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Another Fruitless Search Day In Indian Ocean

Mar 27, 2014|

Steve Futterman

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have CBS news correspondent Steve -- with us live this morning and an assimilation plane. Steve I know there's new satellite images that have been revealed 300 objects what do you know about them. Well there's this goes along with what we heard yesterday remember we were talking about of 122. Objects and -- or satellite to -- we get. Get up from a -- -- -- hundred objects in the water in the singular impact. Very likely that there essentially seeing the same things. The French have -- may -- -- picked up as many objects is that I felt like but this seemed to be a clear debris field and that what. The -- the year -- I want to find out to date they were limited the year search crews were limited to beat. Called back to Perth Australia around the late -- it directly to it that date because of bad weather so stating get to really complete a full day of searching. But they are expected to be back out tomorrow. It's expected to improve enough that they should be able to look -- if they want to find a police field once they can do that. They can send ships and try to retrieve the debris that came from the jetliner that the key issue Gordan. Right now obviously what you -- debris that you can start. Pinpointing your search for the black boxes but first leapt upon the debris. Now how long would it take for a ship to actually get to a debris field -- the reason I'm asking. If -- no wonder the weather's good the next day it's bad the next day it's even worse. Well one thing they're going to do once they find this debris field they drop leads into the water on the plane so. The police would think would travel with the debris it would be. Industry current. It can take a while I mean you know the boats can be. Quite a ways away even -- they're still in the general area. That there can be very rough conditions it's not like a smooth sailing and ocean liner from the from London -- New York. It's very very difficult. Very very difficult conditions should have to deal worked so can take some time. -- hours you would think a vote should he get out there within. 789. Hours but the -- a lot can change in that period of time. There's some new information on the pilot USA today is is out with a straight as says that the pilot of the end. The 3.3 seven he's believed to be solely responsible for this fight being taken off course. What's the reaction to that where you are in Kuala Lumpur war. Well in the end we have to put that in perspective. There're -- other people who are -- quite the opposite. I think it in my opinion they are people I've talked to -- is one of the theories they are considering it certainly has not been ruled out. I have not been able to confirm that this is be the main theory right now that that's what they're focusing on that that they're pretty sure this is what happened. That not been able to confirm and then there's been quite -- a flurry of activity in the journalistic eagle. You're all important -- -- on that report. USA today may very well be right excellent journalist. Other newspapers in the reporting. Similar stories New York Daily News the London Daily Telegraph is reporting this for a couple of weeks. I had not been able applying sources double confirm it to me although again. I had been told that this is one of the series but there are still a number of theories what just have to wait and see. Put it there is no evidence so portable. Right -- because there's no -- no hard evidence yet. Well what they're basing this on. Is -- interviews with people who knew the cheap -- talking about troubles he was going through. I think one of the stories they have a close friend -- this thing that he was. Going through some difficult marital issues may have had a girlfriend and he should he said that he would not want him to be a pilot had been. Dealing with all these external issues. What brings people to come to this possible conclusion and again -- on the weight of the flight went. This is a plausible theory but he again that there is no definitive proof obviously right now it's -- -- people who knew that this man. And they're giving their opinion. You know Steve heading to sound insensitive because so many lives are involved in the split. You know we wonder how long these stories. About debris field false alarms. Are gonna continue to make radio and TV headlines in front page news. Well this is not a false alarm there is -- debris field there they need to get to them now it this year it's been that. Massive amounts of not objects 300 whatever amount they fine. If this proved not to be on the plane I do think the story will take a bit of a diet and people say oh that's another one that. Turned out to be a false alarm. If there is a bit of saturation point you get to on any story. Of course that that Waco investigation gonna go on. Most likely for months and years he could take a long on the on the black boxes once they find the black boxes of course there are -- I -- there could be it may take a long time before the information from the black boxes. Are released. It's possible the black boxes won't have much because I think people though is that true or recording. 182 hour period goes by it starts recording over -- So the key moments in this flight which would tell us what happened occurred. Five hours before it went into the ocean they may not get much from the black boxes this may be one of those mysteries that goes on for years and years. And your right Steve we're glad you could join us this morning thank you for the update. You're ST fighter -- CBS news correspondent. In Kuala Lumpur war. WB -- who signed a 750 traffic and weather together we do it every time the top ten.