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3-26 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Mar 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBE at. I wore us down upon -- with great. Think yeah. India the -- looked not Muslim tensions and my brother. The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'd had a right protest it was a because of guys out for a walk when not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied. There really is nothing like a short time now. Hey it's thought in mind these 8930. Excuse me while I whip this out. I it is volatile and in Israel at thirty WB AT and with few on a Wednesday. And it we're talking about cancer now a few weeks ago did the show. What ails you. And well we got into everything from cancer. -- some of the auto immune diseases like MS multiple sclerosis and I said at the time. I don't think I've ever seen an area where I've known more people with MS it in my life. I don't know the statistics I don't know the epidemiology. I don't know. What the rate is in Western New York compared to other areas of the country. So when I have to say about that simply anecdotal. But it it just is mind boggling how many people I could name in my own close circle of friends. Who have ever -- or some autoimmune disease including myself. Let's go to your web traffic right now here is Allan Harris. And AccuWeather going to be called -- tonight fifteen tomorrow will be up to 45 right now it's 23 news radio 930 WB the end. We're talking about well be Jim Kelly story is on the news because. There have been some not so good developments today. We all candor. Jim Kelly wants to have had cancer surgery. That's surgery has been canceled the reason it has been canceled is because the recurrence of cancer for Jim Kelly. He is in an area that is inaccessible. To to surgeons. They'd like to focus in on the Mac celery sinuses and as I said earlier. You just on either side your pace just put your index finger on the side your nose. And then it slide it across your face torture cheekbone and that roughly is the area where you'll find your -- Hillary sinuses may run. It all the way down to your top bowlers in the all the way up to there. Quarters of you're the outer corners of your eyes so that's the area of which we speak the -- O'Leary sinus area you've got the frontal sinuses as well but just vacation wanted to know. That's what the -- celery scientists happens debate. Now. And again not a doctor but I can read. Now we are. Talking about a cancer has affected your life. The option for Jim Kelly right now is chemo and radiation. And I. And I just -- say enough about the class Jill Kelly. As shown through this entire ordeal I just found out about this re currently cancer jumped just found out about it to the few weeks ago. And -- And her family. Are not just asking for prayers. They are sharing as they wish to. And I must let them set the way down there's. Its there business. Okay it's their loved ones health. What they choose to share is what I will -- because it's a personal matter. I will only go as far as they. As far as as they wished this year. But they're asking for prayers but they're also keeping us in the -- as like a big family. That's very unusual folks -- kind of intimacy. Joseph Kelly. And Jim's daughter -- Are sharing with us is really. It -- really like a big -- I don't know any other way to put -- I can't remember the last time. A major. Celebrity slash personality. Shared so much. Intimate medical information. On FaceBook or in Stuart Graham or Twitter. And talk about feeling include. In that gym and Jill then and Aaron Kelly's lives. My goodness. It's. If it's a -- Kelly it's just an amazing woman I just have knoller were amazing classy. Just top notch. And the transformed Jim Kelly as I said earlier. Past 1015 years he is. He's just been a beat him in a radio beacon -- opera people and that love. Is being were quite it and it really is a beautiful thing to watch that dynamic unfold amidst what Jim is going faster. We're asking you you about your experiences. With cancer. It's almost like a common threat. That unites us all like talked earlier about might ex mother in law and human mother -- the time dying of brain tumor. And it's something too many people experienced but the good news is medical science has made progress. The bad losers there isn't a silver bullet cure for all cancer yet. Let me get -- did you need in Niagara Falls because her husband. Beat leukemia. But she says something just before 6 o'clock but I want to revisit. And Judy you talked about -- that hole. That all of the treatments all of the medications. All of the doctor's appointments all of the diagnostics. Had on you -- husband. And one of the lessons I learned in January news. You were not some kind of a super hero by trying to bounce back from things too quickly to shell out up PR. How big how long did it take your husband to realize that I that it was smarter and I course. Well I think he's still trying to. Get where he needs to be armed. And I'm not sure that really palpable I'm getting them back to his normal state of being. But again he's just he. He definitely got to do it right. -- about I can say. Regular PGA -- the point I'm getting at is your body. You know no matter how big your reservoir. After repeated pokes and prods in beds and surgeries and testaments versions and implants. Your body eventually says you know what did you got to relax you've got to slow down your answer. Right right. Well. He can only do it I didn't how when and where everything -- -- -- And doctor believing all that copier at all that his body in buying. Is not -- at his age. And I ask them wouldn't let me how old Jeep that is not quite sure what it could be ten to fifteen years. Even right now fifty years old. So he is more like 47 or more like 67. -- -- Audience while without. His mind is slowing down. And a little difficulty there. But we are here to help and what we what we cash and -- -- that he was -- -- In Portland are now what we can do. That we can't ride his two week. Doctors who did MD intimate scenes still walking into the opposite C haven't. I'm only -- that that he played like he looked and I haven't heard that and why. Well it's some good news amidst a a sea of wall. -- I'm unhappy here for -- give your husband our best. And that will all try to send him. A little bit of energy and listening to his body is this my opinion as a layman listening to his body is the smartest thing he's doing. Right right and I do want they want -- rubble are. In the wonderful wonderful facility and hope that Jim Kelly can make it there because they've done wonderful for my -- and on the market that he stole cold there but he isn't so remission. But its top notch and I pray for them. Both for -- and her daughter you. And thank you -- share. All I've know I don't know I'm I'm honored that you. And so many people feel comfortable up with -- this year that personal stuff. -- I if I start it all sap they'll start to cry and I can't have that thank you very much. I really guys when you when he got here this stuff with me. I. You know is that intimate giant dysfunctional family and we've got going on here that I never quite put my finger. It's eighteen minutes after six news radio 930 WBM. It is hourly. Jill Kelly has announced that Jim Kelly is not going to have surgery it will be chemo and radiation. And there are some beautiful pictures Jill has put out. There is a prayers for Jim Kelly site on FaceBook I've tried to link a -- to my FaceBook page but. I also don't wanna see like I'm trying to pour out the situation increased my FaceBook members. I wanna be sensitive to that -- The links are there you want them or go directly the -- -- site where prayers for Jim -- just wanna make it clear there's that I. Don't wanna come office classless. And not on there's other things but not on -- ninety minutes after six to WB. All -- olives are regarded as traffic right now my dad let's find out what's going out and be a -- we've had some trouble spots out a lawsuit today here's Alan Harris. And AccuWeather tonight cloudy Nicole again overnight low fifty in tomorrow cloudy breezy warmer and 45. And tomorrow night breezy some rain 37. And by Friday 48 degrees. Right now 23. News radio 930 WB and York close encounters with cancers here is. Who is next to get everybody in order here's Linda in south buffalo no stranger. To cancer -- delicious story. I am real tight on what are diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. November 15 of 2000 that -- When I was 47 years -- Had a mastectomy went to the team I want to do radiation. At -- and want to irradiation might break thirty trying. I was working now -- OK I don't even know what to say about that how did you find the strength -- you puke your guts out. The radiate an image of kidnapped IBM was never. Now goodness is that. But at the peak -- eight. Years later. The spread my site and I won't -- tying him back in the and I do radiation -- Two years later. I had a bone scan -- -- Ian and it on the inside and went to a cancer tumor in the middle of my I. -- and and they cannot remove the tumor that if it's the quiet little electronic and the being here right. So they've been and maintaining it are different option and the radiation and chemo and and -- any bigger. And again I have to interrupt you because one of the things -- have tried to emphasize your use modern medicine more and more you're hearing the term. Managing. Instead of -- because or situations you can manage and still have a great quality alive even if they can't be cured so thank you for mentioning. I I agree with Dan I was listening to your other callers. -- -- weird and then and not 2013. I happen to notice -- getting distorted vision in my right I in my whole I bought seem like somebody had taken it out in how it can crooked. And my pupil in the margin of getting double vision out getting headache ball won't be -- -- business as anti war. A -- can't just leave that outside of my skull. That went to the right side to the left side to my bank my golf. -- on the outside was it causing an increase in pressure affecting the optic nerve. Yet and it was calling my and that their main discussing your I would ever been during your I was calling it. Back from the inside. So it it obviously was anchored somewhere inside them right. Now I'm outside of my wallet didn't brain tissue or anything internal organs or anything. I have let them well all in a golf ball I. Mom and outside of my hat. What are they gonna do about that. There there there's nothing they can do it doesn't hurt I don't have the headaches anymore I had three weeks of radiation would act and it is in my vision is back to normal. And I I just marriage -- when I turned on your show today at twentieth which react to what -- are first of all mental tests done every three months now. So to breast cancers one -- on the spinal column and one tumor on the outside your skull. All of this in a very short period of time. Here. Well now let me ask you really stupid question okay. How do you feel otherwise on a daily basis on a scale of one to ten. You know -- act and the dad I still have not gotten physically -- my second about what -- all never got sick from radiation for the second or third time. I don't spend very much our ticket tired and I hit it. About four by blood infusion is because the activists solo might love that they get beginning begged them much. So to to keep my arms hemoglobin going. In America expect a -- to wrap up tomorrow for an MRI of my great in my golf and then Monday -- might expect with Timo again. And this'll be for this time. Yeah actually. I did not get on the -- -- and -- -- This other. Basically they're there man. Managing it and thank god you're able to tolerate the radiation and the team all very well so it is it for you -- for you it is a highly. Manageable -- minimal side effects situation. It it you know what they don't keep you don't know is in this -- adequacy my -- beautiful grandson. They keep me going achy knees laughing they they just keep me -- -- adore me I adore them and it's what I have to live for. So -- a little bit different when I'm sick I don't want anybody to -- What no I'm serious when I'm sick I just say go away I will be on the couch I don't want to see me when I'm incapacitated. Or I. About it. Yes I agree with that too because there's been times when they have. They're fighting your dog my -- -- -- and it -- moments -- over my house and I did say I'm not up to it I can't be up to it. Absolutely I -- the and I locked door -- and I just in what you tightly and the -- at its steeper up abatement. And I'm good result. Amen amen to some people are better be taken care of and others economic giant pain in the yes I mean I needed to myself. All right thank you thank you very much am -- glad to call. A bite -- I don't know why that is maybe it's pride I don't know but there are time the same way he really. Are you good at receiving treatment for people because I'm not popular and well leave me alone. Just let me let me Stew in my own swept. 646 news radio 930 WBE a while we'll take more calls coming up your close encounters with cancer these stories have been. A favorite touching and frankly a lot of them have been quite and courage. We had 633 little Eric Clapton. On a dad Don Williams songs from way back when I don't even know where -- polled named Don Williams from somewhere it was Akamai. He didn't portals in my brain. Parent and always be frightened when I talk about the hidden portals of my brain you never know what might happen next 634 is ready at 930 WB yen. We -- following -- Jim Kelly story and you know ordinarily have to -- -- and and I would not be talking so much about one individual. And one individuals battle with cancer. The Kelly family. -- I'd like this out because it's important to me because I like to respect people's medical privacy unlike certain. Reporters like Bob McCarthy in this town. I believe that. It is his business what he's going through in the hospital. And what the what he is going through. In terms of the struggles day today with cancer. And the Kelly family has elected. And I think very classically so to let us all into it. During these very trying times. -- a family. They have asked for your prayers. And they've also included you. And they've included me. In the information. That they have it is they're shorts. To go public with what they have gone with how they have gone public otherwise it would be talking much about Jim Kelly. Because I'm not Robert McCartney from the Buffalo News. Sleaze ball now. My phone number is 03 all night there. Start at thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EM. What else we have here. I just wanna make it clear to there are several sites. About Jim -- -- Jill Kelly has her own page on FaceBook easy to find Jill Kelly. There's also a prayers for Jim Kelly. Page on FaceBook. You can access. Ends and send a message you know what's really nice to. Know how to start to cry if I get too much into this like -- get through as quickly. Every one of those messages you guys are sending. To the Kelly family. Are being ripped by the Kelly -- It's not like they're just building up and nobody's reading them an issue of some kind of a one way I'll let. You really far. Making a difference. For won them a very famous family and relatively wealthy families of course. But a family that has a man who is very sick. And who is in -- second battle with cancer. And prayers for Jim Kelly has about 5000 members last I checked. And the like do not adhere to any specific religion. I do have a very strong faith in the creator. And I do believe. In -- I don't know why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't I don't know. I do notice that doesn't hurt. 03 don't like thirty start -- 3180616. WB yet but it just wanna make it real clear. That everything I'm sharing with you I'm sharing because. The Jim Kelly family has elected to share with others otherwise it would be none of my business. Let's get back to the calls on WB -- here is GM and East Amherst hello Jim. Hello Jim but. I'd say about what is -- -- and the Kelly family. Isaak posters treatment. And out this year I I -- about cancer treatment at Roswell. Like your -- caller and I'm. Very grateful that -- -- they did a great job. I got treatment back and -- are all oral five. And I wanted to share it might be. Somewhat similar to that which -- gonna have -- air -- cancer in the upper neck area. Two a similar area and three rounds of chemo followed by. About thirty. Radiation treatments. When you say three rounds of chemo how many sessions per round. OK so three different experiences having to go get chemo three different times. Three visits okay okay. And this year something interesting about the radiation treatment -- -- is. When they'd -- patient treatment it's extremely important that they. Are extremely accurate where they shoot every -- -- has to be accurate and I'll I'll -- than an inch. And so when you're going to prepare for. -- at a time they actually made it are there my head and -- Otto like hard plastic. Com. -- -- OK did you OK I have to no use if you're one of my listeners you have to have a six cents a year over did you ask the doctor -- making a death mask. All because that you know I would have more orders is my death -- what. As -- -- I try to bring humor to things like this -- when it's myself. Because I find that misery makes sport to mock itself. So are you didn't even make a joke with the doctor I'm sorry buy nor to that question. Right here right now I didn't ask but it's an exact tester -- your neck and had. A big east and you're goal in -- your. Radiation treatment which for me was every day. Do you view and the table and then this this helmet is locked into place and the table so he gambled. And then out there radiation is is as pinpoint actors here where there where they're directing. And in your case it where is it worked. Oh yeah let's all oral fired and I've -- -- ever since -- down. Just extremely grateful that you Roswell. Jim I have one question for you and editors now that you are officially are cleared of cancer you're past that five year window. How diligent you have to be with follow ups having had the pre existing. Bout with the disease. White people are not here. And so you -- rob Lowe's that you -- went -- a schedule of follow up. Checks and you'll have. He'd keep checks and I'm blood but checks and bolt thing or not. So are you yet you people are not certain not to do it based case so -- yeah you have to be very regimented that. Well I am very happy. I have pictures still here to tell us the story and I know Jim's is in the -- -- scientists the area -- -- described early her earlier. It is according to the doctor treatable. And -- potentially curable. I don't know what the odds are and I'm gonna wait until the Kelly family decides how much and and what they release. Instead of engaging in speculation. Thank you very much Jim I'm glad you called. It 030930. -- news radio 930 WBE. And and yeah I mean the Kelly family -- the class. Exhibited -- our Jill Kelly he's very frequent updates to people who. Again they know Jim Kelly by name they know Jim Kelly by reputation especially reputation over the past ten to fifteen years. They love Jim Kelly even though they've never been to the Jim Kelly house. But joked Kelly notes. What a figure. Her husband is and has elected to share the information with us like a big family. And we found out from jail earlier today that GM is not going to have the cancer there are some great. Well I say great but that's not really the rightward touching there are some very touching photographs. The Kelly family this year Whitman's -- daughter -- with their dad. And a beautiful picture of Jim Kelly's dad hugging Jim Kelly. And just. Beautiful. Pictures. And Jim looks like a sick man. You would look like a sick -- If by you were going through this and again we wish nothing but the best to Jim. And all you prayer warriors out there who. Do your thing you don't need to be told you'll do it anyway you've been doing it anyway especially the very large church family Jimmie has a very large. Local church. Let's go to some more calls on WB Ian -- in -- log space rolled in rich and they tell me you beat cancer I -- -- about this. I gotta tell you this with a conversation that I wanted to share with you you -- particular for about a year. And well you know look at the statistics are. They had approximately one in four people. Will be affected by cancer he struck by cancer. My feeling is about the statistical average. Between my two parents my brother night three of the four of us. It's -- cancer. I have come to conclusions -- you said that this was specifically about made that given that given the constellation. Of statistically improbable medical oddities that my body has had over the past three years. That I'm going to die by being hit by a meteorite. That will be my faith on this planet -- go ahead. And -- know every time -- say that I can relate to win and I will tell you why first stop. In 1980. My mother was diagnosed with cancer. It was these type of cancer that eventually killed fair process and and she is allied to this day. Yet. And it could very particular type of colorectal and -- in 1980. I don't know they had anesthesia back then but the treatments of radiation chemo really -- Her. Quality of life. Mitt you kind of cut out to think you've got an incoming call right that that always happens you wait for an hour the minute I pick up the phone people say always other radio let's call him well. Out -- can -- But okay your mom went through an ordeal. In 1980 with the Colo rectal cancer and what you said I mean I I infer from that that she was under a great deal of pain bordering on agony. Oh absolutely and oddly enough at the time almost everybody that had their form of cancer had to have a clock to me. She declined debt mostly because she stubborn. But she was one of them knew they told me that she was in the you know medical journal that the time for the way that she was able to handle that. -- Yes or use. Last year it was you turn fifty correct. Must you remind me yes. In the united. I recall when I turned thirty. And when I turned forty. Those were very difficult. Milestones for me. -- the age of 47 I was diagnosed with cancer. And I got to tell you when you hear the words you've got cancer 47 -- and if he doesn't look only at bat. Perspectives -- correct. And with all the stuff that you've gone through I mean you don't talk about it now so I mean you've managed it but I thought with all the stuff -- gone through I don't believe that. Probably feel good about still being -- Tom. You know what I don't honestly I don't really think about it that I told you this before that the big stuff doesn't bother me it's a little stuff that bothers me I've been through three major things in the last two and a half years. And the big things I basically you know basically -- eight by way of life -- is. It's in God's hands. It in my house. In the in models to us -- in your hands got in Latin at Columbia wiser. Tom so I just I just put that over to him and I don't worry about the big stuff. -- well. Here's the caution but I have to put up there for you rich and for anybody. Don't overdo it. Don't try to be Superman I tried recovering I tried coming back way early. And eventually your body eventually says screw you dude you need some sleep. You know I'm a model patient. I am a model patient I island. CL not to prove a tough plan what it's Napoleon syndrome -- -- -- Well I'm glad -- -- now what's the prognosis rich let's finish the story. Well here's the thing you don't you mentioned a couple of times how deep and a number of medical problems you can't. Are like out of a little out of nowhere there's you know there was no way you could -- All not just out of the blue raider statistically rigor. The population of the world. My particular cancer was prostate cancer. And at the age of 47 you're not supposed to get that I have no history of it in my family nobody -- I even know yet. Yes I had surgery that would be preferred treatment option AM. What one might nurses that is very true you always trade something. The surgery. So my life has been impacted by this. Once the cancer patient I have to tell you always a cancer patients. This was in 2007. So I -- past five years now. But you know we never really forgot. It's every time but you feel confident your body you think oh my god coming back. And it's just the way you've got to live with it. Now how did they detect the prostate cancer with a digital exam first or was it the PSA test. -- it was a PSA tests. And there might be one of those articles that -- don't get the PSA test that wanna choke the laughter. You know what I've had this conversation with my urologist I just does not have the PSA test -- -- might have to most of the -- his finger there what anybody's finger. Well. I don't wanna -- -- and really good. Along with it doesn't ask you if you want. Two fingers. My doctor does because -- -- well well he knows me he knows me well enough unlike his ideal patient because I don't care what he says. My job is to laugh at the -- office and get him to crack up. And you wanna tell you what I said the last time we did it but it was rather graphic I have to move on. But I'm glad you called. 030930. Yeah I told he was gonna make. 640 -- radio 930 WB EM I say can't joke with your doctors. Wrong doctor. All my doctors. I'm a big deal with -- -- and gloom and doom every day. You know I want to be the guy who isn't like there. I think to break don't -- I'm WB EN. Unfortunately gang I do not have time to take more phone calls from me but I promise you know I enjoy hearing your stories and I am deeply humbled by the trust you having me. And your fellow listeners to call to -- these intimate details so a lot thank you we will revisit the cancer topic believe me. Now while one cancer I thought would come up today that did not come up today is set testicular cancer. I happen to know of someone who died very young from -- testicular cancer. A friend of different Arab brother of different. The average age for diagnosis is 33. So testicular cancer tends to be a young to middle aged man's disease. And something else that I mentioned earlier. On the subject of throat cancer and please understand I'm not trying to be gratuitously sexual here. But there are three big causes of throat cancer number one -- smoking and tobacco stuff number two is drinking. And number three. It's kind of a recent discovery. To put it delicately the more women with whom you have oral sex Edwards more women you'd do. You perform oral sex on the greater the likelihood. Of throat cancer so please keep that in mind dementia doctor knows about that. Nothing -- be ashamed of nothing to hide from your doctor needs to know by your your sexual history because you start developing throat cancer symptoms but you don't smoke drink. He's got a he or she is don't wanna know what yours -- you -- let -- go to try to see you look at yourself guys. Oral sex and throat cancer there it's a relation. Peck I get scope every year you wanted to be honest with you I do it -- that I mean I get the test well you. All right we just totally lost control of the shallow but it's at the end of the show anyway and I'm gonna run out of -- my -- hidden thanks to Joseph -- thanks to John Sherman and I will leave you with to work -- -- -- -- I'll leave you with -- two words. You know yourself and back god speed Jim Kelly and everybody with cancer.

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