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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>3-26 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

3-26 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Mar 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB he had. And he would. -- Yeah hold to a point. That. -- No one ponds with an assault rifle -- Yeah. If they ought to be extreme conservatives. They have no place in this State of New York if you've got health care already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do but that happened to that. Gary -- To strong silent. That was an advocate. Bow and brilliant move ten knew not to -- these -- And IQ. You have blows. Like a bonus. God it's -- -- sure that I have a very special relationship living on the same story. He's like my chaperone. Hi John. It's not what you think may be edited out of the -- and -- really that that's the funny thing. But anyway John is our calls greater love it I love Taylor leader Joseph Beirut we love them as well. Got a -- actually got a great team here afternoons on the WB yep and I hope it just to listen to sandy beach this morning at nine GNU and is again this -- just hit it. The other park. Talking about Ralph Wilson the future of the bills and -- and it I think we both. Feel the same way for the most part about pro sports entertainment. -- go to a movie it's entertainment it's fun. We enjoyed it. But I don't think sandy bases his life on other people playing games any more than it. I'd look at going to a sporting event in much the same way as I look at going to the casino were going to a movie as entertainment. Now that being set. There are certain transcendent figures become law. The French connection. For hockey fans show me daddy dear Pat LaFontaine. Mean the way I could keep going but what's the point with the Buffalo Bills the golden era of Betsy. And I always leave people out. But at number one would be Jim Kelly the -- franchise quarterback. And Jim Kelly right now folks is. He's about what. You mean there's just there's no sugar coating -- and I'm basing everything that I am saying. On what I'm receiving from the Kelly family. And what everybody can receive from the Kelly family and Jill Kelly who is Jim's wife. I don't even have the words. To properly describe the kind of class. Joseph Kelly -- I just mentioned here folks because we've all been in situations. We're we have been -- with loved ones at very difficult moments. In hell. Sometimes those moments of the final moments sometimes they've been a continuing. Chronic situation. But we've all been there. And Joseph Kelly. I don't know well I do know where she finds this -- she finds it affects. But. There's an old expression. Burial. Which. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain as a union civil war figure. He used it in describing. These surrender at apple medics. Of the confederate army army of Northern Virginia. And as the surrendering confederate it's marched past the victorious federal soldiers. The federal soldiers. Saluted. Their fellow country. Again. After reunite after their surrender. And the emotion at that moment. Was so palpable. And the confederate commander. Gave the proper salute back along with his men. To their former followers and his Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain wrote honor answers honor. And in this case we have joked Kelly. Jim's wife. Who along with the Kelly family has been on the receiving end of so much love and so many prayers. In this latest health issue. For Jim Kelly. And she has responded to all that lot. And all that energy by choosing of her own volition. To keep us all in the -- Because she knows. That in addition to being her beloved husband. Jim Kelly is also a beloved public figure here in Western New York. You know those of us of a certain age Jim Kelly is 54. I'm fifty. Those of us have a certain age you don't we remember. That Jim Kelly wanna come to buffalo I referenced the Rick -- are commentary. Very early in the nation now. And there was a game -- Jim wasn't very good. Early in his career as a Buffalo Bill did have the right support system. Walks out to his donated during his his gift of a Corvette at some more on it keep -- cork -- You know Jim Kelly the young party animal. Of the stories of -- young guy. I'm still waiting to grow up but Jim. You know Jim transformed. When I'm trying to say before his health crises. Jim Kelly went from BN party animal I loved it drank and drank and drank he went from bad to being. A man of extra were not known extremists that are good work a man -- very very deep and solid state. And a man with a loving family. And a man who just. Transformed. It you know what it's like all of the bad parts of his character or immature part of his character fellow way. And the Jim Kelly of the past ten or fifteen years or so. Has been a guy who has been a real. Genuine true role model. I don't like that expression role models. But I think that you'll find a better one. To define and describe Jim Kelly -- between words. In his life for matured in his life. And I'm hoping continues to do so for many many years to -- But for Jill Kelly in the midst of everything through which -- is going. You know watching GM go through what he's going through. Having a daughter -- -- dealing with the doctors the nurses the decisions that have to be made it. For her to care so much about people she doesn't even know personally. Know people like -- and the outside world. For her to keep us in the loop almost SE big family. I have to -- -- supplement. I am. I am deeply touched. At herb strength. And her class. And the fact that. The Kelly family. Is. Responding. To all of that luck and all of those prayers and all of those messages. It's not just a one way story. -- pray for Jim. You know Jill is including all of us in Paris and obviously Jim is is down what that group. And I don't even know. How to. It's the the emotion. Forgive me sometimes they get very emotional. When it comes to talk about other people. And end the bad things -- which they're going. To one of my weaknesses. I hate this is. Just one of the finest moments. That I -- -- call involving a public figure. There is a prayers for Jim Kelley -- picked -- page. I put a link up on my FaceBook page. And basically. I'm I'm letting the Kelly family. Set the -- And share information. As it sees fit. Because otherwise. His health is his business. And his health is -- business. And I respect that. But I am deeply. Impressed. By Joseph Kelly's class. In including us as a giant extended family. That just speaks volumes. About Jill. And also about the transformation. Jim Kelly is experienced over the past decade or so it's it's really quite remarkable. And I would point out that this transformation happened before his -- leaders. So anyway I just wanted to take a moment to just. Talk about Jill -- And the incredible story. And the fact that love answers love. In situations like -- I'd I just I don't know if you don't understand I'm I'm sure you can't. Because we've all been in similar situations. You know some families just go into a shell even with their family members -- just go into a shell. And it's their right to do by the way. And -- -- Kelly is sharing her husband. -- us and sharing her life -- us because not because she wants the attention. It's not about that. It's because she knows that Jim Kelly is a beloved men by people he's never met. But by people whose lives he has touched. As a grown up and as a guy who came here. Basically. KB ear yelling and screaming and now we yell and scream to get a lot of year. And that is just class folks. Pure unadulterated. Class. By -- calorie and the entire Kelley family. And in my thoughts and prayers with the Kelly family as well as. All of going through cancer or some other major health issue right now I want your stories. I am honored and humbled that you share your stories with me never ever picked -- for granted. It's 520 we'll get back to the calls right now hopefully their cars off the ninety eastbound and people can stop gawking in backing traffic Gupta William Allen has a look at. And AccuWeather partly cloudy and cold tonight overnight low fifteen tomorrow it'll be cloudy breezy and warmer 45 and then Friday were going to be up to 48 degrees. Right now we're holding a 23 -- news radio 930 WB EN and Jim Kelly in case you're just joining us. He is cancer is I guess the word would be an operable. It's just not in a place surgeons can get it so he's coming back the buffalo chemo and radiation. Are the options now available to Jim -- But he's also got an army of prayer warriors. Never underestimate the power of prayers and positive thinking and good vibes if you want to be new AG about it and people get upset when I say good vibes I. We're talking about energy anywhere you -- -- it's energy. Let's go to somebody's been on hold for long unfortunately the name is off the computer screen on line three. This would be. Darcy on WB and hello Darcy you're on. -- -- -- -- -- Well and three years ago and my husband and met Adam. Wasn't feeling great and was diagnosed with stage four or gallbladder cancer at age 48. And five months and one week later he'd have to -- -- and many different things that people are talking about that. I could comment on. You were talking a lot about -- and we hit the web site called caring bridge to journal what was happening while it was happening. And both he and I were able to update a pretty large community of people -- group -- across the country. And we ended up making that into a book so that came out last march and we didn't have any physical miracle but I think -- -- there were a lot miracles that happen for us. Now as far as the battles through which are your husband went and the many ups and downs I know that sometimes you go through so much everything becomes kind of like off fogged what do you remember about all of those rollercoaster -- arts. We absolutely called it roller coaster ride all the time. Especially with hit because. Thankfully it was an eighty's super painful kind of cancer and the first nine weeks that is true and all of the indications that -- showed that it was going very well. And then we found out after it kept and that it was not going well at all and -- and for example in August of that year. We got news about a Friday that the cancer had spread. By Monday he was hospitalized they told that he would either real player have to wait for hours last. And by that Friday. He was back -- work full time. Well. The kind of roller coaster we've -- on. Well how're how're you doing how are you doing now you you've lost your husband to this disease. And where what how I was like dealt with you since then. Well like it that it actually hit it you know the entire diagnosis and illness really transformed. And it it. Was that -- month of our lives even -- what was the hardest. And it has turned to my career around I know. Do you speaking engagement however Western New York talking about how to be patient advocate how to be a third of other things that you're talking about. Friend sent me a great health insurance. However. Gall bladder cancer is so rare. But we had -- and a few days getting it approved because they kept calling me insane that can't be beat these gorgeous. And as yet that it's you know -- he's not the first case in history of recorded but it was so rare they didn't have any knowledge of it -- They had to be in contact with Rockwell and their research team to provide evidence that it was indeed gallbladder cancer. Darcy what I'd like to do since this is what you do as a speaker if you wanna send me private email Thomas WB ENN dot com I will preview your website make sure everything's on the a legit -- because that's just the way I am I'm I'm over control freak and -- just about about what I put in my web pages awake. So I'd be happy to put a link up for you to. As a speaker to tell people how to be. Their own advocate and how to advocate for people bailout. Because. A little bit of intelligence. And a little bit of knowledge can go a long way. And increasing the benefits of you were up. And that the benefits because people think that's a payment or check increasing the the the positive experience you have with your doctors and the good bettering the question dribbled past. Absolutely I you know -- they've been very very broken medical system and I don't. Claimed to have the answers but I do think that. All of the medical professionals choose. To stay on -- people and you really have to be an educated consumer and and know what you're looking for in its current. -- -- I -- always a late hit you know acquitted at reclaiming it ever got to Q what they hear illnesses like writing or not. My dear I have to let you go but that's why I'm not having the angiogram tomorrow -- she would have changed nothing for treatment I'm glad you called send -- email. Right Darcy on WB yeah. 537 of -- ready at 930 WV GM and it. Cancer talking about it today now yesterday we hit a program. The date Ralph Wilson died. Now Ralph Wilson. And 95. For the most part very healthy years on this planet. Now he went through the normal and natural extensions of old age but by all accounts was largely mentally alert almost until the very moment. And upon his death. Was sent off with. A great deal of love. And respect. From people who. Worked for him or would have just close encounters with Ralph Wilson. Now today. We've learned that Jim Kelly is not going to have surgery. On his recurrence of cancer. And a -- Kelly has been keeping everybody in the loop. If you wanna go to my FaceBook page I have put every link to everything I have said it about Jim Kelly. And everything Jill Kelly has said about eleven has been on my FaceBook page. My FaceBook page my first name is Tom. Then you put the dot. And my last name is spelled. Hourly it's our like BA UER. Hockey stick and hockey skate -- Jack Bauer 24 just at LE to the end that's my last night. Shouldn't go to my FaceBook page it's the picture be in the tuxedo as a professional FaceBook page and everything I say all the links all the pictures right there in one easy to find package. I'm also gonna need to know we're gonna do an update in a minute they're Joseph. On the situation on the 290. Now this is they release from Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City but I do wanna share with you not but I wanna hear myself read but this is the very latest. Lenox Hill Hospital has announced that hall of fame quarterback Jim Kelly will begin cancer treatment this week. Under the direction of Peter constant you know MD executive director of the hospital's New York head and -- institute. And a renowned skull based surgeon. Despite earlier news media reports. The Buffalo Bills legend will not undergo surgery this week while that that is a change upon which the doctors decide. Doctor constant you know said Jim -- likely treatment regiment will begin with chemo. Radiation. And -- potentially potentially surgery. Doctor Constantine -- describes. This. As a well recognized strategy designed to treat the cancer president. In mr. Kelly's -- a Larry shyness and adjacent to issues. Right now you may be saying what the -- the Max O'Leary scientists. Are folks if you. Go underneath your high next year notes. And then go between your nose decide your nose and your cheekbone. That is approximately. The center of your Macs O'Leary -- and obviously they're bilateral or on both sides. And you can just -- -- -- You know feel you're cheekbone. And then head in toward besides your nose. Under the guy that's the Max Hillary sinus area right here of which the doctor is to which the doctors operate. We have a traffic as situation here's Alan Harris with the latest. OK Allan thanks partly cloudy and called tonight -- -- fifteen degrees Amanda tomorrow cloudy breezy and it's -- warm up 45 degrees naturally will be breezy it's garbage day and I have a lot of cardboard ministry thrown out. Right now it's a 23 degrees -- news radio 930 WBE and 54212. Another traffic update coming up and I just about eight minutes from right now and if you have additional information were additional major major traffic headaches you always feel free to give us call WB -- traffic command line. Is 8030321. 8030321. That's 8030321. And any. Photographs you can safely take of that situation other -- you can email to them. Email those photos to us. Newsroom at WB EN dot com. Newsroom at WB -- dot com right now we're talking about you and your experiences with cancer this is Tom in -- Lancaster Tom. I thank you for your patience and holding and it is short term what happened reducer. Good afternoon -- this goes back several years in May of 1989 my wife was diagnosed stage four ovarian cancer. The surgeon came to me and so we have good news bad news we re removed 95% of the cancer the other 5% -- treat with chemo. So my wife had regiment of fifteen people treatments. And a second look surgery. Those those cancer look so try to have another fifteen chemo treatments she was exactly happy about that. But we also always had a positive outlook -- Namely our children we always had a positive outlook on everything we were always upbeat in order. Convinced that this was we were going to be able beat together the soul after about eight years. But just five years the five year. Time what came about doctors said she was fine there was -- cancer. Sort of it became O did its job of the remaining 5% a bit of the image romance. While body years later after three years after that five years eight years total. It came back. So shackled to the more chemo treatments and everything eventually. To may of 200213. Years later she passed away. People that could mean. Time that was your -- You're at thirteen years but she was stage four cancer and we do live polite to woods. We every year we travel we travel all over Europe we went. All over and -- many places and we were able to live lake to its fullest. But as I said she died in 2002. In 2001. Her brother who was unmarried or younger brother was unmarried and taking care of his mother my mother in law -- later early dementia. He was diagnosed with lung cancer and there was nobody take care -- so I wound up being the caregiver for my brother in law and then my wife. In January of 2002. Was diagnosed with cancer coming back. There in -- to people posting here with cancer my brother in law died six weeks before but it wasted. A lot of having taker his funeral because there was nobody in the family did to a reverse alternately. And take care -- -- That my wife was sick even attend the funeral. My -- -- having dementia issue is what else should really know what was going. She. Paula and after that and broker pelvis. Was in rehab and -- the way over there. And I was taking care of my mother had breast cancer all of these people die within a timeframe of the bloody year in and jobs. I have sole convinced. And I'm Catholic. I'm so convinced. That god gave me the strength to get through this I think about it because it was an ordeal that god gave me the strength to get through. Did you ever feel as though sometimes you'd put your life on auto pilot. That sometimes you just kind of went through things almost robot likely -- mechanically because if you stop to think about them too much would have driven yourself up a wall. Well absolutely absolutely I mean it just goes -- you're going through things and it was like it didn't realize what was happening you know just this had to be done -- And I was always the caregiver has just doing all these things. And then. After rub my mother in law and my mother that they wanted to stay in their apartments side I wanted to move them into my -- they refused it had to take care of there are states than all this paperwork and everything that go all this at legacy within about -- crew of about -- -- have. Tom I wanna try your -- I just have one more question for you and that is this who's taken care Tom. Well ill I guess several Catholic and I found out through with these guys is awful they had a wonderful sport group called survive and it was for -- -- little worse. I went to the first being that I attended that's all Mike Reid is the greatest in the world nobody's got -- greater that I have. Well I found out that there's a lot of people out there hurting. And it was a wonderful. Organization has helped me tremendously so much so that. -- -- stay on as a coordinator estate after several years. Doing that. Tom I'm gonna ask you to send me emails like capital link up on my FaceBook page to that organization because it may help some folks. That the organization is no longer and it. -- -- I'm sorry to hear that -- isn't there also something Parents Without Partners that is aimed at widows and -- -- words with where we children. Yes there it I don't open -- -- that and Parents Without Partners many of the local churches have within the church. The parish they have their -- support groups to help people out so I would. We recommend that people look into this because it was very helpful that mean. And I talked to a follow. Who. Was it but it is like -- cancer he would wore adult daughters of whom were married. And he wouldn't become a Roman Catholic priests. These -- is awful mean it was a very interesting. Or else -- same thing to whip. This couple priests have been known even with wives and families to become Catholic priests are exceptions to that marriage a priest thing. -- -- I guess that we looked like to -- with a -- the year before might wait guys we took chemo drugs with us and we were traipsing through. The archaeological sites Turkey. I hope you saw emphasis. Outstanding. We wrote up to the Bannister or -- -- wrote to revelation I don't -- upset -- -- all we were all over the place. Well if you if you saw pop up close and ethicists and that's got to bring via the new the new testament that the light I was there and I was thinking myself. All these places really exist letters to the -- just this is asserts I gotta go I am sure I gotta get some other folks who also been on hold for. -- ridiculous amount of time thank you very much. 030930. As the on air ball never in one minute we'll check in with the traffic mess out there on the -- way. AccuWeather partly cloudy and cold tonight quite cold overnight low fifteen tomorrow it'll be cloudy breezy and warmer 45 by a part of the 48 degrees I'm still looking at 23 news radio 930 WBE and Joseph Kelly. Has just. Just continues to exemplify. Class. And Jim Kelly's latest battle with cancer very serious battle with cancer let us not to underestimate. The serious nature of what Jim and his family are experiencing right now Jill is keeping us up to date is if we were family. There is a -- prayers for Jim -- site on FaceBook I put the link up on my FaceBook page. We have a statement from Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City now one line from that statement I did -- have a chance to get to. From the doctor Jim Kelly's condition remains very treatable. And potentially. Curable. Doctor Constantine was sent so let's hope that it is both treatable end it curable. 8030930. Is the phone number news radio 930 WBE. And let's get back to the calls it is Geneen in the polls Judy thanks for holding future -- I think what we're taking my call amen to what I'll chill and Jim Kelly. People say. We'll carry them. -- on my story is I've been in 1996 and down and execute the and it -- -- -- He went through a year and a half of chemo radiation. Went into remission. In 1999 came -- it but it -- -- kind of -- leukemia -- You know I'm they get Q related issue. Hair transplant. And on December. Or January 2000. They all looked at -- a 30% chance. To -- I. My god get trapped. Needless to -- put that out of our mind we get ourselves to prayer. When I found out he found out on the first read it and and look at him. I let -- clear your mind. Don't worry about -- -- don't worry about dole don't worry about anything she -- clear and put it to where I will take care of everything else. And I put my -- prayer obviously. I have big support ankle march gambling. On trying. -- that helped me a while there they -- helped me through that. He is in -- On -- and fourteen year. -- -- Everything's gone through it taken hold on him I. I was locked in a couple times. -- you know what I say you were holding out for a long time and I need and a want for everybody's spirit. I wanna hear more about the whole it took on him. Because I don't think people understand. When you go through a health issue. That you can try to bounce back. But your body knows that it needs time to rest and heal and I want you to stay with me until after the news or -- If you can do it I would appreciate it more importantly my audience were 555. You're hearing news radio 930 WB ENN.

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