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Ralph Wilson As A Philanthropist

Mar 26, 2014|

Dr. Candace Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

With the passing of Ralph Wilson we've talked mostly about his contributions to football and to the city of buffalo this morning. Doctor Candice Johnson is with us on the WB in my -- deputy director of Roswell Park Cancer Institute to talk about his charitable contributions doctor Johnson good morning. -- marte faced at -- time what kind of an impact did mr. Wilson haven't Roswell park. Well he was people really didn't realize it. How passionate this man lines about the advancing medical research. And he had a medical research foundation that Roswell park was one of the beneficiaries. And I actually -- questionnaire that. For a period of time and he would he really was a very passionate man he was interested. Not only in cancer he was interested in compassionate care. He donated money to our new building. That -- aware he thought it was very important for patients who are receiving chemotherapy can be in a very pleasant space because this was. A trying time but he was. A very caring man and very engaged in science I can remember. Some years ago. Sitting and talking to him and try and explaining to him where his dollars -- going that he was getting -- like he gave up. Arousal part personally he gave -- nearly two million dollars for funding -- for various research project and helped. Move a number of very. On exciting project. Innovative projects forward so. It -- he was he always he didn't just give us the money he had he wanted to understand what what we were doing and so we. He has always been a friend of Roswell -- and we are very deeply saddened to hear that we lost him yesterday. Not to Johnson what does Roswell park now. But it didn't have before mr. Wilson came along with the money. Well I'll tell you that we have we par LA are these these dollars that we get. -- from philanthropy like this 200 dollars and so. That two million dollars of research funding over the years probably led to approximately ten or twelve million dollars in external funding that we got based on the the pilot study that he gave us. Our new bit clinical sciences center we'll have a -- on state of the art chemotherapy. Unit to that wouldn't exist without -- Ralph Wilson who gave us over a million dollars for that unit. So there are many things. That he has done for us. Through the years. And in helping and helping fund research -- he is. Always interested in he was he was always interested in advancing medical research and in cancer and spinal injury -- around the country. You know we're also hearing today to it as generous as he was. He did most of that is quietly didn't -- -- the recognition. You really didn't he -- exactly right and that goes to two the character of the man he was not someone. That we wanted something named after him that -- have a lot of commotion about it he was very quiet about these things. But obviously and we have to assume that you did something there to honor mr. Wilson regardless of what 100. Almost definitely I mean I was always. And and will continue to be a big proponent and in giving him the recognition that he's so as -- so so much for all that at least until Russell park going to be greatly missed by. Toronto community. Doctor Johnson I'm glad you could share that with us thank you very much my pleasure thank you that's stuck to Candice Johnson deputy director of Roswell Park Cancer Institute.