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3-26 Beach and Company Hour 3

Mar 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Station take its music express way. There are adamant about about character guys guys that weren't all put their community because I think you felt that that was a formula I created successful on the field and yeah water is players just like -- exemplified it's. It's bigger in the community and in merry -- of -- all the things they've done for Western New York support they're doing numerous organizations across. Across this state. Mark Kelso and that's why or ask him a question with the passing of Ralph Wilson who is going to fill his shoes. Both as owner of the Buffalo Bills and because of his of philanthropy. Many community organizations were beneficiaries including Roswell park. And the SP CA we heard Doug doctor I'm Candice Johnson we and Barbara previous BCA we've we've heard from people. Who are telling us stories about things we may not know about Ralph Wilson passed away yesterday. Very generous and some of it we're aware of some but we weren't. But his barber cart -- as he was a good friend -- -- -- candy Johnson good friend to Roswell and that's just part of the list. And so what's taken me is the fact that his employees. The players after roller gods who was put their really. He is employees fields such as. Deep sense of loss not just sadness and loss. A some of them using the -- devastated. The man was 95 years old it's it's not a surprise that someone passed -- 95. But the fact is as Steve tasker said they hope that day would never arrive. And I'm thinking of how many businesses there are because when it's all said and done the Buffalo Bills -- business how many businesses have an owner. That is so beloved by the employees. Even though those employees I'm sure. Went through some of the contract negotiations which -- off -- also regards and roses. Some of them got traded. And and is all kinds of stories it's after all business in the National Football League is definitely a high caliber business. And and yet this is the way they feel about their former boss. Ralph Wilson we don't know him as a boss we know him. As somebody who decided he's keeping the franchise here in western new York and as I told you rig days are who happens to be in town four last Friday's event at the history museum along -- and Tom. Said. From the stage. -- even he just wanted to make a statement that he thought that Ralph Wilson in this last Friday. Was under appreciated. And all overly criticize it's time that Ralph deserved more credit than Ralph got. And that was Friday it would no hint that Ralph was in any kind of a health crisis or anything like that he just said that Rick gays are. And channel two's coverage they brought back Ed Kilgore who is of -- sports director for many years and said that. He worked -- -- will grow from the team for forty years and I'm sure raise -- was the same amount of time and and just spoke glowingly of Ralph Wilson. So yeah business is business and sometimes -- a tough. Yeah and a and a uncertainty is is always -- and business. But at the end of the day Ralph Wilson said as long as I'm alive this franchise will stay in buffalo and he sure it was word. He passed away yesterday the franchises here. And I think -- Devo -- it is not a 400000. Dollar poison pill. Is a 400 million dollar poison pill after seven years of the lease. Which would be a 50%. Of valuation. Premium valuation of the team which is worth about. 873. Million dollars so yeah. How do you -- grow 25000. To 800 and 73 million dollars it's because he was good for us. And we were good for him and some of the things you may not think about what you think about Ralph Wilson he's responsible. For a lot of the success of the NFL today being one of the founders of the AFL. I was already watching the NFL before the AFL was formed. And the NFL was passing and while spectacular. It's emotion and all these things. The NFL at that time was totally boring. It was Green Bay it was wedding surely but it was three yards up the middle potter does another three yards may be a little dink pass here -- there. But it wasn't nearly as exciting as the AFL. When the AFL merger took place. It opened up the game the game opened up that wasn't the same all three yards and a cloud of dust. Suddenly there was excitement their running backs like Billy cannon in the remember him Billy cannon. -- can you hand out cookie Gilchrist. You had. Guys or exciting to watch you -- in -- and the game was fun. And because of the because of the combining of the two leagues the league took on a different identity it was more of an AFL. Freshens up and makes exciting the old NFL fundamental football. And to me the game was much better than it was before console Ralph and a big part in the. Look at you know and he tie and a felony history. When JFK was assassinated through Pete Rose -- in the NFL made a big mistake in and they. Oh will admitted that they should have not played after his death but it was Ralph Wilson who urged the AFL not apply beyond. And that's Roosevelt said it was the biggest mistake he ever made as commissioner. You remind the league rule huge during his reign. But when they decided to play that was a huge mistake and a Ralph Wilson also was the one who won the last those conservatives CB. With the players there -- only two people who vote against that for owners he and Bob Brown from a Cincinnati they voted against. And they were ridiculed for voting against it did 28 owners. Voted for. And who voted against it. And the question according to Ralph was it's viability. We can't sustain this deal. We and is not going to work and they laughed not -- and his face or may but they laughed. And thinking they had all the brains right so what happened it wasn't viable they couldn't sustain it ever reopen. And because it reopened. Ralf was right all along and they were wrong. What are the other great contributions was in the early years of the AFL the raiders were in financial trouble. Ralph law long 400000. Dollars propped up. Al Davis can you imagine football. Without the raiders know he never saw the -- Tuesday axis. -- you -- -- never existed they were big go they were big parts of the newly the excitement part and he also offered to help the patriots. -- the patriots didn't take him up on -- but he offered of that money was offered to the patriots to so he understood. Then they may be competitors on the field but they were in the same business. And keep in mind. He is more than an NFL owner I think his family have an insurance company which he took over. He also had a trucking company and it is Danny at stake in the winds are -- yes yes you're right about that and a trucking company and -- sources. So bit and that's why we have a close lions. Think about it the owner of the alliance just passed the two William Clay Ford. The last grandson of vote vote Ford and report. So you have these these lions if you pardon the expression Ralph Wilson and report. People who understood the importance of taking care of the customers. And now or inheriting a National Football League is getting a little to -- -- test for me a little too bloated little too fat and sassy. On salaam will say word goes but I think Ralph is -- a big pat on the back for more than just. Just being here all these years he's done a lot while it was here. As -- says he was good for us -- good program -- Will be back with your calls and also -- oppose things and -- read united thirty W via. I'm gonna -- Without a doubt. You know he used to call me couldn't his favorite son. We've always laugh and joke about that in. Home when you have that type of relationship. It hits home. His region company. I was it's it's hard to believe that I was shocked yesterday as a left the movie theater and found out ruffles -- the past. Ralph was 95. And there there was speculation about his health for some time but it still is a shock. When one of the building blocks of your community is suddenly. Past no longer there and I was trying to think. Of vote in the impact individuals would have. At their passing because even though we didn't know them. We we understood their contributions. To our community I thought of Jimmy Griffin although I did know him. And considered a wonderful guy though we didn't agree at all politically but I didn't care -- Jimmy Griffin. In a -- when he died it was a great impact and Ralph Wilson stayed the course. He said as long as he was alive the franchise would stay here and the franchise did he passed yesterday is still here he kept his word. There's no reason to believe that he would've wanted the franchise to up and move after his. His passing so let us hope that it stays here. Chris so you have some postings on FaceBook for us yes they do this one comes from -- -- nobody is ever going to fill -- she was hopefully we can find somebody who wants to keep the team -- not here in May suffer economically. Yahoo! I think he's right and the economic part not as much as the I think. The psychological -- the psychological part. You know how your your happy good to have people you know people have been -- -- through thick and thin. I think we feel that we've been -- Ralph through thick and thin as he's been with us through thick and -- Both as the community has had problems in the bills franchises have problems. There was never divorce there's still together and so there's something about going through mutual hardship from time to time. That really. Really Barbara brings together now. We did win two championships in the AFL congratulations to west of that and went to four consecutive super walls in the NFL. And so we've been we've seen the highs we've seen the lows but right to the end we're together and I hope we stay together I think we're good fit another place that's what comes. How he says Ralph was a good fit for buffalo and for the NFL finding somebody to take over the bills now will be a monumental task if you wanna keep him in buffalo. I hope that can't be done though for the sake of the city and for the fans that yeah I would hope so true. Any time. You have a personal involvement. Like we feel. Most of us don't know Ralph Wilson and didn't know Ralph Wilson we certainly knew one of them but we didn't know him personally but we feel like we did it. Simply because of -- what we've read and seen and whatever we'd like containment and all that sort of thing so. When he passes it's like a member of your family passes. Because. Is somebody that won't be there I bet if you drove by the stadium. Today aren't. You looked at the stadium measure were driving by in the thought into your mind that. Ralph will never be either. And it's the stadium is named after him is his name is on the stadium so a piece of us has gone. And that's the way you look at because business is businesses sometimes it's tougher than others and sometimes it more heated than others but at the end of the day. He was still -- forests. And we were still there for him what more can you ask you can ask for anything more than that. So I'm looking at the list there about windows. Has faced a story about mark on it was a very good writer. And looking at potential buyers. Of the franchise. The united that I didn't go over where -- -- you to guys. And see these are names that we would be familiar with the name from what we would call inside the circle aren't. Efforts is Jeff -- he's the money guys and he's been there a long long time. And is it depends on how involved the family is going to be whether they just the best. The -- the team and that's that or if they have anything. That they wanna be involved with the Wilson family would be married his wife Mary Owen who was his knees and maybe Jeff -- I don't see that very viable via -- -- -- see that happening. I don't know enough about Jeffrey -- other than effect that he was -- money money guy and usually the that guy that was button has with the Bill Polian is and others who were trying to improve the team. I know that the -- tomorrow falling outs in the past I don't know enough about him personally I don't know what kind of money. He has sort what commitment he would have to stay in or keep the teen years. Our current conversations we ever had Ralph regarding that so we don't know right we don't know but I'm thinking especially since if the family wanted to stay in it. Then I assume he would have just left -- to his wife and the estate tax would have been -- But that was quite apparent that wasn't gonna happen I mean we kind of know that. So if if that's the case. I'm not sure about one what Lippman has either verbally or financially -- on not sure about that what it would be going. I don't know what kind of ties to the area he hasn't even if he was bottom. Viable financially. You don't know if he's a buffalo guy and he's an editorial from here to be -- guys -- tour card. And he always has been and there's been some concern about that because he's always been. And maybe that's a benefit. When you're at the money guys and you're away from everything else. But what you find out is that my guys always appreciate. The talent necessary. To pay they don't understand why you have to pay this kid right out of college. In caucus I think bonus of fifteen million dollars has even put on a minute -- helmet yet. So they don't always get it. But their job is to zealously guard the money and that's -- at there are very few spendthrift money guys they usually very very tight with the dollar because. As I said they don't get too close them down they'd always have the recognition so -- us our. We're not sure we're not sure about Jeff -- at all we come back there were other people listen here in this article. That perhaps you know better than Jeff -- It and that they may or may not be involved I think one thing we all have to remember the guiding principle of this will be that it will be a business decision. It will not come from the heart it will come from the the news that the -- that show a profit -- loss -- whatever. And those decisions will be made on that it's not it's it's not because it's a love fest is because it's a good investment. I'm curious to how the process will work. I am assuming that you have somebody legal that's in charge and then there -- -- put the word out that we are now accepting bids. And that's when we start here in about. Names of potential buyers is that. How well biggest state or along the team obviously if he didn't if he didn't leave it specifically to one person. And then they'll take it from there one would assume that there would be a process of bidding and whatever and keep in mind even after the high -- comes and the league I think has to approve all ownership. So we would say. That would go would go on other people's mental -- after we're talking about the passing of Ralph Wilson. The question who's gonna fill his shoes was featured. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star nine journey -- our toll free line is 1806169236. Question this. You know who's gonna who's gonna take over -- you know what who who buys the team. And that's what we've been asking the passing of Ralph Wilson. Was gonna fill his shoes. I always thought well before Ralph's passing. Where -- I would see obituaries not necessarily of famous or powerful people. But if you read the obituaries and for summaries and I have for years and years and years. You see what they did for a living in what they did -- impact the community. And they're gone and you say who was doing that job now. Who was picked up the news -- the torch in his. -- and when Ralph Wilson passed. Yesterday. My first thought is who's gonna fill it shows their mighty big shoes. It's a film and this is a difficult time. Simply because you wanna be respectful. But you also wanna bring up the things that he is brought. To our community that may not -- well -- And things we may have forgotten. Like the fact that he was one of only two owners the vote against the CBA. -- saying it was not viable there was not sustainable. And the other owners it's 18 of them voted yes this is the one we want this is going to be great and guess what. The 28 people were wrong. And and Ralph and the Cincinnati owner were correct and they had to re open in order to save it. So there again in sheer numbers it doesn't always matter you gotta have it between the ears and Ralph knew exactly effective that would be draining. Too much and it wouldn't be viable and he was right or wrong. So he's been involved -- lots of things like that being one of the founders of the -- felt they brought an exciting brand of football the NFL was already established and -- a lot of big names. But it was boring boring story. And they have to be careful not to get too boring -- it's supposed to be an exciting game it was run up the metal run -- run to right that was about it. On and then suddenly the NFL as they are meant to us and bombs and they -- to him as -- -- very exciting. And so when they merged they brought an exciting brand of football -- combined exciting brand of football. And of course -- Tony as you pointed out. I'll once that once the colts won the Super Bowl Jack as the jets have beat the colts won the jets beat the colts in the Super Bowl. Then it was there okay that exciting brand is there and that's what we have now. We have that exciting Brandon Ralph was one of law -- for men to make that happen. So he's got to look at his contribution he did other things. An insurance company. -- trucking company arms race horses a lot of different things that he did. Feel the last couple service we didn't know we know every once in awhile. How much he contributed the community that we didn't know we'd find out from Madrid bureau -- there. But he was a major player and that's why -- am asking who is going to fill his shoes -- squeaking here too. It's almost like there's a -- my -- I don't know does not want in the -- no kidding. It's not my chair moving -- -- now it's I could hear this week in her eyes so we're looking. Mark on. Revert to appease in fact my problem is that a good job today. I'm sure a lot of this was prepared ahead of time when somebody reaches a certain age they do a lot of advance work to have things ready. Bookmark on -- -- about. The bills management team and potential buyers. Tom Golisano was that your -- you know used to on the Buffalo Sabres. And has has expressed an interest someone not since -- passed but before he even left town. About potential future interest now what we learned about Golisano when he was in -- is he say the sabres are much question about that but after that it was kind of like a pretty close the -- operation. And he did what a good businessman does and they got a profit and get out of town what do you guys think about Golisano as they potentials in order. I think it's a very. Real. Realistic to look at him as as somebody that would be interest did. Whether he would do a good job of -- as an owner that's a complete. At this occasion whether somebody can afford it or whether somebody can afford and will make it viable are two different questions Chris what are your idol like the Dallas on -- and to be a much better owner in the NFL that he was in the NHL because in the NHL you might not make money but the NFL you do when I think if he makes money was the NFL which is. In yet and Nestle France has its almost like printing money in a lot of cases and that's the case and it's profitable I think he'll be fine. Yeah as long. As long as he finds the right people to run run for army can keep Russ Brandon in the in the you know you have to go over that but if he's got the right people running it. They just sit back and takes in the money. Now if you say if you look at the people that own NFL teams they were all very successful. Before they bought NFL teams or they inherited them from their parents whatever. And why did they get into the NFL yet you can make money. But no matter how. Well to do they work no matter how well respected they were they didn't have the recognition factor than an NFL owner us. And so they they think of it as OK it's an investment are probably made money on it most most teams still. I'll -- everybody. Will know me when I walk into a room or restaurant -- what ever so that says there's a certain aspect of that oh I got -- The -- date Monica Seles one time is up like that he likes to be recognized -- paychecks which gave ms. money big time. But OK he's a possibility can -- it for sure. Another person who -- -- who's here. Is Terry Google. Now -- -- not only the owner of the sabres but the big buildings Rodger -- for and as is true and he definitely has enough money. And we found out I didn't know I thought that. NFL owners couldn't own any hockey team files find out they cannot hockey team if it's in the same market as the football team. But whereas Jerry Jacobs. Wouldn't be a player I don't think he's interest in video player anyway because he owns the Bruins they're out of town. But the good luck could do it because he owns the sabres and can you imagine -- the sabres in the bills. And all of the or recreational space or whatever he's gonna have he'd via via kingpin and now for sure how. I would love -- grew as an owner because of what you just said and he's the type of guy that would be able to come in and a fund his own stadium. As you could die he's he's got enough money to do what he has to do right and he already has a commitment to buffalo see this is -- -- have a commitment to buffalo with the sabres. And live via the of the new building project so I think he'd be a good candidate Chris what about the goal I think it would be great I mean as you said he he. As an outsider has made a huge investment in the city already -- loves the sabres seems to love the town Jimenez family. At least to me. Almost almost seem like buffalo audience are there there they they wanna be a part of the of the city in the organization at least the as far as the sabres going icu I don't see any reason why there would be any different if they on the belts. Would be you know also interested in the pursuing the bills on news -- and I'm thirty WB again. They can actually was the bet he wouldn't -- like -- -- -- check down the veteran starter got a couple war. Let it joke would be strong water judicial historic low water. -- got a guy under water to be part of this team warned to watch eastern. From the Wall Street Journal they're talking about Ralph Wilson and they said that. He was one of the originals of course the American football again 1968. He's the last original AFL owner involved in the NFL. And of the bills of course went through four consecutive Super Bowls and in the AFL. They won two championships. New York Giants owner John Mara whose father was -- Wellington -- if I'm not mistaken. Said it would be good for the league if the bills remained in Western New York we would like see that. And there is in the last sleaze they poison pill a 400 million dollars if the team relocate its before seven years. So that would be 50% of the team's war. So nobody is gonna pay a 150%. Evaluation on anything unless they're insane after insane they probably don't of them they control anyway. So I think we're okay for the short term long term I like to see somebody involved who has a feeling of connection. With the market where just not in fact we're not just a market or community. Ralph has been good for us overall these jurors would have been good for Ralph it's worked out great for ball. And I like seeing that continue earlier we talked about Tom Golisano and Terry for goal. Next up will be the Jacobs family the -- assembly definitely there live here. And they on the Bruins and Boston garden and all that they definitely have the wherewithal but I've never read one single thing we're Jerry Jacobs has expressed an interest in the bills. Now -- as I said the last time I heard anything from him concerning the bills was. In saying that the NFL he doesn't believe is viable in buffalo. You know what you think progress Jerry Jacobs the Boston Bruins are a great they're going really well right now and and you'd have to know how much money they are making. And an end if he really cares about making all that much more mean if he's doing really well with the Boston Bruins item at the -- may be jumping in Indianapolis there -- B ram everything else there -- so. The fact they would have to divest Google wouldn't because the hockey teams here. I guess that's allowed I didn't know that until it is read that the hockey team has a lot of it's in the same market. But Jacobs would have to the -- that I don't see that happening. And they the other mentioned name of course is somebody who is a bit excessive for a long time -- a publicly known and that will be Jim Kelly. The question we have is Jim Kelly's going through a health crisis right now and so one would wonder though whether he would be. Still following up on that. Besides beating this health crisis these -- -- antique at this point the whole philosophy behind him. Giving healthy and then absolutely -- worry about that -- -- exactly are you agree -- the idea I loved the idea evident -- time but now you're just worried about him didn't different there you know we all wish him well. And if you think about some of these players. Talking about the loss of Ralph Wilson. A lot of these players effect almost all of them that are required that are that are making comments -- played with Jim Kelly and they're concerned about -- -- through. So there is them it's it's really difficult right now this is a tough period. Four -- former bills and others in including people who never met Ralph Wilson who just want that same. Level of a connecting with the community that's what we open happens. Let's go to salmon Rochester examiner on WB again. I think it is pretty -- regarding the the stadium. I'm just an unofficial -- things that in the last twelve years staying. Wasted. Millions of doubt re battling police but I -- things. That brought -- down a rat hole though even there. Remodeling the same. Area of them properly. Which thing. That's bad. But if they're. Just. Think in new problems it pop up every now and then and you this -- has fallen apart at the scene and they're just. Throwing money down a rental. I don't know if it's following a part of the same as the bear I think this a state was a 130 million in which the lieutenant governor reviewed yesterday. The you know the progress on -- I think that basically it's preventive maintenance it's a reason. That tell you what I go to a doctor on a regular basis and see if I make sure we were up to snuff I think that's basically where this stadium as. It's certainly not falling apart and it's not -- the stadium in Dallas is somewhere in between and there they're keeping a viable. And India and there's nothing wrong that. As as opposed to adjust and our disposable. Society just are getting the bulldozers and flattening and I'm building a new one. So I don't I don't -- -- it seems by any manner remains. Chris I've mentioned. Our last caller. Didn't get to. His point or least what he said he's gonna talk about and it was something that I learned gesturing for much NFL network. I did not know that mr. Wilson was a veteran and served and I -- naming a World War II. Yeah he was is a veteran a navy man and does so there's more Ralph Wilson and then just owner of the Buffalo Bills that's how we know him. And that's how. That's how we think of him but he was an astute businessman. His father's. Idea of veteran. And as he had a connection with the community community had a connection with him like any relations. Nothing is always move and a ice cream and and candy and stuff like that occasionally. Get a gets a little -- little tough but. By and large it's been a great great run and we hope it continues I. I think a lot of people they'll look they look back and they get upset because they look at ethnic. Ones that of wins and losses throughout the years and so many years that we've had done and competitive teams. No Super Bowl wins two to say that -- hours. But I think you have to look beyond that you have to look at the man and as you talked about. Without -- often in the amount of money that -- don't even think city's -- yeah behind the scenes that nobody was aware always kept a similar game kept us in the game gave us a team when. He could have easily. Found another city to go to every. I'm sure he saw in the eighties that the population was dwindling in Western New York he -- picked that time that's the point of bolts. -- as regulators are said. -- though later Ed Kilgore said who have dealt with them for forty something years that he deserves more credit -- he got. Because of the exact things were just talking about now. There are many times I'm sure where he was courted and and the would have been easier to pick up and leave and make more money but he didn't do it. He didn't know what. He does that we have to remain a viable or a small market team he understood that we have to remain competitive and he was a voice of reason in the NFL a voice of I think the fans. And so beyond. Beyond just the owner of the team I mean candidacies sprout and I think we should be very pleased that we had a ms. long is we -- And let's hope we keep the Buffalo Bills his baby a lot longer. And so we'll see soon happens that about wraps it up thanks to all of you are difficult times. But we'll see you tomorrow at 9 AM on newsreader I'm thirty WB. The local. Which they never has to music these.

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