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3-26 Beach and Company Hour 2

Mar 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Other browsers are -- -- This series and mirror. Some. Personal server and some. Oh also agreeing -- anything to do their general pronouncing words where's Hillary. And remember a lot sooner you start -- me. And where talking about the passing Ralph Wilson yesterday or asking who was going to fill his shoes they're mighty big shoes to fill. Not only is owner of the Buffalo Bills that's the most public an obvious one but also as a major player in the Philanthropic. Two atmosphere -- -- town we know that he was very active in that we've heard a doctor. Candice Johnson from Roswell talk about his contributions to Roswell. Her barber car from the ASPCA talk about that there's been many others he was on hospital boards and and -- -- was very generous in his giving in many ways a very private. At a time when he was doing that he's in the near his name on a lot of things but with very active in helping the community so who's gonna fill those shoes. The obvious question about the team. Is. The possible sale of the team I think we can all agree that the team will be sold. But we have the things that are open for conjecture. Is Willis stay here would go somewhere else I don't think it's -- -- anywhere else. For the first us six or seven years. From yesterday's simply because. The yeah release calls for a 400. Million dollar. The -- payment. Through the it's an accounting if they leave before the end of the police -- with 400 million dollars. That's about 50% of what team is worth. Somebody would have to be you know really way out there to pay -- 50% premium for an NFL franchise so I don't see it going anywhere like that. Source local owners I don't know remember now as we said that sister for the break the governor appointed a committee just a few weeks ago actually. Maybe a couple of months. Of local of people. To form an exploration committee for the possibility of a new stadium. Remember when Jim Kelly first started talking about though putting a group together or whatever there was a lot of talk about a you know stadium. In downtown. And then it kind of went away a little bit but to a bill I think it may be revisited. Don't forget Jim -- also the one that sad that -- exploring the stadium in Niagara Falls would be an option because. It would be closer for the to. Canadians events yup so there's -- there are people out there who have the where with all of let's talk about the stadium issue for instance -- Chris told you before the break that if it were in new stadium nobody's building a nice stadium anymore. They're building palaces. A do you know it's it's almost like the ancient kings building huge palace this for themselves. And their billion dollar plus they cost as much as the team costs -- about like that and a lot of sometimes there's a lot of taxpayer money involved. And I'm thinking in a state like hours. That would be radio. Battle in the trenches to get a huge amount of taxpayer money for a new stadium and yesterday as I mentioned just have a break. As Ralph was passing in the stadium was a lieutenant governor of New York State. Reviewing videos of the improvements being made in the offseason. You talk about irony that's irony to the nth degree there. But the point is would we be up for a new stadium are not I've doubting. A new stadium of that magnitude would be yeah would be viable. I would be supportive of it if it were an all purpose types stadium. Where they could get to you know like the high schools play football baseball. You'll because of our weather you know obviously not not the best that's out there are a lot of times there'd there'd -- after just. Not to mention like let's say you beat gets so big national game. Mean like we have be more common here this fall maybe can be used for that -- I was support multi function types. Well I would go the question I would ask that is why can't that be done with the stadium we have now. Comes out doors just because outdoors I think you know especially for playing late in the season it's it's still football at the pros player maybe a high school kids though wouldn't be up for. Bad weather game like that what ludicrous. Yeah I like that idea Tony's idea via Toronto stadium Roger -- it's called now is a multi purpose stadium on the blue jays player there that are are gonna pass play there. They have all kinds of events go to the -- area. Like you know monster truck rallies and stuff like that remember -- this is downtown. It is in downtown I think you know to be great if there is -- a stadium -- -- -- -- I -- I read it one point at a parking and getting into and out of the stadium at least for up to 607080000. People could potentially be a nightmare it would. It about who -- what we're talking about bass pro. And today they throughout numbers of cards that would come into the city each day from out of the area. To shop at best pearl and we broken numbers down and become the big grand -- the grand number. And the number was 7000 a day that's the best bro OK. And and there's no way we can handle another 7000 a day without building more parking structures. Within NFL game -- you might have eighty to a 100000 people all he wants. But of course it's usually on Sunday maybe a Monday night. It would -- parking would be very difficult as far as the availability of it in a downtown venue so. The Rogers Centre right a middle of downtown. So that's nice -- you can take a subway there you who voted for work whatever it's not that easy for Orchard Park where stadium is now because drive there is no other. Really major waited to get it so both of -- I would favor a multi use stadium now what about the question of the politics of at all. It's one thing for us we're here tonight everything for the governor because he doesn't wanna have no teams playing in New York okay. Although what about the taxpayers -- -- taxpayers would react especially if they're not from around here. But it -- taxpayers in New York city's taxpayers. In other parts of -- As I recall we didn't have the same manner -- textiles went to building the new Yankee Stadium. You know we oftentimes don't have a say. But I'm just asking what you think the taxpayers would think it would prevent Christmas baby girls they be hesitant. They'll probably be hesitant I just wish a politician. Is a never happened but. We all know that if you wanna stadium here you have to pay a little extra money. All right. Say what you want about the argument -- -- -- whether or not is an economic benefit of the -- people say it's not to have exports to America. But there's a bit of apologies and actually came out and said it'll cost you X amount of money year to keep a built in town makes everybody feel good. People will be more receptive to that -- just hiking up the taxes as it is and you know backroom dealings and such. Here's what they should say it'll be a pizza a week. Not opt out opt out. I agree -- intellectually Chris but when you break it down like that the pizza a weak argument or point out that drain. In a hurry and you randomly everything I thought required. It will bigger Daria it's going to go to -- is at twelve dollars twelve dollars awaits answers -- 600 dollars. I enemy came to -- conclusion on spending 600 dollars in your -- I was hooked it it -- -- think that it's good idea but whether it would play out I don't know here's the best idea a ball. Okay this is the best idea of all it's not going to happen okay. That the NFL. -- restriction. And allow us to do. Or allow but he entirely to do what they doing Green Bay and that is let taxpayer dollar though residents be able to buy stock in the team. And so become the owners of the team now in Green Bay. You buy stock in the Green Bay Packers did it's not voting stock. It's not dividend stock essentially what it is it gives you a piece of paper very nice suitable for framing and you put on the wall. But what it does is it gives them operating income so that they can compete with -- -- larger markets. And you feel like you have a kinship with a team like you've never had before. Because even though. You can't vote at a stockholders meeting or something like that you do you do feel like you have an investment in the team I think. This -- the metro here is a million people. Okay just short Stein fifty there's a -- say a million somebody's gonna send is that an ounce at its ninth at W. Rounded up to a million okay. For every person that put in a dollar that's a million dollars. You put in ten dollars that's ten. Okay you put a hundred dollars 200 million dollars I think without doubt we could easily between businesses. And individual investments get the cost of the team. Financed by the residents of the community I think it could be done easily I'd buy it now I would to know I absolutely -- I'd be headlined by. I'd buy -- I do my share to keep the team in town. But the NFL's never going to do. But to me that would be the best answer. I only come back we wanna hear from me what about a dome. Deal like that what about a downtown stadium what about a stadium in note. Niagara Falls. But yesterday they were just showing the upgrades in our stadium -- Ralph Wilson Stadium to the governor. He was taking a tour as Ralph is passing. The irony of that just staggers me. Who will be back with more in -- -- 301806. On 692 visits to start -- -- -- like you to participate. On beach and company. A lot of bills fans in the stand on this cliff for a long time but for those of us who played forum and knew him. You know we -- open -- never come. I am broken hearted over. It is easy guy not only I had a great deal of affection for personally that a lot of respect for a owed a lot of my success professionally and personally to him. And I never forgot that and I never will. In this region governor let's go to line one this is Gary -- and Gary Iran WB yen. Mournful it was all hobbled going up to Ralph and also I like the location of the stadium where it is here you have. Tail gating factor I don't know if you do that downtown. And also law I would like to keep the waterfront for other developments. Other than the stadium because takes up such a large footprint it also. If it had to be out on IC level but -- steel. And then use editors. Two big guy that Bethlehem steel area would be good because you have access by road it's yeah I think that will be your LB gorilla regarding putting a roof on the Ralph. I'm not really sure if a stadium has to start out able to put a roof on or for can be retrofitted I'm really not sure. I would think it has to start out with with that intention and you -- just -- -- -- -- -- I wow and put it over the whole thing that's a thought it's a thought you'll where do you see the team. I'm heading do you see them staying here after that seven year period or do you see them going to other places. I think people here love the -- and you know people with money also liberals are stupid what you said. They get together and you know chip away edit in -- Stuart Evans some kind of corporation -- said thank you Gary thank you very much guys you really think about it and -- something in these recent. Ralph Wilson was very good to us. But we've also been very good drove Wilson. It is has been mutual it truly has been. She surely. Ralph could have bomb could have moved the team maybe several times and made more money but he didn't he stay here. -- you know one when somebody passes. Whether Rivera. Whoever their prominent or not so well known. People who are still here always say the same thing it's what so and so would have wanted. And if you think about what Ralph Wilson would've wanted. Although I did know him certainly and I have no definitive proof for this I think he would've wanted the team. To stay here simply because he said many times he's on record a gazillion times. As saying as long as I'm alive the team will stay in buffalo. And so there's no reasonable reason for any of us to believe that that is not what he would've wanted in his passing. That he would one of the team to stay here. Whether it's viable financially or not I don't know there's a state taxes to be considered. There are a lot of other extraneous things that we have no knowledge of but I am saying if you are of the mindset that. Let's try and do what he would've wanted I'm thinking there's a better argument can be made that he -- wanted -- team to stay. Then what are of one of the team to go we're running a sound somebody right now or Ralph is saying is not just about money. Buffalo football whatever and that's from his earliest tenure here. But the bottom line is he wasn't true football fan and he was in a city that had a lot of true football fans and it's always a good fit. He was good for us and we were good for him. That's. And he was part of -- growth globally who's very Smart person. Regarding his import other -- owners listen to -- the one time they didn't wasn't on nearly and they were made there. Feel foolish as Ralph was right and they were wrong. Think about it what are the thirty teams in away. Okay 28 of -- more wrong and Ralph and his counterpart. -- Cincinnati voted -- Paul Brown -- said no this CBA is not viable and we're not going to be able to sustain it. And then a couple of years later they had to re opener because Ralph and Paul Brown were right and they were wrong so that says something about Ralph. The beautiful thing about it is that Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder. Who smog. It insert explicit. The exact area writers don't operate there yeah exactly -- of the Haifa alone and you know publicity seeking owners that are in the yeah. In the National Football League is just Ralph Wilson and I -- Paul Brown were the correct ones the others all of those famous names were wrong. So that -- to tell you something yeah Ralph has said many times and as long as he's alive the team would stay here. And now that he is passed I I see no reason to believe that he wouldn't want to stay here certainly they're making a profit we don't know what they make. But the bottom line is we've been good for them they've been good for us we'd like to see it continue. We'd like your opinion. Would you be up for a new stadium to keep in mind that committee was appointed several months ago. To look into it over a period of time there's a 400 million dollar poison pill in the current lease. For the first seven years as we -- call. -- anybody wanting to take the team now breaking the lease would would be liable for 400 million dollars. That is approximately 50% of the value of the team. So unless somebody's going to pay a 50%. Mark up on the true value of the team we don't see anybody breaking that anytime soon. It Austria and I trio would like you're -- if you and I Israel 1806169. Through the -- -- 93. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- nine journey ever toll free line is 1806169236. Here's here's -- -- laughter club for the here and visual Andre you even had nine -- I'm will be -- for a long long long time and it that this is shared -- but he wouldn't want to be grieving very much you want to. Look at the bright side -- -- today is not not the downside -- That is -- Chris Berman from ESP and Chris Berman say yeah a friend of the city's certainly I have a friend of Ralph Wilson's. That's one thing you know as the admit as the memories though float by as we talk about something like this Ralph Wilson's passing. The other night last Friday night. The hit in the history museum -- allegedly broadcasting. Show in which curb records com. Our Weinstein rookies are Tom Joel's onstage as one of the longest. Running teams intact on television news across the whole country. And after a specific questions were brought opera and asked or whatever. They had time for general thoughts. And one of the things that Rick Hayes -- and now Rick gays are sports director of channel seven for many years. Are brought this up. He said that he thinks at then this is Friday night considering. Okay that he thought that Ralph Wilson never got his proper due. There are many things that Rick said that Ralph did that people didn't even know about and he was instrumental in so many positive things. And he thought that -- -- never got the pat on the back to the extent that he deserved. Side that's interest thing coming just days before his passing. Channeled to whom when they were covering -- of this yesterday. They brought in Ed Kilgore. And now race car was there at the beginning and Kilgore just about at the beginning he said that he knew route for forty years. For forty years and keep in mind. In any kind of a media business relationship it's not at all peaches and -- occasionally there's a little conflict here and there. But. Ed Kilgore raved about Ralph Wilson. Said oh you know the same thing basically that they started says. So here you have two of the main sports anchors who -- dealt with the bills their whole careers. And in some cases forty plus years and at least forty years. And -- saying that they thought that is this man it was a France. And they love deal -- them and what if I am. If I was amazed by anything it's the level of which ralphs employees. The players. And we think of them as you know there are sports gods. They were also his employees -- work forum he paid them aren't. The level of the employees. Sense of loss. When you hear we're running them and other stations are running them the the famous names of the people who have played here. And and there are a feeling not just the cents. But of intense loss of from their boss. Now let that rattle around you have a little bit I said I said this earlier on the show. How many bosses out there and if your boss I want you variants -- this to yourself. Bosses out there -- really believe that if your day ended today and that was the end for you if you that your passing. That you would get the level of grief. From your employees. The Ralph Wilson is getting from his players. Now I'm sure it goes beyond the people we now but we can only judged by the people know and virtually all of the big name players have commented -- all of the players bird. Have commented on this all feeling the same sense of not just sadness loss. And at age 95. Realistically intellectually. It's not a surprise. That it happened but it's still -- and the. I can remember. You know because I've found on the bills for salon and in the late eighties. Not like 8990. In the early nineties. Where Thurmond you know. So would be going on and he always had Ralph -- like a dead to him. You know pictures of -- with his arm around Thurmond. And always knew that they had a special relation -- yeah AA yes he did -- I remember even from back that. -- at that relationship with Jim Kelly -- right you posit that there was quoted. Saying it was a -- -- wasn't may have been Ruben Brown I'm not sure saying that he he was sitting the bench in the practice. When at the moment -- Jim Kelly said to Ralph we should have an airplane hanger type building here or -- a practice indoors and he said a year later it was there. It was done so it was Jim Kelly's idea Ralph Wilson signed -- you -- a good idea and and did it. I'm so I don't know about you though. I don't know how open your boss is for ideas and suggestions. I'm something in this some bosses aren't that amenable to. In their field house has been so great for Western New York. -- UB holds their pro -- there when the NFL -- a town that's where you beat players. -- perform and work out for the coaches and scouts throughout the league. They do our high school things for Iraq. You know gain recruiting terminology as chair of the so it the Western Europe gets a lot of use out of that field house of. Some of the people that have been quoted. Is so people like Ruben Brown for instance okay they're all of the same mind. Is that day they're devastated by the loss of growth wells and some of these people are saying this were cut by the bills they played brother didn't. Some of these people probably had contract. By negotiations or very difficult but they still felt that way so it transcends the business side of it. I I think -- any business you have the business side you have the personal side. It seems like the personal side is decide that every one of these ex players. Steve tasker as I said Ruben Brown. Whatever are expressing is such deep deep loss. Would this -- so it is seem like the business side was the business side never -- that. Whether it was good better and different but the personal side was that it was a home run it was out of the park Ralph Wilson. And he's gone now he passed away yesterday. He passed away. I don't know the exact timeline but it seemed almost simultaneously. As a lieutenant governor was visiting the stadium to look at the improvements. That there have been put in in the offseason and to me that was. Woes rule moments give real chill. -- I don't know if the bills knew about it before the inspection of the upgrades or after adoring. May rule low find out maybe we won't but what I'm saying is the passage of Ralph Wilson who was going to fill his shoes. Both as a philanthropist. And a business owner. It's on and I'm Chris talking off the air that Ralph is one of the last if not beatle past. Of the original people that really cared about. The game. As more than just. A profit maker more than just a product they love the game. And as people like Ralph pasts and think about it a lot of the names that we grew up we have in the national football league of past as far as ownership is concerned. As the as the Jerry -- of the world. And the did the Dan Snyder's of the world take over. I don't think you're taking the league in the proper direction they're getting a little bit too fat and sassy. As far as I'm concerned Ralph was also was always a voice of reason. And he was a voice that most of its time most people listen to him when he didn't they found out they -- of Ralph Wilson is gone will be back activists. A -- determination that he had and that sort of love that you -- for the game of football. You know him being from where you firm he's not from buffalo are not from buffalo. -- we both. Come here to buffalo to do something special with football which he -- As I said -- beginning to show yesterday. I was I was at the theater was in the movies did not know the ruffles in the past. And even though at the age of 95 it should come as no shock that somebody would passed it was still a shock to me. Era and a and Tony united Chris discussing it it's like or somebody. Who has been a part of our history for so long. It is like we lost somebody that we personally -- instead of somebody we knew of a minute not many of -- -- there -- new Ralph Wilson personally I didn't know him personally and probably didn't either. But it is like somebody that you did know personally. And closing them and there of a member of the community that made great contributions to the community both Philanthropic. And with the Buffalo Bills. So that I got to thinking and and I do this all the time. When I read the obituaries I wonder when I see what these people who have just passed it did and contributed. To our society I wonder who was going to do that now call. And that thought is certainly the same for the past Ralph Wilson who is going to fill his shoes now we don't know. The name of the company. Our -- -- camp by franchise candy I think it has to be an individual I like I going wrong on that but we'll find out that you right now. If that's the name of an individual person. Buying the franchise no matter whether it's a familiar name or an unfamiliar name. Are they going to have the same commitment that Ralph. To this it's in this community he invested 25000. Dollars and is now worth a little less than a 1000870. A little a civilian. 873. Million I think -- the last real number that I saw. In he was certainly good for us. And will certainly go for him it was good combination. It hasn't all been -- sweethearts and -- been some tough years for the franchise whatever. But -- -- president -- and now there is enormous success in the National Football League. And certainly where's our goalie lose growth but many many thoughts are we don't wanna lose that team as well. And we don't know what's going to happen it's a pretty good gas. That the team won't go won't be leaving anywhere soon for a -- -- seven years because of the 400 million dollar penalty in the latest -- That's about a 50% premium. On the value of the team and unless somebody has -- money and has totally insane. Nobody's gonna pay a 50% premium however after that. Chris what did you tell me it goes down like 28 or 80080. It was an audience -- 28 and a half million I think instead compile the final copiers and other -- toward final two years so we're glad that one point one. -- -- I think wing column that I'd be very surprised if that didn't happen after that 2820. Million dollars. It in a billion dollar deal is chump change players make more out exactly. So there you have so you have to look and say okay. Ralph said many times that while he was alive the team would stay here. There's no reason him in in on earth. Then we would believe that he would one of to still have the team after it passed as long as it can be done. That you wouldn't have said will keep the team here as long as I'm alive and I'm hoping that after I pass that they move the team that doesn't make any sense at all. Solo let's hope that -- involve. With a purchase of as being in the team will be soul. Is as somebody who will feel some kind of commitment to us as weak field. To retain it may not be that way if somebody from out of town is strictly looking at numbers. And feels they can make a dollar fifty more somewhere else and intimate here in the -- -- but it still has to be approved by the owners. And one of the owners. The son of Wellington Mara who owns the giants' John -- It's as liberalism as a powerful voice in league circles said it would be good for the league if the bills remained in Western New York. And I've heard other owners say that to know whether they're paying lip service because it's the right thing to say we don't know. When push comes to show that they look at cold hard numbers. They may change their mind but at least John Miller says Lieberman both well. I'll give you name me out potential outsider who could be interested in buying any NFL team not necessarily particularly the Buffalo Bills. But being that it is going to be open soon. What is shocking to see this guy's name come up when he -- tried to buy an NFL team before and that is rush. Limbaugh. Well. I -- and that's an interest thing prospect because remember last time it was political. -- reasons these and get it yet but look at that -- his nemesis and that was Irsay. Who's not exactly what I was in rehab I rate now guys and read out well what we're saying is look at the dolphins. The dolphins have a lot of minority. I'm not minority in the sense of ethnicity but minority as far as their their percentage of ownership. I'll vote famous people. -- testify and and a group of people that are known celebrities are in as minority owners now. Unless you're the biggest of the big name celebrities I mean they top Echelon you don't have a billion dollars. They might be millionaires they might be multimillionaires but they sure don't have a billion dollars a -- they -- get a little group together. That's the thinking blow Limbaugh could probably has influential friends I don't know if Russia -- a billion. Or not but he probably knows enough people that it would be close enough together. And it's no secret that he wants to own and and it's not -- -- huge NFL fan out and I don't think he particularly cares what city would be an -- they keys. Necessarily looking to move the team. The I think the NFL would be making a big mistake if after the passing one of the founders of the AFL. And one of the one of the leaders of of the success path that the NFL is on now. As soon as he passes if they move the team. Says suppose somebody comes up and that 400 million. And I'll give them a billion for the team and they're gone the -- -- the vote. And whether they would or not I think it will be a big mistake if they did I don't see that happening I don't see it ever getting that far that's a big poison pill 400 million. And very happy that that was that was settled. Several months ago so that's that's already in place. We come back would you like to hear from me 0803093018061692. -- aren't aren't there to about any of the things we're talking about. Would you like to see a new stadium which like C a dome does the a stadium as it stands now with the repairs being made 130 million I think is the number. And your general thoughts about these cities and how much Ralph Wilson has meant to us both on the field and in philanthropy will be back efforts.

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