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3-27 Beach and Company Hour 1

Mar 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

OLO is region coming up sandy beach. Well here enjoying another beautiful spring day. Barack Obama is in Adelaide. Meeting with the Pope. And Barack and Michelle ought to get a lesson in gift giving way to you'll find out what they gave them hope as ago. -- -- -- this stuff up. Yes yes yes that is a reason governor -- I'm sandy beach job. President Obama you may like Jimmy may not like come on you know that's the story in the second -- Michelle Obama but -- -- Our First Lady and the president of the United States and Europe amber. Early in his tenure as president he was visited dead by the queen of England. And naturally when someone comes to your home. Like that especially someone like the queen of England you present them. With a gift something nice you know but what do you get the queen of England I mean she really is hard to buy four. It's yeah yeah -- do what do you you know what Barack Obama gamer if you remember. A set of dvds of his speeches OK I'm sure that was must see TV for the queen is and should go home. Now to assure you that he hasn't improved and his gift giving skills. He is not well me being. With the -- couple hours ago it was live all right he presented the Pope will pick up now it's just as hard to buy for the Pope. As that is before the -- but maybe it got to my -- ornament for the Pope mobile you know is this something that nobody else would end up but it has to be appropriate. Not over the head of state because you know the Vatican is this it is a country. As head of state and head to head of the -- have a charge you gotta have something appropriate something nice as something that's short on it and just run into Wal-Mart -- a card. You know nice to see you thank you for your hospitality. -- -- He gave them. It gave the Pope. Seeds. Seeds to plant vegetables you can't make this stuff up. Can you imagine that the pulpit is a humble man. But that's too humble gift even for humble man say it's the -- I mean I don't know if it was or special Jack in the being stocks. I you know -- -- somebody climbs up and goes up and haven't maybe that's what I was thinking about but I'm Kenya no more thought into that. Who thought they giving up hope seeds was a good idea now what what do you think is ever appropriate -- -- -- -- -- The First Lady traveling to China where their mother and daughters or whatever costing eight gazillion dollars and we spent a dollar 95 on a seed catalogs. What should senator Ken brown or at least the show -- out of platinum exactly but that's -- -- now the United States of America presents the head of the Roman Catholic Church. Seeds thank you very much more parents and getting. If you like this. If if indeed the queen of England got dvds of his speeches. And the Pope gets a seed package you can imagine what is on -- cousin got for Christmas and -- about and -- this -- overspending of our giving a gift to Barack Obama now so that's that I just such get a kick out of it. And now is wet and taking over. Early morning -- TV knows I'm I'm telling you this watch my lips now. I was watching an early morning TV newscasts. Because I I get John -- and snow's first and I go to TV that I come and got the paper oh wait did I do it all right. I'm not if I'm -- and I'm Brian. In five minutes at this one TV station they did three weather forecasts three in five minutes. And there's no storm and not expecting any kind of storm there's no blizzard hurt and like that that's just the way it is. At the end of the first one of the three. They pro -- the next one. Why don't they just become the weather channel and forget about things like oh I don't know who knows. But that's that you know they push sportswriter at a very. Out of our TV news shows a non existent practically gone unless there's you know a big tournament here -- summer has gone. But all weather all the time I mean it's it's ridiculous so. That's that now a big robbery I don't know -- you heard about this. This is on the hammers police blotter you know it wasn't on our nose and I'm surprised that John as of Jordan as an important story like this. The Clinton and -- from the cameras V. Okay Saturday march 22. And President Obama and -- reported that five bowling balls. To bowling ball bags and bowling shoes were stolen from his vehicle's -- within the past several days. He said no damage was done to the vehicle he was unsure who might have stolen the items in you know you'll laugh and his story like this -- just tell US open. If somebody steals your bags that's one thing. But somebody comes and steals your balls that's a big story that should -- that should be headline no humor about it about. Cut -- they could they might find hot bags well you get the right I was a bit ago. It now I bowling balls individually drilled four for your hand yes so -- that somebody -- bowling ball I mean it's not necessarily -- your hand probably not so you know -- maybe you'd have -- -- I work -- now I'd look for places that -- bowling balls or read program. And find out if indeed anybody's brought a ball in for modification. While that take you well it depends had to be I could be an NC they have -- check via fingerprints on the ball. She's on the hall was that the you'd ever -- speeds. Make up. I can imagine the Pope plans for gardens open nothing grows there well could I wouldn't be a good sign on -- or he has gigantic vegetables. You know like you know a ten foot squash or something you know always getting a little help from above. Because what -- did you need the right amount of rain who controls that. The right amount a son who controls that. The rights soil. Nutrients in the soil so it would be if anybody should be able to grow vegetables -- I'm -- -- Exactly that in the management the program here in America. Are right now -- like that complement C got a management joke in early and what else is going on on east Somerset lane on Monday march 17 according to the police blotter here on the cameras should be. A resident reported this the kind of crime that they have and Amber's it's topped the mean streets of -- I'm telling you. A resident reported it to you as we're standing in front of the house talking to each other now yes. Just -- -- doubts about not having it must know what you talking out so I got nervous thing to young people talking to each other. It's pretty scared -- what a -- do under the carpet gets that call and I'm on our sixth named morning. Go to parties there's cameras -- mine. To -- talking to each other. I bias rail project -- my gun is loaded that's not a lawyer really really tough call. On Hopkins road which is disaster area. I'd bet that Hopkins road looks worse now. And some of the roads in Burma that have been bombed during World War II it is. Awful. I mean awful and it has been awful the whole season and they have him and tried deployed revenue holes this terrible. On no wasn't finished nineteenth on Hopkins -- residence that a man was acting suspicious. While running back and forth across the road so the police showed up. And and asked them why he was running across the road and he said he was training for a marathon. And that was them across way via across the road cross the road across -- strength from our economy and make up cultural. I'll like the two kids are into each of a struggle to. A our main street store. This is -- in March 19. Reportedly observed demand exposing his private parts. While parked in the lot so I mean that's. That's not a good thing the woman said the man was wearing a hat. We -- in some -- that's -- -- he's perfect maybe ever leave the house and Harry maybe they stolen bowling balls we don't know. About houses there let's say I'm gonna go pro America okay good car -- exco. -- -- -- You know sometimes rush sometimes you feel like I'm -- and sometimes you don't will be back -- would be and company on the radio and I'm 38. WB. Listening to -- it's funny how funny clown who view. TVE. If you think about it when you're the president of the United States. In the queen of England comes to visit or you go to the Vatican to visit with the Pope. It probably isn't really easy to come up with a gift that's appropriate mythical about it. A what do you do with a -- -- run off to -- first Jewelers regular -- put on the ground probably not. I'm thinking for a -- seemed like this idea. Politically he got RA a year subscription to a club march. No when she goes there will be other -- there to social feel comfortable right should be a queen among quite what if I hit. Like that's a good idea there's not a lot of wiggle room around either of those people -- for a gift to reception they have to be appropriate. Not you know. Not seeded Venus who gives seeds. Wouldn't be funny if the Pope said you have do you have a gift receipt for this thing returning Buchanan -- It's dazzled wall for acts of going to Wal-Mart to -- flat -- thing I'd rather have a flower over there instead of these seats. I think -- What would get what I mean the big. Which would be harder to buy for the queen of the Pope Pope. Our thanks to our eucharist yet a Pope is infallible reserved the -- from now nobody gonna get that exactly what do you get him out of the -- and is not exactly a Lucy goes to give but when the Pope you know. Still other when he had the traditional Pope mobile which was that he converted -- and the -- which you can still why you're gonna Mercedes -- -- Not like the Pope mobile but that's the Pope -- was based on that. Now what I saw today in some footage they were arriving. Of the Pope in a vehicle I don't think it was from today but they were showing it. The new Pope mobile isn't one -- -- but it is a Mercedes and they've got a big bubble top it's like it almost looks like. Something you'd see you know what the baseball game when they come out and if somebody's injured or something innate or they bring the mascot out a big bubble top home that we don't like that helmet like that. Good you can get a -- papal appointed what do you think now looking -- it cool. But and it's it's got a bubble top all the way from the front bumper to the back bumper. But the Arizona north Mercedes as I saw video three point star there. I think -- of these so cool they have I want to do with the old one wouldn't be cool to have the old Pope mobile. No you nobody is stopping give your ticket if you could go at any speed you wanted to do it all day out so fast but. I'm bottom dollar he's right he's driving the Pope mobile a that would be a bigger program -- -- Jackson eggs. Can you imagine what that would that would break. No I can't I'm being serious that would bring a lot of money they would never do it obviously but that would be you know very -- miles. Miles you think that they don't put a lot of miles out of on the Pope travels he doesn't travel by Pope mobile. The values that for Europe and operates but going from point a to point B. Things like that and then he's and that but -- there's not a lot of miles on there and I think he gets fabulous mileage I think it's. I've had me pretty had -- exactly -- it would have to agree. So anyway no -- dvds and Italy what's wrong now see if I were the Pope. And I were -- Italy I'd feel that I would be obliged to have a Ferrari Pope mobile. Now that would be cool you know what I mean and I'd. Idea let's see I challenged other heads of churches to drag races ago that you win every time. Enemies they have a Lamborghini. Is it. Is there certainly and in Ferrari I mean they've got certain good choices there as a -- And those would make a fabulous oh sure and I'm sure the manufacturers. Would be happy to make one up form. All its not like the rest of us have got money you know you can't necessarily get the Ferrari. You can be loaded you're going to be Terry put. It doesn't matter you have to have. Depending on model. A relationship with Ferrari in order to get certain to go out to dinner hard to find a models you got huge scandal and by one. On on those like the and so when those specialized. Vehicles that there's not a lot of them. You have two matches have the money you have to have. Relationship. With the Ferrari dealer so -- as proves that money can't buy everything. Now today I can't tell you. How angry. I'm angry for this reason. What that hell is going on in buffalo with the school system. It is shameful. This isn't a matter of interpretation. This is in a matter of well you know things -- little different in buffalo this is highway robbery what's happening you know there's more than one way to -- the public. Many of you think the only way to -- the public will be to put a mask on. And and carry a gun on on on -- you can rob Republican buffalo with a smile on your face. While you're telling them the -- would -- I don't need no stinking rules but I do what I wanna do and that seems to be the attitude of the buffalo superintendent of schools. That's the that's the way it is now in conjunction. With the school board now not everybody on the school board. But enough enough to keep this charade going. And for those of you wondering where your billion dollars a year went. Well it's going into on the job training apparently if there's a job open on the buffalo school system. And you're not qualified for it. If vote panel probably superintendent like -- no problem we'll work around -- will work the margins she -- would be very good at that. She seems to be like be Bernie Madoff of of a school system able work the corners able to convince other people this is the right thing to do. Now we don't know if she's embezzled anything but we do know that the way she operates is outside. The way traditionally. That job has been handled. As she's not doing a good job and that's the whole point. And what we found out last night is how weak -- the school board is so now what I'm talking about Carl Paladino or Sampson but we are talking about several members of the majority. On the school board and though you're going to hear from an angry parent. Who just. It's explosive. I anger and we're going to pass argue because it should be slows will be back -- beach company and. The home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon till three news radio 9:30 AM WBA. And. Now we're back square in -- governor M sandy beach. I cannot tell you -- and Graham this morning. Try and keep it under control. Simply because when something is so obvious it's -- -- holding your hand from your face. And everybody knows the correct answer but nobody wants to do it. It can be very very frustrating. Let's put it plainly the buffalo school system is a disgrace. An absolute disgrace yes there are pockets of excellence within the buffalo school system but by and large the overall. Grades. Would be disgraceful. He has. If you look at each section of what goes into the educational load of mixture in buffalo. They all claim the same thing. They all claim it's for the kids whatever they do is for the kids because that's one of those. Total defenses that nobody can assail if you are doing something for the kids well then you must be doing the right thing. Well perhaps it's not all about the kids and perhaps you're not qualified to be in the position Iran and that certainly doesn't help the kids. We spend and the reason I mention this for those of you think if only we had more money. And that's all you ever hear when you talk about education we need more funding we need more money we need smaller class size which just means more teachers. Pitching coaching that's all that they talk about. And if they indeed their first priority are the kids it doesn't seem to be showing that way. For instance the the buffalo teachers federation. Do you really hit in any way shape or form think that their top priority is the kids Knoll. No way it shows all the time they're top priority is themselves and their benefit package and their retirement plan. That's what it's about okay so that's that. Now you look at the at the superintendent's office. And you would say well -- suppose to be for the kids they actually run the school district you really think it's four of the kids. Keep in mind. The issue we're having now with Pamela -- she might well be the most manipulative. Public person I have seen in my many years in in -- and buffalo. -- bubble in 1968 so I consider myself. A native even though I wasn't born here I've been here -- more longer than most of you have I have never ever seen a public figure more manipulative. More deceptive Vinci. Okay and some might even say more dishonest in certain ways. Intellectually dishonest for sure. You get a job via a failing school district you're you get paid big money and so what do you do it seems to be her agenda. To dance around every requirement that is generally accepted in that office that's just what she does. And it seems like she has a kinship for people she already knows so she would like to bring in. -- to work. At the taxpayer dollar every single person she's ever met met in her entire life and employ them in the buffalo school system. Keep in mind we spend about a billion dollars a year are billion. Dollars a year on the buffalo school system put put in perspective. The municipal budget for the job for the of the whole city is about a third of that 300 and something. So we spend three times more from the school district that we do rumba the entire. A city of buffalo the municipal budget for of the county is about the same about a billion dollars -- -- tonight we're rounding off here but just to give your perspective. OK so we can run all of the Erie county with the money that we're spending. On the buffalo school system. -- and you're saying well we're not getting large bank for a barker no we're not. We have very. While last time I checked about a 48%. Graduation rate. That's one of the worst in the country and it's not about you know urban or aura suburban it's plain and simply awful. We have video fourth. Worst record of graduating black males in the country that includes every city you ever heard -- So by any standard. By any standard it's a failure. Edit and it's a failure of its costing us a billion dollars a year and what happens on the school system fails. The school system fails it's costing you money not only then but later because the people coming out of school whether they graduated or not. Are not there are not contributors to society we're going to end up supporting them for the rest of their lives they're either going to need some kind of financial aid some kind of government program may be many kinds or gonna have to pay for their jail time because they didn't learn anything in school partially. The fault of themselves partially the fault of their parents partially the fault of the school system but the bottom line is this is a desperate situation. So what happens we have some people. Coming into the school board to try and help. One of them is Carl Paladino Carl Paladino -- very successful. A person and and he is as frustrated as everybody else about the educational system. But it seems like it seems like the fix is in. They don't want outsiders. -- and they consider Paladino an outsider despite the fact that he's he's part of the buffalo Wednesday okay. That you know what they don't want that because they can't suck at a trough that's why. That's why they can't bring their friends and family -- And give them all great jobs and retirement plans and even if you screw up on your way out pick up that check for a 100000 dollars because traditionally that's what we do business. Now we'll just we'll bring UN. I don't we let just scroll up and you don't screw up and only give you a 100000 dollars to go away that's the way it works Pamela brown is the worst example of this and I've ever seen. 01 of Albania the assistant superintendent. The school board lets her go and and she manipulates a certain members of the school board to get it on the agenda at the end of a session with -- press I'll go on to bring a at less money these two assistants and the best way to describe them is assistance. That she has and now that are in question. The -- job requires. Certification. You have to have a certificate. Issued by the state in order to hold these positions. -- one of them has a certificate but she hired them anyway. So what happened while she's hired them she gave the illusion that they -- certified. Because -- -- Karl -- all right Carl Paladino. Said -- that was his impression because he'd always ask are they certified -- suggest even never at all Barbara that hurdle was the president of a school board said it was her impression from this woman that they were certified so -- warrant. So they shouldn't be in the position at all so what happens. So what happens the school board. Is going to vote and a disposable last night. And as this is an easy vote I don't even know why they have to have a vote because if you are not certified. Put it this way. If you are driving on a highway and the police stop you -- -- -- like your driver's license please you were speeding is I don't have one. That's the end of that. Use you admitted you don't have one there's no it does nothing beyond that but in this case they're not certified but that's not the end of -- -- all point. Why didn't even have to -- should have just been summarily dismiss gun history goodbye. And and -- she lied to us she's right words she lied gave the impression. That they were certified Wendy Ward by by several accounts -- she's just a liar let's let's sharper after that. So the -- is supposed to meet last night and decide well we've got to cut the most because they weren't qualified they should have been either in the first -- He didn't know they tabled the motion they when it didn't even discuss it publicly they went into executive session. Now you're saying. Well the school board members they're supposed to be working. In in the -- favorite this kind of things shouldn't be acceptable how do you run a system like this. Well how long we come back. I'm gonna play a sound -- that will tell you what the real agenda of the buffalo school board. And it came not from my lips. Not from Carl Paladino slips but it came from the lips of an angry parent. We were there are microphones and you'll hear what he has to say and if this doesn't tick you off. -- nothing well. Will be back after when I went to bed last night -- school board was. In executive session behind closed doors and so I didn't not know what was going now we didn't have much information there. That we find out from mr. Sampson earlier today that the motion. It's hard to let these two women go and they're not certified but it shouldn't even have to be emotion they shouldn't be there in the first place right. -- was tabled because. As mr. Sampson says. They didn't have the votes. They didn't have the votes why is that a divisive. Thing to vote on she's not qualified. Neither one of them are qualified it's not a matter of interpretation. There's a certification. Required that they don't have so what is the point. Of of even voting they should've just been out that's the end of that story he said it and have the votes. So now we -- look back you have to wonder. You have to wonder what's going on here because if everybody claims that every job that they're doing this for the children. None of this makes any sense. So you have to come to a conclusion there has to be something -- that we don't know. While gas -- Last night at the school board meeting. Someone stood up pan and angry parents stood up and said. This. Message Monday sent to me by a member of this board to advise me that I am doing the bidding of look like man. I'm reaching across this table and trying to working family to get. The education that these children do czar. This person who wants a better education and deserves a better education for the children. Is accused by a board member of doing the bidding of the white man. So there. There it is. The sweat. Among gender and race 545. Black women for white men. And apparently before white men care more about the education of the children which is overwhelmingly black in buffalo. The MD five black women. You know I hate that makes me wanna throw up. They have a concerned. Parent being blamed -- doing the bidding for the white man. Does that mean I like to know what the hell that means. Isn't it a sorry day. When they allegedly the five black women on the board care more about just perpetuating. Ineffectual. I education just keeping the same old same old you know wed -- our car Paladino first rant he mentioned the sisterhood. On the board. And he was criticized. -- wasn't he criticized. How can you say is that you must be race this wild guess but -- embraced -- Ahmed board. -- Let's -- I'm sure he didn't get that that message from Wachovia for white men on merit because that just wouldn't fit what it. So that's what it's all about. That's what it's all about you and have a failing black public school system as long as it's all black. That have anybody who wants it really help. Anybody who wants to really do a good job and spend the money efficiently and watch those kids want and the world to make something of himself you rather. Drop a line in the sand because you don't want a black woman who is absolutely. Devious there's no question about it. Knows the rules and doesn't care to play by them a stand by her. Then let somebody quote do the bidding for the white man. So that's what it is. It's all about race. All about race but that's how are they thinking whose kids -- kids -- in that system. Their friends and neighbors their relatives their own kids are in the system and even that's not important enough to get a better representation all of that matter. Is is the color of the skin. So let's not pretend. -- races and who isn't this kind of says it all doesn't it but you know. The apparent who's outraged also had a little bit more to say Tony world today. I'm not gonna stoop to that level because the person -- -- that by saying that indicates that bad. Have no place in municipal government. To a -- -- At a media plotting that parents standing up and telling the truth there's no reason to believe. That it would be made up there's no reason to believe it will be fabricated but how screwed up is the world. That they will stand up for somebody who's doing a lousy job -- their own kids. Where president. Does it and that they should never be white representation on the board because if they come up with the best idea ever known to man it's gonna get shot down because they're not black is that what is. Is that always gotten to skin color only. And on -- Shame on you know it's not just the money it's the mindset is meant you'd rather have your kids fail. And stand up for somebody who is obviously not doing the job. Makes me sick can you play their first one again for a Tony. I am so angry I cannot tell you this is the end recurrent and. A message Monday sent to me by a member of this board to advise me that I am doing the bidding of one man. I'm reaching across this table and trying to working currently to get. The education that these children do czar. This person has to be applauded. This person has to be commended. This person cares enough to be at that board and raise these issues shame on that board they should resign -- mass. What guess what elections coming up in May kick them -- how out. I mean if you want better education or obviously people there last night who do because there are plotting this of this person's a statement. I applaud him to. We'll be back after this.

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