an email what protects whatever was the one of them did it. And by the fact that. They yet have the votes to reinstate these two women tells me that all five of the black women on the board favored list. So the assumption can easily be made in fairly I think that they all favor this one of a broad. I'd like to I'd like to see the one the -- it's and obviously I wrote this when I believe. I believe that the U white man is holding us back that we could do a lot better and that they're just tried they're picking on these women because they're black. So that's saying to me that you don't believe there's any qualified black people. -- I don't buy that I don't buy that at all but that's what you're saying is that. You are saying there were no qualified blacks so we've we've measured at three and an Alice Capel. Because if they go Bo knows what willow what will get for replacements as gorgeous day. -- saying that or you're you don't care. Either way you shouldn't be on the board. You should not be on the board that scares me to think that there's a billion dollars in tax money year after year after year going into the system with people like that on the board discussed. We'll take a break we'll be back for more would be --

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