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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>3-26 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

3-26 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Mar 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 dvd -- I wore us down upon -- with Rory. And then you. If you got the whole -- Muslim tensions and my brother. And he had a good week. Decency to clear my name with the same publicity. We've -- and now especially. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cool -- Yeah yeah. Thanks to the people who let me know -- GE Smith. Was that a guitar player on Saturday Night Live bit thin guy with a long blond hair. My mother in law for whatever reason fell in love with when she was diagnosed with incurable brain cancer. She lived to watch that show they had their property at that lake should talk. And my father in law -- mother in law would deficit in this this trailer a -- trailers down and a one it was bears. And every Saturday night summertime. In early fall. You know -- all huddled around the a TV set watching Saturday Night Live and of course is my mother in law got sicker. The but it is always so interesting to see. What gives people enjoyment and dissatisfaction. As they are are going through their personal. Health issues like cancer. By the way many of you have ask me about this I put up a link on my FaceBook page. To the prayed up prayers for Jim Kelly site on FaceBook if you like to share a quick message with the Kelly family. And lettuce I get to the calls now on WB EN 8030930. Is the phone number. Ralph Wilson. 95 years old. Magnificently. Remembered by you guys on my show yesterday and frankly every other media outlet and now. To be remembered in that way. With the kind of respect. Affection and love that Ralph Wilson was remembered. You could not ask for better sendoff if the agent ninety. Now all my thoughts are with Jim Kelly. Who is 54 years -- And you know I'm trying to put myself. In maybe you did the same thing. In the position of the guys were at the stadium yesterday to talk about Ralph Wilson's death. And I got to play us open. I don't know this to be effect. But I can only surmise. That the big elephant in the room was Jim -- Because they all of the guys and they wanna see him get back to -- they wanna see him beat this thing again and I get back to being Jim Kelly. And I just cannot say enough about the way in which Jim Kelly transformed. His life. And he did it before the health scares. You know as they say there are no atheists in a foxhole. -- did it before the cultures. So it's not like it was a last ditch attempt he transformed himself I respect that very very much. And not only did he transform himself but it's funny. Because. As he transformed himself. He also brought additional love to himself from people. Whose lives he hadn't even touched through football. You know the -- in so long since retired. So he really has bitten and continues to be an inspiration. And for you in your life. Unfortunately cancer. Rears its -- its ugly head. In many many families. And let's go to Mike Cameron who knows that all too well Mike you're welcome to -- -- -- show and I don't see on the screen that you very recently have but endured a very very bad loss and a I'd like you to tell us about you were. Encounters with this horrible disease cancer. -- term credit door I'm sorry I don't have a miracle. A nightmare. Well court chair. Shoot fifty years both sort Burkle and has became -- -- -- later. Global. Stage four colon cancer. It -- diagnosis. To order we're short civil the year street order or there's this general. And coach until. -- stay in proper treatment. We have. Well lawyers won the greater research centers. That the world ever treatments that are that's where people leave article -- treated. Or -- we -- specific terror or. For three much at all. There aren't exports start. Please everyone don't they are this or one organization. I haven't seen a huge for -- Well forget the he wouldn't see yeah it's -- Like I'm I'm just I'm a little tongue tied here and I just now as far as treatment in buffalo I I honestly have to tell you I'm not qualified to respond to what you said about. People going elsewhere for treatment. I think the place somebody is to be treated for cancer. Is it is their choice in conjunction with their doctors my mother in law. Went to Roswell and frankly there was nothing anybody could have done for my mother and not with that kind of a brain tumor nothing at all. So it was a question of managing and managing the pain so I'm honest I qualified to differentiate between. Which cancers can be treated your best in which you know are going to be. Referred elsewhere in consultation with positions I think that's really up to -- the patients involved. With with your wife. Did the doctor at all after the first colonoscopy. Where she came out clean as a whistle. Did they recommend an additional -- ten years later five years later. Earlier you know whatever ten years. A mile away I would say what. They mentioned that and sure order well. -- What or what -- Almighty I'm so sorry did did the colonoscopy miss it or -- simply not developed yet. Well knows are critical stage -- grow fast within those pictures that are quick Google but my wife always says it. That's digit Euro also. Before we even went and she got all diagnosis. I want we ought to look back respect for going out there are gurneys. All you have your global policy. Outlook that number should know. I want all or chips in a war one. I let go in it really well oh. Sure but a bigger political appropriate or we -- one -- church called. Good for you know what -- I I have to tell you Mike I know that some doctors is some doctors get. A little ego and -- I do the same thing as far as a broadcaster you know all you do debate very look at patients like you -- they say well what you went to the university Google medical school. But I think there is something to be said for doing research so you can ask intelligent questions of your physicians and make intelligent decisions for yourself that's why I said no to the angiogram was supposed to have tomorrow because it sure it would have changed nothing in terms of treatment nothing. Exactly agree or whatever process. Well. Then why are all wonderful -- being -- at the I don't know where we're oil. Or liver finally. Feeling that we. Here at all. What a wonderful group of people are both oil. Out of the walk. -- -- -- Not a Sunday bought her webpage and it seemed to have about a quarter horses that story. Well usually you know I am about mentioning web sites obviously in your case and making it said an exception because -- to do otherwise would just be classless and wrong. Mike I want to thank you for your call and for being able to talk about it. I know how much you love your wife I can accurate in your voice I know that part of you is angry. Part of you wonders what if but the part of view that recognizes the great work done by hospice. I really. Really really. Empathize with I think hospice is an outstanding. Organization and they were very helpful to my dad in his final hours as well I want to thank you for your call -- Are there is Mike and you're close encounters with cancer. And your story doesn't have to be dramatic. It doesn't even necessarily have to have a happy ending. I wanna know what you went through. I would however. Very much like to know about miracles. Because I do believe in miracles. Now whether miracles happen because of some empirical. Data based reason. And chemistry. And organic material. Or whether they happen because of some sense of spiritual energy that we don't understand I don't know I don't think anybody knows -- the doctors now. We talked to your doctor who's a specialist in one area. And they don't know Dick about anything else about medicine. Does that happen today I mean seriously affect I've got great doctors please understand that. But what I asked them to offer advice out of there realms of expertise they always will tell me top. That's not my area you've got to talk to the neurologist about that you've got to talk to the cardiologist about that I respect people were honest oh wait a minute. I respect people who know their limitations. But as a patient folks. The more research you do the better questions you will be able to ask of you work positions and remember. You have the right to ask questions of your doctors -- not ask questions at a sit there like a lump is not good. Let's go to surely in the WB -- who knows what it's like to see somebody beat cancer and then after go head to head with it again as Jim Kelly used to hello you're on. -- I look what's your story surely. Went into my mother was diagnosed with Lee can't at an eleven not. The scene of the crime Welker and I'm glad that hurt their previous Collard green and he's this is why on medical -- -- six. He would later -- uncle and can't. Well I'm sorry my mother with a -- is morning at 838. And welcome once in. Though. And 2000. Quit smoking and then she women he had logged in and bulky. And walking -- and a lot. And it and it -- -- -- and that is that fair enough now and then and are treated well there. -- -- -- -- -- And -- can -- not matter and and radical views the call at that. And I thought you know what I wanna hear about that coming up. Because. I I I wanna be able give you more time that I can give your right now surely and I don't wanna have to cut jobs when -- go to traffic quick with Allen Harrison WB and Elin how's it rival. And AccuWeather cloudy and cold tonight the overnight low in the -- again fifteen degrees tomorrow cloudy -- be breezy of course because just like that. Warmer tomorrow the high 45 right now it is -- and right now the temperature. 22 degrees at WB yen. Let's get back to -- now whose mom. Basically had three bouts with cancer within one year with -- eleven months the first one. Was the lung cancer -- -- throat cancer and insurer and by the way the second leading cause of throat cancer is drink game. Smoking is number one drinking is number two web that you didn't know that and also guys. And I'm not trying to be gratuitously sexual here please understand it's okay but you need to know this for your own good. Goes have you guys and and ladies were in the oral sex on women. The more women you haven't with the more you increase your chances of throat cancer. So you might be a guy in your thirties and you might dismiss symptoms of throat cancers and which is I don't drink I've never smoked. Well if you go if you have oral sex with a lot of women. You increase your chances of throat cancer you need to know that I'm not trying to be gratuitously sexual I get scope like every year just to make sure. Let's go to and I've got to be honest with you know I mean that's it's it's. You need to know it is a public health issue let me go back to surely in the -- though without a colonoscopy procedure mom finally got the courage to go in for colonoscopy may I ask you what -- back. Issued an -- Complacent when McCain's. Going to back. You know even -- called in and -- -- -- or Brandon Banks. Growing cancer she just never went to the -- believe game. Just. Taking and lower. -- -- and she was old school. Basically surely she was old schooler -- With old school lunch and Aetna very low -- and then they say are you calling can't there. You know they had exactly -- -- it is what my ankles. And no brainer I'm going to clean up the cold and get out column there. Well that whining and some people need to say it shouldn't -- -- there's really can't comment our. I give your mom can take months to live and eat out she died in this surgery. February 1 since 2007. March 29. 2010. Surely I have to ask you and I don't mean to bring back bad memories my dear but what did they overlooked in the diagnostics. That hit them during the surgery. Well obviously it's great for Chinese it'd be expanded brand obeying. In the abdomen. And it would not make you do that and that's. Well you know we can get around -- bark and because we are noted actors get paid big money when it. Which under the knife. Who now and I hope I'm mentioned the last car. Somebody wanted civic involvement in the inject or you really want something that they threatened sheet but unlike -- previous policy and it is why. When and where colonoscopy my mother in every one she still. Read it. Calling -- each hypothetical and got the yanks are -- well Evelyn and -- years. While waiting to get there. They could've happened. Given your genetics surely given your family history could you actually talk to doctor into approving one annually. And your family history basically screams colon cancer colon cancer can't get one every year we got to meet that would be a medical necessity. Well you know when you have a win it's one point genetic thing they do a lot of history here. But the problem is you have won and they don't find anything like I have one -- out. And it was the -- it's a would have been malignant that I would probably head we've been pretty insurance companies that say. Have in three years. It was cancer as they could also was the on site here. Surely I want you around longer and I'm gonna encourage you to is not not to scream a little encourage you to be aggressive. With your insurance company and with your doctor in terms of getting -- and I'm not a doctor okay. But it just seems to me given the genetic predisposition. An annual colonoscopy. Would be a wise investment which ultimately could very well save you and your insurance company help a lot of money and certainly a lot of pain. I'm happy to hear from you surely my best he always. Thank you made your 803 -- I'm thirtieth news radio 930 WBBM. A little thing and -- It's father's name. Move allows. -- is really necessary this one -- -- -- really necessary I mean bottom wanna just two seasons in the sun in L one I just two seasons in the sun and he had done. Anyway it is up for 33 at news radio 930 WBE and Joseph beavers -- master control and John sure measure calls greater by the way. All I did not have a chance to properly credit. Everybody involved -- yesterday's show on the guy. On the guy gets the credit. On the guy gets the praise but. I could not -- -- yesterday show on the death of Ralph Wilson without unbelievable. Work by Joseph beamer. And by John Sherman. Also Tom pocket in the newsroom enormously helpful -- terrorists in traffic command shared with us the pictures he had taken of Ralph Wilson. And -- behind the scenes -- the big boss man Tim Langer he was just today he was everywhere yesterday he is ubiquitous yesterday. He's not a detached manager -- stuff happens he's in the trenches and I could've done it without those guys so I want you to know I never. I never try to carry the flag and say it's all -- it's all way because I couldn't do without the guys. Without these idiots are gonna work with -- regard it's I say that affectionately -- they call me. 434 WBBM well ladies and gentlemen there is some news I think you need to know and I. You know I feel really. Kinda weird. Talking about somebody else's health situation. So. I've decided that. Anything I say is going to be based on what the Kelly family sorts. OK so joked Kelly Jim's -- just put out. A statement. That. Jim Kelly's surgery has been canceled. Jim -- surgery has been canceled. The cancer is in areas that surgery cannot successfully eradicate. The cancer is in areas that surgery. Cannot successfully. Erratic. Joked Kelly Jim's wife goes on to say at this point Jim will not be having surgery. The cancer is in areas that surgery cannot successfully eradicate their four. The medical specialist here in New York City along -- -- buffalo team believe that chemotherapy and radiation are the best option. So what if you are a believer. If you are a prayer warrior. I don't even have to tell you were advise you what to do you're already doing it and at the Jim Kelly and tough. Got a great support system with his family. And that to all of you dealing with cancer that's on doing the show today. -- doubt whether you're dealing with -- right now put us in the picture. 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB the end. You know so it's just I feel so weird talking about somebody else's situation. And frankly a little bit uncomfortable. Mean at least with with my stuff it's meat you know why I. So what I choose to share I chair I share I share at all because I told to be -- -- its. I just feel awkward talking about somebody else and I hope. I hope you can understand why am. Just going by what the -- -- recess. -- it's their business. And I don't feel the need to go talking to their neighbors about here's market Lancaster on WBBM hi mark. I am I indoors -- I never call that your show before but I really enjoy your opinions you -- thank you. I'd like. Tell you a little bit about an up close and personal story I had and now I don't know I would consider a miracle but it does. To me show the influence -- that I am a survivor myself. At the influence of god GOD. -- I am a survivor myself and now going back a number of years ago. I had basically. What I I was a minor physical problem and I logo that for many years. But then one thing led -- Not me I ask what it was. I have as soreness in my neck public bruise in my neck okay. And. He eventually one time I knew what and under ordinary. Under ordinary examinations -- -- complain about it those C. A specialist which I did. And basically during the course of the examination. During the course of the exam and treatment or that unrelated problem they found cancer in my neck. Are so all told I personally had three and a two month period I had three operations and my -- And then ultimately head over there you radiation treatment as well over the course of a couple -- there there. Now I've lived with this unrelated problem or probably ten years and I would saying. That it was in my opinion the end of god telling me go get it straightened terror. Actually I recently read an examination -- -- every month. And my doctor even called me you know god was looking out for you when that happened. So I believe and what -- divine intervention saved my life. And as a matter of fact they say. You're cancer free -- -- Earlier diagnosis. They are you here and ironically what you're subject today. Today at five years that -- of my diagnosis so. I had an exam made just two or so weeks ago and doctor Gomez and he considers need to be cured. You know I don't consider that when I'm doing a topic I always wonder. For how many people a particular topic on a given day is particularly. And specifically. Hitting a home like smack dab in the middle of the chest. Well you got me there I'm certainly our main. Well that's that's so -- -- Do you remember like the emotions. Through which you went the rollercoaster the vicissitudes of at all. Oh absolutely like it was yesterday I mean when they use the C word and the same sentence that your name. If you like hammered. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But yes I mean it instantly you think you're gonna die yet are you know you think you're got -- -- -- go out there that are. They tell me that you know answer like you say is not the best that they used to being. And now they always say on TV commercials like that early action. Is Paramount then and they actually beating and in my case like you know or influence and out. Two have a very early action where my in laws still at a point where borderline state one state of the -- How they Redick -- in the size of the tumor but. Here I am five years later that day and doing fine and you know they're declaring need to be cancer free. And and one other point that you raised you know whether you belong to an organized religion like I do not like you. Is long you have faith and end of the idiot got whichever one you -- breakthrough. It helps to Ottawa the doctors will how to answer. Victims survivors whatever. That we can get cancer out of your body but a lot harder to get it out your mind and that. Without. You know this is just not really silly but that without the faith that I do have. I don't think I'd be here. And in a lot of it basically my faith allows -- laugh off the big stuff. We have I've said that a zillion times the big stuff is like water off of the expect from. And without that I think I probably. Their legacy I die I. Without a hearing we specific. Religious theory were belief system. I absolutely believe in god the creator absolute. I'm so glad you called and I'm so glad that you were cancer free and hope you stay that way how old it. Going around 57 actually this was entirely they're and this happened. All right serve well look you hang tough. Am glad it's like I'm glad that this is heading home with you but I'm sorry had to go through that but of any data do the show on that we're doing it five years to the day after -- Right that's why Leonard Cohen a partner and the last one I wanted to make there if you have this belief. It's easier to get it out here has -- easier cold wet finger light and now because of that like you worry about all -- clarity. Real don't out of it like these -- mare he realized the I strung person now not at all as long as I can still walk and wake up in the morning. Everything else in the water under. Now I just don't I just say in God's hands except they do it in Latin because I'm -- -- thanks for your call. All right I all right -- 030930. Start at 3180616. WBE and up by the way they talk about courage. And and that particular. Prayer in in your hands got. It was uttered again and again and again by Mary queen of Scots. The night in the hours before. Her execution. And you did you ever see the video of Saddam Hussein as he was being executed. -- what you will about Saddam Hussein. The man had courage when he knew he was facing certain death. And Mary queen of Scots was kind of the same way she faced her death with a tremendous amount of faith. In in god and in the Catholic Church she faced her death whip. Actually a sense of humor to it. Because as part of being beat headed back and they wanted to partially disrobe -- executioner could get a clean swing of his acts. And she looked around she got a chuckle and she basically said she's I've never taken my close up peaceful -- before so many people. I appreciate people who can face eternity with that kind of act whatever it is a lot about their faith says a lot about who they are. Let's go to. Is this a miracle. Berry at Orchard Park on WB EM Mary would you describe what you experienced as a miracle. Well I would say it did for burying him there. Given six months then I'm gone and thirteen years at the miracle. All OK you are somebody I've been waiting to talk to today can you put us in the picture. Can you start from the beginning. Well my mom's side is is riddled with cancer goes right now on the line and other agreement had breast cancer my mom had breast cancer. Me and yet have a hearing -- my sister had a gang camp there. And lo and behold here I come up with a theory cancer. I'm under the right to get up like a port -- get where they electric bike thirty. I hadn't really high here in I have authority act you know you attribute it here job. And and I had a he had it -- I couldn't like breathe that job. But. I I hope you don't make -- pay keep -- -- appeared my sister died likened. April and a year later he appeared to me and the dream. And keep that you go to the acting -- can't get out. I look up with victory in the morning and was like oh my god she was here capacity when it used to -- perfume that -- me that was so sweet. I don't know what -- heard about -- he can't make out so. I it different than like in June July broke out in the reacts that nobody could explain what it was. They get kept giving me. Creams and steroids. And I paddled -- you know I don't think your account that they went -- to I have to see it. -- reactions to it but now it it just like had McDermott tight or not they act like -- -- -- can find more steroids and more -- -- and get faster. And it -- hand like bronchitis. And I had a hard time getting -- The patent through linked to make that part with like -- can read so I went ahead. In Wikipedia on my husband really -- -- -- ER I couldn't even come up to fight it gives it to bad. -- the ER and the tactic that. I got it up yet -- the -- had to carry your lungs that filled with fluid and it looked like somebody get him in the they kept my head and I think you know I think I have like some. Filing -- let me and my right side. Okay now we're talking about something to which I can relate you wanna talk about swelling in the brain were gonna continue this after a traffic okay. All right because I I appreciate the way tell the story by the way. Bomb. You have to understand something when you talk about people appearing to you in dreams. I believe and a spiritual component to life. And there are people who think I'm crazy because I believe in a spiritual component to life that I do. Have a very open mind when it comes to things that cannot be explained by science as we know it now. Shakespeare once wrote there is more in heaven and earth Horatio than is dreamt in your philosophy in your science and I believe that. Believed -- then and I believe it's true now. And we're gonna continue on WB Ian just ahead with more of this incredible story. All right gang up partly cloudy and cold tonight we're gonna be in the -- again. Overnight low fifty and get a lot in all perspective as much as it bitch about what are at least we're not dealing with the mud slide. I don't remember ever dealing with a mud slide. Ever maybe he was itself make like 72 but that would just mostly flooding. For tomorrow cloudy breezy and warmer and 45. It is 23 editors radio I'm thirty WB -- for those of you were just joining us there were talking about cancer. And York close encounters with cancer. And you know medical science is just such incredible progress. In so many areas. Now is there a blanket silver bullet cure for cancer all cancer know there is not. Have cures increased yes they have. And more and more the term management. Is being used in the world of medicine no I'm not a doctor and not try to play one. But management. Is so important because if you can manage a condition with medication. It's almost the same as being -- If a condition isn't affecting your -- daylight. And you can deal with that management. Nothing wrong with that at all. -- it back to Mary -- cannot -- Jim Kelly front I'm sorry I joked Kelly is. Obviously with when her husband Jim. And she just posted a beautiful picture of Jim hugging his dad in New York City. And for those who did not here earlier. Jim Kelly surgery has been canceled and the reason news that the cancer has recurred. In areas that cannot be. For which surgery cannot be done instead it'll be chemo and radiation for Jim Kelly and he's coming back the buffalo. And again prayer warriors you know what you do best. And I know Jim -- a lot of people on his side he's got a very large. -- church congregation to which he belongs -- -- has been a transformed man. And his family issues that are a beautiful family and I know there a lot of beautiful families going through cancer Jim Kelly is just somebody we all know in common vicariously in many cases but. The man's alleged let's go to love Mary again in Orchard Park ovarian cancer she was told she had six months to live. Her sister appeared to hurt any dream to get her to go to the doctor to begin -- and replica of the streamer. So any agreement the -- in blob. He he. Felt the funny -- -- I can't stand. In Vietnam. He came back and that well. Got the good candidate you don't have bronchitis but they had that they have a -- cancer they have about six months. So you know. At -- time hearing can't live like a death sentence that you heard they adequate Michael my bad -- it wasn't so well. Treated like yesterday they would hit it happened that's what they -- today. So. They admitted me and my reality there's QB can indicate they have hours. In it and -- I did tonight you. In another week and a half an hour and went through six treatment. Key moment. Second surgery in hand when I went they act seductive bad. Now nearing you know I'd be at Q what are. Six months ago she said there's -- tiny cancer like -- on. So I know I had I know I had a great healing and talented but I do believe. Debt it was intervention from up above. And sister who wanted to this -- he's still looks after me and my my daughter. Your sister just out of the blue. You may have set earlier but I'm also getting a lot of different messages from different sources and different things. Ditch would your sister died of. My sister that are being camp okay. So your question here can make. So for hurts just to appear do you -- have had you been dreaming of for frequently or was that her rare guest appearance on your late late late night dream show. Now you know. Her and I were close in really bad weather go as far as -- you get -- and finding -- okay. Well I think you got -- it. No arrangement for her I think my dining okay in and out of the blue -- little doubt appeared and I and I GAAP. And if it jumped up acute here at impact and my. Buy your make like my fighting left the door financial planning and my sister was OK. And you know it can thank -- -- me. We have -- -- and that in this -- -- the only should have an effect somewhere said it's just that it staff somewhere and I think. What you pay half I think her goal was to make sure they get. I'm taking care of and -- watching over me and I could really and truly believe they actually. Mary I've been waiting forgive me for interrupting I I'd have a hard break here for the news and I've been a lot of people who wanna talk. You were the miracle call and I hope I have many more today to be told the -- six months to live stage four ovarian cancer and here you are now speaking on the radio. First of all I'm honored that you trust me to tell me. To tell my audience and be all about what you went through a very humbled by how people open up to me. And I just wish you nothing but the best thank you very much. And I ice I shall thank you 803 on -- thirty at WB and more on Jim Kelly. And the news coming up interest reports.

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