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3-26 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Mar 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 PV EN. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah and -- maybe you're better off not having the surgery but taking the -- I'm not only I don't know what this. Good. Kind of -- people know me. I'm very happy news media including you know partner one simple request. Somebody asked to have sharks went -- it. It is Boller -- others ready and I authority WBE. And something folks. I am so proud. To. There. V sure we did yesterday. I am so proud. Of the community. Looking at my FaceBook posts. About Ralph Wilson. And his death. And the fact that people -- -- this always happens it is the nature of things. People reflect on the good it. Ralph Wilson dear Anna made the point yesterday several times that you only know the tip of the iceberg. With what Ralph Wilson contributed to cheer all right. You don't even know 99%. Of what he did you're gonna have to trust me -- -- I know organizations. I know people with organizations. That were touched by the beneficent of Ralph Wilson. And the fact that you guys remember him for that. And the fact that you remember these great stories about just running into Ralph Wilson. You know it helped humanize him. In my mind. Because again. He was like my great. He was always there. Always you know always the background always presents. And then suddenly he's gone. And then suddenly find out well. Here really was not quite the -- Serious. Businessman 24/7. I always thought you lots. So I -- something for you guys yesterday who haven't had a chance to meet Ralph where Mary Wilson. -- is outgoing. That he had a great sense of humor back I was listening to west elk -- It was shock departure. Our sister station are driving into work on that WG. And some guy called and was at the stadium. And he said I'd bumped into this little guy. And eat it I got the feeling that even today he wasn't very nice to -- guy he had bumped into sometimes happens at a crowd to puppet of the people. Some people are better about it and other people are in this guy got a little bit ticked off that he looked down. If he -- it was Ralph Wilson. So he immediately offered his apologies. And Ralph Wilson just smiled animus that hey it's okay don't worry about it have a good legal bills. And that's the kind of guy Ralph Wilson wants. And ladies and gentlemen. I have to be careful because. I don't want to. Be a victim. By becoming overly. Sentimental or overly. Emotional on the radio. About the death of somebody I did not know personally. But. If you can live 95 years. Mostly. In good health. And leave a community. Mostly. Remembering the good fix. And remembering those little bit yet it's of their encounters with -- And being sent off to immigrate beyond. With great recollections. And with Merck. And with merriment. And with good feelings. And with fringe and ever getting ahead. I don't think there's a greater tribute to Ralph Wilson. And keep in mind. And folks this comes with having any job any position in the public. There are times you are hated and reviled and Ralph was. There -- -- to our beloved and walk on water and Ralph -- And how he was. Remembered yesterday during the -- By guys like Steve tasker mark Kelso Pete -- And others. Really spoke volumes. About who he really really wants. I have to confess the human side of Ralph Wilson is something I'd never really thought too much about. I just thought about it does business owner bottom line guy football owner rich guy Grosse Pointe Farms Michigan dot. It forms are short ever but. I think Ralph Wilson had a great life. And the real mark of a great life. Is to go off. At the age of 95. With so many people remembering the good things you did for. We should all have vector -- And I'm so happy. That that Tom Leighton. -- chief news or sports anchor with that WX YZTV in Detroit. Who helped to break the story -- former colleague appears. I am so happy that Tom Leighton. Included in his story which was the first one that I saw anyway that appeared on line. I am so happy. That he reminded us all Ralph Wilson was in fact a World War II veteran. And it just. Yesterday it it all I gotta tell it all came together precisely. Exactly as perfect a way as possible. In terms of the news breaking and in terms of the recollections. Of Ralph Wilson the man. And I will tell you that. He is going to be. Very very very much missed. Obviously by the people who knew him the closest by his former players. Even those with whom we did not necessarily. Get along further ending days of Buffalo Bills. But. To be thought it was almost like a father figure by so many guys were big top athletes. I just don't think there's a better way to check out and how Ralph Wilson that we should all be that lucky. If you wanna talk about the perfect out of the perfect send off. I don't think you can get much better than how Ralph Wilson left this world. And I'm not being disrespectful and tried that to me that is the ultimate tribute. That is the ultimate. Exclamation. Point exclamation mark on the end of a lifetime. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it really was a very very very touching show. Now the same time. As we think about Ralph Wilson there's another guy. Who is. Occupying my thoughts right now. And he is a man it was 54 years old. Who is intimately connected to an associated whipped. The Buffalo Bills glory years. And his name is Jim -- the -- quarter. And Jim Kelly. Has been an asset. To this community for quite some time look. I have been critical of Jim Kelly. Over the past twenty years like twenty years ago I think what is restaurant went belly up. But Jim Kelly is also a guy. Who. Changed. So much. And so much for the better. You know it's almost like he. Just made this decision. To. To become. A better. A better person a more well rounded person. You all remember. And this is again this also gets back to Ralph Wilson. Because -- I forget whether it was Larry hunter lastly at our station yourself a modular sports station. Who was talking about the fact that Ralph Wilson brought people to buffalo. Maybe thought crap on government buffalo and then they end up here. At one of those guys with Jim Kelly. Folks. I still remember the channel seven editorial. Rick Cesar. Maybe you remember this too because at that time there was only one TV news of people watched -- -- and I'm channels channel seven's Eyewitness News that was. At Rick is -- did an editorial. Went it was obvious that Jim Kelly had no choice but to come to buffalo. -- he -- a problem. How many people remember Elvis he did not want to come to buffalo. And Rick is are basically when other year. And in the old days of sports. Commentary on TV they used to flash commentary. Across the bottom of the screen and -- just lay in to Jim Kelly with all the facts and circumstances. Jim. You are coming to buffalo it's the way the system works -- used to it you're going to be a Buffalo Bill. I wish I had a verbatim a Africa is our editorial because it was quick and brilliant. Well Jim Kelly comes to buffalo. He steps off the play. And channel seven being channel seven as it was at the time reporter by the name of the house. Throws Jim Kelly a football. And then Jim Kelly throws it back to him so damn house -- claim to fame is he is the first guy to whom Jim Kelly completed a pass in buffalo true story. True story. Those in the broadcast industry who remember that I wasn't in the industry I was. Just viewer. At the time but those of you were there at the time with and how -- -- -- you'll remember that story a little bit hokey but nonetheless very effective it's what jail seven. It's a great talent way back when. Now Jim Kelly came to town he was his brash young man. I don't think anybody can relate to bat. He's a summit -- the told along the way you got to shut up about not wanting to be a Buffalo Bill. Yet you at least have to fake you at least have to go through the motions. Number one other car dealerships. Give Jim Kelly a Corvette. I don't call which car dealership once. And I also remember after a game. Jim Kelly walked out to his Corvette that he'd been given. And some phenomenal. Bullets moron -- key Jim Kelly's Corbett. Believe it or not had -- Jim Kelly's Corbett. Well. I don't think I need to go in to. The transformation. Of Jim Kelly. From brash young men. And it shall we simply say man about -- July shall I say it delicately. -- right man about town. In to the man he hit he has -- -- As he has matured and with his beautiful wife Jill and her family at his side. Our Jim Kelly became. Does he he has become just an inspiration to so many people. So many people. And right now he ladies and gentlemen at the age of 54. Is in a real battle. With cancer I know you -- battles with cancer and your family as well. My family we don't have a lot of cancer. But. Jim Kelly is he's a sick man. And he is receiving the very finest treatment possible. And I know that all of you join me. In wishing for Jim Kelly and his family nothing but the very best outcome. And the very best success. And you know what. The way. In which he's. Changed. They've been for the better. They have a -- completely been for the better as they say he's is a totally different man. You know the -- brash young men for that matter -- was Thurman Thomas. You know these guys you know they come into the league and early twenties. Is a big difference between a man in his early twenties and a man who -- fifty. For most men I'm still waiting girl. But for most men you you change. And to become more circumspect. And to become more aware of what is truly important. And what is simply ephemeral. And Jim Kelly is a guy who is gain perspective. And has earned a lot of respect for an awful lot of people. Are he went through the family tragedy. With his son hunter. Were all aware of that and of course the hunter's hope foundation continues to this day. And I think about the fact that. Ralph Wilson. Got nine -- five years. Of relatively healthy babies on this planet. And now I want to just focus attention on. Just sending good thoughts to the Kelly family nothing but good thoughts to the Kelly -- And everybody who is personally acquainted. -- Jim Kelly. Now here's an interesting well it's interesting to me. Bit of trivia I probably spent the total of a day or two on the phone -- Jim Kelly we've never met. -- interview via telephone all the time. We never met we talked for hours on the phone never met. But certainly. He he was a part he what he was just a part of that whole incredible error in buffalo -- history those -- you in your twenties. I cannot even put into words the excitement that team generated. In the early 1990s. In Western New York. When you basically get a team of perennial losers. Become a juggernaut. In the NFL. And just to hear the words Buffalo Bills and Super Bowl. In Super Bowl 25 against the New York Giants. Was that in itself was amazing. And I can't begin to explain it to you guys and ladies who work around -- a -- at that time. -- it would a bit like yeah winning the lottery and losing your virginity the same day. That's how exciting ones -- I'm overstating it. But that's it was like. But. I am very very curious. Today you probably get into this as removal. But about your families. Battles. We have with cancer and and how things worked out and and what you had to go to. In dealing with. Now don't go anywhere because we have we have figured break also along the way I'm actually gonna defend mark resigned. I'm going to defend mark -- IP. If you never thought. You rude awakening coming up on WBE. All right it and it is our early on his radio 930 WBE. And I wanna talk about you and your family and cancer as Jim Kelly is now in our thoughts your prayers positive vibes however you want a phrase that he is. Legions of prayer warriors. In Western New York or sending good thoughts and prayers to his way. And of course a very very very very supportive family network. As he is being treated for recurrence of that the horrible oral cancer. -- so courageously battled once before. And is now finding himself. Battling again may I remind you. However now the New York Daily News. Put some rather. Grim. Photographs. By Jim Kelly up on its website. That is the New York Daily News. I put a link to it on my FaceBook page. I would just like to remind people of the games. Jim Kelly as a quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. Led the bills from behind it to victory. I would like to remember -- seemed to call a certain game against John Elway and the Denver broncos' way back when. When Jim Kelly engineered a spectacular. Comeback. And is -- call wasn't that also the year the bills had a spectacular comeback against Joseph Montana. And the San Francisco 49ers in San Francisco Obama getting my days messed up now it was not Jim Kelly who engineered the comeback. -- come back. I that was frank -- But Jim Kelly is -- the comeback yet so despite the they beat these pictures. If anybody can come back if anybody can. Beat this thing I think it's a guy with that kind of will -- kind of determination. Catalog that kind of support system and people. All over the place. Were wishing nothing but good for. Jim Kelly and I wanna finish -- thought but I started before. Because I talked about the transformation. Of Jim Kelly. As he. Got older. And -- matured. This is a guy who didn't want to be here. Okay. Where does he -- He lives here he came here that he never laughed. So I just I think about that Rick is our editorial about it over days server checks and I'm winery -- his family back in buffalo still. Jackson -- buffalo media. But I just get the biggest kick out of they -- about the Rick is our editorial. Which went along the lines of deal with the Jim Kelly Europe Buffalo Bill well. To the fact that Jim Kelly in so many ways is like the poster man for buffalo I find that to be a delicious and the light pole. Irony and there is a guy who could live anywhere -- wanted to live. Any -- -- years. As far as is our primary residence. So he really liked it. He really enjoyed it as it turned out. And again. I wanna get into that are coming up because. While -- you know. My my ex wife's family that week -- they had the with your cancer with with so with them in wars. A brain tumor and that pancreatic cancer. And but the tough one was I was my mother in law was buried at the time living in Saint Louis and up my ex wife you know basically. She had carte Blanche to spend as much time in buffalo is she needed to spend. After her white Khryapa mom Wanda. Was diagnosed with a -- with a brain tumor. And the diagnosis basically what -- the prognosis was with Graham he could not have been any any more grim. For my mother in law. And unlike most guys I actually liked my mother. -- area she was a cool way. No I I enjoyed her very much. And she toward the end of her life. Now I oldest I'll never forget there's. She used to love the guitar player. On Saturday Night Live I've forgotten is that. But it was the guy missed a thin guy with a long here. On Saturday Night Live who was always the front man for the Saturday Night Live band with a long -- she lived. I don't know what there was about him. And her condition but for some reason she achieved mind meld with that guy. And when she was watching TV shows even with her brain to. She would make notes to herself about what was going up so she wouldn't lose track of the plot. And the interesting thing to an end this happens so many times. My ex wife was at her side. And basically there was no change. No change no change no change. And you know exactly what happened you can imagine exactly what happened. My ex wife came back the saint Louis the minute you walk through the door the phone rang and we knew damn well what the phone call was mom just died. So that we all got on a plane and and came back to buffalo. And I know you've read your experiences to. It is. To dreadful disease. One however. In which great progress has been -- And it's so easy. When we lose somebody to cancer. Somebody we love. Somebody to whom we are close. It's so easy to forget. That some of the diagnoses. And -- knows he's which years ago would have met. -- death sentence within a defined period of time statistically. -- any longer. Instead. What doctors and what science. Increasingly is learning how to do. Is manage conditions even if you can't cure some. If you can manage it. It's all good. All right diabetes for example diabetes type one perfect example. Of something that cannot be cured right now but it can't be touched. Not diabetes type one what used to be known as juvenile diabetes. That is the insulin dependent diabetes. That so often affects young people. In my daughter's case she turned ten she had a horrible cold. Right after she got rid of the cold she contracted. Diabetes. Which is an autoimmune disease that is thought to be the ideology. And what happened was. Her antibodies. To fight the bad cold also killed off the islet cells in -- patriots'. The islet cells produce the -- And as a result. She has to have artificial -- yes that insulin put into her body from other sources to make up for what she does not naturally had. The bottom line is it is a manageable. Situation. Are right it is a doable thing. It's you know it's kind of like. One of the conditions I had which have told you about this cerebral -- still lives there is no cure but it's manageable. And today was the first day -- -- Idea went on the print the zone. Which I've been fighting tooth and nail. Because I don't wanna look like a chip. But given a choice between that and some of the other alternatives. I figured you know what let's just try to manage it this way. So kudos to science. For curing what -- his cured. And for figuring out how to manage chronic conditions. So that people can still enjoy full lives. So it is my hope. Number one that if you have cancer in your life. Either yourself or loved one it is my strong hope. That you work Q report. If you can't be cured my second strongest hope. Is that science and doctors are able to provide you with medicine that can at least control. The issue. And manage the issue. To the point where you can actually have a normal lifespan. And have a normal life that's what I'm hoping for Jim Kelly. That's what I'm hoping for you. If you're going three years. I have a much easier time dealing with. Things. Through which I am going because I feel more in control. You know to me that the big stuff I told you guys this a million times when stuff happens to me the big stuff doesn't get them it's things that get them. The big stuff it's like water off a box back somehow I kind of think Jim Kelly may be cut from the same cloth. Because. Everything I've read and heard about Jim Kelly in the hospital here is he's still the guy in the huddle he is still the leader of the team. Despite the fact that he's got cancer and he's battling it a second time. He has a great support system and he's got bit in her five year. He's got that inner real. He has that inner. It's. Gonna say die that's the attitude that he's. And that is hugely hugely hugely hugely important. And if you are going through the same thing right now if you've been through it I would be. I'd be honored if you tell me about your family's experiences. Going through cancer I would love to know of miracles. Now those of you listen to the show enough. By the way this is -- hourly on WB EN. And city beach was just. I I could not stop listening you're sandy beach again that I just must must hear radio talking about the bills' Ralph Wilson the future of the team. And about somebody who has a room in my house dedicated to the Buffalo Bills. And I could not turn off sandy -- and just like oh my gosh more more I want to go -- -- -- But. Those of you -- experienced this I would like to -- I -- an outstanding -- but those of you experienced cancer those of you know my show enough know that I'm a big fan of the some problems. An upset you -- million times I've learned more from deadwood The Sopranos and the godfather movies that I learned to six years UB. For that matter I think I learn more about life in five minutes and hot -- in Jamaica that I learned about life in six years UB. It's funny how they can pick up knowledge and perspective. On humanity and anthropology. But there -- a lot of work Jonny sack. It's flown to see a cancer specialist and Jonny sack at a brain tumor. And -- access to the specialist. Well you know what are we what are we looking at here. And the doctor says you're in stage four. And Johnny sack says there is no stage five doctors says that's correct. Johnny sex as well what are we looking at in terms a lifespan. The doctor says I've seen miracles Johnny sack in her -- says forget the miracles. And the doctor says three to six months. I wonder how many have you. Personally. Or with somebody you -- Had experienced one of those miracles. Now those -- people get confused. Because I'm not a Christian people think all you don't believe in god how can you talk about prior year. Why have a very strong very. In got. Very strong. If I didn't. I don't think our behavior. I don't adhere to any particular religion. I have a very strong and abiding faith in the creator. And I do believe. -- sometimes. For reasons which are beyond my ability to understand. That sometimes. Energy called energy called a prayer call it good vibrations. I do believe that they can have positive affect on people. In fact. I don't know their government character studies to refute the original story. But. Fifteen years or so ago. There's a very famous article. That dealt with people who were in the hospital. Who were prayed for even if they didn't know they were being prayed for. Had a better rate of recovery the people who were not prayed for. Now. I think that's I think that's fascinating. Personal. And I'd love to know what miracles. You have experienced. True. Because I do believe that sometimes miracles happen sometimes I wonder why it took them and why not. To -- to your world. Why it took them and not my loved one. But these things again. Are beyond my ability to understand and beyond your ability to understand. Even doctors don't understand how people who were diagnosed with stage four and given days to live. Wake up. And the doctors -- and they marvel. That everything returned to normal. Like whatever was wrong with you went away. And there is no scientific basis for there is no rational explanation for. So this is why folks I don't dismiss. The concept of the supernatural. Where the concept of prayer. Where the concept. Of god I don't dismiss it at all quite quite the contrary. I think there are certain things. In heaven and earth Horatio. Which are beyond our sites. 8030930. Is -- phone number -- still have -- defended -- result the but I went 8030930. Star 930 is via cell phone number 180616. WBZ at. You were close encounters with cancer. And I do encourage those of you believe in prayer good vibrations positive energy. To pray. Four Jim Kelly and his recovery and everybody who's sick and dealing with the same kind of stuff through which the -- families going right now. Because any little -- look. Can it do any harm. Its hourly news radio 930 WBE. And AccuWeather for today partly cloudy and quite cold the overnight low tonight will be fifteen degrees tomorrow mostly cloudy breezy and warmer we're up to 45 in the Friday were going to be at 48 degrees allegedly and right now -- you -- with -- temperature but. It's 22 degrees it feels like 7 NEWS radio 930 WBD and now ordinarily would've done this is a topic that. But. I I just don't evidently today. I wanna talk I would much rather talk about your miracles and your close encounters with cancer then this story about mark result. Folks I'm a critic of mark resign. Generally speaking I don't like the way he campaigned one way and then voted another I'm gay marriage even though I support -- march. I think it's disingenuous. To tell people you don't and then change your mind once you get into office okay. I don't disagree with his vote I disagree with his being disingenuous about it I disagree -- his vote and -- say. And a number of other things but I would like to applaud mark resign. Markers body has been accused drug house in his district. And alleged drug house in his district. And I wanna remind you that one of the fundamental precepts of our code of justice in the United States is that you are innocent until proven guilty. And that every defendant. Deserves the best possible legal representation. Mark is RP is defending. A drug defendant. Who lives in that his district. Some people say this is a conflict of interest. I don't see it that way folks. -- play -- life. John Adams didn't see it that way. Mark is not the is doing exactly what John Adams did edit the name John Adams is not familiar to you I just wanna give you. Quick history US. Everybody remember The Boston Massacre. -- the Boston thugs basically a salted the British soldiers multiple Irish by the way. To the point where the British soldiers had no choice but to use deadly physical force to defend themselves. Needless to say they were not popular in Boston after leaving a trail of blood and death in the streets. They needed a lawyer. They needed the best criminal defense they can get. They went to John Adams or John Adams went to them John Adams. Related to Sam Adams before he was a beer he was a patriot. John Adams defended. In the midst of hostility from his own neighbors who threw rocks thrown his windows. Some of the most on the popular defendants. Ever to appear in court in Boston. And John Adams lived true to his oath as an attorney. He offered his services he took the case. And frankly got a pretty good result for his clients. Now I know. That it might sound unusual to hear me defending mark resulting. But in that I previously. Have offered my thoughts on John Adams as being a man of conviction. And a man of courage. And a man with stones. For defending. The Boston Massacre soldiers. It would be inconsistent of me to criticize markers opting for doing the same thing. If you work ever accused of a crime folks I hope you never -- You have to understand the prosecution. Has on ending resources it can bring against you and will bring against. You need the best lawyer you can -- If this defendant believes that mark resolve the is his best chance. Denmark resign A has no business turning away that client I think that would be unethical. So I support our resolve the in his decision to take this case I think it's and the tradition of John Adams. I it doesn't change my overall view mark -- peak but in this case I think he's 100% in the right.

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