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Buffalo School Board Mis-Steps Continue

Mar 27, 2014|

James Sampson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Buffalo school board member James Hansen is with us on the WB and landline mr. Sampson good morning. Mario -- think you for joining us this subject that everyone thought that would be discussed at last night's meeting. Was never brought -- publicly that to administrators on leave for a lack of certification why did this never get out of executive session. I -- go at the lord is Libor is. Really -- it doesn't make and one of to a decision on it. Peter permanently discharging for lack of having the proper certification. Or actually hiring. They are. Under what known him internship. Certification elections say. Unique kind of certifications. Are complicated. It's there and rolled in an acceptable university program in this -- legal and they've completed up to 50% or more of their credit hours. University Gannett state issue on the internship. -- certification which would allow them. Actually come -- the district can control the respectability with the position. But I -- -- -- there any kind. Actions that would be taken a -- debt. And I -- we're talking across our night. -- you board membership additional questions and children try to get information for that I would anticipate. I'm making a decision within the next few days. You know mr. Sampson bringing these two ladies back to regular -- Williams and Philip Morris and Alexander as paid interns. While they earned the certification they need I mean that's almost defies. Common sense that the school board. -- school district the -- doesn't care about public opinion. Well I agree with that I and I would anticipate. It may if there had been -- as I and I would. He protectorate they would have been brought Eric. And I anticipate -- -- let the superintendent was structure request. Or they withdraw. In all likelihood they'll be Brooke -- I think it was too clever it. This ingenious and the public I think should be alterations that. Was this not ten product in public session because they. Knew they didn't have the votes last night. No I think actually -- the but there's a couple board members that went from additional information. Even if we get an information I don't think it's -- so we'll be changed your opinion of the board members. Mr. Simpson may be you finish playing and help us out here are so much talk. About the lack of transparency on the school board yet. Everything that is controversial everything that the top of mind among the public. Is brought up privately and an executive session and unless somebody like you or somebody else shares it with those we don't have a clue what happened. And I mean this is a public school board whatever happened to the public's right to know. All right you know I can't argue that means. It is it is mind numbing medication electric ability to provide information. At the same time we provide information -- -- -- way -- understandable. And we had to fix a board meeting last night. Yeah and effectively no decisions were made the two biggest issues facing the district. Had to do with these two individuals we didn't make a decision we have discussions -- private. And we can talk at all. About what's happened to the former -- school and Harvey Austin can cut that sort of hand me hanging in the balance parents are no. Don't know what's gonna happen to their kids come fall. And does that mean that the issue of transparency that we -- -- should certainly not talking about public in a way that we can regain the public's trust. And and go back to the at this internship possibility for these two. With -- that they would be paid and with the school district and -- also paying for the Oswego schooling of these two. That's my understanding. -- -- right now and it's being paid for not by the district. But I believe the state grants that it's still public money so I yeah Natalie will they be paid. Let me look he laid out. Public money into help pay for their two or should this week. This is like on the job training paying them for on the job training for top positions in the school district. Yeah did you ever feel like here in the front row of the circus. Well I wouldn't care character quite like that but I would suggest that. If we can't get -- right. Can we get right. Heavy task. And burden of turning around schools and providing educational opportunity. For all the -- kids who. Are going to school better performance were 21000 troops so you know there is. Lead in the organization that just can't get anything right. If he can't get this stuff right and you get right that it really really difficult -- I challenges in front of -- Lisa Sams and I can remember the days with the school board meeting lasted an hour or an hour and a half when did you get to go homelessness. I don't know London -- In the meeting started what transpired but I haven't closed the school down I don't know. You go to Fisher. Yet you just wanna know attend the meeting started. Gregory yeah. Long night at mr. -- we appreciate you being able to join us this morning thank you but. It's buffalo school board member James Sampson.