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3-26 Beach and Company Hour 1

Mar 26, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh hello all his -- governor of sandy -- very difficult day for lots of us who have been in buffalo for some time and even even people fairly new to the area. The passing Novo Ralph Wilson comes as a shock. Although certainly not unexpected. At the age of 95. I'm still shocked and still a major major loss we'll talk about. Yes it is a -- governor exotic allergy area we also have Chris on board and -- sandy beach yesterday I was at the movies. I was in the movie theater. And when I got out of a movie theater I learned about the passing a Ralph Wilson. I did not know it until obviously term a fall back on and and everything everything broke. I've been a bubble since 1968. That means that I've known of Ralph Wilson for 46 years. And it's it's amazing when people who play such a prominent role. Ought yen in in an area like the city of buffalo on Western New York. And maybe even a you don't know them personally you feel like you have a kinship with them and you feel like you might know a little bit about them. And then you learn more more things though we we just said doctor. Candice Johnson up from Roswell park I knew that and I've mentioned many times that Ralph Wilson was a benefactor. Of -- of vote of Roswell. Is the benefactor of many many local charities or whatever and you don't always know these things because they're not always trumpeted. But. I I don't know about you but I haven't set a metal kind of guy. Am what I do what I have been doing this for years this -- -- -- to the passing a Ralph Wilson. When I'm going through the obituaries. And you see that people. Pass away and they do different things and they had different things of the community. I always wonder in the back of my head. Who was going to carry on with -- -- kinda work. Who was going to do it and of course. There's a major country song called who's gonna fill their shoes. In which they talked and has been recorded by lots of lots of people in actually in different generations. Where they talk about founding members in the song they talk about founding members. Of country music who have passed away and who was going to replace them sometimes they're never replaced and sometimes you feel that there there is a worthy successor. And I'm thinking today cool is going to fill his shoes because he had mighty big shoes to fill the most obvious ones. Our as of the owner the Buffalo Bills. And you know one of the people who formed the allegiance with the alliance rather with the NFL. And it is what it is today wildly successful. But -- is also gonna fill his shoes for his Philanthropic. His -- giving is very very. Extensive and not very well known and so very obvious part the public part will be losing the man who owns the Buffalo Bills. The not so public part will be losing -- The Philanthropic. Attitude we have and his generosity. Two local institutions and local charities and -- they said candy Johnson was the last one to tell -- but where a world where there are many many more. So if you think a bit like that one of the questions. And we wanna be totally respectful. The first concern of course is that we've lost. A man who's been very very integral part of our community for many many years. The secondary thought of course is that the next step. What is going to be the next step in the history of the Buffalo Bills because that's always been thought about. It's been talked about for years and years and years. And what will happen nobody really knows. I've heard the speculation no vote. Of the bug going into a trust not being sold whatever a will the team stay here will this team -- move whatever Ralph Wilson said many times publicly. That is why has he was alive birdies team would stay here. And now that he is past the question is he made it quite clear in many times I think that the team would be soul I don't think there's -- Asia. Much doubt about that would you to agree -- that will result there from everything we've we've heard now here's the key. If indeed the team is sold. The question is a couple of questions. A Ralph who started this franchise with 25000 dollars the team is worth now about 873. Million. We can round it off and say a billion dollars for a four. And they'll be close enough so that that's what it's worth. But in the course of building the equity of this team. There's a certain knowledge of certain kinship with the community which supported this team us. Aren't. If a new buyer come zen. That is not locals there are several people locally that have the of the financial wherewithal to by the team. But did their business people and they're gonna make a business decision. Does that does that negate a business smarts to buy the team that are gonna buy it. Out of loyalty to buffalo or anything like that the -- because as good a business decision to buy. And what I'm saying here is the one thing that anybody who buys it locally would have. As an advantage is that they would had they -- the feeling of the community that don't have to be briefed on that they live. They hear about it all the time. They either live here or their business interest is so extensive in buffalo that they are well aware of the feeling between the community in the team in the team in the community connect. If an outsider. Ends up buying the team they don't have that history. They don't have that history and probably wouldn't have that sentimental feeling of -- built that from a seat going into this might be okay and now. I want a move into area a market that has. A more people better television market more merchandising whatever blah blah blah blah blah however in the in the last lease. Which was what about a year ago yes I was about a year ago there's a poison pill in the least. Then up to I think it's seven years could be six but it six or seven years. That if the team is moved within that six or seven year period there's a penalty to be paid a 400. Million dollars. Now wants to think about that. There's a lot of people a lot of money in this country a lot of people with a lot of money -- -- throw around who want their names either -- reinforced or or more well known and they are now. But that is about 50%. Of the value of the team. I don't know if there are many people who have that kind of financial wherewithal. Who would pay a 50% premium. To buy a national football today. So that would give. Somebody who wanted to keep it here whether it's a local person or group. -- or whether somebody is coming from the outside but is perfectly content to keep the team here. That would be a big inducement to keep the team here. So I'm I'm thinking that I don't know they're talking about a trust running the team for awhile but I think there's no question the team will be sold. But the bottom line is if somebody wants to keep them -- keep the team here is a great incentive to do so. Great disincentive to movement especially within six or seven years of 400 million dollars. And nobody's gonna make that kind of an investment because if they're crazy enough to make that kind of investment they don't have the money to do. People who -- money savvy would not do. So as sad as it is to lose Ralph Wilson and look at it like this it's it's -- handing of the but time. To the next Steward of the Buffalo Bills. But as I said. I have known up brothels and for 46 years -- met him once. And -- brief. -- those -- radio -- 1430 main street came into work first door on the left was that a disc jockey lounge. And I walk in there we all had little cubicles and they destructive -- and I want them there and there was a man standing there. And basically I looked -- I knew what was -- Rolls -- -- he was very nice and polite and it lasted a couple minutes that's it that's the Mars might only. In common with Ralph Wilson but we certainly know of him. He has been here probably most of your lives. And now he has passed and what happens of the team is very important to us why is it important to us -- it was important to him. If you want if he strictly wanted more money he'd move the team okay because there are other areas where the team could have been brought. Which financially what -- vote provided more money. But he didn't do it. He didn't do it and he said as long as he was alive it would stay here so it was his intention that the teams stay here. His allegiance to us went and so he took his last breath. And I think our allegiance of the team is very very strong. And so it goes both ways and -- air if he wanted the team to stay here while he was alive there's no reason to believe. That he wouldn't want the team to stay here after his past. Would you word gentlemen agree with -- -- A -- that's a pretty fair assessment on where immigrants I think says -- the only mysterious we don't really know pol. We we know his plans were to keep the team here -- Aside from that we don't know much about as a state or one no plans are any transition plans or anything like it it's all very quiet remember a few years ago he was very vague about India. Plans. For the team after his passing here's I think there's some things we could we could surmise. We could surmise that maybe moving the team the Canada isn't in the works. Simply because profit 95. Even though a day to day operations. When he was not handling that. I'm sure that they had to get take his feelings into consideration. When they decided not to play a game there this year okay. Because if they thought he wouldn't wanna they would Madonna even though they had independents to do. -- you have to know you have to know I get a feeling for the Roman -- it was mr. Wilson. -- I don't think that there didn't seem to be the excitement in Toronto. And I don't think there's the thought process that lets movement -- I I I doubt that you guys say. That the NFL from time to time has talked about moving the team overseas we come back we'll talk about that and the viability of that yes certain though. Where room. We're noting the the passing of Ralph Wilson. On news -- 930 WB yet so I was shocked as I left the movie theater yesterday to find out because obviously you're a movie -- your phone shut off you know communications. The Ralph Wilson had pass. And I don't know wired should have been shocked -- is 95 years old but it still comes as a shock. When it happens because somebody who is a part of the community as Ralph has been all of these years. You you know his name you may not know him but you certainly recognize them. And you're well familiar with what he has done and what he has brought to buffalo when he finally passes it's still a shock. And as I said when I look at the obituaries irate over the years have darkness where somebody does certain thing for a living or Dave -- had their own company -- their big in their church whatever. I always think. Who's gonna replace them who was going to fill their shoes. And it was gonna fill Ralph Wilson's shoes were not sure of because he had big shoes to fill not only with the NFL. A certainly. But with his Philanthropic. Endeavors of very generous man we've mentioned it before and quietly generous. As the candy Johnson from a Russell said he didn't have to have his name well things lot of people are aren't like that so there you have it. And the next logical question is the franchise. There's a 400 million dollar penalty. If if the team is move within those I think the next six years which would be 50% of the purchase price approximately and I don't see anybody doing that. Local people who could who could pay that kind of a tab. I'm going to make decisions. That based on business now keep in mind it was always my understanding that you couldn't on an NFL franchise and and a National Hockey League franchise. But as it says in the about -- -- today. You can if they're in the same city. Which would mean that Terry put -- could. But to Jerry Jacobs could -- Jerry Jacobs is never shown any indication that he was interested by the way so we'll get that out. In fact I fiery call Jerry Jacobs said. -- the NFL does not make economic sense involved. -- so Jerry Jacobs of -- a business decision and that's fine but here I doubt very much if he would sell the Boston Garden. And the and the Bruins and whatever -- to by the bills I don't see that happening I'd be I'd be surprised if the did terror group is another story. I think about like this. With the buildings that he is good that he's involved with downtown. He ended up owning the bills so it via the B became Buffalo's -- but we don't know that. Oh and -- we don't wanna get ahead of ourselves as we said the National Football League. As those for those two glaring things that you notice one is expansion. Of the national football. And they've talked about moving a team to Europe specifically. England okay. I don't know I I don't see that happening to try you know it's one thing to want to expand. But if you bring a team to England on a regular basis or change their culture. It's a sales job well beyond moving it to LA where they certainly know football. And that's been open for many many years they used to -- two teams in knowing novice nun has been for a long time. But I don't see them going to Europe VO. Well I think that is the direction that the NFL wants to take it. I think they're looking at me you know if Concord North America they wanna go global okay what are you what are you bankers unfortunately I think Tony's right -- there already talked about expanding London games at 242015. And a story came out in November -- I'm looking -- an opera fox sports that says the international committees involved in talks to bring it to our franchise to London possibly as soon as twenties haven't seen. Well what I'm thinking of is this. If they wanted to make that available bears have a large fees to be paid as the go to the existing owners okay. If they want on the bills -- go there. A very you know 400 million dollars is a huge number but certainly not for the NFL. If the NFL wanted the bills there and the owner wanted to take him there. The owner could probably negotiate something -- that lead to pay that 400 it would be nothing for them to win six years -- and so that's that's what we're looking at now. Of the legacy. And the passing a Ralph Wilson who was going to. Fill his shoes. They don't trio are 301806169236. And star 930. What do you think video next position will be for the team what do you think is going to have a woman team be sold will be sold immediately. We'll go to trust who will be sold a local people. A -- of out of town interest basically. It's the next chapter in the history of the Buffalo Bills. We'll be back after service this is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach listen for me tonight ten to one on WB EEM. I do I go back could be your company as I said -- I've -- of -- and four of -- 46 years I've been in this town. And and you know it's a -- it's it's a story that it keeps getting bigger vigorous team became more successful as league became more successful. A financially Ralph Wilson. A left a very big footprint of very big footprint at what you think about one thing. Our -- I think this is this is an interesting aspect. -- football's a business no question about it and like any other business it has its ups and downs it's conflicts. Sometimes in front of the camera sometimes the back -- a camera. But at the end of the day which for Ralph Wilson was yesterday. His employees. Which would be the players the people whose names that. That we would know at least that that's part of his employees as some people we don't know obviously. But the of the people that we know who played for Ralph they were here is employees. Think of how they remember him yesterday. Not just with sadness. But some of them said they were devastated. Now if you are -- boss. You're in charge of a group of people it is your job every day to direct -- and guide them -- whatever. If you passed away today. How would your employees remember you. Would they remember you the way that the employees of Ralph Wilson remembered him. If not maybe they should do some reassessment. Because I know one thing having -- dealt with a death in the not so distant past. That when it happens you reassess everything. Your priorities change. Things that were so important to you suddenly like with the -- instantly. As things that were so important that you just had to do or had to have suddenly don't mean anything. They mean absolutely nothing. And so if you anytime we have a chance. To reassess our values and reassess the way we conduct ourselves of the way we do business. I think we should take it. And -- the employees of Ralph Wilson. A high profile people. Exact. Exacting its hold his death has taken -- them yesterday that tell you something about the man. That even though pro football can be very very tough there are decisions to be made -- you have to cut people sometimes. There are tough contract negotiations but even having said all of that. They obviously love this -- And you it'd -- a big test of a man is the people that work forum that he provided the leadership in the paychecks for loft them. Is it that way would you if your boss is it that way what you think about it. Go over your employee list in your mind. How many of your employees would be devastated. Now I know in team sports. That there's a certain kinship that maybe you don't yet on every workplace. But certainly they felt very close to warm and very sad about this. Now we're talking about it and Dave Dave just mentioned that. There there are reports that there are certainly would be suitors. To receive bigger purchase the bills and and one of -- A things mention is Canadian football we mentioned earlier that the NFL has said and stated for years they'd like to get into. Into Europe especially England. Do you see either -- you seek Canadian as good as a viable a viable option here. No I really don't I don't they -- Canada wants to get involved with the NFL I think. Some of them are very happy with the CFL. I gather our Canadian fans as we -- to come down on Sundays to the -- to watch the games but I don't see them supporting an NFL franchise. I eucharist what do you think so either -- the rules of a -- different and here with the Pittsburgh appears what Steve. Toronto Blue Jays and I ran into some Toronto fans. And they were bill's fans it was right when the deal was getting started they hated the idea of -- game being in Canada. They just they didn't like if you can't delegate up there that -- coming down for the game. The as bill's fans would rather come to buffalo on lots of bills. Then that's being -- and what's the bills which I found interesting but it seems that that sentiment is not just their and it it really kind of permeated throughout the city. Yeah if you think about it in the last several years always played one game up there. They're they expected. Hi -- keep -- the two people and made the deal have both now passed. -- mister Rogers I can't remember his first may have had a tad from Rogers communications and mr. wells that they're both passed now. And the torches and somebody else's hand but the tubular make the deal or no longer here so what they saw in the deal. We can't really relate because we don't really know. But when you do a special game we're gonna come up it's a special game -- one game a year. Lot of hoopla you would think it would be -- tried and that has not been the case and of course the fact that we haven't been playing good football and one of their makes it worse. But the thought of somebody if you or your checkbook. And you had to write a billion dollar plus check. Air would you consider going to weigh a market where as a special event to draw 40000 people now. -- I mean I think that's pretty easy -- answer when doing and that's definitely a slam dunk ya know I'll know there's I don't think there's they. The the excitement level up there you have in my -- come down here but -- like to see it here revving up their so I I you know I must say it couldn't happen but I'm saying it's -- -- Shot yet they haven't shown that desire in the the watch you're not hearing nipped. You know from people from Toronto or or just rule over the borders say look we really want. We're gonna have a -- gonna how you're any flaws and -- at what time I heard and I haven't heard since then. That the NFL and the -- about how to deal that the NFL wouldn't go up there but that I haven't heard that years effect that the NFL was gonna help market the C -- Is that -- -- I that's what I because they have their own league. -- here felt they play their own brand of football -- their own a fields and their own rules whatever. And I just didn't see a burning Bernama house desire to get an NFL team. And we are start to see I mean you know. More more kids are common from the Toronto area to go to high school. In Buffalo's that they can play football and maybe get a chance of getting a scholarship. 21 of the major universities so we're seeing their flocks but not enough to say yes they are ready for the NFL. Well you know and I think give if Canada's a long shot I think England's even more of a -- simply because with Canada Britain get their fill by going across the border like to a bills game. In England you can't. Ended the sport and in Europe is for some reason. And our guys on Martin agrees this year. It's soccer so you have to change the whole mindset the whole culture. In order to do that and I don't know as I said anymore than a guy spending a billion dollars for a team moving in the Canada. As opposed to a guy spending a billion dollars and hoping it catches on in a foreign country unless the NFL got involved -- yeah -- actually. I just don't see it happening even though there is a support for football football is grown in Europe I know in Germany. Because of our our our servicemen there that they play champions leagues. Affected that if I play high school football with played in the league over there. These players have played the Canadian League armed Marv -- coach in the Canadian GAAP and a lot of players played in Germany. Germany in the US in the European. Version of the NFL there no end that experiment thing going on as they were supportive they really like American football but I don't think it's enough of Europe just. Well yeah that's all white and you got to know your competition. -- right if you're competing with soccer. Soccer in infected within the last year decapitated. An official. This event the fans came out of the stands and cut -- off. Now how -- you ever going to compete with -- kind of fervor not that you want to -- but what I'm saying -- -- -- -- and his example. A -- much into soccer they are you would have to get them to temper a little bit of their enthusiasm for soccer and converted to a game and not that familiar with -- American football so I think either of those either. European. A move or Canadian move will be a long shot I'm not saying in today's world that's not possible and the big wildcard and all of us. Is the National Football League. Because some people elect Mark Cuban. Who longs of the Dallas Mavericks OK he's very he is a maverick who visits the perfect. Name for him and he's got plenty of money. And our Chris you -- telling me a mark Cuban's a give us a general thought of Mark Cuban regarding the national football. -- he commented. Again last night and -- FaceBook debates -- a real little bit of that I have an astronomy. He says you shouldn't try to get every last second of a person's attention or every last penny you can squeeze from there's a big difference between optimizing their relationship you have with their customers and maximizing short term revenue billing customers for life -- a building relationships. And anticipating what customers want need and at the NFL doesn't give Canadian issue -- they should be okay. But if not -- pigs get fat and hogs get -- moralists. Oh well we're talking about this before where the National Football League as a grown to such a and extent that may mean there -- over standing. Are you remind the football game itself last sixty minutes and the broadcast last three and a half hours and it's more and more. Bloated and so what what what we're thinking about is the fact that. He's saying that they could they could be out of business in ten years I don't know if that'll happen or not but I do know. That if they if they don't think rationally. And realistically. And they make it to corporate and not enough personal that it could happen. Look other saturating. Their product you're gonna have games on multiple nights Thursday and Monday the artists I know -- and disorderly all over the place they're also making the they're scheduled to expand throughout the year now we've got the draft -- to April. We're trying I mean end of may we're trying to. Make it so that the NFL is in the news all volatile and. Not exactly so we'll take a break we'll be back we're discussing the passing over Ralph Wilson who's gonna fill her shoes. The apart that we are most familiar with is that of the owner the Buffalo Bills but he was also a philanthropist. And -- our local charitable organizations and hospitals and whatever I have vote benefited from his charity who's gonna fill vote should rose. It's one thing for another person to take over the Buffalo Bills it's quite another to do the entire. Landscape of love the footprints of -- -- which were major will be back with more on -- and -- thirty we -- -- I'm gonna -- Without a doubt. You know he used to call me couldn't his favorite son. He's always laugh and joke about that in home. And when you have that type of relationship. It hits home. -- -- or talking about the passing of Ralph Wilson who's going to fill his shoes there was a country song out. -- -- by many different artists in which they paid tribute. Two of the founding of fathers of country music as they passed who's gonna fill their -- Ralph was while the founders. Of the AFL which merged with the NFL and has seen tremendous growth. Who's going to fill his shoes both as the owner of the football team but also a because of his of philanthropy. Gave away a lot of money for a lot of good causes and many people -- knowing about that. And -- well we're also talking about how Smart he was as a businessman. People forget that in the current CBA. What happened was this. Oh when they want to vote on -- there were only. Tool owners that voted against that the owner of Cincinnati and Ralph Wilson. And he came back saying it's not a good deal is not viable we will not be able to sustain this. This CB OK everybody else who was lapping up this way but Ralph. And you don't always hot shots like Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder and all of these big name people although we've all heard of -- -- billion dollar palaces. A kind of laughing up their sleeve red Ralph Wilson's vote and the -- walls and -- the Cincinnati club. As saying it's not viable well guess what happened. It wasn't viable they had to reopen that they had to take the re opener which was part of it because they couldn't sustain -- Ralph was right. And the owner of the of the angles was right and everybody else was wrong. Now that's quite a feather in -- cap that he saw that weren't all only one other owners sought women. So that's when maybe a smaller market by Ralph was not a small owner -- a bright guy and and and could see that where they were blind so that's something else. That is really feather in his cap there is a quote here. From John Mara. Wellington -- -- -- father who on the giants these past John Mara. Said in the paper today in New York you will be good for the league of the bills remained in Western New York. So that's a that's a good quote. And the owners. Stand to benefit if a team goes to a bigger more profitable market. Some. Some profits are our shared whatever. But I think the days of you know just picking up from leaving in the middle of the night might be over hopefully. I know -- Goodell does not so like that idea they want more stabilization. And if they're going to expand if they're going to be bigger they got to have X a stable environment. If you look you know outside of the United States and look at what cities. -- -- Could and would want an NFL franchise. You know LA there's a lot of the talk is the NFL wants to go there but that. The top is a common from the people of LA they're not saying oh yes we just have to have it and I'm trying to -- I cannot speak of another city. That is ready or willing to -- Doesn't already have what I mean if you think about cities like Las Vegas. It's actually football some slow for Las Vegas that's the reason it was a horse track that was once built their by the people don't Rockingham park. In New England. And it went out of business because it's too slow. A Vegas has Vegas is what Vegas is. And it doesn't fit just because of people there and there's money there it doesn't fit the fact that. That's not a that's why I don't beat the NFL would want a team in Los millions of the betting is correct yup. So yeah I'm thinking through Chris -- thinking through -- in major cities that don't have. A franchise. Are there any that those jobs are outside a Los Angeles which is obviously everybody's first. There any other cities. The big problem dead a city would have to face is a stadium idea not just talking to normal stadium like the bills stadium is now. The stadiums that are being built these days are billion dollar balances and I'm you're talking about most likely tax money. To go into that and I'm not sure how many cities would be willing to even fraud money for a stadium even if it means bringing team. While they remember it was not that long ago only several months ago. That -- committee has been formed in New York State I think at the behest of the governor. To examine the possibilities. Of a new stadium here and keep this in mind the irony of as Ralph Wilson was passing and I don't know the exact timeline as he was passing. The lieutenant governor of New York State was at the stadium. Looking at the improvements at the same exact time that Ralph was passing as amazing. And while I was at a 130 million dollar project something like that. So up that's already going to be invested and they've already appointed. A committee to look and the possibility of a new stadium a Byron brown is on math and Paula nice to be the account executive resigned itself. We come back we -- an -- Who was going to fill -- shows of what about. This team and what about a new stadium and what about the future of the Buffalo Bills and new York and ball will be back.

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