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Mudslide Update: Death Toll Increasing

Mar 27, 2014|

KIRO Anchor Colleen O'Brien

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Next to Seattle and Cairo radios Colleen O'Brien on the months client. -- good morning. That more -- at this morning but we are set to report the death poll as Britain and we now have 25 confirmed dead. Ninety people missing out that this sixteen bodies recovered nine still left in the debris. As you can imagine now with this slams like came down it is so large. Forty feet deep in some areas so getting. People out of that debris field has been difficult to by the you know the only sort of silver lining in this is that been missing. Was -- 276. But now that's down to ninety met saying. I've confirmed they did find that many people had registered with the red crosses safe and well list. That the number of that the -- -- -- but that is still. A quarter of this town's population so we're talking about. Possibly a quarter of both those population wiped out from the one mudslides. And Colleen now we are hearing many or some of these victim may remain very forever. Eight it could be possible if you can imagine. What -- -- site was made that has not only stand in and dirt but. Play Washington State is the Pacific northwest made up of a lot of place so when it's saturated it turns into expect. Quality and consistency that the clay is very difficult to move through for the rescuers very difficult to get out of the area because of just tell. Think it is so it is very possible with the number of people that think that they may never find some people at this -- -- with able to take. And Connor Clark on the highway 530 that -- through that area. And not just move them through that. Child of the car and break them apart and -- them into unrecognizable. Debris so the power of this landslide. Devastated this area. And we're here -- that you had a lot of rain since and that's got to be complicating things. Well we've had a lot of rain this month we are set to let the record. Month of march for rain totals that so we had. About eleven inches before this mudslides have bit and so it's been trickling ever sense now. I'm meteorologist here will tell you that this isn't going to have a significant impact on the cleanup efforts and you know of course there are fears that another way of likely to happen now that that area because. And fallen apart but in the rain that's moving through now isn't too much of the concern but leading up to this landslide we certainly did have a lot of rains. Leading up to this landslide we've been hearing that there have been more in the past several years and we're also hearing about this controversy. Over building houses on this mountainside. When many people knew was dangerous to do it why we're building permits -- issue. Yeah I think a lot of people in hindsight are saying now why you were you able to build an area that got back in the 1960s. The product. Massive landslide there was one as recent as 2006. That wasn't deadly however it did damage a lot of homes in that area yet they still built. Developments on the Atlanta and and the residents there will tell you. They knew there was a risky. And certainly not to this extent that they do look good you could sit there by the creek and watch as. The mayor and candidate came -- -- that hillside and but they knew there was a rid -- of -- just not to this extent and they will tell you that. They want it to be and also because it's a beautiful part of the state. It's a small tight knit community and they wouldn't live anywhere else so. Will have this he were still digging into this wanting to talk to the developer wanting to talk to the county about just how much they knew. About the risk. And this too is is taking an emotional hole especially yesterday it -- officials. We're saying that nothing. Could have prepared them for what they've been encountering the last few days since Saturday. Yeah I I don't think anybody can be prepared for what they're CA one firefighter. Who had been there since day one talking about the moment she broke down when she's baby's nursery crush. And that makes it through the debris because we still have. Four month old. Young children missing in the debris and it's likely -- did not make it out and and they won't be found itself. What they're seeing title beginning human could prepare for. Colleen thank you for the update where we're -- thinking -- -- there. Colleen O'Brien cheese and anchor at Cairo radio in Seattle.