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Kelly Cancer Recurrence Common; Outlook CAN Be Positive

Mar 27, 2014|

Cleveland Clinic's Dr Mumtaz Khan

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Former bills quarterback Jim Kelly had cancer surgery last year. And the outlook afterwards was very good now less than a year later the cancer has recurrent and after surgery had been canceled a scheduled. It's been canceled. Jim Kelly's wife saying chemotherapy. And radiation as the best option let's talk about it. With -- our live line guest doctor among Thomas con. -- head and neck oncology surgeon at Cleveland clinic's head neck institute doctor good morning. And thank you for thank you for joining us Jim Kelly and Jim Kelly is a very popular guy here this is a very very sensitive story. I'm here in buffalo because of that everyone is rooting for Jim Kelly. What do you think about this change in procedure doctor surgery had been scheduled for today originally. And then. We got noticed yesterday that they've changed their minds chemotherapy and radiation are better options. You know obviously I'm not for -- to -- information about its case in particular order but I tell you that. Order cancers of the head and -- particularly of the oral cavity. They have a tendency of also recurrent and pretty much within the first couple appears most of the time. Very aggressive tumors and you know what occurred in our options. Are limited they're much you know and confined to. Basically. Shooting he's a -- from all and and trying to get it under control. I'd also depends on whether somebody out. There and radiation. At the initial diagnosed. Just because. He's. Options especially that you shouldn't -- these repeated. In most circumstances. So when there's a recurrence than the surgery seems to be the only you know option left on the table but if he wasn't. Untreated -- human radiation and certainly you know that that can be an option as well. Right no he wasn't the first time in that he got it. You know what I think our listeners -- know doctor put treatable and is this type of cancer. Again particularly aggressive cancer. It's. -- states perhaps growing it. Has a tendency to current. And that's why we all this -- suggest for patients that they need to followed up on a regular basis about somebody comes up. You're able to get up. Sooner rather than. The more than two mortar advance -- yet still hard to Dexter it you know it is something which is that you taking their. We're talking weren't you were talking -- doctor -- -- com head and neck oncology surgeon at the Cleveland clinic about. Jim Kelly is recurrence of cancer doctor. One chemotherapy. And radiation. Are chosen -- treatment options. Doesn't that hurt the chances of a successful surgery. Letters of shortfalls. And no not anymore you know it used to be -- processor or by now you know our search and expertise to such that. We and most of our patients are treated like chemo or radiation you know in many parts that connect to begin. So we don't hesitate in going in and and operating on -- that's the right thing to do. Surgically it's a little more taxed and that more complicated but you know. That what that would lead we do so I don't think that's that's the court is options or other street the picture. What would it chemotherapy. And radiation schedule be like for someone that was battling this type of cancer would they be given at the same time work or not. Sure so they're different residents which -- accommodation -- chemotherapy. And our great -- can be employed most comedy and. Probably see evidence or the more successful regiment is a date given yet they're they just called concurrent more radiation therapy. And typically irradiation in reverse excrete and chemotherapy -- here and and in three separate doses and about three weeks apart at the beginning of radiation during the middle of the radiation and quirky and there. Doctor everybody around here wants to hear a success story can you give us some examples. Yeah absolutely. You know this is not something that you know we consider to write -- on. Sure the president balances these short. You know it has its very hard for recording over and over again but really one it is treated appropriately. Once. It's got the control. We are sitting more of these patients now that -- be used to. So we've got to have a positive outlook on the economy -- you know he didn't like it sure he's getting the right here. And 00. Hope for the best and you know should be able to hopefully controller can. Doctor good to talk with you thank you very much for your expertise is my pleasure ticket people can protect you to a doctor doctor -- come as a head and neck oncology surgeon. At the Cleveland clinic.